Mack’s Brooks is preferred walk-on at Washington

McClymonds High linebacker Travon Brooks has accepted an offer to be a preferred walk-on at the University of Washington, Warriors coach Curtis McCauley said.
Brooks, a 6-foot-2, 230-pounder, was a first-team Oakland Athletic League All-City pick for Mack this year after transfering from Deer Valley. He was a big part of a defense that led the East Bay by allowing just 158.8 yards per game.
Brooks was also a recipient of a $1,000 scholarship from the East Bay Football Officials Assocation. McCauley said Brooks is a 4.0 GPA student.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • KillerD

    This thread is granite solid evidence that the 2011 high school football coaching changes off-season carousel has been very, very BORING

  • coach mac


    I agree. We are working harder than ever right now to compete this season.

  • red&white

    “COACH MAC” I just read #147

    I Guess your name can be in the same sentence as Beam, Carter and Ladouceur.


  • Wolf Man

    Look Trinton 8 know one is hating on McClyomds Hs or West Oakland I’m just trying to get Coach Mac to speak the truth and stop over hyping himself as this Great Coach because he only has 1 championsip and 4 kids going Div 1. Carter, Ladoucer and Beam would average at least 4 to 5 Div 1 kids every year and have won multiple championships so yeah you beat Pitt this year but let’s see you do it again year after year because at 17-16 you’re not proven yet so this has nothing to do with hating on McClymonds High School because I think they have had one of the best Football and Basketball programs over the years, I read the paper!

  • bhsfan

    wolf man

    im trying to remember what post coach mac said he was this great coach, curt you and pooh keep up the good work at mack, all these non coaching haters have no clue the hard work coaches put in

    e culb

    are u gettin back n2 coaching again hope so

  • Just wanna say

    OMG Wolfman you are still at this S**T… Dude get a life

    Oh wait you don’t have a life but hating on Coach Mac

  • red&white

    Coach Mac

    This is directed to you! There is an old saying, “Put up or shut up”.

    There is a new season coming up. Let’s see how good your coaching skills are going to be for this up coming season.

    You had one good season with a host of transfers. What transfer students do you have coming this year?

    The spot light is on YOUR program now.

  • Allroads

    It’s pretty obvious there are people who don’t like Coach Mac, and their disingenuous couching of their dislike in challenges of coaching skill is REALLY getting boring. At least #157 is moving closer towards how they really feel about Coach Mac as a person (“This is directed to you!”).

    I would like to offer some insight as to why some have such venom towards Coach Mac. I have had one professional interaction (as a coach) with Coach Mac. When it behooved him to present himself as a professional with class, he taunted myself and the other professionals present. He came off as sneaky and coy in making the unnecessary statements. In the end, he behaved like an adolescent who didn’t know any better. (When he was the HC at MC)

    I hold no grudge. In fact, I commend him and his undefeated season. Any coach knows how difficult it is to go undefeated even when you have everything else in your favor. It’s just when a list goes for 150+ postings, I am sure everybody appreciates some subtext (of Red&white and Wolf man).

  • red&white

    “Al Roads”

    My comments were not meant to be has nothing to do with any dislike for Coach Mac. Coach Mac made quite a few claims on this blog (see #147) and I am only challenging him to put up or shut up.

    I do not know Coach Mac or have had any personal contact with him.

    I am just calling Coach Mac out.

    We all know that there is not anyone who has come close to what coach Beam has done in the OAL.

  • Allroads

    #159 and counting…and it’s not personal? Hmm…

  • ManDown

    Word is that De La Salle QB Bart Houston has committed to Wisconsin.

  • renegades10

    He did today and it’s a great fit for him. I think the system works for him and vice versa. Big congrats to Bart.

  • Triton8

    I am one of the biggest Beam backers there is….but lets get real…..every school has transfers and so did he! It’s just like a program having haters(this blog should know a thing or two about that), if everyone is hating on these blogs and out in the open on your program, then you know you’ve made it! Same thing with transfers…if your program is elite, transfers will come on their own and you know your program has made it. That’s how it works! Beam didn’t have to go all over and recruit…his program recruited for itself. All good programs draw kids from out of their area. DLS doesn’t get transfers because they get them from other areas after the 8th grade going into 9th grade.

    So stop all the stupid talk about “transfers”!!! Who cares? Unless of course a coach is personally poaching from other programs…..then we have another thing entirely!!!

  • red&white


    When a coach has more than five transfers who are seniors, that dose make a difference.

    All of the kids that have scholarships from Mack this year were transfers.
    Coach Mac knows this but for some reason he chooses not to talk about it. Hmm

  • bhsfan

    last time i checked marcus peters only went to school in livermore his 10th grade when he wasnt living with his dad and didnt play when he was there, so as far as im concerned he is a mack kid, played there 3 years. and like triton8 says who cares who has transfers. hell in beams hay day majority of the players didnt live in skyline district, most of the really good players came from the oakland dynamites youth football organization. u talk transfers on the fall team of 94 billy cockerham transfered from clayton valley and after the season was over he transfered back, transfers are part of high school football in california, im extremely happy that these young men are gettin an opportunity to get a college education and thats the most important thing here

    so to all the coaches out there keep working hard and all these non coaching haters ta heck wit yall [trying to keep it clean on here jimmy]

  • red&white


  • Just wanna say


    Red&White what is your point? Or are you JUST like Wolfman both need to get a life.

    Dude give it up… quit hatting!!

  • Joe

    Thank you R&W. You have now established that many of Mack’s good players were transfers. Thank you for that. You may now stop saying it.

  • ManDown

    Its time to move the focus to next year. We all know what happened with Mack and who cares? It is what it is and nothing can change that.

  • red&white

    Ok I will move on but there’s just one more thing, There has to be a level playing field. Skyline dose not recruit their players and it is not right for Coach Mac to get the glory of having a 12-0 season based on not following the rules. It is a fact that the OAL has turned a blind eye on what went on last year at MACK. How did they allow this to happen?

    The only good thing that came out of this is these students are going to college!

  • Wolf Man

    Coach Mac is quiet and speechless now because sometimes the truth hurts and although I’m not a Big Skline fan neither I have to agree with Red&White but trust me Just Wanna Say nobody is hating on Coach Mac i’m just speeking the facts and you’re right Bhsfan everybody has transfers

  • EarHustler

    Coach Mac,
    Stay above this blog. You cant win. The haters on this blog check back hourly just waiting to pounce on anything you say, you’re better than them. And realize, there’s only 4 or 5 haters. There are more people on this blog supporting you than being negative.
    Wolfman, the only truth that hurts should be your inability to support a MAN working with at risk young men, and getting them to college. Give us all ONE example how you have helped society…just one, go ahead. We’ll see who’s quiet now.
    I bet you dont answer the question, coward.

  • Just wanna say

    EarHustler – WELL SAID!!

  • I told you


    I was quiet for a few days but you have forced me comment on your backwoods remark. What dose “at risk” mean?

    Why would you describe Mack young men as “at risk”?

    I may not be a fan of Coach Mac but I do live in Oakland and I am proud of my city.

    It is people like you who have that backwoods way of thinking that continues to put a negative mark on our kids and schools.

  • bhsfan

    red&white aka skyline supporter, get off it what ever was done at mack this year is done plus they have nothing on skyline during beam era, many transfers and most of the kids didnt even live close to skyline district.

    real talk the kids do most of the recruiting, they know each other from playing youth football and/or other sports with or against each other lets stop the hater and encourage/congraduate these young men for they hard work

  • bhsfan

    anybody that lives in oakland is at risk, i live in oakland too, born and raised, the truth is the truth, of course not all areas are bad, its some really nice areas but lets b real west oakland isnt the most safe places in the city, yes west oakland has had so much needed upgrades that are very very nice but yeah they at risk for alot of diff things, thats y im so happy for these young men that are going to college

  • EarHustler

    Read the stats below, and I think you would agree that many youths in Oakland are at risk.
    Not sure how I am putting a negative mark on Oakland kids and schools, I wrote to Wolfman, “Give us all ONE example how you have helped society…just one, go ahead.”
    Meaning, either be a part of the solution, or dont criticize.
    I have supported Coach Mac on these blogs before. Please dont play the “people like you” card on me. I am law enforcement, and I see the effects of crime on our youth. I dont pity Oakland, I pray for Oakland.

    As of January 2006, Highland Hospital in Oakland treated 233 youth ages 14-30 for gunshots,
    stab wounds or assaults over a one year period. (Alameda County Medical Center)

    Among African American males
    aged 15-34 years of age,
    homicide was the leading cause
    of death in Alameda County.

    There were a total of 122 deaths related to domestic violence in Oakland, from 2003-2008, an average of 24 deaths each year. A child was present in over half the
    incidents (55%) that included reports of who was at the scene.

    There were 1,766 youth on probation in Oakland as of June, 2005. (Alameda County Probation Department)

    Oakland youth in juvenile hall make up almost half (46%) of all Alameda County youth detainees. (Alameda County Probation

    In 2002—03, 9% of 9th graders dropped out of school and the four year derived drop out rate
    was 31% for OUSD. (California Dept. of Education)

    In 2005, 20% of 9th Grade OUSD students reporting bringing a weapon to school during the
    previous 12 months and only12% felt very safe at school. (CA Healthy Kids Survey)

    There were 2,422 chronic truants and 2,700 suspensions for a violent incident in the OUSD
    during the 2005-06 school year. (OUSD)

    Should I keep going?

  • BallBoy

    @ Earhustler
    Interesting and alarming facts. Where did you get them from? What is your source? I would be interested in looking at those in depth.

  • I told you


    Law Enforcement??? That explains everything.

  • red&white


    I guess everyone living below foothill is at risk. I would be curious to see how many violent crimes happened above foothill since 2006.

  • EarHustler

    Tell me why that explains everything? Let me guess, you lump law enforcement all together, right? Because of the bad acts of few, all get judged? Hmmm, sounds to me like you are doing the very same thing you accuse me of doing. Replace “kids and schools” with “law enforcement.”

    To use your logic, it is people like you who have that backwoods way of thinking that continues to put a negative mark on law enforcement. Hello pot, this is the kettle talking.

  • Triton8

    EarHustler #172
    Well said! Getting kids into College is one of the great duties that a hs coach can achieve. Whether it is on scholarship or just into a College doesn’t really matter.

    If you can’t see that some kids are “at risk” then you need to take the blinders off? Kids from these areas do not enjoy some of the things that most other hs students do. To make it in areas like this, a kid has to be better that your average kid at most everything.

    ….and what does “below Foothill” have to do with anything?

  • red&white


    I see your point and I must admit there is some truth to what you are saying. I do have a question for you. How many of your co-workers live in Oakland. Do you know any Law Enforcement Officers who attend any OAL games? Wouldn’t be nice to see some of OPD in force without their uniforms supporting these kids? I have lived in Oakland all my life and watched first hand all of the bad things that OPD. In my opinion they are a major part of the reason that most citizens of Oakland hate the police. Tell one of you co-workers to come out to a game.

  • red&white


    You know exactly who lives in the hills and who live below foothill. We are talking about Blacks and Mexicans and a few Pacific Islanders.

    There is a fear amongst a certain group that passes a negative judgement minorities.

    This whole conversation started with me saying that Beam treated all of us with respect and we respected him. He held all of us accountable and never misled us.

    I was one of those “at risk” kid who loved living in East Oakland and I am proud to say that I still live here. By choice!!!

    So when I see a police officer on this blog categorizing minorities as “at risk” it rubs me the wrong way.

  • EarHustler

    You are entitled to your opinion. But that’s all you have, an opinion. My statements are based on facts and numbers.
    Why is it so bad to call a young person “at risk.”
    I didn’t specify an ethnicity, I specified OAKLAND.
    If you were at risk, and you credit Beam for helping you become the man you are today, that’s awesome. This blog consists of haters on Coach Mac for helping kids get to college. Don’t make this into something it really isn’t.
    You can write OPD asking them for some community support, I am sure they will respond. Or you can join community forums, or help with Park and Rec, or Coach. Or do you want to blog more about it? DO something, dont ask someone to do something you can damn well do yourself.

  • red&white


    Point taken..

  • Triton8

    No winner in this arguement……two different points, but both are very valid I think.

  • JB”DON”

    What happen with the Alameda job it’s still posted in the paper ?

    DON PRIDE !!!

  • John B

    Ike Keiffer was the greatest coach in the OAL as far as putting kids in to colleges.

    What he did for the young men of Oakland, Ca. was outstanding.

    Not only did he coach in the OAL. Also Merritt Jr. College, Univ of Washington and many others.

    He should be in the Oakland Athletic Hall of Fame for his work………!!!!!!!

  • Not so fast

    What ever happend to Brooks. Did he make the team?

  • Not so fast

    Still trying to find out about Brooks made the football team at Washington.