East Bay Boys Volleyball Notes: Playoffs, Rankings, Standings

Let’s take another look at the playoff situation.

Division I

Locks: Amador Valley, California, De La Salle, Deer Valley, Foothill, Logan, Misson San Jose.

That is seven of the eight spots that are taken, leaving just one other team to get in.

Bubble: American, Antioch, College Park, Freedom, Pittsburg, San Ramon Valley.

All the teams mentioned above are either going to qualify, or are on the very edge of qualification. Based on strength of schedule and wins over Amador and College Park, San Ramon Valley would be the last team in. The Wolves need to win one of their last two games against Cal or Monte Vista. They are 11-10 against Division I teams, so a win would ensure an above .500 record in that criteria.

Division II

Locks: Acalanes, Campolindo, Clayton Valley, Dougherty Valley, Northgate, Drake.

Bubble: Alameda, El Cerrito, Encinal, Kennedy-Fremont.

Two of these teams get in, and I would expect it to be Alameda and El Cerrito.

Division III
College Prep, Marin Catholic, Redwood Christian, St. Patrick-St. Vincent, Valley Christian.

Bubble: El Molino, Head-Royce, Salesian, St. Mary’s.

With only five locks and four bubble teams, I think that this bracket might not have eight qualifying teams. The top two seeds will be College Prep and St. Pat’s, in my opinion, and one or both of them might have byes. El Molino and Head-Royce might be able to put a few wins together to end the year, and Salesian needs to win a pair of games in the BSAL Tournament.


I couldn’t move Mission San Jose above Deer Valley, because DV’s loss to the Warriors came without Jason Agopian, who is the best player in the East Bay. I was still very impressed with MSJ, who went on to play De La Salle very tough.
Foothill had a weird week, losing two EBAL games before the Foothill Tournament, then beat MSJ, but after that lost to De La Salle. It was a three-loss week for the Falcons, but two of them were to De La Salle, which is understandable.
College Prep moves to No. 10, Acalanes moves up to No. 11, while we welcome Clayton Valley back after it beat College Park recently.

1. De La Salle (37-2)
2. Deer Valley (35-3)
3. Mission San Jose (22-6)
4. Campolindo (27-6)
5. Amador Valley (15-8)
6. California (18-7)
7. Northgate (30-6)
8. Foothill (19-10)
9. Logan (21-10)
10. College Prep (22-6)
11. Acalanes (12-10)
12. Dougherty Valley (19-10)
13. Clayton Valley (15-8)
14. College Park (17-12)
15. American (16-4)

League Standings

Team W-L GB

Alameda (18-7, 7-1) –
El Cerrito (15-7, 7-1) –
De Anza (5-3) 2
Berkeley (3-5) 4
Richmond (2-6) 5
Pinole Valley (0-8) 7

Team W-L GB

College Prep (22-6, 12-1) –
Valley Christian (22-10, 12-1) –
Redwood Christian (19-10, 11-2) 1
Contra Costa Christian (4-5) 6
Head-Royce (4-6) 6.5 GB
Bentley (1-9) 9.5 GB
BCL Teams with less than nine results do not appear in the standings.

Team W-L GB

St. Patrick-St. Vincent (26-5, 8-0) –
Encinal (15-5, 5-3) 3
Salesian (12-14, 4-4) 4
St. Mary’s (3-5) 5
St. Joseph Notre Dame (0-8) 8

Team W-L GB

Deer Valley (35-3, 8-0) –
Antioch (15-12, 6-2) 2
Freedom (5-3) 3
Pittsburg (11-11, 3-5) 5
Heritage (1-7) 7
Liberty (0-8) 8

Team W-L GB

Campolindo (27-6, 7-0) –
Acalanes (12-10, 4-3) 3
Dougherty Valley (19-10, 4-3) 3
Alhambra (2-5) 5
Las Lomas (0-6) 6.5

Team W-L GB

Northgate (30-6, 10-0) –
Clayton Valley (15-8, 8-2) 2
College Park (17-12, 8-2) 2
Berean Christian (11-14, 5-5) 5
Ygnacio Valley (4-5) 5.5
Mt. Diablo (1-9) 9
Concord (0-10) 10

Team W-L GB

De La Salle (37-2, 10-0) –
Amador Valley (15-8, 8-2) 2
Foothill (19-10, 6-4) 4
California (18-7, 6-4) 4
San Ramon Valley (13-13, 4-6) 6
Monte Vista (9-15, 2-7) 8.5
Granada (0-10) 10

Team W-L GB

Mission San Jose (22-6, 9-0) –
Logan (21-10, 6-2) 2.5
American (16-4, 6-3) 3
Washington (8-17, 3-5) 5.5
Kennedy (16-9, 1-7) 7.5
Moreau Catholic (7-13, 0-8) 8.5

Matt Smith

  • Prep Fan

    So SRV is exactly at .500 overall, and can make the playoffs with 1 more victory in their last 2 matches. I understand that a team can qualify by being over .500 in at least 1 of 3 categories, 1) overall, 2) in league or 3) against teams in your own division.

    It just seems strange that a D1 team can get in under the 3rd scenario when they would then have a losing record against teams from lower divisions. The criteria is there for teams that lose to teams in higher divisions. It ought to be that you need to be over .500 against teams in your own division or lower.

  • handss227

    how is msj ranked third.. they beat deer valley without jason, but also lost to foothill in the tournament.. so just by being on an easier side of the bracket and showing up in the finals, and playing a weak league, they are third..? SMH!

  • Matt Smith

    Beat Campo also. Played DLS as tough as anyone could have imagined. They’re ranked in the right spot.

  • EBAL

    I agree with Handss227, MSJ beat Foothill early in the season, but went on to lose to both Monte Vista and Cal in tournaments and then again to Foothill this weekend. Even though they played a team tough, I dont think that you can deny that a team that loses to a D1 team who doesnt even have a good enough record to qualify for NCS, they cant be ranked 3rd…their league is week and they’ve lost to half of the EBAL!

  • stats

    I agree. Based on head to head matches, common opponents and strength of schedule, Amador Valley, Cal and Foothill should all be ranked above MSJ in Div 1.

  • Handss227

    A loss is a loss. It should not matter, they would be the 7th best team in EBAL, but they play a powder puff schedule..

  • Matt Smith

    MSJ has split with Foothill and Monte Vista, taking three out of five sets against both teams. They have also taken Sacred Heart Cathedral to five, have played DLS about as tough as any team in the NCS has, and they have two wins over Campo.

    Listen, I support the EBAL as the toughest league, hands down, but I also don’t play or have a kid in that league, so I can be unbiased. MSJ would be right there in the two through five zone with Cal, Foothill and Amador Valley. If you’ve seen them play enough, you’d know.

    But you aren’t hearing any of this. This is falling on deaf ears, which is why I am done having this discussion. The playoffs are around the bend, and all of this will not matter. I’m just looking forward to the first round. I think every matchup, with probably the exception of the No. 1 v. No. 8, should be a good one and every team has a chance.

  • Handss227

    Hey no offense here Matt, this is just conversation.. but all the teams you just listed.. have RECENTLY beaten MSJ, your entitled to you ropinion as am I, just speaking my mind.

  • Matt Smith

    No offense taken at all, my friend. And you are definitely entitled to speak your mind. We don’t agree on this issue, that’s all.
    MSJ will likely get the three, maybe the four seed and will almost certainly play a Foothill or a Cal team. Should be a good match.

  • mvlibero7

    I agree with Handss227. MSJ barely beat Deer Valley in 3 even when they didn’t have Jason. I understand they beat Foothill early in the season but doesn’t the second match have more significance than the first? Also I dont understand why Northgate and Campolindo are so high? Even though they have don’t have many losses, they have not defeated anybody THAT good.

  • am5forprez

    If msj gets cal first round count em out

  • rawdog21

    im with am5forprez

  • Nodinx

    Where were Amador and Cal at the foothill tourney? that would have been their chance to up their standing vis-a-vis MSJ, but they were no shows….even though both seem to have available contacts.
    seeing MSJ play at foothill, i think NCS seeding should be 3. Amador, 4. MSJ, 5. Foothill, 6. Cal (…but I still don’t understand how AV lost to SRV….twice!)

  • volleyball101

    Mvlibero7, I know that Campo beat Deer Valley and Drakke at their tournament. Plus the only team that took a game from DLS from the list above. Not sure who NG beat that are good.

  • volleyball101

    Also Campo beat Deer Valley with Jason.

  • vbboy

    yes, had amador and cal remained in the falcon invitational tourney then the playoff picture would have been clearer. from what i hear they pulled out in the end. don’t quote me on it but is this just a way to not jepordize their current league standings with a bad tournament loss? or in the same light it could have helped them with a good late tournament win.

  • Stats

    Amador was never entered into the Falcon Invitational this year. I believe some players were working Special Olympics that day, just as they worked the event last year.

  • Prep Fan

    I don’t think there is a conspiracy as to why AV or Cal did not enter the Falcon Invitational. Both will make the playoffs (as Matt has them both as locks) and will need to beat the teams in front of them to advance. Cal beat Foothill last week and SRV last night and appears to be NCS ready. AV will also be ready to go once the playoffs start. The EBAL teams face very tough matches every week, so they might not have the need to prove themselves or face tougher competition in order to get ready for NCS.

  • handss227

    Rankings should be
    1)De La Salle
    2)Deer Valley
    3)Amador Valley since they recently beat Cal and their last matchup with Foothill
    4)Cal since they beat MSJ when they played and beat Foothill last time they played
    5)Foothill since they just beat MSJ at their tournament
    6)MSJ because their record looks cool since they play in a weak league
    8)San Ramon Valley

  • MSJ just destroyed CAL in 3…
    you guys should listen to the expert Matt……

  • cptime

    This “weak” other league and “Mission SJ is overrated” silliness is rhetoric from the locals who don’t get out much. The EBAL is strong but it also is suffering though an unacknowledged down cycle. It is not recognized for a couple of reasons. 1. Newish add De La Salle has maintained the league profile. (they were in BVAL until 3 years ago) Sort of like Penn St in football. They were added to the Big 10 which helped maintain league rep. though overall the league was actually sagging. 2. The other blinder for EBAL fans besides believing their own PR. suffer from a certain circular logic. EBAL “deserves most of the slots in NCS because its so tough.” Then, because it gets so many slots…”it must be very tough”.
    The League dominance is narrowing, girls. Time to wake up and smell the coffee.