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Final East Bay softball poll

By Stephanie Hammon
Friday, June 10th, 2011 at 3:33 pm in Softball, Uncategorized.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Amador Valley (7) 22-5 105 3
2. James Logan 23-4 98 1
3. Heritage 15-8 85 9
4. Pinole Valley 24-2 84 2
5. Newark Memorial 22-4 81 4
6. Carondelet 18-9 65 NR
7. Alhambra 21-6 58 t11
8. Concord 20-5 57 5
9. Freedom 17-8 49 t6
10. California 18-7 45 t6
11. Antioch 16-6 43 8
12. Castro Valley 18-8 25 14
13. Alameda 20-6 18 15
14. Berkeley 16-8 11 13
15. Albany 20-4-1 10 t11

Also receiving votes: Valley Christian (18-4, 4 votes), Monte Vista (13-12, 2). The East Bay Prep Softball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay. Records are through Saturday.

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  • Pawn Star

    Are going to post the final Baseball Poll?

  • Prep Fan

    Final East Bay Baseball Poll

    1)* James Logan
    2)* Campolindo
    3)* Acalanes/San Marin tie :)
    4) Alameda
    5) DLS
    6) Clayton Valley
    7) SRV
    8) Heritage
    9) Granada
    10) Cal
    11) MV
    12) Albany
    13) Miramonte
    14) El Cerrito
    15)* Redwood Chritian

    * = NCS Champs

  • Pawn Star

    Hey Prep Fan,

    Is that your Basball poll? I agree with 1-9, but Cal, Albany, and El Cerito all lost in the first round of NCS – Shouldn’t the East Bay teams that moved further along in NCS be in your poll – Irvington, O’Dowd and Moreau?

  • Stephanie Hammon

    Yeah, I think that must be Prep Fan’s poll. Here’s a link to our final baseball poll.

  • Prep Fan

    Yeah, that was my poll that I just threw together real fast. However, Cal came in 2nd place in the EBAL (the toughest league) and lost to a first round draft pick in the first round, arguably the best pitcher any team faced in all of the playoffs, so they shouldn’t be downgraded for that loss. I still had Cal ranked as the 5th highest EBAL team so it is not like they are too high. Irvington beat BOD, but didn’t score any runs off of Ross, and only got 2 hits off of MV. Moreau was in D3, which is far different than D1 or even the top D2 teams. Once you past the NCS champs it is hard to guage what weight should be given to teams who lose in the playoffs to tough pitchers, as one top pitcher can stop any team on the right day.

  • Pawn Star

    Prep Fan,

    Got it. Good points. Thanks.