Berkeley games vs. Marin, Pitt

A programming note: Berkeley’s home game tonight is now going to be at Marin Catholic tomorrow at 2 p.m. due to facility problems at Berkeley. The bleachers, which were supposed to be refurbished in time for this season to get them through this year while the stadium is being renovated, were deemed unsafe. Also, next week’s game against Pittsburg will now be played at Contra Costa College.

Jimmy Durkin

I cover mostly San Jose State football for the San Jose Mercury News/Bay Area News Group, but also fill in from time to time with the 49ers, Warriors, A's and Giants.

  • pirate football

    those bleachers been unsafe for years lol, they had to know this was coming

  • http://aol YoMama

    The Jacket O Lites continue to mess up. What’s wrong with the Berkeley school district? Instead of their left wing mentality, fix the schools. The city of Berkeley has a lot of money- CAL contributes. The people running that town don’t like sports, they like alternate lifesytle freaks, homeless and bums. No wonder the female students at UC voted Telegraph and downtown Berkely as dirty and unsafe, causing a loss of revenue for Berkley merchants. Berkely High is a mere shell of themselves from the past. They WILL NEVER EVER get it back.

  • http://aol BigJoe

    The next 2 games will determine the fate of BHS for the next 10 yrs. MC and Pitt are going to destroy them.

  • Pitt Grunt

    Pitt – Berkeley game moved to Contra Costa College??? In Richmond???

  • Thedude

    @ Pitt grunt when?

  • http://aol YoMama

    any news on BHS so far today?

  • http://aol YoMama

    any score on Sm vs. Riordan?


    This Pitt game is going to be ugly!
    I hope nobody gets hurt.

  • the jacket trenches

    yeah that put us on the map with the W!