East Bay Football Poll — 9/6

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (7) 1-0 105 1
2. Pittsburg 1-0 96 2
3. California 1-0 91 3
4. James Logan 1-0 86 4
5. Monte Vista 1-0 77 6
6. San Ramon Valley 0-1 70 5
7. Encinal 0-0 62 7
8. Pinole Valley 1-0 57 10
9. Heritage 1-0 41  t11
10. Freedom 1-0 40 t11
11. Concord 0-1 39 8
12. Miramonte 1-0 23 13
13. Bishop O’Dowd 0-1 21 9
14. Las Lomas 1-0 18 14
t15. Salesian 1-0 5 NR
t15. San Leandro 1-0 5 NR

Also receiving votes: Granada (0-1, 4 points). The East Bay Prep Boys Basketball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Spark Baldman

    Opps sorry prep. Didnt see that one

  • scoop

    Encinal is a good team for is roster size, A lot of speed at every single postion but my prediction is
    serra 35 ENCINAL 21.
    Serra has studs in wilson as well disciplined team, compared to encinal who had 4 unsportsmanlike conduct penalties from what i hear.
    I am rooting for the jets just because there an EAst bay team and a public school, But I say serra wins

  • Triton8

    Encinal doesn’t really need respect these days…..3 straight NCS Championship appearances with 3 different QBs???? Enough said!

    @Clubber Lang…..No one knows about the outcome yet….but I do know for sure that they will HIT!

  • Triton8

    Encinal is a good team for ANY roster size….ask Eureka and Marin Catholic. Even ask CN…they were in a dogfight for most of the Title Game.

  • Prep Fan

    Like they wouldn’t want to earn some more respect? This would be huge win for them, and yes everyone knows thy have a great program. But for state bowl implications and the posters on here that have weighed in on whether they thought Encinal could hang in the EBAL or not, a victory over Serra right now after their shallacking of MV would be just huge. I personally don’t think they will beat the Padres, but would love to see it and will be rooting for them.

  • coaches corner

    WE had a chance to listen in to the VHS/MCH game and Goff has a great arm for the long passes but doesn’t impress on the shorts. Compeltion rate of 30% for the game is sub-par. MC needs to get Tewhill back in or they can’t sustain this offense. Not impressed. Their big receiver, Farney, bailed Goff out on 2 of the 3 passes.