Baseball poll – 4/4

As requested, here’s the high school baseball poll for this week. You’ll notice a shift at the top, with Alameda taking top honors thanks to its undefeated record.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Alameda (5) 8-0 103 2
2. Amador Valley (2) 5-1 100 1
3. Alhambra 10-0 87 6
4. Clayton Valley 6-1-2 85 4
5. Monte Vista 6-1 74 5
6. San Ramon Valley 5-1 73 t7
7. Deer Valley 4-2 56 3
8. James Logan 7-1 55 9
9. Miramonte 8-1 43 12
t10. Campolindo 3-4 41 10
t10. De La Salle 6-2 41 11
12. Granada 6-3 33 t14
13. California 5-3 13 15
14. Heritage 5-4 11 NR
t15. Albany 8-2 10 NR
t15. Newark Memorial 5-3 10 t7

Also receiving votes: Washington (5-3, 3 points), Bishop O’Dowd (6-3-1, 1), Foothill (4-4, 1). The East Bay Prep Baseball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • Guest

    Alameda should not be ranked above Amador.

  • Just Sayin’

    Pretty good poll. Any good games to see this week? DLS @ Arroyo Wednesday 3:30….

  • Bring Amador on,,,,don’t bring your lunch,,,the Hornets will hand you yours.

  • King

    alameda cant hit all they do is take hope for a walk then bunt. Woo n elzig only guys who can swing a little.i would like to see the hornets play an ebal team but the hornets are good dont get me wrong but they dont pound teams they win off others mistakes like not fielding a bunt if you throw strikes alameda in trouble.

  • LuvHSBaseball

    Alameda 8-0 vs Turlock 12-1 on Saturday, 4/9/11, 1:30pm, Willie Stargell Easter Tournament at Encinal High School in Alameda

  • haal spectator

    @king, perhaps you’ve never played the game of baseball. you win by playing airless baseball and executing. Alameda eats routine plays for breakfast, execution for lunch, and timely hitting for dinner. Thats how you play baseball, not swing for the fences and try to pound teams.

  • junior

    This must be a misprint……where are the private schools? Just does not make sense.

  • LuvHSBaseball

    Can you imagine the possibilities if Vanegas and Linney had attended Alameda High? Along with Pries at Stanford and Yee currently on the AHS team… you’re talking about a high school pitching dynasty. All starting from Alameda Little League….3 Stanford pitchers and hopefully a fourth….would have dominated any league any division….

  • King

    those guys didnt go to alameda probably cuz they didnt want to take on a 2-0 count. They probably wanted to hit not bunt. Not everybody can krinks so there son can get in the lineup.

  • Kevin Paul

    Arroyo had the game against Alameda. Alameda should be 7-1 but they did get the get the job done w/ the 3 or so hits they had.

  • GoRaiders

    Alhambra lost its first game of the season, blowing a 6-2 lead and falling to Albany 7-6 at the Alhambra Easter Tournament. Alhambra was hoping to save Robert Stephenson for Thursday’s championship game, but it brought him into the game in the sixth inning with the score 6-4 and runners on second and third and he couldn’t close it out, giving up a wild pitch, walk, infield error and bunt single. It’s Albany vs. Dougherty Valley in the championship game at 7 pm and Alhambra vs. El Cerrito for third place at 4 pm on Thursday.

  • Olinecoach

    Nice work Alameda! Keep playing your game. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Hornet Pride.

  • LuvHSBaseball

    Who is Dougherty Valley going to pitch – Shane Jackson?

  • Littleteamlover

    After Albany beat Alhambra, went on to win the Tournament in Martinez, and has proceeded to an 11-2 record, where do they rank now?

  • storm

    Baseball fans
    Why was there much hype surrounding Amador Valley in the polls? They currently look like a bubble team for NCS.

  • Rich

    Hey King what kind of comment was that about Alameda taking on a 2 – 0 count. Way wrong and what are you talking about when you mention “so their son can get in the lineup”? Sorry, way off base and you obviously don’t know anything about baseball.

  • King

    Turlock took care of alameda this weekend. Alameda keep taking fastballs down the middle and it cost them turlock came to swing the bats. Alameda pitchers threw curveball after curveball dont know y but if yee wants to be a stanford guy like someone said he cant be scared of his fastball. Turlock showed if you throw strikes and make alameda hit not bunt there very average

  • Rich

    Alameda got beat by a very good Turlock team (15 – 1). Nuff said.

  • King

    Rich no doubt turlock is very good but alameda was #1 in the eastbay they looked like they were looking for a walk the whole game. Taking fastballs right down the middle. Turlock jump out early and that prevented alameda from bunting. You would think the #1 team could comeback but when you take the bunt away alameda in trouble cause thats there main weapon.

  • King

    Rich i heard from the hornetfans in the peanut gallery the only reason he in the lineup is cause krinks wining n dining. there fans said paveo and lyons are better hitters but there mothers are married.

  • Rich

    King. I have no idea who or what you are talking about and I believe that this is probably the wrong forum for what you are implying. Shame on you.