East Bay softball poll — 4/4

Here’s our second East Bay softball poll.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Amador Valley (7) 6-0 105 1
2. James Logan 4-1 98 2
3. Concord 9-1 88 t7
4. Heritage 4-1 86 4
5. Freedom 3-3 76 5
6. Antioch 8-2 70 3
7. California 6-1 61 9
8. Pinole Valley 9-1 56 6
9. Bishop O’Dowd 9-1 44 t7
10. Alhambra 2-0 41 10
11. Alameda 10-1 36 t15
12. Carondelet 8-1 32 t15
13. Newark Memorial 9-1 21 12
t14. Castro Valley 5-4 9 NR
t14. Albany 8-1 9 14

Also receiving votes: Clayton Valley (2-4, 5 votes), College Park (4-2, 2), Arroyo (5-3, 1). The East Bay Prep Softball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Softball fan

    Hey Concord guy, here was your quote last month when I picked CV over Concord.

    CV over Concord….please, not gonna happen

    Plenty of time for Concord to bounce back.

  • mediocre

    yeah you guys got one….you have awefully quiet lately, glad u have a reason to celebrate, i mean its a great win for a team full of ineligible players…don’t worry though we will be back, and we will see how much you have to type then.

  • Softball fan

    I am not a CV fan. Just know some of the girls on CV and Concord and knew it wouldn’t be a slam dunk. I would not be surprised to see Concord win the rest of their league games. I was picking a couple upsets and that is why I picked CV. I brought it back up because Concord guy thought I was crazy.

    By the way, mediocre, ineligible players? If that is the case, then you will get the W later when it is counted as a forfeit. Doubt they used anyone ineligible.

    Lastly, don’t get your feelings hurt. I wasn’t bagging on Concord. They are a good team but are ranked way too high. I guess C-Let proved that by hanging a 10 spot on them!

  • mediocre

    You know my feelings were hurt, and so I cried, and while I was wiping my tears i cut my cheek with my duaghters ncs ring…needed stitches…

  • Softball fan

    Haha! Congrats and enjoy it!

  • If Concord is 9-1…they must be doing something right and until they start loosing some games…they should hold their spot in the top 15…..