30Q-2-KICKOFF (No. 23): Who’s on a Mission

It’s time to take a glance at the Mission Valley Athletic League.

I’ve already spoken highly about James Logan a couple of times. I think they really grew as the season went on last year, even if they did fall in the first round of the NCS playoffs to Berkeley. Warren Miles Long (the name he’s now requested to be refered to as) is back at running back. You’ve got to think he’s got the potential to put up some HUGE career numbers. He ran for 1,545 yards, including the playoff game, and still has two more years to rack up the numbers. Backfield mate Damond Beasley had 865 yards and also has two more seasons left. TE J.J. Jones is very good and I’m not going to keep repeating myself, I really like Logan this season. I expect them to be the favorite.

Washington has been right there in the mix with Logan for several years and Ken Wittmer and company have done a good job with the Huskies. Despite the exodus of talent, led by first-team All-East Bay UTL Deandre Carter, Washington should be near the top of the standings again.

After that, who knows? Newark Memorial has kind of been that third team in the league for a while and usually is able to win games against the lower tiered teams in the league. Rich Swift enters his 34th years as coach and FINALLY becomes the longest tenured coach in the MVAL thanks to the retirement of Pete Michaletos at Kennedy. The Titans have former Logan standout Damian Mackey in charge and return QB Jesse Ochoa and RB Isaiah Cortez. They could mix things up in the middle of the standings.

American has a new coach in Bret Casey. The Eagles have reached the playoffs the last two years, but haven’t scored a point in either of those two playoff games. Their lost postseason points came in a 55-7 loss to San Ramon Valley in 2007. But hey, you have to give them credit for being able to make postseason appearances.

Irvington will look to grow in coach Zach Silvernale’s second year after going 2-8 with a 2-4 MVAL mark last year. RB/DB/KR Raeshawn Lee should be the Vikings top playmaker.

And then there’s Mission San Jose. The Warriors have lost 34 straight MVAL games since a 20-18 win over Newark Memorial on Oct. 15, 2005. The team did snap a 24-game overall losing streak (only counting on field results, not forfeit wins) when it beat De Anza 27-6 last year. Believe it or not, but I think this year’s MSJ team has a chance to get off to a decent start. The Warriors open with a winnable game against Emery. Then they take on De Anza again. 2-0 is a possibility. The third game is against California School for the Deaf, a game that seemingly should’ve been on the schedule for years with as close as those two schools are (geographically and competitively). If MSJ could win that one too, a 3-0 start would be pretty exciting. Sure, the competition has to be taken into account. But considering where MSJ has been, it’ll take wins against whoever it can get them against. It may not translate into MVAL success, but it could be a small building block.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • mvalfan

    kennedy will be second this year to logan. they have too much talent and too many good coaches to loose. washington has been the #2 team for a while, but their two best players who where going to replace deandre carter left with carters dad and DB coach and trainer eddie smith and they all went over to kennedy. not to mention all the other talent comming in this year all being coach by Damian Mackey and smith two local greats who know what it takes to get to the next level after each playing at oreagon and oklahoma. that is too much ground for washington to make up this year

  • MVALFremont

    Logan will once again win the MVAL however I think the battle for second place in league is not set in stone for Washington to claim. I see the Huskies loosing to Logan, Kennedy and American while they will beat Newark,Irvington and Mission. Mission will have some wins this year but still will be without a league win again. As I see it 1)Logan 2)Kennedy 3)American 4)Washington 5)Newark Memorial 6)Irvington and 7)Mission

  • ManDown

    1.) Logan – Have one of the best backs in the Bay. The won’t lose a league game.
    2.) Washington – Lose one of the best athletes in the bay in Cater but I don’t see any other team in this league beating them besides Logan
    3.) Newark – They may be on the decline in ’11. Could finish in fifth.
    4.) JFK-Fremont – A bunch of talk and hype with this team on the blogs but they still need to prove there worth. They have been to the playoffs once in ’08 and came back and only won 7 games in the past two years.
    5.) American – Show and prove this year.
    6.) Irvington – Coaching change
    7.) Mission – They need to be in the BFL

  • huskyfan

    My opinions only…
    1)College athletes doesn’t always equate to good high school coaches…
    2) i looked for this eddie coach on past oregon rosters and coudln’t find him…when did he play?..yes mackey played oklahoma for their title team…
    3)every team loses great players from the year before, doesn’t mean they are going to all of a sudden be terrible the next.
    4) looking at calpreps past scores..kennedy and american haven’t come within 40 pts to washington in a while..hard to believe they make up that ground in one year…
    5) washington appears to have lost a freshman coach and a DB coach…i doubt their staff is in shambles now because of them..
    6) lots of hype lots of talent at kennedy..as been advertised here..are they elgigible? what positions is the talent coming in at? are you going to be able to bring a ton of new guys together in one year, not much returns so cohesiveness could be a problem.

    i think mandown your predictions look pretty good at this point…logan is clearly the frontrunner…washington, newark and jfk will probably battle for the rest of the spots..but we will find out soon enough…let the games do the talking.

    but here’s hoping some of these other teams can challenge because it is only gonna help the MVAL out as a league. washington is the only team that has had much playoff success since 5 or so years back when irvington made their runner up ncs championship run.

  • BVAL Expert

    any good scrimages this week

  • teehee

    I agree huskyfan.. I seen kennedy, for as much talent as theyve imported in, im not impressed.

  • football guy

    Why do you huskie coaches keep putting out that kennedy imported all this talent. How would you know? Sounds to me established schools in fremont are afraid of then unknown and when thats the case first thing coaches do are start rumors about that school with no facts. I agree husky fan oh i mean coach that if kennedy has any talent at all it could take a year of two for a new staff to cultivate it. the huskies should be able to hold on to there number status in the mval and Newark third jfk and american will fight for fourth. I also agree coach that the more schools playing at a higher level the better for the league especially for playoff seedings. This should be a fun MVAL season and good luck to all schools.

  • Prep Fan

    I was disappointed to see that Mr. Long will now be known as Warren, as I thought Miles Long was the best name in the East Bay last season. He’ll still be a great player though. I don’t see Logan losing in MVAL play.

  • Billjohnson

    Logan will win dis league hands down but until they work on that passing game they aint fooln anyone come ncs time. I dont understand y teams like logan bhigh san leandro r satisfied runnin there weak plays over n over n league vs crap n dont develop there passing attack n expect do something n d1playoffs.

  • Dawgpound

    As an MVAL supporter, i have watched many WHS games the last 5 seasons and I def saw a different team with the additions of both the Smith brothers, Charlie who I believed coached RB’s and WR’s when the Vaughn kid was there was a standout at Fresno State, and Eddie was a prep phenom at ST. Marys (and one helluva FFL player) took his talents to Eugene. WHS one there only MVAL title in 10 years with them on staff as well as winning playoff games in echo season. I can def see some dropoff with the huskies but thats why we play the game. The loss of not only a highly regarded coach but also trainer who has helped many kids receive Div 1 offers including carter,lousi, and vaughn. Im looking forward to see if we as a league can elevate into the discussion of a top tier league.

  • mvalfan

    football guy- dont give kennedy a bad name by comming on here with that crap. if you say huskie fan is a coach wouldnt he know if his players were at kennedy now? you sound stupid saying he is afraid so he is starting rumors WTF. we know who came over from washington dont try to play it off. they all got ncs transfers and not sure what your talking about 2 years before they get going and that they will have to fight for 4th place this year. look at what carter did at B-high when he came from mac. kennedy will run the table on every team but logan and washington. the kennedy washington game will be the biggest fremont game in years. everyone knows its beat washington or bust for kennedy and im sure washington wont go down without a fight. this will be the first year in a long time that i am looking forward to see fremont schools go at it. its about time

  • dj falong

    good scrimmages? sure friday night at 7 pm a pittsburgh high school dls , logan , pitts and cal.

  • dj falong

    every one is talking about the running backs at logan but i will warn you logan’s Qb was a state triple jump finalist and had a growth spurt, alot stronger than last year and has become very accurate with the football watch out for the passing game of logan.

  • MVALcoach

    With all of this built up hype about Kennedy I doubt they’ll actually be any better.

  • Hoodboy

    Kennedy had a scrimmage at Tennyson today. Kennedy was ok. they couldnt stop the pass. Kennedy has some good receivers tho. The line needs some work but they will be good. Logan is hands down gonna win league but its a fight for 2nd.

  • pirate football

    logan looked good 2nite and didnt have running back beasly who is a game breaker.

  • MVALFremont

    American scrimmaged against Arroyo and Northgate today at Arroyo and American looked pretty good. They didn’t give up any points on defense.

  • Michaletos Fan

    I saw Kennedy scrimmage Tennyson twice. And in both scrimmages Tennyson outplayed Kennedy. Kennedy did better in the 2nd scrimmage. Our offense didn’t score on Tennyson in the summer but at the scrimmage on Friday we moved the ball & scored twice with one called back, by the way the HAAL Refs suck.