Voltattorni steps down as De La Salle soccer coach

De La Salle High boys soccer coach, Brian Voltattorni, who has been with the Spartans program since 1994, is stepping down as head coach to spend more time with his family.
Voltattorni, who was a two-time recipient of the Bay Area News Group’s East Bay Coach of the Year Award, decided now was the the time to make the change and spend more time with his loved ones, which includes a 13-month old son.
Under Voltattorni, the head varsity coach since the 2002-2003 season, the Spartans won five North Coast Section titles and seven Bay Valley Athletic League and East Bay Athletic League titles.
“Words cannot describe what the school embodies nor can words describe the impact that De La Salle has had on my life and the man I am today,” Voltattorni said. “I will forever be indebted to De La Salle for everything it has given me. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to experience the Brotherhood here at De La Salle as a student, faculty member, and most importantly as a coach.”
Voltattorni also stood out as a player for De La Salle from 1994 to 1998 as he was the East Bay Player of the Year in 1998. As the head coach, he finishes with a record of 172-28-33, including a 23-1-0 season in 2008-2009 where the Spartans were ranked No. 1 in the state and No. 2 nationally. In his time the Spartans outscored opponents 468-120 and the team posted 126 shutouts.
De La Salle assistant athletic director and assistant varsity coach, Derricke Brown, will take the helm as the head coach for the Spartans.
Voltattorni goes out on top, having won three consecutive NCS Division I titiles, with the 2010-2011 title being the least likely. The Spartans were the No. 8 seed and were considered the underdog on several occasions, but the team found a way to win close games in the playoffs.
“I will miss having the opportunity to work with some amazing young men,” Voltattorni said. “I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to coach such motivated and driven student-athetes. The greatest joy was watching how tirelessly these boys would work for the player next to them and the grind of trainings. I always found the training ground to be more rewarding than the games.”

Matt Smith

  • Rory Gentry

    Brian Volttatorni has built a quality program at D.L.S. that enjoys success every year. To have someone graduate from a high school and return to it and go on to develop a program that many hold as the gold standard says a lot about Volt’s commitment to excellence.
    Going out while on top is every coach’s dream and, Brian is definitely on top. Having the chance to work with and get to know Volt has given me some insight into what makes him tick and, leaving to spend time with his family only increases my respect for the man.
    Best to you always Brian, and best of luck to D Browne and the Brotherhood that is De La Salle soccer.

    Rory Gentry
    Clayton Valley Eagles Men’s Soccer

  • s1lverngreen

    Coach Gentry,
    Well said! Mr. Volttatorni best of luck to you sir!

  • Rene Siles

    Everybody knows about Brian as a coach, of course, and he deserves tremendous respect as such. He also impressed me year after year as a gentleman who deeply respected his opponents as people. I remember playing at DLS in a bad rainstorm a few years ago: DLS and Richmond were battling for the #1 seed in the section. He made a point of offering us a locker room at half-time, even though he had no obligation to do so. We ended up winning that very close game 1-0, and the ability to shelter and rest in optimal conditions at half-time helped us greatly. This is a small, concrete example of Brian’s sportsmanship and support over the years. Brian is a real credit to the Lasallian tradition, DeLaSalle High School, and their athletic program, because of his results, and even more importantly because of his values.

    As one of his fellow countrymen, I can tell you that Jean-Baptiste would be very proud of you, Brian 🙂

    I’d like to wish you the very best of luck in your next endeavours, my friend. Thanks for everything on the behalf of our alumni and on my personal behalf.

    Rene-Pierre Siles
    Richmond High School
    Boys Soccer Varsity

  • James Fulwiler

    A class school, a class soccer program, led by a class coach. Bay Area soccer will miss Coach Voltattorni. Best of luck to you coach.

    James Fulwiler
    Dublin High School
    Men’s Varsity Soccer

  • Edgar R. Sagastume

    Brian, needless to say you will be miss, great memories and great experiences watching you as a player and then as a coach. you will always be a gentleman and a coach. God bless you and your family always.

    Edgar R. Sagastume
    College Park HS.
    Men’s Varsity soccer

  • George Ziser

    My son had the good fortune to play for “Volt”from 2006-2009. I will be forever grateful for the wonderful athletic experience he had. Brian and his coaching team provided just the right mix of discipline, training, encouragement, and coaching skill to bring the very best out of my son and the rest of the team. The lessons Sam learned and the qualities instilled, not to mention the memories he has, will remain with him for the rest of his life.

    Good luck to you Brian. (and good luck to D. Brown who has been a big part of the program and is a great pick to carry on)

    George Ziser

  • EBAL Fan

    Hey Matt, What’s up? The EBAL Soccer season is approaching so fast!! I can’t wait to see how it will shape up with all of the Academy kids unable to play (bummer)….dang USSF rules!!

  • Matt Smith

    Ya, I’m getting pumped. The Academy thing is ridiculous. I’m hoping that kids are more inspired to play for their high schools and I hope this blog continues to help inspire that!

  • EBAL Fan

    Hey Matt,My son is Trevor Long he is a junior at Granada High School. You want to know something silly? He plays for the San Jose Earthquakes Academy Juniors and they have a tournament in December in Florida and only 1 other game scheduled between mid November and mid February. Goofy! He is very bummed that he can’t play this year.

  • junior

    Tell the academy’s to go to hell… and take the AAU basketball programs with them.

  • EBAL Fan

    I wish he could do both but that just isn’t an option. His training is so much better with the Academy program. The games are beautiful to watch opposed to High school clunker ball. I guess you just can’t have it all.

  • Cudos to DLS soccer and Coach Volt. He molded men out of boys and taught life long lessons.
    A minature Lad. Amazing how these coaches including Alloco in BB can inspire these kids.
    Say what you want about DLS, they know how to teach, motivate , coach and also respect opponents.
    I don’t think any team ever got ” spat” on coming to Winton Drive. A lot more than I can say when the Spartans have played on the road.

  • The Truth

    First I refuse to capitalize ” academy” as if it is an institution of great importance like the “Senate” or the White House”. EBAL fan : what is the cost to you to participate ?

  • EBAL Fan

    less than a rec team ( $ 300.00 ) this includes airfare ( 4 or mor big trips Florida, Texas twice, Pacific northwest etc…) hotel, training fees, new boots/tons of sweet gear, food on trips, bus rides to and from SoCal multiple times…the list goes on. I will assume you have no children involved in this program. Therefore, the comment you have mad sounds a bit cynical. I will capitalize Academy, because it is of great importance to my son and his future. Truth is “truth” you may want to come out and watch these kids play! It is incredible how good they actually are!

  • EBAL Fan

    Truth, where do your kids play or played and was it worth the $1,500 to $2,000 ( not including all of your travel expenses, new gear, rice krispy treats and juice boxes at halftime…
    est. another couple of grand probably )?

  • EBAL Fan

    soccer at the youth level is a bit of a scam. Promises of greatness. Everyone thinks that their kid is Messi. In fact, the only thing they will ever have in common with him is the short stature at a young age. ODP, PDP, Super Y, been there done that. The cream will usually rise to the top. Most of the Academy boys my son plays with now, have been playing together for the past few years in the above mentioned activities. No matter where you play ( Mustang, San Juan, Ballistic etc…) no club will get you to the next level. You as a player, who will train harder and have thousands of touches on the ball and some God given talent will get you to that next level.The truth is, majority won’t play a lick of soccer after the final high school whistle blows…

    That’s why it’s nice to have someone pick up the tab for a few years prior to graduation. Oh yeah, did I mention their training is awesome.

  • The Truth

    I have seen the SJ EQ academy team play.. there ok

  • EBAL Fan

    16’s or 18’s and compared to who, Barcelona? They are still the best thing in the tri valley hands down…

  • cokito

    Some of the best training/coaches I have seen was/were at Lamorinda FC. Mohammed et al. are doing a superb job developing players and implementing a true club-wide coherent and consistent philosophy.

    As a disclaimer, I do not have children playing there, nor do I coach there. This is not an advertisement, but just the observation of a neutral student of the game.

  • natural righty

    Cokito,It’s too bad most of the players from that area defect to Mustang. The rich get richer