30 Questions to Kickoff: Coming soon

Well everyone, the calendar turned to August today and you know what that means — it’s football season.

So, as we have for the past couple seasons, we’ll be answering one question a day in the 30 days leading up to the high school football season. The first football Friday is Sept. 2 this year, so between now and then, Jimmy Durkin and I will try to give some thoughts, predictions and general musings on what we can expect in the way of football from the East Bay this year.

Today, I’m putting the call out for questions. If you’ve got a question you want answered, throw it out in a comment. Jimmy and I will take a couple and answer them at some point this month, so be on the lookout to see if your question gets picked.

Ben Enos

  • A team football

    You guys really think having coach kemp as our new coach means nothing? You are crazy and coach kemp is a very good coach and we have a new approach to everything now. Encinal speed is not as good as the past. Our players were burning them in passing league and catchin them when they were 15 yards upfield. I dont wana hear it. Vee is one of the best qbs in the bay? Yea rite! he didnt do shit against us last year but over throw everybody and not break when he was running. he aint no j. brown or TT. But you guys can keep thinkin we gon be hella weak and we will shock you! We aint leave the marin camp cause we were getting hit? Where are you getting your info from dummy! Were scored against both teams and played solid against them on defense. its coo though keep thinking what you want to

  • teeheee

    the fact of the matter is, there is always constant noise coming from AHS.. but nothing special has come of it. I say try something new. Just a suggestion, but keep your mouth shut and let the season speak for itself?

    Sorry if thats harsh, but I think itll help you out in the long run.

  • scoop

    no lie alameda wasn’t what it once was, Miss the old alameda teams, The past 3 to 4 years has been pathetic alameda had a lot of momentum as a program then it all flushed away once hennesy and calandri left

  • scoop

    post #51 you sound stupid as hell Shut that crap up you LITTLE KID..

  • KillerD

    I have been one of the Jets biggest supporters and have harkened Coach Joe’s leadership at Encinal to that of building a mini dynasty. Nary a bad word from me, ever on the Jets, love their style.

    But, all dynasties do make the tumble (slow or fast) into the great annals of history: Ming, Roman Empire, Napolean’s reign, the King Louis’ gluttony, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the 49ers of yester-year, the Vikings with Tarkenton, Da Raiduuzzz, and so on.

    “Jets, Jets, Jets!” has been a valiant chant oft heard echoing from the hallows of Alameda’s western shore.

    And in the future, the fabulous “Coach Joe Era” will be fondly remembered as one of the best Golden Ages of Encinal football.

    History will be kind to the Jets of recent times, and we are fortunate to have watched their spirited run.

  • I think Alameda is gonna win the ACCAL this year & the Island Bowl. If they beat B-High & Encinal with no pads & no linemen then that says it all.

    Going to a camp WITH PADS & getting embarrassed & ran off the field helps. I was at the Encinal vs. Alameda Passing League game Alameda scored 3 TDs no conversions Encinal scored 3 TDs & kicked 3 PATs I think that=a loss. I don’t think their coaches really cared much their 3 year stud athlete Trodder didn’t play for what ever reasons only kicked FGs. Warmed up & ran routes in Pre-Game but was benched for the whole game.

  • @BIll, re: post 50: It’s tough enough every year finding enough space to run all of the East Bay previews, so unfortunately running Redwood Empire previews (even if we do have affiliated papers up there) is impossible. The special preview edition we put out can get pretty costly and adding pages to it isn’t an option. I’ll try to track down online versions and link them here though.

  • A team football

    Actually we had 4 Tds but its coo. I’ll let you think what you want and Im out this piece! See you in the season!

  • Smart move young man get out of here like you got out of the MC after getting handled. Learn how to count you didn’t score 4 TDs & you were o-3 at the Laney Tourney since Passing league means so much to you.

  • 1stN10

    KillerD – Your points about Encinal are well made but I’m also interested to hear your thoughts on why you think Moreau will win the BSAL. As pointed out earlier they lost their top 3 starters on offense from last year (QB & 2 RBs). Roeper also made a good point earlier that they have 2 tougher non-league opponents in Campo and Dublin. Do you see them winning these contests as well?

  • 617lemon

    a team football kemps been asst.h.c the last 4yrs with full control of the offense whats he done? New approach? The staff is the same minus rocklin. Im sure your new h.c will bring the winning tradition back to alameda like they were when he played there!4-6 5-5 if your lucky damn rocklin could have done that. A team your nearly a d1 n your main concern is d3 encinal wow no focus on winning league or a playoff game this century? Tell me a team kemp gonna match rocklins successful 1st season 7-4?

  • Triton8

    If Alameda had the talent and system to beat Encinal this year, they would end up better than 7-4. Encinal would run through the ACCAL with no problem….D3/D2 or whatever. You have no point here. Encinal is the best team on their schedule regardless of Division. Don’t start this season with the same bullshit that we heard last year….you obviously have something personal…this ain’t the forum for personal shit! If you have beef with Kemp like it seems, then go up to him and hash it out?

  • BVAL Expert

    Scoop- Uhmmm i had a hard time understanding your question but ill do the best i can to answer it.
    You heard the Pitt JV parents saying how bad they were last year? I did get to see pitt jv only once and yea they didnt look very good when i saw them. Very sloppy for the most part. All i really know is they didnt win the BVAL title for JV.. It was Freedom.. So it might be parents that are mad at the coaches,or over exaggerating on how they cant stop anyone or how they can move the ball on offense. So i will say that they didnt win league last year for JV but i dont know if they finished last. the 7-3 prediction might be going to their varsity.

    Pittfan- I expect Deer Valley and Freedom to give pittsburg a battle. Those are the teams that are usually are hard to beat every year. Pitt didnt win that much against Freedom. It was a close game. So i see two teams competing for first place.

    I think if i remember right Berekley is returning a good RB from last year. However every where else is struggling. The head coach had problems attending NCS meetings and League meetings regarding 1 st team 2 nd team players.. I Heard that every eligible players were disqualified just because the coaches mother was in the hospital and he decided not to attend (rumor of cause). Not to mention that they had a Leading tackler on their team (out of the WHOLE NCS) with 200 and something tackles, and didnt make make 1 st team defense.. Ouch! It made alot of parents Mad and Furious and angry at the coach. So maybe its the coaches reputation driving out kids to different schools. Im pretty sure football is a 1st priority down there then education.

  • Pitt Grunt


    One of my buddies was at the Marin camp and did not come away impressed with any of teams (Alameda, Sacred Heart, others?) except Marin Catholic. Pitt Offense rolled through all defenses fairly easily. Pitt defense stuffed everyone except against Marin Catholic. Although this is 11 -11, the outcome is hampered with the fact that each head coach is giving reps for the 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd teams players. So even if a team is getting rolled, you don’t really know if that is a first or second team player, or a combination of the two. Apparently, Pitt was mixing personnel a lot.

    @BVAL Expert,

    Pitt JV head coach had to kick off 12 players right before league started. Long Story but right decision by the coach. They went down hill after that.

    Upset parents?? That’s surprising.

    What is going on with your Wr Shepard? Is he back this year? I heard their were some eligibility problems. Is Mayes still with you?

  • Sky Walker

    I laugh at the goofs on here who say Nickerson has turned the program around. Perenon created a winning football program up there & did it for over 25 years. The weight room, the work ethic, the character, the discipline, the winning tradition, preparing future college & NFL players, all of that is Perenon. So just shut the #$$% up about Nickerson turning it around. He didn’t do a damn thing except ride the horse that Perenon fed & trained.

  • Pitt Grunt


    I have a friend who was at the Marin camp and he felt that most of the teams, with the exception of Marin Catholic, were a bit weak. Pitt offense rolled through all of the teams they faced. Pitt defense stuffed everyone except Marin Catholic. Having said all this, these camps are not game situations. Meaning, that every player, starters and backups are getting reps.

    @BVAL Expert,

    Pitt JVs last year were decent until the head JV coach kicked off the team 12 players before DV game. Long story, right decision.

    Regarding Freedom, what is the story with the Wr Shepard? Heard he has some eligibility issues. Also, is the QB Mayes still you?

  • @ Roeper, it is true about Alameda at the MC camp, they came in looking low on numbers and got ran into the ground. Pitt, and MC were in way better condition than Alameda, and that took it’s toll on them. Not sure why they didn’t come back the next day, I’m assuming they didn’t have enough healthy players…

  • BVAL Expert

    Pitt Grunt- Your right on the ball.. Im sorry to hear that about the coach… Hopefully this is a great season for them.. Great things will be happening in Pittsburg this year..

    And yes Jordan Shepard is no longer playing for Freedom no more because of his grades, I heard he didnt even make the first cut for grades which was around the begging of spring ball, But he was practicing with the team at that time. I heard this from a player that told me. Its ashame because i think he broke a record for “Most deflected passes” very good corner back and played WR as well.

    and yes Dante Mayes is still at freedom. Got to see him play foothill in passing league game.. and he looked ok.. moved the ball well against them..

    I heard Freedom had a few players quit because of their dislikes of coaching staff. and i dont blame them.. I see them yelling at each other during the games all the time over the years.. So there numbers are decresing

  • Pitt Grunt

    @BVAL Expert,

    Surprised to hear of the turmoil (if that is an accurate description?) at Freedom. I have always thought Hartwig ran a good program. I still think Mayes will be able to carry the offense.

    Since Pitt opens with Foothill, I am curious to know if they are going to run that Wing-T from last year or do they have a QB and Rec’s like in years past. How did Foothill’s D look against Mayes and co?

  • s1lverngreen

    @ Skywalker,
    You sound as if you were snubbed by Nickerson?? I don’t think that anyone in this blog has said that Nickerson has made the BOD a legendary program. I think all sensible posters in this forum agree that he is a young coach that could have potential to keep the tradition going. Maybe if you read and interpreted the threads correctly you would not be spouting off calling people “goofs” and blogging sbout your etc…

  • BVAL Expert

    Pitt Grunt- yea i know.. theres at least some turmoil in all teams but this is what ive been hearing from parents and players.

    Hartwig is a very good teacher coach but hes not much a players coach, sometimes he doesnt know how to get players to be excited and play for him in other words “selling his program” as in being excited to play for him. At freedom people play because they love the game, not because whose coaching. he doesnt care who comes out to play he just does what he does. If you cant get your grades up then thats the players fault. He doesnt try to help, its all the players decision.

    Another thing that I hear at freedom.. is parents and players complaing that some coaches dont live up to there owns words when they coach, which is total turn off for a player. The coach will say one thing and then they will let things slide for a 2nd or 3rd time for a “All Star player” on there team because they like who he is. They spend time yelling and coaching up there 2nd team but when the first team makes a mistake or the same one they kind of let it go. because its there “all star player” that they feel confident in. I heard Darell Daniels (Wr all star #5 for Freedom) got hurt during a practice last year, and the coaches babbied him saying he can sit out for the rest of the practice, but if it was normal Joe player that got hurt.. then they wouldnt treat him the same. I guess thats called Favoritism, and if thats the case i dont care who you are.. that stuff never gets you far as in winning more games.

    I also i even seen like two years ago in spring ball, a transfer that came on his first day of practice replacing someone whose been in the program for 4 years on the first day the transfer decides to show up to practice. So as a player thats been there for awhile its a total slap in the face, especially when the transfer didnt work his way up to start and was just put there, and when the transfer doesn’t know the offense or doesn’t know how the defense functions. Alot of players didnt like that even though when it wasnt themselves being replaced, and lost respect for the coaching staff. I guess the players thought that the transfer should of been last string and learn the offense first then be replaced, but instead they stuck him in the first team when he didnt even work his way up to the top they just stuck him there at the position. Oh yea and i forgot to mention that the transfer ended up getting cut from the team because of his grades, so that was the revenge that the player being replaced got because it ended being a was of time and investment for the coaches. This happened like two years ago.

    The only coach i hear good things about at Freedom is Frank Beede the o-line coach. He shows that he cares about players that step on the field. He doesnt turn players off when they ask for help. He is even respected by players that play different positions. I hear that players would rather have him be the head coach because he knew how to sell his program when he was with antioch. And players played hard for him.

  • BVAL Expert

    as far as mayes and the passing league game.. Foothill came out running a regualur pro style offense the same offense that Sean Manion ran when he was at foothill. They didnt come out in wing T however just be aware they can switch to that before the season starts.. You can tell Galli that but they might switch it up.. Who knows.. but its a back and forth game.. both teams moved the ball well.. Foothills coach knew how to pick apart the defense well. Freedom had trouble covering the middle part of the field.. Linebackers looked slow to react for Freedom. Which killed them. However foothill gave up alot of big plays.. Mayes was gunning the ball down the field alot.

  • Prep Fan

    BVAL, do you know who the starting QB was for Foothill? Did he have a strong arm and some mobility?

  • Pitt Grunt

    @ BVAL Expert,

    It is interesting that the those inconsistencies in the off season with player favoritism can so devastate a season. I think the learning curve for any coach is a process of learning the big picture of a successful program. Perhaps Hartwig is at the beginning of that process. Galli gets criticized by my group of friends for his play calling and what not at Pittsburg. But I think Victor has evolved over the years in that he can now see how many non-football factors influences his program. For example, I think he now knows how important it is to have a good basketball and baseball program at Pitt so as to not lose athletes. He now knows that the off-season weightlifting and conditioning program, along with the tutoring program are as important as the actual season. Some of those lessons have been very painful. From the stands, I have noticed a profound change at Pitt. The last two seasons have not been good at Pitt but I believe it is the result of his no tolerance, and the necessity of a total commitment from the players. The ones on the field have bought into it. No one at Pitt can just show up in August and say to Galli, “I want to play.” Those days are long gone. Did you notice that some of the running backs that started the season at Pitt last year were no longer on the team? Doing the right thing hurt us on the field. And I am glad. The program is stronger as a result of this.

    I won’t deny that the mood at Pitt right now regarding the coming season is brewing with excitement. This is a special group of young men, with talent. QB has looked very good this summer and he is throwing to four very good receivers. Remember the name Tyler Mapp. He couldn’t catch a cold last year but this year…..he is special. The big difference in the Pitt offense will be the running game. In watching Pitt at the Marin camp, it was the two running backs, Vunipolo and Cotton, who were getting me excited. Cotton is a big physical explosive back. Vunipolo is a load who is quick for his size.

    What is the situation at Heritage? Deer Valley?

  • BVAL Expert

    Prep fan- I dont know the QB’s name but yes he was mobile and was very accurate.. But i dont know his name.. I think they had two Qb’s..

    Pitt Grunt- Yes Galli is showing improvement little by little.. I liked how hes using shotgun more over the years… Yes i agree you always have to do the right thing for your program to make a statement saying what is right and what is wrong… because your not doing them a favor by letting them do whatever they want.Yea i noticed about the RB’s.. but it will be cool to see pittsburg this year no doubt…

    Heritage shouldnt be very good however they wont finish last. I hear from heritage parents that they had alot of depth at the O-line position so according to them the o-line should be pretty well off..but every where else should be a struggle for them..

    Deer Valleys online looked good when i saw them however they played against hayward who isnt very good and liberty.. overall they should be a great team

  • 1stN10

    Ben/Jimmy – Since this is the final season of BSAL football as we have come to know it and based on some of the opinions expressed in this post about greater league competition for Encinal this season, I’d like to suggest that you guys give us your opinions on how you think the league will shake out in one of the 30Q segments.

  • brandonbeard

    Just wanted to chime in about Freedom High. They have a very talented group of guys at the skill positions, and two serious running backs who can go to the house, they are good, up front they arent that big but have one big lineman who is ok, but they should definitely be able to compete for there league title

  • brandonbeard

    The BSAL still belong to Encinal unitl they are knocked off, but I feel this could be the year it happens. U talk about Moreau who is on the rise, and only lost a few pieces from last year, other than that they should have guys coming back with experience. Kennedy who i hear is going through a coaching change possibly is very athleticand will also have a chance to knock off the Jets, they have some size up front, and speedy guys at the skill positions. They played everyone tough last year with big win over EC. ST. Pats always has a team that is solid, they lost their main RB but I am sure that they will be able to reload and will have some big guns up front. John Swett has talent but has not been able to stop anyone’s offense. Piedemont and Albany have new coaches and will be working in new systems on both sides of the ball so it will take time for them to compete the way they may want to. St. Mary’s will be trying to reload and get back to the top of the league and compete with Encinal as well, so this BSAL season will be an interesting one from my point of view.

  • billjohnson

    brandonbeard any chance moreau had this season throw it out the window there done. they now have big green roaming the sidelines he’s a jinx look at the team records he’s coached.

  • KillerD

    Did Moreau’s coach quit?

    Billjohnson what are you referring to?

  • brandonbeard

    Well maybe so Bill,but I still think they have a nice team. especially based on what i have seen from them,but of course i never said they were a lock for anything just should be able to compete on a high level in their league. They played Encinal tough last year as well as St. Pats. Who is Big Green? And I dont think Moreau’s coach quit Killer D. But there are other good teams in that league like JFK and St. Pats who like Moreau will be trying to knock off those Jets, but it will be a diffucult task becuz Encinal is not thinking about giving up the crown anytime soon.