Former Salesian star commits to UCLA

I’m a few days late getting this posted, but former Salesan High basketball star Dominic Artis recently committed to UCLA. Artis, who is transferring to Findlay Prep in Henderson, Nev., for his senior season, is a 6-foot point guard who averaged 14 points and four assists last season for the California Interscholastic Federation Division IV Northern regional champions. Artis was a member of the Pride’s 2009 state championship team.

“I’m really excited,” Artis told the Los Angeles Times. “It could be a great class. Of course I would want to start, but if I had to come off the bench and sacrifice for the team, it would be OK.”

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • brandonbeard

    So if he already has his ticket, why does he need to transfer? Just a question? But congrats nevertheless!!

  • I didn’t chime in on earlier posts questioning Artis and Ashley’s move, but I’ll throw in my two cents now. The transfer is absolutely not about getting offers. Ashley had offers from anywhere in the country he wanted to go. Artis had his fair share as well. Going to Findlay is not about getting yourself to college. Findlay wouldn’t take a player that wasn’t already getting college attention. It’s about getting yourself more prepared for when you arrive at college.

    The purpose of playing at Findlay is to accelerate development. In Ashley’s case, I think it was obvious when watching him play that he really excelled when he was facing the elite competition. He had a great tournament in Torrey Pines and was phenomenal in his one-on-one matchup against Grant Jerrett in the state title game. Against lesser teams, he was sometimes hit or miss. At FIndlay, he’ll face those type of players in practice daily and I believe that’ll help him prepare more for college. It’s no knock on O’Dowd, because obviously they can’t go bring in those type of players for him to practice against or draft a schedule against exclusively top-flight teams.

    In Artis’ case, it’s a similar deal. For him to be the type of player to play point guard at UCLA, he’ll want to still improve quite a bit. Salesian usually plays a solid nonleague schedule and Bill Mellis runs as good a program as there is in the East Bay. I think Artis would’ve done just fine staying there. But with the competition he’ll have to face at Findlay, he’ll really be challenged to improve more and get himself ready for the competition at UCLA.

    I’m not saying I’m all for these moves and I get why people get upset when they hear these kids are transferring. I’d love to be able to watch their senior years just like everyone else. But I can step back and say I see some of the reasons why they choose to make this move. And heck, from a parent’s perspective, if you can save a year of paying tuition (since their tuition at the Henderson School is covered by Mr. Findlay), that’s hard to say no to as well.

  • Old Skool

    Jimmy, you seem to know a little about this situation with Findley. So really I’d like you, or anyone for that matter, to explain how the academics at Findley work. There is no Henderson School anymore. At least, not after the 7th grade. Local newspapers as well as Hendersons website state this. And I haven’t seen one mention anywhere of anything other than Henderson. Does anybody know what the deal is?

  • Prep Fan

    I would think that the academics at BOD and Salesian would better prepare someone for college than Findlay. Regardless of where they go to school this year, they will need to both work hard on their games and their academics to prepare for college. I wish these two the best and hope to see them in the NBA some day, but the odds are they will need to fall back on their degrees once their playing days are over.

  • Old Skool,
    My understanding is that Henderson was scheduled to consolidate and eliminate its high school education and that Findlay was in jeopardy back in 2010. But something was worked out to continue that affiliation and the Findlay Prep players still attend Henderson. I don’t know all of the details since most of my Findlay Prep knowledge is second hand, but that’s my understanding of the situation.

  • brandonbeard

    I respect ur comments Jimmy, but its totally bullcrap, this transferring stuff. There have been numerous players who havent had to go that route and have done well in college and even went on to the next level. SO what if they still dont do that well in college, then what? This era is too much about hype! And its about how fast one can get to the NBA, do a yr in college then go pro and make money but not getting any better. I just dont support this stuff, nevertheless I appreciate the comment.Why leave ur teammates and friends after 3 years when u dont have to. plus this should not even count as a school or a true high school basketball team.