Prep football preview: Offensive lines

Our prep football preview package begins in tomorrow’s paper. Much of the stuff is already up online. Here’s a short video I compiled to go along with our centerpiece story.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • KillerD

    Who looked good at scrimmages yesterday? What teams will surge and which teams will stumble in 2011?


  • 8-27-11

    Logan looked ready for the 2011 campaign as they beat Pittsburg,Calif. and the real surprise getting by DLS 2-1….Pittsburg lost all three scrimmages..but they still had periods where they looked rugged on both offense and defense…so they can’t be counted out…DLS took care of Pitt and Calif…but had a rug time with Logan…Houston was red hot with his bullet passing…

  • BVAL Expert

    heard pittsburg didnt look to hot

  • kriart

    Pitt’s Galli didn’t really intend to win at scoring TDs at the scrimmage; Logan scored because Pitt fielded all its 2nd and 3rd stringers in their game with Logan but if you had the 1st string all the way, it would’ve been a different story. Galli always wants to be fair to all members and let them play in practice games like scrimmages. Plus, Logan was their last game in the six-period scrimmage; everybody was tired; not sure if Logan fielded any 2nd string at all but they have a great RB. Pitt fielded their best vs DLS, their first period game and DLS started on offense with a first play where their RB didn’t go far as 5 yds, and then sacked their QB Houston in the 2nd play. Pitt’s 1st string D-Line is solid contrary to what many are saying. Cal’s offense cannot penetrate Pitt’s front D-line and so they resorted to long passing. Pitt’s corners need more strenghening although I saw that Pitt didn’t use Marshall Cotton at the corners to full potential. Galli saw that his boys in the 1st string did really well against all other teams and didn’t waste their energy that much and fielded the 2nd and 3rd strings in most other games except DLS. Nobody got injuted except a cramp I saw on the Pitt side. That makes them really ready for the next game with Foothill. And hey, the BANG newswriters in Ibabuzz Prepcorner wouldn’t vote Pitt as the No. 2 best in the 2011 East Bay preseason poll if they don’t know what Pitt can do in a FULL game; they’re loaded in ALL positions and with a D-Line like that, they’ll be ready. All the teams in the Pitt scrimmage were voted top 4 in the poll with DLS#1, Pitt#2, California#3 and Logan#4 hence, that scrimmage was billed the tournament of the best in the East Bay, some even would say in NorCal.

  • InTheKnow

    Hey Kriart, the reality is that Logan whooped Pitt. Logan gave up three long scores and two were called back because of Pitt penalties. Other than that Logan shut them down… Pitt had zero sustained drives. Logan scored AT WILL against Pitt’s starters. I was there and three scores were off Pitts starters in the first 8 minutes. Last game as an excuse? Lame. It was Logan’s last game too… if that is an excuse, then I guess Pitt is out of shape and Logan is not. Logan played their 2nd and 3rd stringers for the last 7 minutes and scored twice more. 5-1 was the score.

  • bval fan

    Heritage is real young but walked through Foothill, Washington and College Park. Should be OK…

  • ebalfan #2

    Any word on the SR-MV-Irvington-Dougherty Valley scrimmage?

  • Free Monty

    SR-MV scrimmage was fairly reserved, both QB’s threw some great deep balls for TD’s. Zach Kline left the scrimmage against DV after their DL (#55)was impressive and kept getting to him. Kline looked like he may have hurt his hand before he left. Let the games begin!