East Bay Softball Poll — 5/2

Here are our latest East Bay rankings. Hardly any movement from last week.

Team Record Points Last week
1. James Logan (7) 15-3 105 1
2. California 15-2 96 2
3. Pinole Valley 17-1 93 3
4. Heritage 9-5 81 4
5. Amador Valley 11-5 80 5
6. Freedom 12-6 70 6
7. Antioch 11-3 60 7
8. Concord 13-3 58 8
9. Newark Memorial 17-2 45 9
10. Carondelet 13-4 38 10
11. Alameda 16-3 37 11
12. Castro Valley 13-6 29 11
13. Alhambra 13-4 24 13
14. Albany 12-1 14 14
15. Monte Vista 9-9 5 NR

Also receiving votes: Clayton Valley (8-7, 3 votes), Arroyo (11-5, 3), Livermore (9-9, 1). The East Bay Prep Softball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay. Records are through Saturday.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Basher

    Interesting – to say the least – on the poll this week.

    There’s absolutely no movement in the top 14 posisitons this week? Even though teams like Cal and Freedom were each 5 – 1 and lost in championship games in their respective pools at the NorCal Classic in Tracy.

    Even Carondelt who went 2 – 2 remains unchanged even though four teams below them were 1 – 0 or 2 – 0 for the week. The only movement comes at 15, where Monte Vista is rewarded and moved into 15th ranking even though they were 1 – 1, and Clayton Valley did not play but still got knocked down and out of the rankings?

    The prep sports staff could have saved themselves the trouble this week, and just put “ditto” in the poll section of the paper?

  • Prep Fan

    Actually there were changes to the point totals. Cal, Freedom and Carondelet each lost some points from the voters. Not enough to move them out of thir current rankings, but it is clear the staff is not just copying their last week’s votes. I don’t think the teams should be moving up or down after every game is played. 5-1 during a week is still pretty good. Stephanie did state above the poll that there was hardly any movement from last week.

    It might be more constructive to state who you think should move up and why, as I have seen that the staff does listen to compelling arguments. Support was made for MV to move up into the rankings last week by a poster and some reasons were stated.

  • Stephanie Hammon

    The weird thing about the poll this week is that most voters’ individual rankings changed somewhat, but when all the points were tallied teams ended up staying in the same spots. I know my personal poll definitely did not look exactly the same as the previous week.

  • Concord High Fan
  • Softball fan

    Concord High Fan,

    Logan will be a good test to see where Concord stands. Don’t look past Alhambra either. I saw them at the Stampede. They have a good team.

    Good luck

  • Concord High Fan

    The way they are playing, I wouldn’t look past a 12U team if they played them. Alhambra has been playing very well, and James Logan… Well it’s James Logan…

    We will see if drama continues…