Wade in as coach at Dublin

The rumors circulating around the blogosphere are true. John Wade, nine-year veteran coach at Miramonte, has agreed to become the new head coach at Dublin High.

“There was a lot that went into it. One of the biggest things is just that the school itself is growing,” Wade said. “The population of kids is growing each year. I think that was very attractive.”

Wade almost walked away from Miramonte last offseason, citing a desire to spend more time with his children. He lives in San Ramon, and taking the job at Dublin means he’ll get to be around home more frequently. That was also something that weighed heavily on his decision.

In terms of instant credibility, Wade brings it to Dublin. He spent nine years as head coach at Miramonte (six before that as an assistant), winning two NCS East Bay titles in the process. He went 78-33 as the Matadors coach.

He leaves behind a Miramonte team that won the Diablo Foothill Athletic League last year, and takes over a Gaels squad that tied for fifth. He replaces Casey Moreno, who resigned in December after four years at the helm.

“It was very hard to do,” Wade said of leaving Miramonte. “It was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to make.”

Ben Enos

  • Big John

    a damn shame

  • ManDown

    Big news! After reading this article I can see why he left if he lives in San Ramon. He will have Dublin right in the hunt either this year or next. Who will be the front runner for the Miramonte job?

  • Jack Schram former Encinal High Head Coach will be Miramonte’s next Head Coach. He’s been an assistant at Miramonte since he left Encinal. He Coached at Encinal for almost 20 years 15 or 16 as Head Coach.

  • KillerD

    Wade is a classy coach, well prepped and wins.

    This is a stunning hire for Dublin and obviously fits in with his home life in San Ramon.

    And Dublin will be a perennial contender under Wade.

    As for Miramonte, it sounds like Schram is the man from Perkin.

    Another great choice if Schram takes over Miramonte.

  • EBfootball

    If Moreno, who had a similar resume to Wade at Hayward, couldn’t make a difference at Dublin why will Wade? Im not hating, I just want to know what people think. He had it made at Miramonte with committed athletes, all the resources in the world, community support, and awesome scheme. It seems worth the 20 mile commute. Will he be teaching at Dublin too? What’s really going on?

  • eastbayfbfan

    Wade is a fantastic coach. extremely intelligent x’s and o’s coach but also a great leader. he will have dublin contending in at least two years. u can count on that. he will change the culture and attitude of winning at that school immediately. good luck to him in the future.

  • eastbayfbfan

    *contending for a league title within two years

  • mediocre

    Lots of love for Wade, but the last program he took over was a dominant force in the East Bay and Nothern California, while he has done a good job I would say he has done little to lift Miramonte football from what it was. This leads to the question, “Can Wade build something on his own?” I am not sure that he can. Also Dublin is a D2 school and growing, there are a lot of forces working against the long term success at Dublin for any coach. You have a high profile coach at a private school very close in Valley Christian, a tradition of averageness, and another emerging program at DV. I am sure amongst the applicants Wade was a fantastic choice and he is a solid coach. This year I belive Dublins non league schedule will provide for a few wins, but to even suppose that Dublin is close to being a contender is way over the top.

  • Valid point on Wade they have a good tradition of winning there but you only get gravey train for one year two at the most. He won an NCS title in his 3rd. In my opinion thats his team not the previous coaches work. At that school 10th graders very rarely play Var so I’m sur the 03 team’s seniors weren’t even coached by the previous guy. On top of that NCS Finals in 05&06. NCS Semifinals 08, 09, 10 is all that needs to be said. He’ll establish Dublin but it will take some time.

  • KillerD

    The Lamest argument and totally not legit is to say that a coach wins with someone else’s players.

    The previous coach has nothing to do with the immediate successor’s wins or losses.

    It is the new coach’s wins and losses, end of story.

    Wade is very good, Dublin will win more games than it loses in the 2012 season. This year maybe 5 wins.

  • mediocre

    Killer D
    I agree he will win 5, the schedule is soft…very soft, but to name Dublin as a contender in a year or 2 is nuts. While we are reflecting on Wade I believe that he was 3-7 at Miramonte…I just don’t think this is the deal changer that the admin and fans at Dublin think it is. Now the rumor was, Murphy wanted the gig, now that guy is a deal changer…. best of luck I just think there is room for some common sense here, Dublin is set to win 5 games, and because of the NCS everyone plays policy will make NCS.

  • Tim Murphy Clovis East? Yeah he’s probably dieing a slow death in Fresno area with housing down there. But all schools especially valley schools want that offense. Wade is a teacher too has NCS championships just like Murphy. Gotta find the right community to run that DoubleWing.

  • Won’t want that offense.

  • Why did the Piedmont, Alameda, and Albany coaches leave?

  • ManDown

    Wade is an excellent coach and who can doubt that? His resume proves that he wins and has rings to back it up. It don’t get better than that for a school like Dublin.

  • ManDown

    Alameda and Albany’s head coaches were shown the door while Bryan left for a “Better Opportunity”.

  • Wade may have walked away from yet another DFAL championship team for 2011 season…. who has a very good JV team to feed off form the 2010 season….BUT….Dublin also has a very good JV team to feed off plus enough from the 2010 season to make a difference…..The gaels should win more then five games….And between now and the football season…there should be some transfers that may make a difference and with the chemstry that Wade puts into his teams….Dublin is going to surprise the DFAL and their preseason opponets….

  • eastbayfbfan

    wade went 3-7 one year. other than that he has missed playoffs once. he will have dublin contending by 2013 or earlier.

  • EBfootball

    Anyone have an opinion why there wasn’t success at Dublin under Moreno even though he handled business at Hayward when the HAAL was very strong?

  • Looks like the De Anza job is open now too. Someone please save that school.

  • EBfootball….I don’t think that Moreno had a whole lot to work with while at Dublin….Like any school you get what you get…Some times that Talent just isn’t there….Wade is coming to Dublin at the right time…plus its close to home..

  • Phillip Jones

    Dublin offered Murphy 3 times before they offered to Wade, they wanted Murphy and rumor has it they could only get him a jr high teaching job. What deal did they get for wade?

  • Chs101214

    EBF re #20. Remember it was only 2004 that DA fb took out SPSV opening round and made the AA semis vs. Campo in a 99 point(!) slugfest. Ironically, only a few years later, their best baseball player (now at Cal) since Timmy Wallace and Sean Farley were all East Bay first teamers, transferred his senior year to …. Campo.
    The demographics and evolvement of youth sports in the May Valley have contributed vastly to challenges at DA. The WCCUSD bond measure to fully rebuild the campus is years old, but construction stalled for economic reasons. Without a gym for two years, sadly the hoops teams suffered, with the girls abandoning their season midway this year. Unlike let’s say SRV’s gym plight, getting those kids to Crespi Jr High was a struggle- no drivers, monies for busses, etc.
    There is hope. The fb complex is done & the baseball field’s inaugural season is underway and both facilities are top notch. Prior to 2009, the natural “grass” fb field and gravel-granite track was an orthopedist’s good friend.
    The challenge is greatest with youth feeder programs. The El Sobrante Boys Club in the 60’s-80’s under the leadership of Grover Harris and his son Chuck, both of whom worked tirelessly for the kids, fed DA and even PV with a constant stream of talented hoops, baseball and (flag) football athletes. Those programs have fizzled. The Steelers send a few- very few- players on to DA but mostly it feeds EC, Richmond/Kennedy and Berkeley, while WC Spartans feed PV and Herc. Many of their stars end up at Salesian and Concord. Every once in a while, a five star like Eli Holman will stay home in the publics…at times with great risk, in many ways.
    There’s hope. The new buildings are currently having beams welded and the gym should be ready in the fall. The coaches and players are very grateful for equipment donations and funds as it is very apparent discretionary income- miniscule as it is- is going to infrastructure in West County.


    Wade will be missed by many of the Miramonte Football Players, Families and Community. He is a great coach and has inspired many MHS Football Players in his 9 years of coaching the Mats! And Yes, living 5 minutes from home, when you work and think Football 24/7, will be wonderful for his loving wife and small children! The MHS Football players LOVED him! He is a Fun, a focused to Win Coach….and Dublin is Lucky to get him! Schram will be a Great Coach at Miramonte..he knows the Game, the Players, the Orinda Culture, the Families…and is highly respected by everyone!!