NCS baseball finals postponed

This probably doesn’t come as a shock to anyone, but the North Coast Section baseball championships have been postponed until Monday due to rain.

And, they’ll now take place at home sites. That means James Logan will host De La Salle at 7 p.m. on Monday for the Division I crown, and Clayton Valley will host Campolindo at 5 p.m. in the Division II final.

Division III fans, you have the biggest adjustment. San Marin will now host Acalanes, and that game won’t take place until Tuesday at 5 p.m. Marin Catholic hosts McKinleyville Monday at 5 for the D-IV title.

The Division V championship between Redwood Christian and Head-Royce is still scheduled for today, for now. That game has been moved to Fremont Christian, and first pitch has been moved to 2 p.m.

Ben Enos

  • Beer Nuts

    Flat out weak of NCS to mandate all rescheduled Championship games to now be played at the home field of the better seed when viable neutral sites are available. It makes absolutely no sense, not to mention giving the home team a slight advantage.

  • Bob Eucker

    saves ncs $$$. They are jumping up and down for the rain. Plus no 2 games for the price of 1 at Cal. Now they get 2 gates.

  • ncs insider

    It is nice to have the alameda bloggers away. What is a viable neutral site that is available? Does more money come in with two gates or one gate at a solid site?

  • Shadow

    Yeah right Pavo

  • Prep Fan

    All-EBAL was posted in today’s paper. Congrats to all the recipients.

    Player of the Year: Max Dutto (San Ramon Valley) Jr.
    Pitcher of the Year: John Hochstatter (SRV) Sr.

    First Team

    P — Evan Brisentine (California) Sr.; C — Steven Moen (Cal) Sr.; 1B — Ryan Kirby (Granada) So.; INF — Mitch Kranson (De La Salle) Jr., Justin Fogle (G) Sr., Ryan Lacy (Monte Vista) Sr.; OF — Hunter Mercado-Hood (DLS) So., Ryan Drobny (SRV) Sr., Vince Fernandez (G) So.; DH — Brandan Viceral (Foothill) Jr.; UTL — Rett Cortez (G) Sr.

    Second Team

    P — Logan West (De La Salle) Sr., Nick Piscotty (Amador Valley) Sr.; C — Marcus Mastrobuoni (Cal) Sr.; 1B — Tony Dimartino (MV) Jr.; INF — Tanner Robinson (DLS) Sr., Joe Moroney (Amador Valley) Sr., C.J. Robertson (MV) Jr.; OF — Jason Tyan (MV) Jr., Aaron Hafford (AV) Sr., John Sarmenta (Cal) Sr.; DH — Nick Tyrrel (Cal) Jr.; UTL — Jake Jefferies (F) Jr.

    Honorable Mention

    P — Peter Nyznyk (DLS) Sr., Logan Truex (Cal) Sr., Dylan Hect (F) Jr., Joe Manzie (F) Sr., Kyle Slinger (SRV) Sr., Kyle Van Schaack (G) Sr.; C — Brett Barier (SRV) Jr., Brad Mulvihill (MV) Sr.; 1B — Travis Hull (SRV) Jr., Greg Dillon (AV) Sr.; INF — Anthony Villa (SRV) Jr., Thomas Peter (Cal) Jr.; OF — Blake Guardio (Cal) So., E.J. Handin (Livermore) Sr., Jordan Whitmore (SRV) Jr.; DH — Daniel Slominski (Liv) Fr.; UTL — Jeff Stanford (Cal) Sr.

  • Prep Fan

    The D3 Final ended up in a tie? Who’s is running things at the NCS, Bud Selig? Acalanes and San Marin battled hard for 10 innings and were tied 4-4 when darkness came (probably because of the late starting time). Both teams wanted to continue the game to determine a winner, but they were told by the NCS that it will not be resumed and they will be declared “co-champions”. I’m sorry, but that is just weak.

    Congratulations to both teams on great seasons, but this just leaves an empty feeling. Why even bother to have the playoffs if they are not going to determine a champion? I guess the NCS feels like everyone will be happy and no one’s feelings will be hurt.

  • Dudleydawson

    Both teams should meet up at a park and finish the game. Forget ncs there a joke last year was bad but a tie wow now this give the money back you charged for the game ncs. Atleast get a field with lights ncs what are you guys doing with the money you make distributing amongst yourselves? Ncs starting to act like the bcs!

  • Oh boy

    This is crazy. I guess ncs already made their gate receipts…so why pay umps and staff twice.

    Call it a game, award participation trophies and everyone wins! Joke…

    Thanks Gil Lemmon!

  • Erndog

    Congrats to Brandon Plotz (Arroyo High / Chabot JC)
    for being selected in the MLB draft by the Seattle Mariners.

    Also re: NCS. As someone who follows prep sports, I am very disappointed in the recent failures of the NCS. Issues surrounding the secrecy of the organization are very troubling.

    OK, pros…Ben, Kyle, Jimmy, you know who you are. Heres’ a ‘heads – up’. Do some investigative reporting about the NCS. Ask the ‘hard’ questions. Then publish the story in the CoCo Times, Daily Review, etc. Share with all of us what the NCS is all about! Then, lets all of us as fans of prep sports respond to your story.

    If all of you pros do not respond to this post, you are already making a statement. If your answer is…’theres’ no story there’….now…you would be lying. No accusations from me…I’m just a bit wondering if your and your editors are ready to step up to the plate. As O’Reilly says…and NO, I m not an O’Reilly fan…what say you?????

  • Erndog,
    What are you talking about? If there are issues, name them. Your post is very vague. Don’t be critical of NCS and us and then tip toe around what you want to say.

  • Erndog

    Jimmy, my concerns are a sense of frustration.

    Case in point: In 2008, during the baseball seedings meeting, the meeting was in public. The local coaches were given the ability to address the Board regarding position in seeding. All in public, apparent transparentcy and all is good. Now, everything in secret and no one has a clue of the process. That is, unless you can advise otherwise.

    Re: 2011 baseball playoffs. NCS finals are rained out and NCS rules that now the higher seeded teams get a ‘home-field’ advantage. Where is it written in the NCS rules that is allowed?? Is it written anywhere?? If it is written, then why were so many fans upset at the decision? Was there a ‘coin-flip’ to determine who would bat as the ‘home’ team?

    I have done as much digging on the Net to get answers but I just can’t find any. Thats why I am sharing this with you as the ‘fourth estate’.

    Lastly, there was an interesting comment offered at the Alameda – Arroyo Saturday game (the one that got rained out). As the rain fell, an older gentleman (apparently with the Alameda staff) said that the NCS on-site official was being asked that rain checks be handed out so that the fans would not have to pay a 2nd admission once the game would b rescheduled. However he also stated that he felt the NCS would ‘put it to us’ and not hand out the rain checks. An interesting mind set at best. Well, rain checks were provided but not without some discussion at the gate.

    Jim, I apologize if I overstated the issue in my first post. It just appears that decisions are made in a vaccum and no one knows upon what basis.

  • Prep Fan

    I don’t have a problem with private seeding meetings, as long as the people in the meeting are up to date on what is goin on. When Antioch got thrown into the mix this year for baseball, it did raise a lot of eyebrows as even casual observers knew they did not have enough wins to qualify.

    When they had the coaches come to the meetings, the committee likely felt intimidated by them, or at least they wanted to eliminate that from being a factor. When Cal High got left out of the NCS girls volleyball playoffs a couple of years ago despite a likely high seed, because the coach was late to the seeding meeting, it was clear that should not be allowed to happen. So changes were needed to the process, but they didn’t need to bring on a cloak of secrecy.

    Having “the pros” attend the meetings is a good start. By and large, most of the seedings since they went private have been well thought out and not soley based on a team’s record, but more their overall body of work, strength of schedule and key wins. I don’t see any conspiracy by the committee, but why not allow some transparency to the process?

  • Erndog

    Prep fan, your suggestion to have the seeding meeting with the press in attendance is great idea. The more ‘transparency’ the better!

  • Erndog,
    Fair points. That’s why I wanted you to explain what you were talking about. We here every so often from people that we need to go ask this, or ask that, and people are vague about it. So I appreciate the specifics.

    The private meetings have certainly been a bane of our existence. While some of those Sundays hanging out at Las Lomas required an early wake up call and were long days, it was fun to see the process work out. The switch to private meetings did not go over well with us. It started as a pilot program with basketball and when the powers that be determined it went well, it moved to all sports. Now, does it have merit? Probably. Those meetings got confrontational at times. I know coaches that still remember something a coach said about their team or league eight years ago and hold it against them. There have been words exchanged at meetings that weren’t the kindest. And a lot of times your public speaking skills were a big determining factor to getting into the playoffs or getting a higher seed. So that wasn’t perfect. I think allowing the press into the meeting for transparency would be great and maybe it’s a seed we can try to plant with the NCS.

    As for the rainouts scheduled at home sites, I’m not sure where any of that might be written in or if it is. But I also don’t think anything is written in that there is a guarantee of a neutral site for championship games. For obvious reasons, they always get a neutral and larger site, but I would doubt that’s guarantee anywhere in writing. Good question to ask NCS though. I do believe there were coin flips to determine the home team. I know there at least were supposed to be, although I didn’t personally witness the coin flip at the Logan-DLS game. By the time I got there (around 6:15 for a 7 p.m. game), Logan had already been designated as the home team so I’m guessing it occurred early.

    Glad to see they did provide the rain checks. That would’ve been foolish to not do so.

    Thanks for bringing up the points and hopefully we’ll get a chance to look into some stuff down the road. Now that the high school sports season is over, it’s not likely a story to look into and write until the next sports season gets underway. We’ve had some internal discussions in the office about trying to get a member of the CIF or NCS to join us for a live chat here online, likely toward the beginning of the fall sports season, so stay posted for the possibility of that. Hopefully we can make that happen.

  • Prep Fan

    For some reason, the home team for the last 2 rounds of the NCS playoffs were decided by a coin flip (in all divisions). DLS got to be the home team in the semi-finals against Heritage via a fortuitous coin flip, despite Heritage being a league champ, and the game was played at Heritage. So, there must have been a coin flip for the finals as well.

    From the NCS website: * Designated Champion – Home / Visitor is listed in the first two rounds. In the semifinals and finals Home team will be determined by a flip of the coin.

    I don’t see that provision in any prior NCS brackets, so it must be a new rule.

  • Prep Fan

    From the NCS Baseball Championship Bulletin:
    1) The contest will be conducted in the geographical area of the higher seeded team.
    2) Staff will be allowed to adjust “sites”, when circumstances warrant, for the maximum benefit of the respective tournament.

    It further goes on to state:
    Friday or Saturday, June 3 or 4, 2011 – Finals (NCS staff will select sites)

    So it looks like the NCS staff has the flexibility to move a rainout game from UC Berkeley or St. Mary’s College to “the geographical area of the higher seeded team.” I just hope thjey start the games before 5:00 next year as many games ran up against darkness this year. Especially the weekend games, as they could easily start those at 1:00 and get just as good of a turnout.

  • Oh boy

    Was there a coin flip in the ncs softball championship game @ Logan? Amador Valley was the home team even though it was at Logan and I couldn’t figure out why

  • Erndog

    Jimmy Durkin, thanks for the post. And I appreciate your comments.

    Prep Fan, thanks for your insight…and research…as well.

    Until next season…..Enjoy!

  • Stephanie Hammon

    Oh Boy – yeah, they did flip a coin for home team for that championship game.

  • Prep Fan

    Congratulations to all those named for the All-East Bay baseball teams. 1st round MLB draft picks Stephenson & Ross were a step above the rest.

    All-East Bay baseball first-team selections
    Bay Area News Group-East Bay

    Player of the Year

    UTL ROBERT STEPHENSON, Alhambra, Sr. — Stephenson compiled an 8-2 record with a 1.19 ERA, 142 strikeouts and only 23 walks. He had a .324 batting average with 14 RBIs. He has committed to Washington, and was selected No. 27 by the Cincinnati Reds in the MLB first-year player draft.

    Pitcher of the Year

    P JOE ROSS, Bishop O’Dowd, Sr. — Ross ended the season with a minuscule 0.79 ERA. He struck out 101 and walked just 17, and opponents batted .170 against him. He also tossed a two-hit shutout with 10 strikeouts against California in the first round of the NCS Division I playoffs. Selected No. 25 overall by the San Diego Padres in the MLB first-year player draft, Ross has committed to UCLA.
    First team

    P BRANDON YAU, James Logan, Sr. — The workhorse for the Division I champions, Yau finished the season with a 10-3 record and 1.56 ERA in 85 innings. He struck out 80 and walked 20.

    C STEVEN MOEN, California, Sr. — Moen was the leader behind the plate for the Grizzlies and was the team’s leading hitter with a .371 average. He also drove in 21 runs.

    IF TYLER DAVIS, Miramonte, Sr. — A versatile defender who could play two infield positions, Davis was the offensive leader for the Matadors. He hit .457, drove in 25 runs, and scored 33.

    IF MAX DUTTO, San Ramon Valley, Jr. — The EBAL player of the year hit .422 for the league-champion Wolves. He scored 16 runs and drove in another 16.

    IF DAVID ELZIG, Alameda, Jr. — The ACCAL MVP helped keep the Hornets ranked No. 1 in the East Bay for most of the season. He hit .485, drove in 29 runs and scored 17 to help Alameda claim the ACCAL title.

    IF CHAZ MEADOWS, Clayton Valley, Sr. — Though a fractured finger kept him out a portion of the season, the Long Beach State-bound Meadows still hit .346 for the DVAL champions. He also compiled a 0.34 ERA in 41 innings.

    OF JORDAN BURGER, Clayton Valley, Sr. — The DVAL MVP roamed center field and led the Eagles offensively. He hit .406 with 25 RBIs, 32 runs and 17 stolen bases as Clayton Valley reached the NCS Division II title game.

    OF JAMES HARRIS, Oakland Tech, Sr. — The OAL MVP was the unquestioned star for the TransBay champions. Harris hit .439 with 19 runs, 13 RBIs and 11 steals before being selected No. 60 overall by the Tampa Bay Rays in the MLB draft.

    OF HUNTER MERCADO-HOOD, De La Salle, So. — Mercado-Hood busted onto the scene as one of the top offensive threats on a team that reached the NCS Division I title game. His home run in a NCS Division I semifinal against Heritage proved to be the game-winner.

    UTL JAMES MARVEL, Campolindo, Jr. — The DFAL MVP led the Cougars to the NCS Division II title both as a pitcher and a hitter. He compiled a 9-3 record with a 1.17 ERA and 73 strikeouts. At the plate, he hit .386.

    Second team

    P JOHN HOCHSTATTER, San Ramon Valley, Sr.

    C PADDY O’BRIEN, Miramonte, Sr.

    IF PAUL BLACKBURN, Heritage, Jr.

    IF PASCUAL FLORES, James Logan, Sr.


    IF MARK MATHIAS, Irvington, Jr.

    OF LOGAN FRANDSEN, Las Lomas, Jr.

    OF RYAN HOWELL, Heritage, Sr.

    OF RYAN DROBNY, San Ramon Valley, Sr.

    UTL SPENSER LINNEY, Head-Royce, Sr.

    Third team

    P MATT NARAHARA, Castro Valley, Sr.

    P EVAN BRISENTINE, California, Sr.

    C ANDREW ROSARIO, Arroyo, Sr.

    IF RYAN KIRBY, Granada, So.

    IF JOSH CUSHING, Campolindo, Jr.

    IF JOE SERVENTI, Encinal, Sr.

    IF TRENT YEE, Alameda, Sr.

    OF ATHAN KOUTSOUBINAS, College Park, Jr.

    OF MYLES BABITT, Albany, Sr.

    OF JOEY WILSON, Dougherty Valley, Sr.

    UTL MICHAEL POPE, Las Lomas, Sr.