Fremont forfeits game vs. Chowchilla

The Fremont High football team forfeited Saturday’s varsity and junior varsity season-opening football games against Chowchilla.

Tigers coach Isamu Falevai said Fremont athletic director Darlene Miller informed Chowchilla last week that the Tigers were forfeiting the games because they did not have enough eligible players. Falevai said it was a combination of players who had not fulfilled academic requirements and players who had not yet participated in the 10 days of practice required by the California Interscholastic Federation to play in a game.

Some players got their physicals late in the summer and that prevented them from participating in enough practices, Falevai said. He expects to have enough eligible players for Fremont’s Sept. 10 game against Galileo-San Francisco.

“We’re working hard on building it up so that we get more numbers,” Falevai said.

The junior varsity team will forfeit at least its first two games, possibly more, Falevai said.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • lol

    Fremont high has academic qualifications?

  • all the camps they went to this summer come on. Whats this 10 practices since Aug. 15th??? BS.

  • You need 10 official practices, so the summer stuff doesn’t count. It’s only practices after Aug. 15 that count.

  • KillerD

    My heartaches, bleeds and is breaking apart for all of those kids and coaches in the OAL.

    So many great teams, players and memories throughout the years…the OAL is and has been on life-support for numerous years, I hope they get over the hump somehow, someway before it all falls down for good

  • junior

    Jimmy- Didnt this happen last year too?

  • Two years ago.

  • Come on Jimmy 20 practices since the 15th they didn’t make half of the practices?? Point is did the AD go out there & take role everyday. No. SO what the hell. Fremont High coaches turn themselves in? I’m all for 10 practices but damn if kids made all summer & for some reason didn’t make 10 out the 1st 20 practices(damn how the hell could that have happen). Can we GrandFather it so the coaches don’t look like Sh*t & at this point they are 2nd time in 3 years its happen.

  • Prep Fan

    It sounds like more than just the kids not making it to practice. The article states “Some players got their physicals late in the summer and that prevented them from participating in enough practices”. There is a difference between kids blowing off practices and not being allowed to practice. The AD or coaches need to get the physicals scheduled early on in the summer, as this is preventable with some advanced planning.

  • There were some new academic requirements that the coaching staff learned of late that caused some to be ineligible. That was a big part of it.

  • InTheKnow

    This is so irresponsible and frustrating. If I were Chowchilla I would be ticked off that fremont can’t get it together. 2 years ago they did this to Logan and Logan was lucky to go out and find a game during their bye week later in the season or their kids would have only had 9 games (which especially stinks for seniors during their last season).

  • Fremont actually tried to get this game moved out of Week 0 because it was concerned it might not be ready to go. But Chowchilla didn’t have wiggle room in the schedule (can’t blame them) and so Fremont tried to give it a go to complete the two-year deal. It’s been a problem with some of the OAL schools trying to schedule in Week 0, that’s no doubt. It definitely doesn’t make future scheduling any easier.

  • teehee

    “There is a difference between kids blowing off practices and not being allowed to practice. The AD or coaches need to get the physicals scheduled early on in the summer, as this is preventable with some advanced planning.”

    The responsibility falls on the kids and the parents to get the physicals done.. The coach already donates a lot of time to the kids and the kids get to play for free. They can take care of the physical I am pretty sure.

  • EarHustler

    Shut up. You’re an idiot.
    All you EVER do is come on here and talk s**t. Not one positive post, nope, not one.
    Did you really ask to grandfather in the summer practices?

  • Your Mama is an idiot & You can’t be too far behind if you are for forfeiting 1 out of 10 games. Obviously not an East Bay guy.

  • Billjohnson

    Its a joke like the silver bowl these games r meaningless y do u think it happens almost everyear n da oal they can forfiet everygame n non league win 2 games n da oal make the playoffs.

  • EBfootball

    Yet another reason to be in NCS. Fremont would be able schedule games easier. Nobody in NCS gives a damn about playing an OAL team because a game against them means nothing when jockeying for a playoff spot. I bet a ton of schools out there would love to get an easy win over an OAL team if they were in NCS for that .500 in division requirement.

  • ManDown

    No excuses for Fremont to be forfeiting this game. Its the coaches fault for not making sure all his players were eligible to start the season and having enough practices. Thats irresponsible and that obviously means they wont be winning any non-league games. Can’t blame the AD because the HC had to know that some of his players were on the edge to play.

  • ManDown

    EBfootball, The OAL does not need to bring there show into NCS. Nobody wants them there and they don’t want to be there so drop it homie. Its not going to happen.

  • EBfootball

    The OAL teams don’t take non-league games serious because all that really matters to them is their fake playoffs (aka rematches). If you’re from Oakland you know many people refer to those games as “pre-season” games. If those games had meaning to them, they’d take them more serious.

  • Same ol’ Williams

    Mandown, you can blame the AD. where was the AD all summer long. Fremont been camping and practicing all summer. AD gets paid during the summer time, but what job did the AD do? Sounds like the AD is the paperwork guy.

  • EarHustler

    Once again you showed us all how brilliant you really are. Calling out my mother, shame on you. But I’m sure she would drive block your sorry a** into the linebacker, then chip off to get the DB. What does being an “East Bay guy” mean? Fremont coaches may have made a mistake with this game, but you, Perkin….you probably suck at life.

  • Billjohnson

    how many oal teams will have a winning record by the time league starts?

  • ManDown

    EBfootball, Who cares if they take it serious or not? Let the OAL be what they are and play for there league championships. NCS doesn’t need them bringing all those issues to the party.

  • Billjohnson

    i wonder if macks san leandro transfers have made it to 10 practices i guess will find out saturday! Has da oal commiss already approved da transfers? Wat r da rules regarding transfering n da oal?

  • BVAL Expert

    Its both the HC and players faults.. HC should be drilling things like this into the players heads to turn things in. or to get your work done… We dont know completely what the circumstances and what players were thinking at the time.. maybe they just thought. “Oh who cares about grades” or ” Oh, whose needs physicals” or “Oh i can just join the team whenever I want”.. Was the team really that careless all around? Its hard to see that players dont care.

    “Its the players responsibility”
    Not necessarily does it fall completely under the players.. I know some coaches in the BVAL that hold accountable that they didnt get on there players hard enough on grades to keep them on the team… When progress reports come out some coaches are on there game and know whose “treading water” and it close
    getting cut.. They should have all that information ahead of time.. No excuses for Fremont coaching staff and players

  • pirate football

    oal lets anybody transfer in and play, a kid at b high transfered during the middle of the season to mack, and now i just heard earlier today that the kid from san leandro just transfered to mack like 2 weeks ago

  • Oal / 2011

    Fremont had 30 plus player at all there camps did those guys have physicals ? If not then the Fremont staff put all those guys a risk…Or is it vecausae the big kid from SF went back and the three Castlemont kids didn’t clear yet ? mmm

  • teehee

    Who’s to say they didn’t have it ahead of time? None of us know whats going on at Fremont.

  • TOO BAD…

    It’s obvious that some of you guys have NEVER tried to coach in the OAL… it’s hard enough to try and get the kids to practice and “hope” that they get home safely in the evenings… asking them to be in compliance with all the rules and regulations is another story… it’s a MIRACLE that there is football in any of the OAL schools these days… don’t start pointing fingers @ the coaches/AD’s/players until YOU have been in their shoes… not making excuses for whatever circumstances are in play, but FACT is that there are different circumstances for ALL involved @ the OAL schools…

  • Prep Fan

    Teehee, re post #12: Some schools are very proactive in getting the word out to the parents about the need for physicals, to the point where they actually arrange for a doctor to come to the school. You can say it is all on the parents, and the coaches and AD have enough on their plate, but unless a kid just transferred in late in the summer, losing kids to the physicals issue is preventable with some advanced planning. It is an administrative issue that good programs have built into their systems.

  • pirate football

    too bad
    you are making excuses for fremont, why they are the only oal school to cancel this weekend, plan and simple the kids and coaches didnt get things done, it would b diff if they had many late transfers, but if they had kids doin summer camps and passing leagues, then they supposed to have physicals, hell most camps i know of require u submit ur teams physicals b4 they can participate n the camp. this guy isnt a 1st year coach he knows what needs to get done

  • billjohnson

    too bad… i hear ya but wat bout the coliseum section down south thats la city teams cant say dey dont have similar issues u brought up. they have sent a team 2 state the top teams r rated high per calpreps jus face it oal has fell off maybe 1 day it will rise again.

  • LonghHorns

    Wow lots of bad mouthing, and OAL bashing! If all or a few of you posters would get out and volunteer your time, maybe you could make a difference! Instead your talking about something you have no clue about! Where you there, are you sure the Coach didn’t give out information? Just a few questions that I ask! I really hope the OAL gets back up soon…

  • BVAL Expert

    Too bad- what does going home safety have to do with getting your work done off the field? Its two separate things. When you are on a football team as a player you have to take full actions for what you do and the decisions you make.. so if you chose not to turn in work.. or physicals in.. theres a consequences that you have to pay (Common sense).. its simple.. people have the right to point fingers if things aren’t getting taking’ care of what you need to do.. you never hear coaches having little problems like this..

    If the Mt. Diablo can have a season, then Fremont should have no problem having a season as well. Mt. Diablo has faced way more advanced problems them Fremont has ever encountered. and Mt Diablo has managed to get through them… So theres really no excuses what so ever..

  • Tiger Alum

    Some stuff i Know for the Inside;

    1. Most of the kids who played during the summer for Fremont weren’t eligible in the 1st place. Coaches thought they may be eligible through summer school, or through paperwork but they fell through.

    1a) the OAL has a rule that junior high students who move on to high school must be elgible at their junior high to play at the high school…. many of us say well if they graduated from middle school then they should automatically be elgible to play, but that is not necessarily the case. Many of the kids tank the last marking period knowing they will walk and end uo ineligible at the high school.

    2. The OAL assistant commissioner is a unapologetic Mack and Castlemont supporter…… haven’t you knotted how kids can transfer into the Castelmont and MAck and almost never sit out or wait, but transfer to skyline, fremont, Tech or oakland high and there is a hardship……. Remember how Williams was allowed to play one half od the league at MAck, and the second half and playoffs at Castelmont? Crazy but it did happen…… people on the inside know exactly who and what im talking about.

    3. 0 week games typically cause problems for many OAL teams….. the paperwork that is required to play means you need to have a coach, principal, ad, parents and players all the same page! this almost never happens at many of the schools unless the principal or assistant is put directly incharge of sports…. like Oakland high and Mack then things get done a lot quicker.

    4. The NCS doesn’t want any part of the OAL trust me, I don’t think t would be beneficial to either league, plus the stopping of transfers would cripple the league.

    5. Some teams don’t even have enough helmets, let alone all the other equipment needed to run a real hs program.

    6. How many of the coaches are certified in the OAL? I would say less than 15%… i mean really certified, most are alums who played, community guys, school supporters who know if they don’t coach then ho one would. The coaches are suppose to make the rules known biut the AD enforces the rules….. again the admin and coaches have to be on same page.

    Im not even going to get into the socio-economical issues that put many of these school in a disadvantage, but to compare Mt. Diablo and Fremont is a bit unfair.

  • lol

    OAL (and SF, really) needs to put up or shut up… join the NCS and play against the rest… Mack thinks they should go to a state bowl well prove it

  • Billjohnson

    if mack wants 2 b a state team then dey need 2 schedule some good d2 schools cuz dats where the oal section is placed. I know mack is a small school but lets b real there like a catholic school u dont need 2 live n da area 2 go 2 school. u can transfer n no problem no paperwork needed. Have those san leandro boys been approved? Where n da west do dey live?

  • TOO BAD…

    Some of you guys don’t have the guts nor the balls to go to a school like Fremont and basically volunteer to TRY and make a difference. All of you that are quick to make a dumb comments have NO CLUE what happens in the middle of Oakland. Worrying about kids getting home safely has nothing to do with football, but it is one of the things that the Coaches concern themselves with and it takes a toll…and you can’t compare South Central L.A. to Central Oakland. Parents/Guardians in South Central have, and ALWAYS will, be big supporters of their High Schools and their sports programs because that is part of their culture down there… not so in Central Oakland… Ask TigerAlum… this person knows…and like I said before, not making excuses, just stating facts… it is what it is… I really don’t think many have the right to pass judgement when you REALLY don’t know what is going on top to bottom… it’s not fair to the kids, the Coaches, and the Admin… all we should do is try and understand and lend a HELPING hand… if you have the guts to…

  • BVAL Expert

    No ones going to listen to you if you are so one sided Tiger Alum.. You could do tons of comparisons with Mt Diablo and Fremont.. analyzing both teams problems on and off the field..

    Quit feeling sorry for the teams that dont get their S*** done on and off the field, because there must be a reason why they don’t S*** done like uhmmm there attitudes or just being careless..Your just wasting your time feeling sorry for a school that cant even do the LITTLE THINGS right… I went to a Fremont game @Fremont last year and the parents/players arent Angels themselves.. alot of cussing and bad mouthing people walking around.. just a bad atmosphere all alround.. Not a good program to feel sorry for.. I’d rather feel sorry for Mt Diablo cause they are trying to get there stuff together

  • Tiger Alum


    You don’t want me to be sympathetic to the school I graduated from when they cant play a scheduled game? I don’t understand why you even referenced me at….. I agree what happen was absolutely unacceptable, I agree the atmosphere around some of the games last year was less than pleasant….. that doesn’t change the thesis of my post; There are a lot of systemic problems with Fremont and with the OAL for that matter, but there are reasons some very clear why its tough to play a 0 week game. Thats all thats it.

    If you read my post it was more about what events need to happen at the Oakland schools for them to be better in football. Without Parent-Admin-Coach-Players all on same page it can be tough to run a football “Program” The fact that many of the Oakland schools cant even field a JV team is proof enough that there is a problem.

    BTW I went to a couple of Campo and Miramonte games last year and the atmosphere was quite familiar…. one of backstabbing, and foul language….. I felt right at home! lol

  • BVAL Expert

    Ok i apologize i thought you were a random person that just felt sorry for them..Its more meaningful if you were apart of the program or attended that school. Dont get me wrong they had a great team last year.. The Liberty and Fremont game was excellent.. Fremont came back and stole the show.. threw a hail mary to the running back lined up as WR

  • Same old OAL the last several years. In the old days the OAL was ready to play on opening day. Remember beating Castlemont 14-08 coming off their OAL title in ’69 and beating Fremont 6-0 in 1970. The players were big and fast, lots of track athletes on the teams.