East Bay baseball poll – 4/11

Here’s this week’s top 15. No change at the top, but a little shifting below. Enjoy!

Team Record Points Last week
1. Alameda (5) 9-1 75 1
2. Clayton Valley 9-1-2 70 4
3. Monte Vista 8-1 65 5
4. James Logan 10-1 56 8
t5. De La Salle 9-2 51 t10
t5. San Ramon Valley 7-2 51 6
7. Amador Valley 5-3 48 2
8. Granada 8-3 40 12
9. Alhambra 10-2 36 3
10. Albany 11-2 27 t15
11. Campolindo 6-5-1 22 t10
12. Miramonte 8-2 20 9
13. California 7-4 15 13
t14. Deer Valley 4-3 11 7
t14. Heritage 5-4 11 14

Also receiving votes: Bishop O’Dowd (8-3-1, 1 point), Washington (5-5, 1). The East Bay Prep Baseball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • Janice

    How is College Park NOT ranked? 8-2 record with only 2 losses to #2 ranked Clayton and #14 ranked Deer Valley??

  • FalconDad

    I agree. They haven’t had a tough schedule but it seems like they should be up there. End of the season will tell.

  • Voiceofreason

    Very weak schedule. There is 2 much padding of records nowadays rather than challenging schedules. This is a 1 and out playoff team.

  • whatmoredoyouneed

    I dont know what more you as reporters need to see to give Logan’s baseball the credit. Alameda #1 for reals and then Clayton Valley has 2 ties. Brandon Yau is one of the top pitchers in the bay area period. Joe Armstrong is being look at by plenty pro-teams. then you also have Alex Martinez who played on the USA U-14 squad. Pasci another player who needs to get recognized. They lost only a few starters from last years team that lost to Amador Valley in the Semi. Some people had AV ranked as high as 4th in the nation. BY and Logan shut them out 5-0. I just dont understand how you guys come up with these rankings.

  • whatmoredoyouneed

    Sorry i had to say one more thing and then thats it. I just saw that on April 4th you had them(Logan) ranked number #2 with AV #1. and now in the April 11th rankings 3 other teams jump ahead of them, are you guys for reals. WOW, how does that happened I always thought if 2 beats 1 then that number 2 team now become #1. Instead they drop 2 spots. Can you guys please e-mail me and let me know how that happens.

  • Player

    Is Las Lomas anywhere close? there the team to watch in dfal

  • LuvHSBaseball

    Monte Vista is 3-1 and Granada 4-1 against teams in the East Bay Top 15. Granada should be higher…

  • junior

    When will the private school baseball poll be published?

  • Voiceofreason

    DLS is the only private deserving of ranking. Bod which has 1 point plays a pansy schedule in a pansy league. Who they really beat ?

  • Prep Fan

    BOD is a good team when Ross is on the bump. They’ll jump up in the rankings as the top teams in the EBAL and DFAL start beating up each other in league and knocking each other out, and BOD walks through the HAAL unscathed.

  • junior

    So Voice, you are stating the public schools earned the domination of the top 15?? No foul play or unfair advantages?

  • Prep Fan

    Just because private schools won all 10 state basketball championships (boys and girls) this year doesn’t mean that necessarily translates to baseball. And there is only 1 private school in the 2 top leagues in the East Bay, the EBAL and DFAL. These are not the two top basketball leagues in the East Bay. Apples and Oranges. However if you are looking for some privates that do very well, there are some really good ones over in the WCAL, as I believe St. Francis is or was recently #1 in the nation according to Eric Byrnes.

  • junior

    OK- so basketball- “unfair advantage”… baseball- “no unfair advantage”… got it.

    This isnt all about winning and losing is it?

  • David

    Shouldn’t advantages private’s have in one sport be the same for all sports? Or are they public for some sports and private for others?

  • junior

    David asks THE best question- now lets wait for Prep Fan to dance around it….

  • Chs101214

    re 14, there are distinctive issues. One, FB and hoops depend a lot on systems and assignments. If a player is in the “system” for a few years, assignments are missed fewer and fewer occasions, mistakes are lessened, which then builds game and record success. There are many, many examples of four and five star players in those two sports, with subsequent and valid D1 spots after HS, whose HS teams would be considered very average in the East Bay. Superstars in their own right, but without a supporting cast of quality players and development of same players over a few years within the system, they- and not their schools’ record- shine. Likewise, there are many examples in those same two sports wherein there are fewer superstars, but the relative success of those schools’ programs speaks volumes regarding the coaching,implementation and execution of systems.
    Baseball, on the other hand, relies solely on the pure 150’ish potential situations that exist. These do not include the “no effect” scenarios where the outcome does not result in a base being gained, and the “biased” situations such as home field advantage, lefty vs. righty, P hitting, etc. Most of those situations entail two, three players max touching the ball but every player having an assignment- and the response to those situations are ETCHED IN STONE since the modern baseball era. Conversely, in HS hoops and football especially, there are multiple and varied systems for offense and defense, and it’s fairly clear high school “playbooks” will never vary (but do expand) within a season and infrequently from year to year in O and D, unless of course a coaching change.
    Baseball “systems” are just one, and ONLY one, and will never change unless there are significant rule changes. The DH for example in the AL. It did NOT change any situations, only how you defense the #9 spot…OFers shortened up and IF shaded to non-pull side. In HS baseball, there is only one system to learn/teach, perfect and perform. It is less about teamwork when using FB/hoops speak, and more about individual skills and EXACTING baseball assignments- which is the same for every player and every team. That’s what makes it pure…and VERY VERY different from any point or discussion regarding publics/privates. I’ve inferred before, if you have one guy throwing 90 and your other starter throws 80, you MIGHT go .500 in league. If you have both guys at 90, you STILL have to play defense. Case in point, last nights SRV-AV contest. SRV’s SP 2H through 8, AV’s 1H through 7….someone gets the L or ND, though undeserved. Many other P matchups, it’s a sure W for each. Probably 75+% of their remainder starts it’s a W.
    So the answer is no, and the music need not be cued. The advantages are distinct and seperate.

  • mvalfan

    kids are kids, private or public. stop crying on a blog and go out and help your public schools because the only advantage private schools have is the parents care and do more

  • Prep Fan

    Well stated Chs101214. Certainly not all sports are the same.

    Junior, I didn’t say anything about an “unfair” advantage. Those are your words. I was just pointing out that basketball and baseball are entirely different sports, as was hammered home by Chs101214. Privates do have advantages, just as well to do public schools do in some sports. They differ depending on the area and the sport. But is very hard to overlook that all 10 basketball championships were won this year by privates. I was watching the TV replay of the hoops championship game the other day and the announcers even touched upon it and said maybe it is time to have separate divisions. It is not just all hard work and coaching. Sure that helps and is very welcome in any sport on any team, but a lot of other factors come into play. I just happen to be able to see some of those advantages. It doesn’t mean that championships by privates or well to do schools aren’t hard earned, but that in some cases there are advantages that come into play.

  • David

    But don’t those same advantage’s exist? While the importance of coaching may be diminished somewhat, the importance of individual talent increases. So you’re saying the argument for private schools being able to get players from all over the area is irrelevant because if that was so then private school baseball teams should be better. So if DLS goes on to win the EBAL next football season the complaint of them accepting students from everywhere can no longer be used.

  • man

    What’s wrong with the Berkeley High Athletics programs? Berkeley just hires anybody now. The Baseball,basketball and football coaches suck. Berkeley is in a decline or recession in athletics. The baseball coaches really don’t have a clue. I give assistant caoch Mike Jefferson props, but Greer and Bremer don’t know what the hell they are doing. They have all that talent and don’t know how to coach it.Who is greer? This guys squanders runs in just about every game. I heard that 5 seniors have quit early in the season.Bremer is just coaching for his son who is a freshman. He doesn’t knw anything but how to keep the books.The football coaches are on drugs and are gansters from the hood. I think sims is on hop or something. The basketball coach never played and is way to young, no experience.It’s a shame because Berkeley used to be a dominatining force, now they play like D5 schools.

  • junior

    Bulls Eye David!

  • Prep Fan

    “So you’re saying the argument for private schools being able to get players from all over the area is irrelevant”

    Not even close. In fact no one even said anything about private schools being able to get players from all over the area. That may be one advantage, but certainly not the only advantage. And no one even mentioned football, but it is easy to see that any comments about private schools doing well at anything somehow ruffles feathers among some DLS faithful that it might somehow taint the well earned legacy of Spartacus. This has nothing to do with DLS winning NCS every year in football (except maybe that they do enjoy certain advantages that no one wants to mention).

    Most private schools are fairly small. And baseball and football require a large number of good athletes in order to field a great team. A couple of players (or even 1) on a basketball team can make a huge difference. Not so in sports such as baseball or football. So it is easier for me to see how small privates can dominate in basketball much easier than in other sports. Larger privates of course have the numbers to be able to do well at most every sport. It is really not that hard of a concept to grasp. Basketball and baseball are two different animals.

  • junior

    The verbal gymnastics you must go through to explain the private/public debate is telling.

    Bottom line: No unfair advantage exists for private OR public schools. The teams that win earn it on the field and all schools have the opportunity to rise to championship status.

    If a team wins- congratualte them and move on- dont start with the “yea they won, BUT……….”

    Put it to rest already.

  • David

    How was I not even close? Chs101214 just got done stating that unlike in basketball and football, where well coached team’s can over match teams with a superstar or two, that baseball comes down to just pure talent.

    “It is less about teamwork when using FB/hoops speak, and more about individual skills and EXACTING baseball assignments- which is the same for every player and every team.” – Chs101214

    “Well stated Chs101214. Certainly not all sports are the same.” – Prep Fan

    That’s a direct qoute, as is your response. The main excuse I hear from DLS detractors is that they are able to accept student-athlete’s from across the Bay Area. If this is true than why doesn’t DLS crush everyone at baseball since baseball focuses on the individual talent and DLS has such a wider area to accept the talent? If individual talent is so important to baseball, and DLS has such a huge advantage due to having limited, to no distance, restrictions to admitting students, than they should be unstoppable at baseball because according to you individual talent tops coaching in HS Baseball. If this is not the case then I don’t want to hear about how DLS football has this huge advantage because they can get student’s from all across the Bay Area.

    You may say that I rush to the defense of DLS a little to easily and I will admit I have a very short fuse with it. I have a short fuse because every time DLS wins it’s never about coaching or hard work to 90% of the poster’s on any norcal preps sports board excluding a football board started and maintained by DLS supporters. It’s that they get talent from everywhere and that they recruit. Everyone seems to know someone personally that was recruited by DLS yet somehow no one ever bring’s it up to the proper authorities.

    According to you individual talent is what win’s baseball game’s and I AGREE with you on that. One of the major complaint’s about private school’s is their ability to accept student athlete’s from all over the Bay Area. If both these statements are true, than private schools should be dominating HS baseball.

    You may very well be a part of the 10% that acknowledge’s the hard work and coaching that goes into DLS football, but you can’t sit there and tell me that when football season rolls around the majority of poster’s won’t mention DLS’s ability to get student-athlete’s from across the Bay Area.

  • just wanna say

    DLS bloggers – My nephew plays for a team at DLS and yes best coaches, hard work, brotherhood, team work, Ladouceur legend, etc etc….. blah blah blah.

    Bottom line Public Schools DLS play DO NOT have the same advantages DLS has, period – black and white – facts are what they are – end of story!

    Recruiting… picking…. selecting…..scoping out…. however you want to put it DLS can go the distance outside of their district and everyone else’s district IF THEY WANT TO….. Public Schools CANNOT!! THOSE ARE THE FACTS!!!

  • Chs101214

    David- Good interaction so far. I’m not a litigator so not going to worry about making every word defensible. But I know the big picture; and perhaps letting go of bias will allow clearer thought.
    “It is less about teamwork when using FB/hoops speak, and more about individual skills and EXACTING baseball assignments- which is the same for every player and every team.”
    How does that translate to only “individual talent that wins baseball games?” So I will clarify/repeat, Baseball is NOT just about pure talent- but at the Varsity level it is surely helpful. Read again, “more about individual skills and EXACTING baseball assignments.” Please confirm that is the message, as I said it is LESS about teamwork/systems- because there is only ONE system in baseball. Let’s not get into all the intangibles such as practices, attitude, specialty players, etc. I agree it takes HUGE amounts of teamwork, coaching and learning of systems with repetition with some sports and that comparison with baseball, well, it does not categorically nor exactly compare as I’ve clearly stated.
    In fact, I’d be one to recognize NOT just talent can take you to the top because it takes only one game to lose the top- case in point- MV a few years back had four D1 PITCHER signees (!)- that will not happen around here again for a long time- and were one and done in NCS. It’s the way the ball bounces in baseball. Twist the words the way you want if you choose, but think about this. How many “athletes” go to an eighth grade camp, run a 4.6, bench 200, SPARQ high or touch the rim and get ignored by the respective coaches in attendance. As stated by a private school supporter on this site “have you and your parents taken the time to look at our school?” There are few and far between comparisons in baseball parlance, unless you’re watching Bryce Harper, that are analagous. Ever gun an 8th grader at 85?- doubtful. Run a 6.9 60, sure, but can’t hit the round thing with the round stick. My point here is that by 8th grade it’s a little easier- note I said easier not easy- to recognize pure ATHLETIC talent; there are easily 40-50 of those kids in the East Bay and their parents have them gravitate to whichever secondary school they desire. There they are molded, groomed, growing bigger, stronger and indoctrinated into the “system” of their respective sport. In baseball, there are few experts who can say, “That 8th grader is going to rake when he’s a junior,” or “I know he’s only throwing 72 now, but I can assure you it’ll be 90 when he’s 18.” Ludicrous… and so there is less incentive to choose ‘best’ HS program locally. Thus, that 8th grade apply to private/sit out a year NCS Varsity transfer window has closed for baseball players who continue to get better at their craft (many through club teams.) That is also why a doormat program (public or private doesn’t matter) all of a sudden has two-three-four baseball studs appear out of JV as Juniors/Seniors and that school happens to win NCS…IF the ball bounces the right way, and so many coaches will say “IF” because they know. And then a few years later, many years the following season, it is middle of the pack. To compare with other sports regarding hard work, etc., it’s a specious argument. You can read my posts regarding FB (’10 and ’12) and because it’s close to home, will never underestimate the value of teamwork, coaching, commitment and the ‘hood, whether it be bro or neigh. Just happy there are some horses in our barn too. Wink.

  • Prep Fan

    I’m not making excuses, and if you read my posts, you will see that I have said that many public schools have advantages as well. I’ve never said they were “unfair” advantages. I’ve never said “yea they won, BUT……….”

    Those are your words that you keep trying to impart to me. You must have me confused with someone on one of the other blogs you post to. I’ve never accused DLS of recruiting. I admire both their football and basketball programs and know many of the kids that have played there (and their parents) over the years. I just happen to be able to see that private (and some public) schools do have some advantages in some sports that help them succeed over teams that do not enjoy these advantages. Just admit there are some advantages and move on.

  • junior

    If you dont think the advantages are unfair why bring them up?

  • Prep Fan

    I didn’t even bring them up. You did. Look at post #11 where you brought it up. I posted on #10 (responding to post #9) that I thought BOD was a good team, and made no mention of DLS or anything unfair. Even on post #12, I didn’t say anything about any advantages, whether fair or unfair, just explained that baseball was different than basketball, and you brought it up again on post #13.

    If you remember there was someone on a basketball thread who noticed that 17 out of the 20 teams vying for the state championships were private schools. You had mentioned that was because of superior coaching and hard work, and I said that this was a pretty incredible number of private schools in the state finals compared to the overall percentage of private schools in the state. I never said it was an “unfair” advantage or brought up DLS football, but somehow it always keeps coming back to that. It must have hit a nerve.

  • mvalfan

    #24 your saying “Recruiting… picking…. selecting…..scoping out…. however you want to put it DLS can go the distance outside of their district and everyone else’s district IF THEY WANT TO….. Public Schools CANNOT!! THOSE ARE THE FACTS!!!”
    is not true i watch newark basketball every year because they are in my area but they recruit, pick, select, scope out and they are a public school. im sure their not the only one.

  • mvalfan

    #24 your saying

    “Recruiting… picking…. selecting…..scoping out…. however you want to put it DLS can go the distance outside of their district and everyone else’s district IF THEY WANT TO….. Public Schools CANNOT!! THOSE ARE THE FACTS!!!”

    is not true i watch newark basketball every year because they are in my area but they look like they recruit, pick, select, scope out and they are a public school and im sure their not the only public school someone might question

  • Just Sayin’

    It doesn’t matter what talent you get(sure it helps) but without good coaching and execution especially in varsity baseball you will not go deep in NCS. If you have two or sometimes even one shutdown ace and strong defense behind him you can usually compete against any team regardless of the school size(private or public). On any given day the team that usually wins is the most prepared team(well coached..etc.). “Usually” because sometimes the ball takes funny bounces( like the HR ball that hit the top of the wall and bounced back on the field for a double in last years world series).

  • junior

    Preppy-where in this thread did I mention DLS???

    Sounds like you still suffer from Green Envy.

  • Prep Fan

    Not suffering and no Green Envy here, whatever that is. Let it go Junior. Obviously you don’t want to admit there are any advantages enjoyed by any private schools in any sport. That is OK. I happen to think there are some advantages, at both private schools and some publics and that is OK as well. Even if the advantages are just that privates and some publics can get better coaches and that their players tend to be willing to work harder, those would also be advantages not shared by all schools. I see more advantages as well, as not every school has the same chances to win as everyone else. There are a myriad of factors that go into it, good coaching and hard work certainly being 2 of them.

  • junior

    Preppy- It is VERY satisfying to see you have FINALLY dropped the “unfair advantage” routine you used to whine about-my impact is showing. I have posted SEVERAL times that there are certain advantages to a number of schools (private and public)-but that does not automatically translate into success. The successful programs have good leadership-which is 75% of HS success.

    Where you still have some improving to do is this: every school has the opportunity to rise… it isnt easy,however, with the right leadership it can be done at ANY school.

  • Prep Fan

    Give it a rest. I’ve never siad anything about any unfair advantages. Just that advantages do exist. I’m glad you are very satisfied, but sorry you can’t seem to acknowledge them. Have a nice evening.

  • LuvHSBaseball

    This discussion just points out that there is no parity in sports, whether HS or Pro. Teams with more funding and local support (Private Schools and some well-off Public Schools) tend to have stable programs and the ability to draw or keep good coaching unless you have a dedicated alumnus coach who sticks with their alma mater regardless of admin or parental meddling. The kids then will be drawn to the successful program with good coaches and the cycle goes on.

    Recipe for success:
    -Dependable Annual Funding
    -Solid Coaching
    -School Administration Support
    -Parental Support
    -Strong Local Feeder Programs (Pee Wee or Midget FB, Little League, Babe Ruth, Travel Teams, etc,,)

    I’ve seen or heard many successful programs fail when one or some of these ingredients are lost…appears the DLS has all of the above…remember life is not equitable, thus why should sports be equitable…

  • junior

    preppy- you actually read my post #34 and you still posted your third sentence???

    oh my, one step forward, two steps back…..

  • junior

    luvbaseball- i agree with much of what you posted, except DLS does not fit the “strong local feeder program”.

    This is one of THE big opportunities for public schools and it is surprising more HS coaches do not take advantage of this.

    Rancho Cordova HS had a very smart head coach in the 70’s who convinced the local Pop Warner program to run his offensive system and it reaped big dividends.

  • howard johnson

    LL anything?? 6-2-1 in there last 9, beat a previously ranked miramonte and pretty good dublin team…

  • Pawn Star

    will there be a new baseball poll for this week? I am dying to read thirty posts debating the Private vs. Public advantages and disadvantages….just kidding