Updates from Day 2 of the CIF state track championships

Right now, the only worthy update is a weather one. It’s wet. It’s raining. It doesn’t look good. There are areas of the track that appear to have standing waters, including in the running lanes and the field runways have some standing water. Here’s the most recent update from the CIF, via its Twitter account.

CIF State At this time there is no change of schedule for Day 2 of the CIF State Track & Field Championships presented by Farmers

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With the boys high jump scheduled to begin right now, they are still trying to clear water in the area with a leaf blower.

Cal’s Noel Frazier takes second in the high jump at 6-9. St. Mary’s Trinity Wilson just beat state leader Melia Cox of Long Beach Poly to win the 100 girls hurdles in 13.41.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Phil Jensen

    I just talked with Mike Kennedy of DyeStatCal, who has been covering this meet since 1969. and he said there has not been signficant rain during state championship events in that time. In 1993, the finals were postponed due to inclement weather.

  • Phil Jensen

    The first field event has just started (boys discus) and at the moment, it’s just misting. But 15 minutes ago it was raining steadily. The major problem areas for standing water appear to me to be the high jump apron and in the first few lanes around the curves on the track. There has been a lot of work done in trying to dry the high jump apron, but I’m not sure what will be done about the track. Officials have until 6 p.m. to figure out the track situation, or hope that there is no more signficant rain.

  • Phil Jensen

    Three field events will be starting in less than five minutes (boys high jump, boys long jump, girls triple jump) and right now it is not raining.

  • Phil Jensen

    It’s just started raining more steadily. This is the first time since 1919 that there has been rain during events at the California high school track and field championships according to a CIF state meet history book.
    Ciarra Brewer leads the girls triple jump through three attempts with a wind-legal mark of 41-11. Sasha Wallace is third (39-9 1/2 wind-legal).

  • Phil Jensen

    The leafblower is now being used to dry the girls triple jump runway.

  • bhsfan

    hey jimmy
    the 1st nite the weather was perfect, it was warm, lots of pr’s st marys boys ran their fastest time with a 41.85 and didnt make the final thats very rare for a boy 4×1 to run a 41 and not make the final. and yes i agree it is a great place for the state meet they cant control the weather n fact when i spoke to locals they were in so much shock of rain n june for them but it was raining yesterday in sac oak antioch, but the kids really performed through it all

    and where n the heck did this kenny grimble kid come from i coach track and ive never heard of him what grade is he in, he just came out of nowhere but did excellent.

  • Yeah, Friday was absolutely ideal. Warm enough without being drenched in sweat like last year. We remarked that it was nice not to feel completely drained by the end of the night. Saturday could’ve obviously been a lot nicer, but it could’ve been worse based on how the morning looked.

    Grimble was unbelievable the past couple weeks. He was a nice story when he PR’d to win MOCs last week. But even he didn’t consider himself a contender to do what he did at state. He’s a senior. He only ran for a short portion of last season, about four weeks. He reached MOCs, but finished 14th, not qualifying for the finals. Then he just took off this postseason. He dropped about two seconds from his time in the DFAL finals to the state meet. Pretty remarkable. I definitely enjoyed chatting with him the past two days after his races. It’s fun when you see a guy who surprised himself as much as everybody else watching the race.

  • bhsfan

    yeah it ur right it was coming down n the am, hope it doesnt happen next year, too bad the granada twins quit 2 months ago, mcbride from san leandro did very well,

    yeah that grimble kid just really came out of the blue, but did very well, do u know where he is going to school next year, does he play any other sports

  • Grimble was an honorable mention pick in basketball also.

    Interesting story about McBride, he drove back to the Bay Area in between the prelims and finals to take the SAT.

  • bhsfan

    oh ok well if hes going to run track n college and not going anywhere i know a few coaches that are interested n him.

    wow hope he did well on the test

  • Davona Drive

    That Dublin kid finished 2nd in the triple jump, and he led after the 5th jump. But on the 6th and final jump. The winner took the lead, and won by 5-inches.

    It was the best state meet performance by a Dublin athlete, since Chuck Gangnuss finished 5th in the 330 yard low hurdles back in 1977.

  • bhsfan

    wow u went back in the archivs wit that one but the dublin kid did do well, he was jumping well all season long

  • Prep Fan

    This blog has references back to 1993, 1977, 1969 and even all the way back to 1919! Talk about old school.

  • THEanonymous

    Congratulations to Noel Frazier for coming within one spot of the state title. He really helped us track and field athletes realize there is something very special about Cal after all. I’m sure coach Karbo can lead the boys back to a league title streak in just a few years. And I’m quite confident Noel can catch Cody Crampton and win the title next year. The best of luck to him his senior year.

  • S1lverngreen

    I saw Frazier jump on Saturday. He is a great athlete! I predicted a top 3 finish for him. I think he’ll win it all next year! Does he play any other sport?

  • Prep Fan

    His best sport is definitely track. But Frazier has been on the Cal varsity basketball team for the last 2 years, along with his older brother Sam. They guy can really get up for some rebounds and blocked shots, as you can imagine with a 6’11” high jumper. Not the smoothest player, but certainly not a bad guy to have on the team. He was one reason they knocked off SRV this year and cost them an EBAL co-championship with DLS, so the Spartan faithful should appreciate him. 🙂

  • Chs101214

    Frazier is also a hoopster. Big bro too (’11). Both very athletic obviously. Joins recent Cal High grads David Klech and Colleen Lillig as recent elite track/cc athletes.

  • S1lverngreen

    Ahh! It’s no wonder I liked the kid! Prep, CHS, are you guys going to give us break down on the teams on the 680 corridor? Where is MV alum? Have not heard from him yet….