East Bay Football Poll — 9/13

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (7) 1-0 105 1
2. Pittsburg 2-0 97 2
3. California 2-0 91 3
4. James Logan 2-0 85 4
5. San Ramon Valley 1-1 77 6
6. Encinal 1-0 70 7
7. Freedom 2-0 62 10
8. Monte Vista 1-1 54 5
9. Las Lomas 2-0 45 14
10. Miramonte 2-0 43 12
11. Heritage 1-1 27 9
12. Pinole Valley 1-1 23 8
13. Salesian 2-0 21 t15
14. Granada 1-1 18 NR
15. Deer Valley 1-1 6 NR

Also receiving votes: Campolindo (2-0, 4 points), San Leandro (1-1, 4), Foothill (1-1, 4), Acalanes (2-0, 2), Amador Valley (1-1, 2), Concord (0-2, 1). The East Bay Prep Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • Oh boy

    I love the way Encinal plays football. Tough sons of guns over there almost took down Serra.

    The matchup I’m dying to see would be Encinal-Salesian. Can the Pride still petition up to D3 for NCS playoffs?

  • BVAL Expert

    Very interesting week alot of close games, and well played football

  • Oh Boy. Really? Who is Salesian? Are you fn kidding me? Do your homework. I will do my best to restrain myself. Get a clue.

  • mval observer

    jfk football rules jfk of kennedy lost tonight but will make div 3 play offs and shock some teams just wait n see

  • KillerD

    KillerD went 6 for 6 last night on winning picks.

    Can’t wait for tonight’s “Showdown in F-Town” as the California School for the Deaf encounters Mission San Jose Fremont in a battle of Unbeaten’s.

    CSD wins tonight and KillerD goes 7-0 on the weekend. See (prediction on this game at top of this thread).

    Question: What happened to the MV player last night in their game vs. Pitt, injury?

  • Pitt Grunt

    @ KillerD,

    The MV TE came across the middle, caught a pass, and was tackled by the strong safety. Not a hard hit but I think the angle of tackler caused the arm of the Pitt SS to make contact with the helmet, at least that was the consensus in the stands. The player was knocked out for close the 10 minutes. When the Fire Department arrived it looked like they immobilized the player, then he started screaming. Apparently, when the kid became conscious, he had a neck brace on and a dozen people staring at him. That’s when he started screaming. It was loud and terrifying. I am guessing he did not know where he was or who the people were.

    Just an ugly scene.

  • KillerD

    For sure terrifying for that MV tight end. For those of us that have suffered bad concussions it is easily one of the most frightening things imaginable. To not know who or where or why you are, is paralyzing.

    Prayers go out to him.

  • prideballer no one associated with the program wants 2 play emery st.liz etc. 1 guy does ur ad/head coach does y else wouldnt dey have left da bfl. the man had jahvid best n still played the school of the deaf the man is not a competetior!

  • kemper congrats on ur 1st win buddy ur offense always seem to respond when you play those juggernauts. all you guys who went to encinal/serra missed out watching a high powered offensive show.

  • Reggie Hammond

    So Alameda High token program wants to talk a lil spit. Ok Sulamon you asked for it. Smash mouth football at the swamp this week. Should be a nose bleeder/braker. Busey over the middle and then CRACK can’t recognize him anymore. What’s up Jessie Lewis down set STUCK, Your head smacked up. Ha hahaha.

  • Nailhouse, Encinal- Salesian would make a very good game. When Javid Best was there, they were losing to SPSV who had beaten Encinal in the past. So on any given game, things can occur. Just look at last night. Could of Encinal brat Serra last nite, yep, would they beat them at another rematch? Most likely not, but you can never tell. Some teams match up better against certain opponents. No one thought Cardinal Newman would beat WCAL power Valley Christian last nite, but they did, and CN has beaten Encinal.
    I am not a Salesian fan, hoever don’t overlook them or anyone else, anyone can be had on a given night.

  • who can beat who is just a matter of opinion. some ladies walk west mac on the right, some walk on the left. bye the time they get to High’s, Yo Mama picks the winners.

  • Sparty

    Sparty say’s come on out to JV game at Clayton Valley HS and Cheer for Spartans and CVHS JV squads while the big boy’s are in Florida. Kick-Off at 5:oo pm Thursday Sept 22.

  • JFK alum

    Mackey is ruining RB Isaiah Cortez at Kennedy (Fremont). WTF?!??!? He should get out of there.

  • Scl alum


    May have to take you to Vegas…lol. You called the gutsy road wins with Fortuna/ Healdsburg, and Ferndale/ Fortuna last night…

  • SalesianDad

    @Nailhouse Dr. – get a clue? Really? don’t get you started? How much football have you actually watched. Salesian has one of the top O lines in in all divisions this year. Their running back has rushed for 187 and 4 TD’s and 218 and 4 TD’s in each of their last two games. All in the first half of each game. This team is for real. They just get hated on because they are a small school.

  • The Renegade

    @Pitt Grunt- Malik Watson contacted the injured player, Erts, from Monte Vista and will be ok! I was scary injury though!

  • KillerD

    To SCL Alum, thanks for the props and with CSD winning last night, KillerD went 7 for 7 on winning picks.

    Great news about the inured MV player, glad he is OK

  • Killer D, congrats on your 7 for 7. what’s your take on De La vs. TA in Florida? I say if they win, great- if they lose, they still have state state bowl implications.
    Your thoughts?

  • HS Football Fan

    While everybody’s ripping Salesian for playing in the BFL (and Jimmy pointed out that this is Salesian’s last year in the BFL), did anybody notice that BFL member Berean Christian beat perennial Bay Shore runner-up SPSV by three TD’s yesterday?

  • HS Football Fan

    For all of those ripping Salesian for being in the BFL (and remember, Jimmy mentioned above that this is Salesian’s last year in the BFL), did anybody notice that BFL member Berean Christian just beat perennial BSAL runner-up SPSV by three touchdowns? It could be a long season in Vallejo, and it looks like they can start making up those “Untouched forever in the BSAL” shirts at Encinal.

  • KillerD

    Thanks Big Joe and regarding your poignant question about the upcoming DLS at St. Thomas Aquinas matchup:

    1. In HIGH SCHOOL football, it gets oddly awkward, self serving and smacks of arrogance (not pride) when a HIGH SCHOOL football program lists “national titles” on their web site. There is NO SUCH THING at the high school level. I cannot stand the injected and absurd commercialization of high school sports to the extreme that some people attempt to take it in terms of wins and losses and phantom “national titles.”

    But, I digress…

    2. I believe DLS is quite beatable this season from an elite team: either St. Thomas Aquinas or San Ramon Valley this year. and,Bellarmine just missed.

    3. DLS takes a five-hour flight and plays at 5pm PST.

    4. This will be the 2nd Road game of a four-game Road stretch, and after STA, DLS must travel to play a VERY tough Livermore Cowboy team that has a full TWO weeks to get ready for DLS, and Livermore has the BEST Running Back in the bay area in DD.

    5. DLS will work hard all week, study on the airplane, seat the position group players together with their coaches in tow monitoring and quizzing them along the flight. DLS will Do Everything possible to prep to win

    *Sometimes however, no matter how well prepared you are, how incredible your history is, the other team is just as well prepped, slightly better talented and simply better that night.

    DLS has their hands full this year in EBAL play with Livermore, San Ramon and Cal high, but of course they will be heavily favored.

    IF DLS can afford to lose One Game in 2011, then THIS is the game that it will be.

    St. Thomas Aquinas 23 vs. De La Salle 21

  • KillerD

    PS……..I was talking about STA stating “national titles” etc.

  • Pitt Grunt

    @ The Renagade,

    Good news on the condition of the MV player and class move by your son. Props to you for raising a high character young man.

  • Scl alum

    Do you have a projected score, KillerD, on the Friday night upcoming (albeit perhaps a mismatch) game with Willits hosting suprising Ukiah? I think this is the first Ukiah-Willits football game in ages if i’m not mistaken…

  • KillerD

    SCL Alum, here is my complimentary prognostication of the week per your request, I hope you enjoy it:

    Ukiah Wildcats at Willits Wolverines:

    Both teams are humming at 2-0 and on the surface this matchup appears to be a marquee slugfest upcoming.

    But, as in nature things change season-to-season and the Northbay & Central Northern teams are not laden with talent or crushing teams like they have been recently.

    Nature is lovely, brutal, naturally culling and unforgiving and when a big mean Wildcat encounters a nasty Wolverine only one creature will survive.

    For those of us who grew up watching legendary Marlin Perkins and his trusty sidekick “Jim” battling far away animals on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, it was a mezmerizing site to witness a Wolverine poking and peeping in and around its Den. Almost hypnotic actually, getting a glimpse of a surreal wickedly scary Giant Badger-like thing.

    Willits – like that of its gnarly mascot USED to be hell on earth for visiting teams traveling to their homefield Den. Back in the day Willits used to go 5-wides the WHOLE game and air it out, and that was before most coaches realized it was legal to put 5 Wideouts in the game at the same time.

    Ukiah – has a rich history as a former Spanish Land Grant and Hops crop exporter (among other crops they export)too. They also produce some fine wines and people are moving into Ukiah having grown 10% in a decade roughly. Normally, the more people that move into a emerging city = better talent, and ThAT is the case for the Wildcats.

    Ukiah has played a tougher schedule than Willits and Ukiah is a much bigger school.

    When a Wolverine (willits) is Inside of its Den it is a totally unbeatable animal, fearless and ruthless.

    But out in the open field with no place to hide, a big mean Wildcat will subdue the Wolverine after a fierce battle.

    Ukiah will get scratched up and bitten a few times on the road but it is Willits that will get eaten alive in the end.

    Ukiah 40 vs. Willits 12

  • Spark Baldman

    Killer D. First let me say that I always look forward to your picks and enjoy your insight on so many different teams. Most of the time I agree w you as well. As far as the De La comments you may be right but I SERIOUSLY doubt it. They may get their knocked around a bit this week I agree but as far as EBAL is concerned, No Way. Even if they are down, which is quite possible they cake walk through league. Livermore is much improved over past years but until they beat someone in league besides Granada not worried. They could have two decades to prepare for the Spartans and not win. Have seen SRV and MV and neither can play w De La. Defenses are too soft. Cal is only one who may keep it close because they play physical and can run ball and keep clock ticking. All that being said I despise the Evil Empire and do hope you are correct and they lose to someone up here. Maybe then kids will start staying with there home (public) schools and we wont have an all star team that practices together 4 years.

  • Killer D, good points- I;m saying 27-21 DLS. Houston has to get untracked sometime and this is as good as any. DLS QB’s in the past always came out in big games(Poly-Mater Dei, Servite, etc.) Someone said something earlier about DLS all-stars from all the other arewas, those kids look pretty normal to me and small this year too. Could coaching, conditioning and dedication have anything to do with it???????

  • Oh boy

    It seems like De La fans are not too confident about the match up in FL with STA. And everyone else is conflicted because they want Sparta to lose eventually but not to teams outside NorCal because they represent our best team. Where does every one stand on this?

    Side note: No Livermore school will ever beat DLS. As for the Danville schools, Monte Vista doesn’t play D but a healthy SRV could be a long odds possibility this year. The Pleasanton schools are too down talent wise this season. But it wouldn’t be impossible one year with a deep, senior class and a perfect game.

    Now Cal…they show improvement every year. Thought they might’ve had them with that onside kick at home last year…but no. Cal never seems to have a big name roster but rolls in preseason games. League will tell how Cal compares with other EBAL teams

  • Interesting, I guess Grant, Folsom, Granite Bay, Palo Alto and others pratice all 4 years together also. They must also have kids wanting to go there. Spark Baldman, the Evil Empire as you call it is here to stay, even if they loose. We can ask them to pray for you and your hatred in Chapel this week.

  • Spark Baldman

    Ya sure ask them to pray for me thanks

  • s1lverngreen

    Evil Empire Spark?? Really??

  • Scl alum


    Very insightful, entertaining commentary on the natural breakdown of wolverines vs. wildcats..LOL. I would kinda agree, that Willits is no stranger to be hosts (just ask Previous NCS playoff travelling teams like the Loggerheads, the bay area teams heading to Humboldt/ Del Norte country, not to pass up a good pit stop in Willits at the fast food joints, etc. My only mild beef, if you even want to call it that, is that there is no Starbucks in Willits..Oh Well!