Tagaloa narrows his choices

I just got off the phone with Salesian High’s Freddie Tagaloa, and he confirmed that he has narrowed his college choices down to four. It looks like he will be staying on the West Coast to play football. His final four are Stanford, Cal, Oregon and USC
Tagaloa is a 6-foot-8 left tackle for the Pride.

Phil Jensen

  • Animal

    Not a bad list ! Wow

  • ManDown

    Is he playing in any of the All Star games?


    Oh wow, those are great choices!

  • ballharder

    I’d love to see this kid in that blue and gold blocking for Branden Bigelow! GO BEARS!

  • Salesianfb

    He got selected for the all-american game. The sad thing about him being so well recruited is that it overshadows the rest of us. Nobody recognizes our other tackle, Tim curry, who is 6’4″ 280 lbs and has great potential also. Or our upcoming premier RB, Marcial Malic, for this season gets no credit just because he’s shorter than your average recruit. If only they gave the rest of us a chance

  • Salesianfb

    On a more positive note, our team is looking VERY solid this year, returning 8 of 11 offensive starters not including a new lineman on our team from Hogan(closed down) who is 6’5″ 280 lbs, and we should be returning 9 of 11 defensive starters also. Be on the lookout for Salesian football this year especially our running game

  • What do ou have to say about that McClymonds? Sounds like they’re gonna scrape you this year. Coach Mac has been real quiet since last year has officially ended. I guess his team is gonna be trash. Not even at Passing League this year.

  • Thedude

    Hey thanks@ perkin! The kid @ berkeley is great also. James the running back. How does berkeley look?

  • Salesianfb

    Mcclymonds was probably the hardest game I played all last year.. The thing is, when I was a freshman we traveled to Mcclymonds and beat down on them 35-0, and they turned out beating us this year.. Much respect to them, but with my experience it seems as if Mack will turn out to be either an all-star team or an unorganized garbage mess

  • Yeah I guess their recruiting didn’t go so good this year.

  • Salesianfb

    Exactly haha.. I remember playing against Jeremiah and Josh Walters one year for Valley Christian and then they show up at McClymonds the next along with many others, what is that!?

  • Salesianfb

    And people think that WE recruit.. Ridiculous! St marys cancelled us from their schedule, because they said the tensions between our schools is too high… We’re RIVALS! What do they expect?? SPSV also cancelled us for no reason, but word is that both schools think we “recruit”. There’s a difference between working hard and recruiting.

  • Who’s on Salesian’s schedule this year?

  • ManDown

    Salesianfb, How do you guys think you would do against Encinal?

  • Billjohnson

    Salesianfb with all this talent you have this season will knightengale have the nuts to petition up to d3 for ncs and challenge themselves like marin catholic does? Winning the bfl doesnt say much so who do you guys play in non league? St.pats & st.mrys excuses are lame they both see what you have returning thats why they dropped you. Salesianfb you called it either mack is a team of all stars or unorganized mess! Couldnt agree more.

  • Salesianfb,

    look at having a top D1 recruit as a positive for you guys. You know scouts will be at your games, so if you guys work hard in the class and on the field you will get noticed ,not overshadowed. Freddie is bringing them to your school, so take advantage. Look at Aaron Rogers, CAL went to recruit Garrett Cross, and look what happened……. Stay positive, and good luck this season.

  • Thedude

    Great point Eagle12…..That’s a fact!

  • Salesianfb

    @Perkin, our schedule is looking pretty crappy again this year.. However, we do play a pretty tough team from Sacramento, Inderkum, as our opener. Should be interesting.
    @Mandown, last year, I believe we would have been able to put up a fight, but would have lost against encinal in all honesty. This year, I think we could give them a run for their money! Salesian football has been on the rise over the past few years and is only getting better. I know my team inside and out, and honestly the only spot that may not be filled with a great athlete this year is quarterback. Our QB last year was great, and theres much potential in both of our possible starters, but I’m not sure yet. Everything else is SOLID

  • Salesianfb

    @Bill Johnson,
    I wish I could say we have a more challenging schedule this season, but it’s already set and not looking much better than last year. All players on my team aren’t really sure why we don’t play tougher games, but wish we could. Our only tough non-league games this year would be Inderkum from Sacramento and maybe Middletown. If we had the chance to play tough teams this year I believe we would go to state. Last year, our team was composed of mainly juniors and sophomores, which is why we have anywhere between 16 and 20 returning starters this year. Despite being young, we beat down on Ferndale 76-28 or something like that, and almost beat undefeated Mcclymonds who went 13-0. We only lost 20-14 and should have won, because our offense made it to the 5 yard line TWICE but just couldn’t get that needed touchdown. I’m disappointed that we can’t show our abilities because we’re stuck playing small schools and the school of the deaf (no offense)

  • Salesianfb spoken like a gentleman. I wish your Head Coach had a lil more faith in you guys & didn’t petition to the BFL. It is the Nightengale’s choice to be there. Salesian is in the BSAL. St. Mary’s & SPSV couldn’t duck you if it was a league game.

    If state is really a goal he needs to understand that Small schools for state is under 400 kids so to have a chance at state Salesian will have to compete with D-III. No better way to compete D-III then to petition there & win it.

  • c.sparks

    salesians football your a true gentle men and i completely Agree with post #20


    @ #19. I was at the Salesian-MACK game and quite frankly the game was not that close. MACK was up two touchdowns the majority of the game. The refs kept Salesian in it with two horrible calls. The first was an unsportsmanlike call on the MACK DT for celebrating a his sack with his teammates in their own huddle. The second was denying MACK a fumble recovery when the same DT clearly hit the Salesion QB before his arm went foward. Both calls killed mommentum and gave Salesion unearned field position. Lastly, the Salesian kids acted a fool after game, inciting skirmishes from the field to the parking lot. One would have thought we were’nt at a “Private School”. Also the Walter twins have MACK ties. The majority of their family went to MACK. After having some family problems in Tracy, their mother moved back to West Oakland for family support. Stop Hating!

  • Salesianfb

    @Warrior, The game was pretty close to me. You weren’t the one playing the game, us kids were. There were some pretty bullsh/t calls by the refs on both sides realistically. Truth is, it wasn’t just our players causing trouble. We’ve never been in a after game fight like that before, so wouldn’t you think your players had a part in it also? Yes. During the game, I tackled your supposed star athlete #4 on a short pass play, HELPED HIM UP, and he proceeded to tell me that I better watch my back after the game, because I might not make it home tonight.. So don’t give me that bs if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Better watch out this year because your team isn’t looking good at all this year. We just happened to take on the #5 team in the nation and division 2 state champions, folsom high school at cal camp and we scored just as many, if not more TD’s than they did and we held them down on defense SOLID so get ready for a surprise this year.