East Bay Boys Volleyball Notes: League races, Rankings, Standings

Let’s take a look at the league races as we had into the home stretch…


A two-horse race between Alameda and El Cerrito. The two teams meet up again on May 5, and if Alameda wins it could force a one-game playoff, and if El Cerrito wins the Gauchos will likely be in a positon to win the league.


College Prep has three games in hand over Valley Christian, including one more against the Vikings, including a May 6 showdown that could be for the regular season league title. The Cougars are one back in the loss column, and the two teams could very well meet up in the league tournament for not only a tie-breaker between the two, but league tournament title.


St. Pat’s is running away with the league. This one is pretty much decided. The unbeaten Bruins need just one more win.


Deer Valley is head and shoulders the best team in this league.


Campolindo got past Dougherty Valley, and is now in position to win yet another league crown.


College Park is a team that keeps getting better, and the second game with Northgate could be a very good one. The Broncos won 3-1 the first time and are in control of the league right now.


De La Salle is destroying the competition, making what they are doing that much more impressive considering the league they are in.


Mission is on its way to another league title as that program continues to grow.


I feel badly for Northgate, because they keep winning but have dropped one spot each week. A recent head-to-head loss with Foothill makes me want to keep the Falcons ahead of them in the rankings, and with the EBAL schools beating each other, they have to jump. However, the Broncos likely go deep in the Division II playoffs and by doing so will climb the charts as schools ahead of them fall out of their playoff bracket. That’s the theory at least.
Amador Valley makes the jump to No. 5 after a convincing 3-0 win over Foothill
College Park continues to roll and moves up to No. 9 after a 3-0 week in league. Monte Vista is back in the rankings thanks to a 3-2 win over San Ramon Valley.

1. De La Salle (29-2)
2. Deer Valley (28-2)
3. Campolindo (19-4)
4. Mission San Jose (18-4)
5. Amador Valley (12-8)
6. California (12-6)
7. Foothill (15-7)
8. Northgate (28-6)
9. College Park (17-11)
10. Logan (18-10)
11. Dougherty Valley (17-9)
12. College Prep (15-4)
13. Acalanes (10-9)
14. American (15-3)
15. Monte Vista (8-9)

League Standings

Team W-L GB

El Cerrito (10-4, 5-0) –
Alameda (14-7, 4-1) 1
Berkeley (3-2) 2
De Anza (2-3) 3
Richmond (1-4) 4
Pinole Valley (0-5) 5

Team W-L GB

Valley Christian (20-10, 10-0) –
Redwood Christian (13-9, 7-2) 2.5
College Prep (15-4, 6-1) 2.5
Contra Costa Christian (4-5) 5.5
Bay (1-2) 5.5 GB
Head-Royce (2-5) 6.5 GB
Oakland Military Institute (0-3) 6.5
Chinese Christian (1-4) 6.5 GB
Urban (0-4) 7 GB
Bentley (0-5) 7.5

Team W-L GB

St. Patrick-St. Vincent (22-5, 5-0) –
Encinal (13-4, 3-2) 2
Salesian (11-13, 3-3) 2.5
St. Mary’s (3-3) 2.5
St. Joseph Notre Dame (0-6) 5.5

Team W-L GB

Deer Valley (28-2, 4-0) –
Antioch (12-11, 3-1) 1
Freedom (3-1) 1
Pittsburg (9-9, 1-3) 3
Heritage (1-3) 3
Liberty (0-4) 4

Team W-L GB

Campolindo (19-4, 5-0) –
Dougherty Valley (17-9, 2-2) 2.5
Acalanes (10-9, 2-2) 2.5
Alhambra (2-2) 2.5
Las Lomas (0-5) 5

Team W-L GB

Northgate (28-6, 8-0) –
College Park (17-11, 8-1) .5
Clayton Valley (12-8, 5-2) 2.5
Berean Christian (9-14, 3-5) 5
Ygnacio Valley (3-5) 5
Mt. Diablo (1-6) 6.5
Concord (0-8) 8

Team W-L GB

De La Salle (29-2, 7-0) –
Amador Valley (12-8, 5-2) 1.5
Foothill (15-7, 5-2) 1.5
California (12-6, 3-3) 3
San Ramon Valley (11-11, 3-4) 3.5
Monte Vista (8-9, 2-4) 4
Granada (3-12, 0-7) 6.5

Team W-L GB

Mission San Jose (18-4, 8-0) –
American (15-3, 5-2) 2.5
Logan (18-10, 4-2) 3
Washington (7-13, 3-4) 4.5
Kennedy (11-9, 1-7) 7
Moreau Catholic (7-11, 0-6) 7

Matt Smith

  • Nodinx

    Rankings look pretty good to me, but seems SRV belongs in there somewhere….
    At this point, DLS, DV, MSJ, Cal, AV, Foothill are pretty much locks for d1 NCS, but it’ll be a fight for the remaining two spots. MV, SRV, Logan, CPark, American are all legitimate contenders. Although, MV and SRV must need to be careful–they could still be left out due to the NCS requirement that participating teams have +.500 records.

  • mvalfan

    No question DLS #1 and DV #2. I think who gets #3 thru #6 is a toss-up among MSJ, Calif, AV and Foothill. The five teams mentioned by Nodinx are a toss-up for #7 and #8. It’s all going to depend on the Foothill tournament and/or how the regular season closes for these teams. EBAL has their usual tough schedule. There’s still another match between American & Logan. Like Nodinx said, SRV and MV have their work cut out to meet the “winning record” criteria.

  • volleyball101

    Matt is right on with the seeding 1 to 10. After that it is a toss up. DLS had two hard lost to great teams, Deer Valley has been winning since a lost to Campo at their tournament. Campo has been winning 13 straight, including Drake (should be the # 2 seed in NCS DII behind Campo). I hope the top ten teams will be at Foothill tournament. This will set the final seeding before NCS. Does anyone knows who will be at FH?