Recruiting trail heating up for DVC’s Breslin

Just got a cool note about Diablo Valley College football player Morgan Breslin, whose recruiting interest is heating up as we get further into the offseason.

Breslin, who went to Las Lomas High, now has offers from Boise State, Arizona, Nevada and Arkansas State. The 6-foot-3, 250-pound defensive lineman has gotten feelers from a ton of other schools after leading all California junior college players in sacks and tackles for loss last season.

I actually got a chance to see Breslin play last season, and he looked like the same athletic, dominant player I remembered from his days at Lomas. Tough to find a big man in the trenches that can move like him. I’ll keep you posted as I hear more on his recruitment.

Ben Enos

  • Ex-Eagle

    He’s an absolute beast!!! It’s going to be “The Blindside II” at DVC with all the coaches coming after this guy this Spring! Check him out:


  • Iron Mike

    Let’s get it straight he tied Niko Aumua from CC College in Sacks & TFL’s plus he played in a Bowl game making him play 11 games vs Niko’s 10 but good luck young man I seen you play before I was at the CC vs DVC game & you’re a Good football player

  • Ex-Eagle

    2.5 sacks not counted at Shasta…tied without and those OR the bowl stats counted. Film doesn’t lie, Niko’s a good player, Morgan’s just better.

  • Iron Mike

    Well Mr. Ex-Eagle No disrespect to Breslin if he’s better why haven’t he signed yet cause I heard Niko had over 8 Div 1 offers after only playing Def End one year & he’s already signed with Washington St. What’s your logic cause he went to DVC?? I was at the game and clearly the best Defensive Lineman on the field that night was Niko and plus he had 3 Int’s to go with his Sacks & TFL’s (1 Int vs DVC)

  • Donut

    uh the stats he had more. plain and simple. hearsay whatever you want 8 is something you throw out there, but actual what you sign in the final offer so it doesnt matter logically however many you may have had to begin with, everybody ends up at a single school they’ve signed with. BTW Arizona BSU had a better record than WSU so what are you going to fact check next? All that really matters is what I’m saying about having better statistics. You really can’t compare that the way you compare every single thing else.

  • Iron Mike

    Ding, Ding, Round #6 Donut what are you talking about know one said that the kid wasn’t good or deserving of a scholarship but the facts are that Niko Aumua led the State in Sacks & TFL’s so if he tied with Breslin that’s fine like I said I was at the CCC vs DVC game and Niko cleary was the more dominant Defensive Lineman so you’re right the stats don’t lie so go check them out you might learn something!! Good Luck to Breslin and hopefully he’ll sign with ASU & they can keep the friendly rivarly going? I hope they both have wonderful careers because both Coaches at CC & DVC run good programs!! Ding, Ding Iron Mike with a Upper Cut to your nose!! TKO

  • Ex-Eagle

    I was at the game too. If I remember right it was a WR screen that the DVC planted squarely in the chest of Niko. He did a good job of catching it. But…Again, Morgan is just better! Was that night and was all year vs. far superior competition.