Water polo in McCovey Cove?

Europeans play water polo in the ocean, so organizers figured why not try it in California?

On Saturday, before the Cal-Presbyterian football game at AT&T Park, check out the water polo match in McCovey Cove. Cal alumni will take on the Olympic Club at 1 p.m. Players will wear wet suits and officials will do their job from a speedboat, but the rest of the game should be similar to what you’d see in a pool.

Full rosters are unavailable but the press release I received says that Miramonte graduate Michael Sharf will play, as well as a few other former U.S. national team members.

The game is free and spectators can watch from any public access point with a view of the cove. If you’re going to be at AT&T anyways for the Cal football game, I would highly recommend showing up early and checking out the polo match.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Hoku Lanni

    Cal Water Polo Alum, three time MVP, and Four Time All American and former National Team Member Spencer Warden will also be participating in the water polo match. Should be some great talent in the Cove and fun to watch!

  • S1lverngreen

    What about sharks and all of them critters in the bay?? Interesting!

  • Stephanie Hammon

    Water polo players are pretty tough. I think they can handle whatever may be lurking in the bay.

  • Can anybody tell that Stephanie used to play water polo?!?!?

  • s1lverngreen

    Ha ha, true that Jimmy! I tried to play water polo in JR HS and it was too exhausting! Stuck to football instead..

  • Stephanie Hammon

    Actually I never played, I just appreciate the sport!

  • My daughter played 4 yrs. college water polo- Div111 ranked 3 yrs in a row- 3rd in Tucson in 2010.
    There work outs plus cross-fit training, yoga, pilate,weights and gym were incredible. To tread water in a 12 ft. deep pool all day and swim your ass off(most are ex-swimmers) is not for the faint of heart. she was only 5’8 145lbs but the strongest and mentality tough person on the team, playing attacker. I’m an ex- football jock along with my buddies, including college, and I say this:
    There’s NO WAY most football players could take those kind of work-outs and game conditions without 100 % exhaustion. The players might look attractive and fit, but it’s a war in the pool and they can draw blood on any given play- lots of elbows and kicks. It’s what goes on under the water what you don’t see. Also concussions and broken noses can happen with that ball coming in very fast near the goal, no face masks!
    Hail to FEMALE jocks, they are tough!