Bess donates to OAL, Laney

Our resident OAL expert Mr. Durkin is off this week, so I’ll pinch-hit for him with this bit of news. As Jimmy posted last week, Davone Bess, Miami Dolphins receiver and Skyline High grad, got some of his NFL buddies together to play a basketball game against the Oakland Police Department in the hopes of raising some money for the OAL.

Yesterday, Bess’s charity organization, the Bess Route Foundation, gave a $1,500 equipment grant to Skyline High as a result of the successful event over the weekend. It also gave $1,000 to the Laney College football program.

And, in case anyone was wondering and didn’t get a chance to go, the NFL team edged the OPD squad in the final seconds to get the win. Congrats to everyone who went out.

Ben Enos