East Bay Baseball Poll – 4/19

Sorry for the delay. Got caught up with some NCS stuff yesterday.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Alameda (6) 9-1 90 1
2. Clayton Valley 9-1-2 84 2
t3. James Logan 8-1 74 4
t3. San Ramon Valley 10-1 74 t5
5. Granada 9-2 68 8
6. De La Salle 7-2 59 t5
7. Monte Vista 5-3 55 3
8. Albany 8-3 46 10
9. Campolindo 10-2 44 11
10. Alhambra 11-2 28 9
11. Amador Vly. 6-5-1 27 7
12. Heritage 8-2 23 t14
13. Foothill 7-4 21 NR
14. California 4-3 10 13
15. Bishop O’Dowd 5-4 9 NR

Also receiving votes: Deer Valley (6-5, 7  points), El Cerrito (9-6, 1). The East Bay Prep Baseball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos


    alameda key to success. take take take and curve balls in fastball counts. no dignity in that style of play.

  • Pawn Star

    Bishop O’Dowd’s record is 10-5-1.

  • King

    alameda will stay #1 another 2 weeks until they play srv cause there league is terrible el cerrito really not that good theyre just coached well. The six writers who vote have you seen alameda play there a good team but they cant hit. They dont swing even when there ahead of the count. There lookin for a walk so they can bunt. They made there dh bunt with runners on 1st n 3rd i thought the dh was in to hit guess not. If you wanna dh at alameda i guess you gotta date krinks what a dirty ol’man i know the kid hates him but it keeps him in the lineup.

  • LuvHSBaseball

    For all, please refrain from personal attacks and talk about baseball. All teams need to execute, the more power to them if they execute and keep the pressure on the defense. Each coach knows that they need to utilize the strengths of their team. If it’s a fast but not powerful team, then you use it to your advantage. If you don’t have a pitcher who is clocking 90+ then teach them to throw a curve. Just a different style of play. Get over it. Alameda keep doin’ what you’re doin’, don’t listen to the haters.

  • Prep Fan

    BOD, MV, Logan, DLS and Cal are all missing some games on the posted records. All had more games played than that in last week’s poll.

  • GoRaiders

    And Albany was 13-2 after last week (and 14-2 after Wednesday’s 14-7 win over Salesian).

  • Triton8

    “No dignity in that style of play”? There’s plenty of dignity in 10-1, isn’t there. Are you related to Lemon617? Did you get cut from an AHS team too?
    The key to high school baseball is “finding a way to win”. If it means taking pitches and bunting, then so be it. And throwing curve balls on fastball counts? Wow….that’s criminal! Seems to me that they do that alot in the college and MLB. When did being able to throw your curveball regardless of the count become a cowardly practice? And who made you guys baseball experts? Arnerich is a good coach who knows the game as well as any other coach around. His records recently should say enough…..if the only thing you can say is he bunts too much, has his kids take and throws too many curveballs…..that must mean he is doing a great job. And about who is dating who? You must be a low individual to talk about a teeneage player or his Mom like that? Shake yourself….go home a kick your dog so you feel better!

  • Ramundo

    Copi Logic points out that “ad hominem” arguments are inherently false. Personal attacks are covers for lack of facts in discussions like this. Triton8 couldn’t say it any better: KING is a hater who needs to go kick something else, and I doubt that he’s a good enough person to have a dog. I love dogs so kick something inanimate please! By the way, the player he questions currently leads the team in RBI and is second among starters in BA….not bad.