East Bay Boys Volleyball Notes: Foothill Tourney, Rankings, Standings.

The Foothill Tournament is always the last big one before the North Coast Section playoffs, and it’s a good chance for hopefuls and contenders to either make a claim, or assert their claim. Let’s see who will be there.

The top four teams in the North Coast Section will be there as top-ranked De La Salle, second-ranked Deer Valley, third-ranked Campolindo and fourth-ranked Mission San Jose will all be in attendance.
“If you look at the rankings, it seems like a lot of the top teams will be here,” Foothill coach Dusty Collins said. “It seems very strong, there is a lot of quality and we are excited about that.”
Foothill, always a contender, will be looking to get back on top of its own tournament after losing to Chico in a very exciting final last year. Chico will be in attendance again this year, along with Washington, Freedom, Heritage, College Prep and Liberty.
The Falcon Invitational is still looking for one more team after two dropped.
Despite that, it’s still a good test for teams who hope to be making a run in the playoffs.
“It’s great having it before the playoffs, because a door could open for a team,” Collins said. “It’s really good competition and majority of the time there’s a section champ there and sometimes two or three.”


Just a disclaimer, the rankings and standings reflect the beginning of this week…
So, Amador Valley is a very hot team right now and looks like a challenger to De La Salle and Deer Valley, perhaps.
Welcome Antioch to the top 15.

1. De La Salle (31-2)
2. Deer Valley (30-2)
3. Campolindo (23-5)
4. Mission San Jose (18-4)
5. Amador Valley (14-8)
6. Foothill (16-7)
7. Northgate (28-6)
8. California (16-7)
9. College Park (17-11)
10. Logan (19-10)
11. Dougherty Valley (18-9)
12. College Prep (17-4)
13. American (15-3)
14. Acalanes (11-10)
15. Antioch (14-11)

League Standings

Team W-L GB

El Cerrito (14-6, 6-0) –
Alameda (16-7, 5-1) 1
De Anza (3-3) 3
Berkeley (3-4) 3.5
Richmond (2-5) 4.5
Pinole Valley (0-7) 6.5

Team W-L GB

Valley Christian (20-10, 10-0) –
College Prep (17-4, 8-1) 1.5
Redwood Christian (16-10, 8-2) 2
Contra Costa Christian (4-5) 5.5
Head-Royce (4-5) 5.5 GB
BCL Teams with less than seven results do not appear in the standings.

Team W-L GB

St. Patrick-St. Vincent (23-5, 5-0) –
Encinal (13-4, 3-2) 2
Salesian (11-13, 3-3) 2.5
St. Mary’s (3-3) 2.5
St. Joseph Notre Dame (0-6) 5.5

Team W-L GB

Deer Valley (30-2, 6-0) –
Antioch (14-11, 5-1) 1
Freedom (4-2) 1
Pittsburg (9-11, 1-5) 5
Heritage (1-5) 5
Liberty (0-6) 6

Team W-L GB

Campolindo (23-5, 6-0) –
Dougherty Valley (18-9, 3-2) 2.5
Acalanes (11-10, 3-3) 2.5
Alhambra (2-4) 4
Las Lomas (0-5) 5.5

Team W-L GB

Northgate (28-6, 8-0) –
College Park (17-11, 8-1) .5
Clayton Valley (12-8, 5-2) 2.5
Berean Christian (9-14, 3-5) 5
Ygnacio Valley (3-5) 5
Mt. Diablo (1-6) 6.5
Concord (0-8) 8

Team W-L GB

De La Salle (31-2, 9-0) –
Amador Valley (14-8, 7-2) 2
Foothill (16-7, 6-2) 2.5
California (16-7, 4-4) 4.5
San Ramon Valley (12-12, 3-5) 5.5
Monte Vista (8-11, 2-6) 6.5
Granada (0-9) 6.5

Team W-L GB

Mission San Jose (18-4, 8-0) –
American (15-3, 5-2) 2.5
Logan (19-10, 4-2) 3
Washington (7-13, 3-4) 4.5
Kennedy (13-9, 1-7) 7
Moreau Catholic (7-11, 0-6) 7

Matt Smith

  • Roberto Casas

    I still think that SPSV should be included in the Boy’s Volleyball rankings. All the members of their league are in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. And most of their non-league opponents as well. They have defeated many of them. They are Ranked #1 Div 3 in NCS! Show them some love.

  • Matt Smith

    I wish it were up to me. I don’t get to make that call.

  • NCS coach

    Who is up to then? They just keep getting better and better every year. The team this year is all juniors and sophomores so they won’t be losing anyone. Can you say powerhouse next year?

  • Onlooker

    Something’s not right. College Prep is the only D3 team listed yet they’re seeded #3, where’s the #1 & 2- Spsv and Valley Christian?

  • Matt Smith

    What do you mean seed? Have you seeded the teams for the playoffs already?
    And for the last time, I can’t rank SPSV because they aren’t in Contra Costa or Alameda County. I’m sorry.
    And yes, if the rankings were just as simple as team A beat team B, but it’s not.

  • another onlooker

    SPSV is the only boys volleyball team in NCS that is not in those counties. There has to be some type of exception.

  • vbboy

    well if you start this conversation then you’d have to throw in drake as well. i’m sure they’d love to have that recognition as well but then again their school unfortunately isn’t in the east bay. it is what it is.

  • Lumberjack

    Looks like we will have some changes to next weeks top 15. Acalanes over Dougherty Valley 3-0 and Clayton over College Park 3-1. The Foothill tourney with many top 15 team will contribute too. Matt, you have an idea how the seeds will roll out next weekend? It always a mystery when closed door meetings are held.

  • Matt Smith

    Ah yes, the seeding. I think I’ll make my projections after the Foothill Tournament.
    Some change to the top 15 will be good.