30Q-2-KICKOFF (No. 18): Down by the Bay Shore

We’re continuing on through our tour of the leagues by talking about the Bay Shore Athletic League.

Encinal has already generated some discussion here before. The Jets have never lost a BSAL game, going undefeated in all three years in the league. This is their last year before departing for the newly formed super league, so the question becomes: Can Encinal finish off a perfect run as a BSAL member?

They are certainly capable. Kaniela Kahuanui has been discussed a couple times and in addition to his duties at linebacker, he’ll move to a spot as a running back this year. This is after playing on the offensive line last season. How’s that for a switch? Jon Trodder has recovered quickly from a torn ACL that he suffered in the NCS Division III championship game and the Jets return QB Andrew Ve’e and WR/DB Bo Banks. Encinal will be good and will be the favorite.

Other teams certainly can contend. St. Patrick-St. Vincent is always competitive. The Bruins graduated a lot of talent in BSAL leading rusher Naji Patrick, QB Danny Souza and WRs Robbie Herndon and Brenzel Guillory. Marlon Blanton’s crew will reload, but should enter the year with some question marks.

Moreau Catholic has been a budding program for a few years and Andrew Cotter has done a great job. TE Chris Baca is very talented, as is linebacker Tim Kondo. The Mariners might’ve been the biggest NCS playoff snub last year when they were squeezed out despite a 6-3-1 record. I was certainly shocked to see they didn’t make it. QB Adam Robinson has graduated, so how he is replaced should signal if the Mariners can make the jump to a playoff team and possible league contender.

Kennedy was a team that had high expectations. Kenneth Walker III is a primo recruit and OL Leonard Walden is a stalwart on the line. Unfortunately, there are too many question marks to expect anything from Kennedy. According to the Kennedy administration, the head coaching position was re-opened and interviews have or are taking place. I’m waiting to hear back on the latest, but uncertainty this late in the game isn’t good.

St. Mary’s has some returning talent, including QB Kevin Flemer. Flemer played quite a bit last year when Francisco Torres was injured, so he will be an experienced player to help lead the Panthers. Piedmont is led by former defensive coordinator Kevin Anderson, who plans to expand on the A-11 offense the Highlanders used under Kurt Bryan. QB Eric Huppert has a good target in Max Elliott and so those are a couple good pieces to build around.┬áJohn Swett returns a 1,000 yard rusher in Kyle Labroi and that’s always nice to have, so the Indians have some reason to be excited. Albany has former San Leandro offensive coordinator John Trotman Jr. running the show and he’s very enthusiastic and is looking to change the culture. With five wide receivers over 6-2 and aspects of the spread offense, the Cougars could be exciting to watch.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • ManDown

    I see the league going like this.
    1.) Encinal – This team may be better than last years.
    2.) St. Pats – Always prepared and reload every year despite losses to graduation.
    3.) Moreau – Seem to improve every year. This may be the year for playoffs for them.
    4.) Piedmont – Will surprise the league with a rebound year under new HC.
    5.) St. Marys – Will drop off hard this year. May finish lower than 5.
    6.) Kennedy – What’s going on down there? Losing HC Byrd was a huge blow.
    7.) Albany – The have a long way to go under new coach.
    8.) Swett – Good RB’s might get this team from finishing last.

  • Why did Coach Byrd leave Kennedy?

  • KillerD

    Revamped BSAL picks based on latest info and the bombshell dropped by JFK leaves nuclear residue permeating over the east bay with nasty effect:

    1. Encinal
    2. Moreau
    3. St. Pats
    4. Kennedy
    5. John Swett
    6. St. Mary’s
    7. Piedmont
    8. Albany

    Why was Coach Byrd railed out of town in Richmond at JFK? Does anybody know the reason?

  • Pretty weak KillerD that you would even make a pick on no info. Very weak that you aren’t standing by your initial pick.

  • 1stN10

    Lots of talent in the BSAL again this year. Here’s the highlight videos of some of the players Jimmy mentions in this post. Most were all-league as juniors last season.

    Bo Banks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGAopPPomAU
    Andrew Vee: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=or5knf0Qtp0&feature=related

    Chris Baca: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kr88uwQJucM&feature=related

    Tim Kondo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfVpV-Tn75k

    Kenneth Walker III: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBu-2MgjHkU

    Kyly Labroi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPGVkck1tpY

    Should be a great season!!

  • teehee

    kennedy’s coach aint here anymore cuz he is more of a recruiter than a football coach.. riddance.

  • KillerD

    Yes it is true Perkin, I am guily of changing my prediction based on updated information before the first games have been played.

    I admit my guilt, I plead guilty and beg for leniency from your honor

  • Dudleydawson

    Killerd so i guess the moreau jfk game wont decide who wins the bsal?

  • KillerD

    Dudleydawson, it will decide playoff berths for D3 and D4 but JFK vs. Moreau will not be for bsal title

  • KillerD

    Who is the front runner for the JFK job?

  • curnal500

    the new head coach for jfk is coach mac the last years jv head coach

  • KillerD

    Good move by JFK, they are going to be scary, but I am sticking with my BSAL choice, of 4th, or maybe 3rd. I still believe they are a year away from running the table with 8 or 9 wins for sure

  • BayShoreFan

    This will be a tough year for Encinal. SPSV is always competitive, and Moreau Catholic is looking pretty good. Maybe even better than last year. There really isnt a lot of competition other than that, maybe St. Mary’s, but I doubt they will be able to beat these 3 teams. I predict Encinal does not win it this year.

  • KillerD

    Yes, Moreau is darn good and might very well win BSAL.

    You could be very correct

  • AllForOne

    Not biased or anything, The running back from Moreau, Michael Truong. He seems to be someone who can be someone that will break out this season. I’ve seen him play in the Albany game and he sure does have speed, but we’ll have to see about that this season. Only time will tell.

  • BayShoreFan

    Not biased or anything, but I dont think Albany is the best example to compare someone. He did seem to have some good potential against the other teams though, lets see if he breaks out this season.

  • Dudleydawson

    Bayshorefan well if not encinal who? Only team that has any chance is st.patrick other than that cant see it. Killerd you say jfk a year away so your saying theyll come in 1st or 2nd in the new accal? Bayshorefan who is your early favorite for play of the year bsal?

  • BayShoreFan

    Yes, St Pats has a chance, and I also think Moreau Catholic does too. I dont understand what you mean by “who is your early favorite for play of the year bsal?” Do you mean favorite player? Probably either returning QB Andrew Ve’e from Encinal or Chris Baca from Moreau Catholic.

  • KillerD

    I will stick by my pick of Encinal 1 and Moreau 2.

    The only thing that could hurt the Jets might be academics. They play Moreau week 10, and if the Jets lose a key player or two because of grades, then Moreau could get the road win and the title.

  • Pawn Star

    Moreau scrimages against Sequoia High tonight in Redwood City at 7:00 then open with Campo Sept 2.

  • Bayareaboy2

    Very interesting views on BSAL…Encinal is much better than Moreau, yes Moreau looks okay on offense but every other aspect of the game will be dominated by Encinal not to say they won’t dominate offensively also but I am just giving Moreau
    a little credit by saying they are pretty good on offense.I saw Moreau’s scrimmage
    at Sequoia…not very impressed.. and I heard Encinal ran their Defense against Berkeley Offense at Vanden High Jamboree Sat.in Fairfield and Encinal
    CLEARLY handled them even though they only went 15min.There was 2 TOP 25 EASTBAY kids in that scrimmage between Encinal and Berkeley with the Hawaiian kid
    leading his D against the 1,400 yard rusher Rudolpho James on O. watch out BSAL
    Encinal is FASTER on D than last year.

  • Bayareaboy2

    Encinal returns 7 defensive starters with 1 guy who rotated in so actually 8.3 of which are FIRST TEAM BSAL Defensive players namely Bo Banks at DB, Eric Penrose DL and Kaniela Kahuanui OLB….the Jets pic up a nice replacement player in 6’1 200lb Dynamite Jones who will also play in the secondary.I hear their depth is very suspect
    but what the hell 20 some odd players seems to be the norm for this successful program.I think they may struggle here and there and like ALL teams if they stay healthy they should be tough to deny another BSAL title but after being in 3 DIII NCS finals I suspect for them anything short of that will be a disappointment…But I am sure coach Tenario is focusing on 1 week at a time.

  • Triton8

    I have seen the futute for Encinal……and it is bright! RBs Jordan Parker and CJ McClure!!! 8th graders now…..future Jet backfield in 2-3 years! Veeeeeeeery promising!

  • scoop

    killerd are you kidding me? grades? academics? please I Had mad respect for your post but seems like your really biased towards Moreau. DOnt get me wrong they got cheated last year,? but to beat Encinal? NO WHERE NEAR THERE CALIBER?.. I heard the same exact talk from Moreau fans last year..

  • KillerD

    Scoop, I believe I have clearly been one of Encinal’s top supporters for several seasons on here.

    But I cannot wax eloquent on all things Jet-related, and owe it to myself and fellow bloggers on here to state blunt possibilities and my opinion or facts.

    I have picked Encinal to win BSAL again this year, although I am disappointed by Kennedy’s apparent semi-immolation.

    Jets reign supreme in 2011 BSAL

  • Dudleydawson

    killerd moreau has to first beat st.patricks to think it has a chance verse the jets & i cant see that happening especially since the game is in vallejo. Campo qb stephens will slice n dice that secondary if his oline holds up.

  • MoreauFan

    even I agree that we first need to beat SPSV to be able to have a shot against Encinal. I’ll be intrigued to see how we hold up after graduating a lot of key pieces, but I like the potential in QB Nick Kinast and the already known talent of Chris Baca at TE and Tim Kondo at LB. Offense may struggle a little bit, but the D should be fine if we replace Gonzalez at nose and all the DBs. Schrag may step in at nose and hopefully anchor the line. I think our D will be fine against Campo’s nickle and dime passing game.

    what is your opinion on us this year? I know you have us pegged at number 2 in the BSAL, but how do you think we’ll hold up against Campo and Dublin?


  • scoop

    Don’t get me wrong Moreau is going to shock a lot of people they, have been on a steady climb!. since the 0-10 year, but to beat the jets is a little out of question but HEY! who knows man? thats why the play the games right? I honestly think they are better then advertised. Moreau WILL and should make the playoffs this year

  • KillerD

    MoreauFan, I appreciate your asking:

    Moreau is going to be fine this year, and even if they stumble, they are well poised to join their bretheren next year in MVAL and finish in top 2 or 3 after Logan explodes in 2012 even brigher like a supernova, but that story is long down the road.

    Back to Moreau in 2011: Camplindo and Dublin are much bigger schools than Moreau and led by two excellent coaches, Macey at Campolindo and Wade of Dublin.

    Campo does well what giveth the Mariners the bends, and that is to air it out. But Moreau is strong and tough on OL and DL.

    Campo wins this debut vs. Moreau, but only because they are better, not that the Mariners are bad at all.

    Campo 29 vs. Moreau 16

    Dublin is an enigmatic beast and the Gaels will prevail at Moreau if Wade has those kids drinking the Kool Aid. Dublin must face a veeerrry dangerous Livermore (how bout dem Cowboys!) team prior to climbing over the Dublin grade and plopping into Moreau country.

    I will predict this game at a later date, but right now my predictive arrows are pointing…??????

  • Dudleydawson

    moreaufan i just cant see it with an entire new backfield beating the jets is a tall order. Moreau should make the playoffs its a 16 team brackett if you cant make it how good are you really? All d4 schools should be happy marin catholic plays up or theyd win it everyyear.whats gonna happen next year when moreau plays in the mval back to the cellar?

  • BayShoreFan

    I agree with you KillerD, Moreau should be able to go 7-3 this year, or 8-2 at the most. I believe they have enough key players to beat Campolindo, but we’ll find that out this friday.

  • MoreauFan

    Yeah, we have always had problems through the air but I think having them first on the schedule will help a lot. All summer to prepare for the game and their offense. I haven’t seen anything on dublin, so I don’t know what they run, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the 3-5-3 stack works against a four wide spread. Lots of guys in coverage should help for the short passing game. Either way, it should be a good game!

    I agreed that we will lose to Encinal, it seems like a tall order to beat them, at the swamp especially.

    You mentioned that you went to the scrimmage at Sequoia and weren’t impressed. If you don’t mind explaining further, I would love it since I couldn’t go and haven’t heard much from anyone.

    I saw a very good running back/saftey at an intrasquad scrimmage who apparently is a 15 year old freshman on JV. Maybe we’ll call him up halfway through the season or later to give an extra boost to the offense.

  • MoreauFan

    oh and dudley
    I think we’ll do okay in the MVAL, probably getting 3rd behind Logan and Washington because of the large disparity in talent but we’ll see. Competing in a league filled with big schools should be interesting (500 students LESS than Kennedy of Fremont)


  • Pawn Star

    I went to the scrimmage at Sequoia High. I thought it was pretty even among Sequoia, Menlo Atherton, and Moreau. I thought Serra was outstanding on offense and seemed well prepared.

  • Pawn Star

    By the way, did anyone go to the scrimage at Alameda? How did Campo look?

  • BayShoreFan

    I did not go to the Sequoia High Scrimmage, that was Bayareaboy2. I would have loved to go there but i had to work that friday. I also hope to go to the Campolindo game this friday. This game, for me, will determine whether Moreau has what it takes to take on SPSV and Encinal.

  • MoreauFan

    Pawn Star,
    Good that should point to the success of the team this year (considering Sequoia is a lot better than Moreau traditionally and Menlo is always good)
    How did the offense looked with Kinast at QB?

    Sorry about that, but I agree that the Campo game could point to Moreau becoming a playoff contender (we have been somewhat cheated the past 2 years) but I think SPSV and Encinal are much better than Campo, so I don’t know if it would be a good indicator of the ability to compete with them.

    What was your opinion on what you saw at the scrimmage?


  • Pawn Star

    I thought Kinast looked pretty good considering he got no time on Varsity last year. Baca looked pretty good and caught a couple passes from Kinast. I found the scrimmage hard to judge the talent as they run a certain number of plays with the first team and then freely subsitute on both sides of the ball. Plus there two scrimmages going on at once but the announcer is only announcing the Sequoia action.

  • bayareaboy2

    Moreau looked respectible on Offense, big bodies good timing, decent athletes.
    Their downside is defense and team speed. They have to go to the swamp to play Encinal always tough plus I hear Encinal has the nucleous to be very very good but hell the season is just begining way too soon to go out on limbs to predict but if I
    absolutely have to Moreau will finsih no worse than 7-3.

  • dudleydawson

    campolindo beats moreau tomorrow 31-20. moreau goes 6-4 this year is my guess

  • BayShoreFan

    Tomorrow will be a tough one for the Mariners. This is a very important game for them, and i think that Moreau wins 28-21.

  • Nfl

    must win for the mariners because if they lose you can pretty much expect the same when they play dublin. Moreau should drop the san jo team there playing and schedule salesian next year since there both d4 now.

  • MoreauFan

    Well, Branham was just a home nd home for the last two years. Now, lets see what we’ll schedule. I think we’ll get one of the local schools from the HAAL (or whatever it morphs into). I’d love it if we did BOD, but maybe we will do Tennyson and rekindle the “Battle for South Hayward”

  • KillerD

    I am encouraged to see that some people are beginning to trail in the wake happily of my Moreau predictions for a very good season overall

  • Pawn Star

    Branham was a home and home deal. Campo and Dublin were scheduled in response to Moreau being ingnored by the NCS last year. Not sure I am with MoreauFan on putting Tennyson back on the schedule…unless Tennyson improves dramaticaly. Having Tennyson and San Lorenzo on the schedule has not improssed the NCS in the past (nor the bloggers). On the otherhand, scheduling BOD would be great and a natural rival.

  • MoreauFan

    Pawn Star,
    I was just thinking of some interesting games, I would want the BOD game the most out of all of the possible rivalries, but I was mostly thinking about kids in Hayward who may be interested in going to Moreau and joining football. They would be able to see how much better they are then Tennyson, which may add to their interest.

    Since DIV is so low on teams that qualify for the playoffs, I don’t know how much we have to impress the NCS commitee.


  • bayareaboy2

    Two top 25 kids were injured this past week, Piit.RB/LB Fe’ao Vunipola (not sure what type of injury) and Berkeley RB Rudolpho James (shoulder) as I was on their sideline
    watching the doctor work on him in the second quarter vs San Leandro and he did not return as was the case for Fe’ao regarding not returning to the game.

    Some very good teams were defeated this weekend but thats what happens in the preseason as coaches schedule tough teams in hopes of getting better placement during the NCS Playoffs.

    McClymonds drove some 5hrs to get beat by Ferndale…check check.. wonder how 2010 and X San Leandro RB HAAL top rusher Harold Halcomb liked the switch from SLH to MAC ? He could have been playing Friday night in San Leandro and having a win…oops, oh and what are ya thinking ? OAL ? Silver Bowl ? vs NCS CHAMPIONSHIP ?
    BOD had a piece of humble pie losing to a very good Franklin.BOD is HUGE guys
    and should destroy HAAL.BUT…with St.Ignatiusthis week big bad Dowd might be 0-2 come next week…hmm should be interesting. Also watch out for week 1 winners Acalanes,Miramonte,St Pats..Thats right St. Pats I have an eye on ya.

    Congrats El Cerrito for not having Encinal for your opener and getting the “W”…

    This week I ‘ll take Pinole over Rancho Cot////James Logan over San Leandro/// Monte Vista over Serra and Encinal over Hayward.