Pittsburg to play Castlemont tomorrow

Got a scheduling change for tomorrow’s slate of high school football games. Pittsburg, which was scheduled to host Jefferson-Daly City, will instead host Castlemont. Kickoff is still slated for 7 p.m. at Pirate Stadium.

Here’s how we got here. Jefferson was unable to play Pittsburg this week because of a bench-clearing brawl in last Friday’s game against Milpitas. According to the Milpitas Post, 15 of the 27 Jefferson players came off the sideline to enter the fray, and thus earned suspensions for this week. That left Jefferson without enough players to play.

According to Pittsburg coach Victor Galli, there was never actually a signed contract to play Jefferson, only an agreement. That meant the Pirates wouldn’t get a forfeit win, but it did mean that they were looking at the possibility of a nine-game schedule.

 This morning, word came down from the OAL that St. Elizabeth would be forfeiting to Castlemont  because of a lack of players at practice this week. Thus, the Knights had an open date, potentially their third since they were only originally scheduled to play eight games this year anyway.

So, the two got together and now we have Knights vs. Pirates instead. Before they kick off, Pittsburg will still host Jefferson’s junior varsity team at the normal time (I’d assume 4 p.m.).

Ben Enos

  • BVAL Expert

    Wow so pittsburg has one day to prepare for castlemont? ahhahahahha.. thats so crazy.. never seen this happen before

  • I think Castlemont having one day to prepare for Pittsburg is probably a little tougher.

  • Guys….It won’t make any difference…The Pirates will roll any way except Castlemont is a lot tougher then Jefferson….

  • BVAL Expert

    it could make a huge difference.. both teams having equal amount of time to prepare

  • Pitt Grunt

    Whereas I have my concerns playing a team in which the coaches will not have an opportunity to view film, how do we know Castlemont is a lot tougher than Jefferson? Castlemont has not played a game, due to their week #1 opponent, St Elizabeth, forfeiting. Are you (George Manley) making this assessment based on inside knowledge? Did you watch them in a scrimmage the week before?

    By the way, Pitt should roll in this one.

  • Oh boy

    Am I the only the one that did the math?

    11 players on the field + 15 suspended for leaving the bench = 26 out of a 27 man squad. Ha! Who was the last guy on the bench? Was he injured? Was it the kicker?

    I don’t condone kids brawling but this is hilarious. I’m down for a team that’s All for One and One for All.

  • Prep Fan

    Or All but one for All, and One for All but one.

    That’s pretty funny Oh Boy. Maybe the guy wasn’t paying attention enough to even notice that his entire team left the sideline.

  • brandonbeard


  • Joe

    Fremont won’t play after SF-Galileo backed out. I liked that team, but what a terrible way to start the season. Really OAL teams should not be scheduling week 0 games.

  • Pitt Grunt

    Not much that can be said about last night’s game. Galli pulls starters in the 2nd quarter. Game was NOT called when the lighting was lighting up the sky. The new “Mercy Rule” was in effect in the second half. When they mean the clock runs they weren’t kidding. The clock never stopped, not even for two Castlemont injuries. The third quarter lasted 15 minutes and the 4th quarter lasted 15 minutes. The entire second half lasted 33 minutes. Crazy.