Wilson reaction to World track win

Trinity Wilson e-mailed me with her reaction to winning the 100-meter high hurdles final at the World Youth Championships in Lille, France on Thursday. She set a personal record of 13.11 seconds (wind-legal).

On the race:
“My race felt really good and I was totally prepared for whatever was going to happen in that race. And before I stepped out on the track I was mentally prepared and my body was ready for anything. When I got down into the blocks I was the last one in as usual, and I just took everything around me in and in many ways it felt as if I became one with the track. I’m not sure if it’s because God knew I wanted a gold medal soooo bad or if it was just my competitiveness that wasn’t going to be able to give up the race. All together my race was technically sound and one of the most put-together races I’ve had all year, and I’m really pleased because I ran with strength and integrity the whole way through.”

On what it was like to race over 30-inch hurdles instead of 33-inch hurdles:
“It was as if I was on Laney’s track practicing with my coach Curtis Taylor because I practice over 30-inch hurdles all of the time. So I knew as long as I get my lead leg down and rush hurdles 4 to 5 everything would be quite all right.”

On her racing schedule for the rest of the season:
“I have one more meet coming up and that’ll be juniors in Miramar, Florida. So I am very excited for that. And to hopefully drop my time down some more because I know I’m capable of doing just that.”

She added that she really wanted her family and coach Curtis Taylor to know “that I am so thankful for all of their support and for them motivating me through all of my successful seasons.”

Phil Jensen

  • Leslie Robertson

    Congratulations to Trinity. She is a part of the bright future of USA Track & Field. This article was very difficult to find. This is a young lady doing positive things in the Oakland community – her story deserves better coverage than ANG has givin it. The sport of Track & Field deserves better coverage, as well.

  • s1lverngreen

    Ms. Robertson,

    I agree with you, not only is Trinity a world class athlete, she is a wonderful young lady. As far as track coverage, the team at the Times does cover much more than some of the other papers in CA. We are lucky. I miss the old Dystat website, it’s just not the same once ESPN took it over. Here is a video of Trinity’s victory. I get goose bumps watching this…pretty amazing! She has one more year of HS!!