Hurlbut steps down as DLS coach

After leading the De La Salle High boys volleyball team to a North Coast Section title, the school’s sixth, co-head coach Mike Hurlbut is stepping down.

The Spartans were arguably the best team the North Coast Section has ever seen, finishing 42-2, not losing to an NCS team and finishing ranked
“Mike has done an incredible job, and brought the volleyball team to a very high level of competitiveness through his teaching skills and ability to inspire,” De La Salle athletic director Leo Lopez said. “The school is deeply grateful for his service.”
With a baby on the way, Hurlbut knew he couldn’t commit the same amount of time and energy to the Spartan program, one he was a part of as a player in 1998 on top of coaching the last two years, so he knew it was time to leave.
” I never wanted to coach at a level where I was doing the bare minimum for the kids. They deserve more than that,” Hurlbut said. “After the 2010 season, I was drained. I knew I probably only had one more big push in me for the 2011 season. Thankfully we were able to put it all together and have the season that we did. I feel like I left the program in better shape than where I started with it, but I have to credit all the other coaches, too, because they worked as many or more hours than I did to build this from the ground up.”
De La Salle finished the season ranked 15th in the nation according to the ESPN Rise rankings.

Matt Smith