Final East Bay Boys Volleyball Notes

Let’s take a look at the last rankings of the year.

The top two teams are clear as they were on display in what was the most intense volleyball match I’ve ever been to. Great atmosphere and a very competitive game.
The hard part was deciding three and four, and Campolindo fans might have a gripe, but then again if I bumped Mission San Jose down, they’d have a gripe. MSJ nearly beat De La Salle, taking them to five, and with two wins over Campo this year, I felt like the three best teams were in Division I.
After that it stayed pretty much the same with College Prep jumping a couple of spots. A good year for Prep, reaching the Division III finals again, especially considering the injury they suffered to one of the area’s better players.
Valley Christian rejoins the rankings after having a very good season and winning 27 games, reaching the Division III semifinals.

1. De La Salle (42-2)
2. Deer Valley (39-4)
3. Mission San Jose (24-7)
4. Campolindo (32-6)
5. Amador Valley (17-10)
6. California (17-8)
7. Northgate (32-7)
8. College Prep (27-7)
9. Foothill (20-12)
10. Logan (22-12)
11. Acalanes (14-11)
12. Dougherty Valley (20-11)
13. Clayton Valley (16-11)
14. College Park (17-12)
15. Valley Christian (27-13)

Matt Smith