NCS baseball impressions

Alrighty, I promised you some reaction to today’s NCS baseball seeding meeting, so here goes. I’m gonna do the top three divisions.


Top seeds: No. 1 San Ramon Valley, No. 2 James Logan, No. 3 California, No. 4 De La Salle

Sleepers: No. 8 Heritage, No. 12 College Park

What was the committee thinking?: I couldn’t begin to tell you what happened with Antioch’s initial inclusion into the bracket. Mix-ups happen, I can deal with that. But, I gotta say, whatever the issue, it would’ve been a whole lot easier to take had it happened out in the open rather than behind closed doors. It’s time for the Board of Managers to fix what it messed up. Closed door meetings leave us with questions like this one. … Also, can we not get league matchups in the first round when avoidable? Heritage can’t be happy tonight.

General thoughts: We all know that pitching solves all ills in baseball. So, who has the best pitching? I don’t see a ton of one-two punch teams like the top two seeds this year. Hochstatter and Slinger for SRV and the stable of arms at Logan really seem to be tough to beat. To me, the successful team in Division I this year will be the one that gets two big performances from a No. 2 starter. … Most intriguing first-round matchups to me are Granada-College Park and Cal-BOD. I like Granada a lot, I think the Mats are very, very scrappy. But, CP has a great record. Home field might mean something in that one. Home field won’t mean a ton in the Cal-BOD game, because if any team is going to go to Cal and be immune to the short fences, it’s BOD. I’m intrigued because it’s potentially a tremendous pitching matchup between Brisentine and Ross. Cal getting the 3 seed is fine by me, but the Grizzlies certainly didn’t get a reward in having to face a potential first-round draft pick. … Castro Valley is hot. Watch out for the Trojans and Matt Narahara. … No matter how De La Salle does in the first round, it’s already a heckuva turnaround season. This team went nowhere last year and now is a top four seed.


Top seeds: No. 1 Alameda, No. 2 Clayton Valley, No. 3 Petaluma, No. 4 Campolindo

Sleepers: No. 7 Rancho Cotate, No. 11 Cardinal Newman

What was the committee thinking: Don’t see a ton wrong with this bracket. Diverse matchups, records line up with seeds, etc.

General thoughts: With Campo getting the 4 seed, we could see a last year’s title game in this year’s semifinals. Online controversy aside, there’s a reason Alameda is No. 1 in the East Bay. The Hornets are fundamentally sound, they have the pitching and they’re clutch. Also, they’ve been there before. … I still like Campo a whole lot. Winning the DFAL this year was no small feat, and they’ll line up two good starters in James Marvel and Trent Shelton. They also have a very good No. 3 in Matt Bruzzone.  … Arroyo-Las Lomas is an intriguing matchup to me. Michael Pope is a great pitcher, and it really seems like Lomas is believing in itself these days. The Knights aren’t just going away. … I’ve long believed the Clayton Valley coaching staff is good, but this year the Uglies are outdoing themselves. To lose Meadows and still keep winning is a pretty impressive feat. … Petaluma’s won five in a row, a couple by close scores. That’s a good lead-in to a playoff run.


Top seeds: No. 1 San Marin, No. 2 Miramonte, No. 3 Acalanes, No. 4 Sonoma Valley

Sleepers: No. 6 Drake, No. 7 Alhambra

What was the committee thinking: This is the bracket where I would’ve most loved to be a fly on the wall when it was created, because I think this is where computer ratings came into play the most. I dunno. For some of the seeds, I just don’t see it.

General thoughts: The decision to start a BSAL playoff threw a major monkey wrench in the proceedings. Albany won the regular season title by a full four games, won the Alhambra Easter Tournament and then lost in the BSAL playoffs. So now, Alhambra has to go to Encinal instead of hosting in Martinez. Stargell Field will help the Jets, for sure. … El Cerrito-Moreau is going to be a great first-round game. According to the ratings, Moreau got slighted a little. They get an EC team that scratched and clawed its way to the title game last year. … One player to watch in this bracket? Alhambra’s Robert Stephenson. Yes, he’s as good as advertised, and he’s extremely smart to boot. … Acalanes gets the good scheduling award. Beating Moreau last week had to help the Dons’ cause in the room. … The consensus from most coaches I’ve talked to is that San Marin is really that good this year. But, Drake managed to beat SM to end the regular season, and that gives hope to the field.

Alright everyone. Look out for our print breakdowns on Tuesday, and feel free to discuss here. I’ll try to tack on D-IV tomorrow as well. I know we’ve got some opinions out there. I’ll try to give you some thoughts after the first round is done.

Ben Enos

  • Baseballcoach21

    Wow, I need a cigarette after all this….
    @King/Dave/all the other parents who have issues with their kids high school programs. It’s unfortunate that your son lost his starting spot. It happened to my daughter when she was in high school. The worst thing you can do for your kid is air out your grievances in a public forum. You must believe that all this stuff WILL get back to your son’s coach. This is not about you. Your high school years are done. This is your kids time. Let him succeed or fail on his own terms. Be positive and encouraging when talking with him. Convince him to get out there and do the necessary work to earn playing time. If you continue this, which maybe the damage is already done, your son might end up getting cut next year just so the coach gets rid of you. And if he goes to a different school, this will follow him. No coach wants a big mouthed, bag stabbing parent on his roster. I’ve been around this game for a long time. You are doing serious damage to your son. Please listen to what i’m saying…..

  • Annoyed

    Baseballcoach21, you are 100% right in your comments! These parents are so vindictive and self-righteous that one even called the police dept when the coach wouldn’t let him near the dugout.

    In private leagues, there are rules barring parents from harassing coaches. Is there something in NCS rules that prohibit that type of behavior?

  • Baseballcoach21

    I’m not sure, but, this isn’t an “at the field” problem. This is a complain-to-whoever-will-listen-behind-the coach’s-back situation. Actually, this is worse. This blog goes beyond the personal listening ears on the sideline. This forum is NCS wide as well as any other interested party beyond our boundaries. Sounds like a few of you know who King/Dave is, which is unfortunate for the his son.

  • dave

    AHS has a well deserved reputation for throwing arms out. And there are scars to prove it. 1 and 2 in japan, but reported 2 and 1. Fact. Fact. And brothers keeper you are ugly. 141 post is proof. Shove a hot dog in your mouth and stop speaking for alameda. I know many good people there which would say shame on you and not stand by you or your twisted nasty attacks on a family. You are ugly, sick individual.

  • I am sooooo glad I am a football fan and blogger.

    You people are nuts

  • s1lverngreen

    Ha, ha!
    We get that crazy too when the season starts!

  • Erndog

    Baseballcoach21, thank you so much for your comments. Without question, absolutely ‘on-point’ and spoken from a credible viewpoint.

    In my following prep sports, I have always found that if the player ‘really wants it’…and from their own heart and soul, and not from outside pressure, be it family or otherwise, their own motivation will lead them to work hard and develop their talents and character.

  • Triton8

    “Fact, fact”…..were you there? I guess u got that from someone too?
    I guess you’ve “showed us the proof, and we’ve chose to do nothing”, right?

  • Brotherskeeper

    @Dave. Maybe you’re not Tricky Dick. Maybe you’re just one of his puppets. Hard to tell but you keep harping on the same garbage he does. If you’re not the one whose been sending all the anonymous hate mail in what looks like an effort to rid alameda of everyone in a leadership position in baseball then it sure looks like you’re hanging out with them. So, are you the leader or the follower? Tricky Dick is a master at getting people to do his dirty work.

    Answer me this. What is your point about Japan? Coaches saucing it up. Game records. Pitch count? Blowing out arms? We’ve already talked about this stuff…over and over and you’re like a dog on a bone What is the reason you keep bringing it up? It’s old news man. Are you or are you not part of the entourage on a smear campaign against Alameda baseball?

    Are you just doing the dirty work for someone else who wants Arnerich’s job?

    If you have a legitimate gripe handle it appropriately. This isn’t the forum.

  • Brotherskeeper

    BTW I don’t mind being ugly. Actually I’m enjoying the benefit of the anonymity… Just like all you Dicks have had in your letter writing smear campaign the last several months. Didn’t know how fun it would be to call you on your $hit.

  • Brotherskeeper

    I know I don’t speak for Alameda. I’m speaking for myself.

    @ aka Tricky Dick, mini me dick, dick weed and the rest of you $hit disturbers…I say go somewhere else. Love it or leave it. And don’t let the bridge hit you in the a$$ on the way out!

  • Triton8

    Don’t worry BleacherCoach, your time will come the first time you tell us Novato’s gonna go to Carson this year! Hahaha

  • Triton8

    Brotherskeeper…..safe to say, you’re speaking for a lot more people than just yourself…

  • Observer

    sooooooo…..to get back to baseball…predictions on the Alameda-Campolindo semifinal game tonight…has the hype of a great game and the finals vs. CV as well.

  • JustPlayBall

    Is the Alameda game on today? Field good?

  • dudleydawson

    whats going on at alameda true or not somethings going down. were theres smoke theres fire!

  • sickofignorantfans

    Lincoln Park is in good shape and the game between Alameda and Campolindo is on for today at 5 pm. In regards to all this crap about the Alameda program……it’s just a father that is pissed his son isn’t playing. Same thing that happens in a lot of high schools. From what I have read Alameda has been in the finals of the NCS tournament 4 of the last 5 years. The coaches must know what they are doing.

  • Beer Nuts

    Campo is a very young team, not one defensive starter is a senior. Very similar to what Alameda was last year. Campo graduated 5 stud seniors after their D2 Championship last year. Their offense isn’t up to what it was last year but their pitching is better.
    Marvel shut last year’s Alameda team down, on one hit, as a sophomore and he returns this year an even better pitcher. If their defense remains tight they should give the #1 team in Northern California a run for their money. Win or lose, 2012 may be “an Alameda like year” for Campolindo.

  • dnrapp

    Campo beat Alameda 2-1 in 9 innings

  • Triton8

    Great game by both teams today at Lincoln Park. Both pitchers pitche incredible. In addition to the great pitching it got from their pitcher the game MVP should go to the Campo catcher. His play on a throw from 3rd base to dig and get the force, saved the game in regulation. And then he ended it with his hit after a long at bat.
    Cobb pitched incredible in giving up only 1 run in 6+. He got better as the game went on. Elzig pitched well also. Wow…both teams are really well coached and well prepared.
    Failure to score with no outs and the bases loaded really hurt the Hornets….but there was no easy at bats against that pitcher.

    Great job from both teams!!!

  • Observer

    The Alameda-Campolindo game was well played, well pitched, good defense. Hats off to both teams. Marvel pitched really well and his only weakness was one inning where he walked 3. Campo and Alameda made a number of clutch defensive plays that supported the good pitching.

  • Ramundo

    THE END.

  • Beer Nuts

    Great Baseball game in Alameda this afternoon. Quite a pitchers duel between Marvel & Cobb, two pitchers with completely different styles, on top of their game. And one spectacular defensive play after another for both teams. In the end Campo came up with the clutch hit in extra innings to defeat an Alameda team who battled to the very end. Congratulations to Alameda for a great season and good luck to Campo against Clayton Valley.

  • NCS Baseball Observer

    Great Alameda – Campo game. Alameda had its chances. Too bad that Roque kid didn’t get more than one at bat. He and Elzig were the only ones to power it to the deep outfield.

    Could, woulda, shoulda… Roque as DH for the game? Would be in the championship possibly….

  • dudleydawson

    did alameda really bunt with 1 out in the 8th? why not give yourself 2 chances at tying.

  • Triton8

    Not really sure about the bunt…..but it looked like the coaches were suprised by the bunt based on the 3rd base coach’s reaction with his hands raised? Looked more like a drag than a sac.
    If he didn’t dead’in it so much, they may have had 1st & 2nd with one out. Execution is the most important piece to any plan….AHS really executed well in the games I watched…but you can’t be perfect when your 16-18?

  • Prep Fan

    Not many of us that are over 16-18 are perfect either.

  • Triton8

    Good point!

  • Ramundo

    Even tough I was hoping for “THE END” to some of these blogs, I can’t help but comment on the very deep hatred that two of the bloggers seem to have for Alameda in general. The rest of you guys are pretty level headed and want to talk about baseball. Triton8 and Brotherskeeper, I want to meet you one day, you’re all right! Dave and King clearly have axes to grind with a lot of people there in Alameda and only want to talk crap about people and not baseball. I guess maybe that’s because they don’t know much about baseball? Second-guessing seems to be their primary purpose in life, so they must have bench players on the team.

  • Prep Fan

    Dual 1-hitters to finish off the season in the D1 finale. Sounds like it was a great game. That makes 5 1-hitters out of the 15 D1 games played this postseason – incredible! Ross 1-hit Cal and Van Schaak allowed only 1 baserunner vs. CP. The other one actually was a loss for MV as Gallagher and co. lost to Irvington despite limiting them to just 1 hit over 9 innings.

    Great pitching this year in the East Bay, as evidenced by both Ross and Stephenson being selected in the 1st round of yesterday’s MLB draft. Nice turnaround by DLS, going from 3-9 and tied for 7th place in the EBAL to 9-5 and tied for 2nd and making it back to the finals of NCS where they faced a tough task in James Logan and Martinez. Great improvement at Granada as well. Cal tied for 2nd with DLS but won the head to head in both games for a 2nd place finish. With their JV team tying for 1st place and frosh taking the EBAL title this season, the Grizzlies look to be in good shape for the future. SRV has a lot of position players cominig back, but loses both their lefty aces to graduation in their attempt to repeat in 2012.

  • Prep Fan

    All-EBAL was posted in today’s paper. Congrats to all the recipients.

    Player of the Year: Max Dutto (San Ramon Valley) Jr.
    Pitcher of the Year: John Hochstatter (SRV) Sr.

    First Team

    P — Evan Brisentine (California) Sr.; C — Steven Moen (Cal) Sr.; 1B — Ryan Kirby (Granada) So.; INF — Mitch Kranson (De La Salle) Jr., Justin Fogle (G) Sr., Ryan Lacy (Monte Vista) Sr.; OF — Hunter Mercado-Hood (DLS) So., Ryan Drobny (SRV) Sr., Vince Fernandez (G) So.; DH — Brandan Viceral (Foothill) Jr.; UTL — Rett Cortez (G) Sr.

    Second Team

    P — Logan West (De La Salle) Sr., Nick Piscotty (Amador Valley) Sr.; C — Marcus Mastrobuoni (Cal) Sr.; 1B — Tony Dimartino (MV) Jr.; INF — Tanner Robinson (DLS) Sr., Joe Moroney (Amador Valley) Sr., C.J. Robertson (MV) Jr.; OF — Jason Tyan (MV) Jr., Aaron Hafford (AV) Sr., John Sarmenta (Cal) Sr.; DH — Nick Tyrrel (Cal) Jr.; UTL — Jake Jefferies (F) Jr.

    Honorable Mention

    P — Peter Nyznyk (DLS) Sr., Logan Truex (Cal) Sr., Dylan Hect (F) Jr., Joe Manzie (F) Sr., Kyle Slinger (SRV) Sr., Kyle Van Schaack (G) Sr.; C — Brett Barier (SRV) Jr., Brad Mulvihill (MV) Sr.; 1B — Travis Hull (SRV) Jr., Greg Dillon (AV) Sr.; INF — Anthony Villa (SRV) Jr., Thomas Peter (Cal) Jr.; OF — Blake Guardio (Cal) So., E.J. Handin (Livermore) Sr., Jordan Whitmore (SRV) Jr.; DH — Daniel Slominski (Liv) Fr.; UTL — Jeff Stanford (Cal) Sr.

  • ncs insider

    Ronmundo it is people like you that give us 4th generation a bad name. You and kenskeeper are w t.

  • JustPlayBall

    Fourth generation? 4G what?

  • JustPlayBall

    w t = white trash?