Video from Serra-Encinal

Here’s some action from Serra’s 34-28 overtime win over Encinal. Great game on the Island.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Same ol’ Williams

    For the record, Serra has a very animated team who played hard the entire football game. They like to pound the rock and feed the rock to two stud running backs. Their QB is perfect for the system the run. Props to SERRA.

  • TheOld97

    One of the best high school games I’ve seen in a long time. Great from start to finish. Big props to both Serra and Encinal.

  • teehee

    Its crazy to see the type of things Encinal is able to do over there. Not a bad environment, but they are not a big school and are still able to field an excellent team year after year.

  • brandonbeard

    Man Encinal played an awesome game, only 22 kids that come and play, big UPS to coach T, they should have won the game. They outplayed Serra the entire game. This shows why the Jets can win year.in and year out. They play high quality competiton year end and year out. And there is nobody close to this level of play in the bsal. Even with 22 if they are healthy throught the year, they will ne tough to beat. The Spsv, Moreau, and Kennedy teams better step they game up or it will be same ol story for real.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach.

    My Team played their hearts out. We made mistakes but went hard from start to end. Serra is a good team but we had em’ and let em’ getaway But as i said my guys went hard. All props to Serra But Much love and hats off to my J.E.T.S. Jets.Jets,Jets!! I really felt bad for the kids but they are Warriors and are getting ready for next week. And woe to the next team on the menu! Jet Pride!

  • Old Former, good to see you back. Encinal had the tiger by the tail last nite- don’t get comfortable- the rest of the WCAL is a beast. But we got to deal with the BSAL. SPSV will still compete, and I am tellin’ ya Salesian is the real meal deal- know they don’t play. MC and CN have their work cut out for them, but they have the trad and will to win, even against the Jets and other strong(WCAL) oppenents. I’ve got to give the Jets their due, top notch. Coach T has had them going for more than several years, however, he’s like Nightgale at Salesian, cocky and arrogant.

  • Seen St. Pats play this year & they look like the JV from last year literally. Last year they had a huge line 2 great RBs & good QB.

    Their best player is a very small athlete #21 tough kid though. Their best athlete is their QB he’s solid but not as good as Souza . O-line is suspect. They won’t compete with Encinal.

    But they’re well coached, play hard, definitely achieve their potential. They jus aren’t that good. I see them losing to Moreau. I see Moreau also beating St. Mary’s & playing Encinal for the BSAL championship week 10. And losing.

  • KillerD

    Hats off to Serra for another great win, and a tip of the hat to Encinal for playing them tough again in defeat.

    KillerD has Moreau picked 2nd in BSAL and their week 10 showdown at Encinal will be excellent.

    It has become apparent after discussions with some smart east bay football folks this weekend, that overall the East Bay is Down in talent overall from top to bottom. Not bad, but down comparitively.

  • mval observer

    serra is a great team expect big things from them this year

  • Prep Fan

    KillerD, who is down in the East Bay besides Monte Vista & Berkeley? Pitt sure seems to have improved from last season, as has James Logan. SRV sure looks like they have a better team this year. Cal has played the same 3 preseason teams they played last season and beat each more convincingly. DLS is still DLS until someone knocks them off. Encinal sure doesn’t look like they are down this season. Salesian looks like a beast in D4. The top 6 or 7 look very strong and talented.

  • Oh boy

    @Prep Fan, good question.

    I agree Pitt, SRV and Logan are up. How about Las Lomas too? Granada and Livermore look better. Encinal, Salesian, Cal and DLS should be back in championship games. But who has dropped off?

    1st team that comes to mind is Concord without Ricky Lloyd. Monte Vista. Berkeley. SPSV. Mack. O’ Dowd. College Park.

  • KillerD

    KillerD goes 7 for 7 on winning picks this weekend now that CSD has routed MSJ! CSD, CSD!!!

    To answer the question about which teams are down in Talent and/or their team this year: Pinole, Richmond, Berkeley, Albany, Moreau(even though they will take 2nd in a very down BSAL), Swett, St. Patricks, St. Mary’s, Heritage, Liberty, Deer Valley, Dougherty Valley, Alhambra, Concord, College Park, Mt. Diablo, Northgate and YV, Foothill, Monte Vista, Granada, San Lorenzo, Hayward, Novato, Irvington, American, Newark, JFK-Fremont and Washington.

    These teams are all down severely in talent or team

  • Prep Fan

    KillerD, some of those teams were already down and really have nowhere to go but up like Mt. Diablo, Swett, Albany, Irvington, JFK-Fremont, San Lorenzo & Richmond. Novato, while down from where they were a few years ago probably is as good or better than they were last year, and they are not an East Bay team. It is still early for some teams, and others have shown some promise. Dougherty handled NG this week and may be as good or better than last year’s team. DV looked pretty impressive against Folsom, at least on offense.

    Clearly, Concord, Monte Vista, Pinole, and Berkeley are down. Teams like CP and Alhambra had their QBs go down for the count with injuries in week 1 and are still capable of making the playoffs. People are saying that Granada might even be better without the twins this year (but OK less talented). Livermore looks a lot better this year, as does Campolindo, Freedom, Acalanes & Las Lomas. There is still a lot of football yet to be played, but I don’t see this as a down year top to bottom for East Bay teams from last season.

  • teehee

    You forgot Mt. Eden, KillerD

  • ManDown

    KillerD, Most of these Bay Area teams arent down in talent they are down in coaching. Most of the teams you named could all be very solid programs if they can get the right person in place. Teams like Pinole, berkeley, Deer Valley, San Lorenzo, Hayward, Novato, and evem Washington always have very good talent across the board but the fail with coaching. All these private schools like St. Marys and SPSV have no excuse because they are private and can recruit kids to play out of middle school so I don’t want to hear it.

    I have a bad feeling for DLS this week against St. Thomas Aquinas. I don’t know why but I don’t like them traveling to Flordia to try and beat this team.

  • Oh boy


    I disagree a little. Coaching is key of course. But how do you account for down teams who haven’t changed their coaching staff?

    There is also a talent drain. Sacramento teams like Grant, Monterey Trail, Pleasant Grove and Folsom are better. St. Mary’s-Stockton and Lincoln-Stockton are getting elite too. The SJS teams for economic and cultural reasons now have rosters full of homegrown east bay talent.

  • MVAL Coach

    Man Down is always on here blaming coaching. When he himself don’t know buck sht about coaching. What does he know about managing kids, coaches, practices, games, staff, parents, fundraising, admin, team chemistry, offensive & defensive schemes & recruiting. He on here talkin the most about all these coaches and hasn’t coached any team to a championship. I say Mandown is a real life B. Don’t get on here criticizing coaches when you are no expert yourself.

  • Nfl

    mandown berkeley n pinole way to much talent not to be at the top of there ncs divison. El cerrito should be doing what encinal is doing plenty of talent. Logan is good but playing foothill that close just shows what good coaching can do props to sweeney. Galli has the best talent around but his scheme dont cut the mustard. Bod should be as good as cardinal newman wcal teams too much talent n there own backyard. Skyline perfect example beam had that program at the top beating ebal wcal now look evans now the new guy have ruined that once proud program.

  • I agree with Mandown somewhat but how many of those programs jus want to have a coach & a program? And how many of them really want to win & are giving the proper support to win.

  • scoop

    great points perkins #19

  • KillerD

    For each of us football fans and Op Eds on this blog, the specific bright colors and shades thereof that we see when looking at the East Bay football “Prism” depend upon the Angle we take.

    many good points made in response to the teams that I listed as down

  • ManDown

    Personally I don’t think the talent has dropped off in the Bay Area. I see really good talent on a bunch of teams. I don’t know what you guys see but thats just not the case. Everyone knows the OAL is stacked with talent but they have there own issues. The DFAL, DVAL, HAAL, ACCAL, BVAL and MVAL most of the teams in these leagues have good enough talent across the board to produce winning football teams that can compete year in and year out. Now like PERKIN said if they don’t get the support or right coach in there that wants to win then thats another case. IMO I don’t think losing should be tolerated for any coach or school. What does losing teach kids? Now if you get the proper support and the schools backs you 100 percent then what does that say about a coach? Some teams in the leagues I mentioned get good enough support to be able to compete and win football games.

  • As much as I’m about winning & I really am (if winning doesn’t matter in High School then why do they keep score?)It has to be about FB players graduating & building some kind of skills to succeed after High School. But thats really tough on coaches especially in some cases where schools jus hold FB over kids heads & will take it from them at the 1st sign of trouble.

    I beleive DFAL gets support & you see it especially in FB. Very successful. OAL hell no. But Skyline has a good situation especially where the school is located. MAC has great support & an administration that wants to win. DVAL is where the school districts have had a 3 years war to take away sports so I’d say no in 4-5 teams case. ACCAL-PV, EC, ALameda I’d say yes. The rest no. HAAL no except for SL,CV, HAyward. BVAL gets support.

  • mval observer

    killer d i disagree with you on american, newark and jfk fremont being down on talent. Talent is there for all three schools more than i’ve seen past couple ;of years records maynot reflect it right now but in the next few weeks i think you’ll see those teams jell especially newark. granada is actually looking better and i agree with man down some schools like deer valley pinole berkley washington just need better coaching.

  • huskiesfan

    well will be interesting to see how MVAL sorts out then according to MVAL observer…

    all offseason i have heard washington has no talent…now you are telling me american, newark, and JFK do have talent…all offseason i have heard washington don’t have good coaching…

    so based on these comments newark, american, and JFK better beat washington this year. correct?

  • mediocre

    while concord is down, i fully expect to see them get in the playoffs and win a couple of games in the tournament…the tight loss to amador now holds some weight with amador palying freedom so close and then dominating washington

  • Every school in the EBAL wants to win. Always has been my problem with a B-High if they want to beat a MV(for example) then why isn’t their athletic department looking at what that school does for football: money wise, coaching staff/salary wise, facilities/weightroom, programs whatever & matching them in every way. If they aren’t then is it really fair to blame a coach? In my opinion no. This has nothing to do with better kids in the Valley or getting to practice. Yhe coach has to establish that.

  • mvalfan

    mval observer i don’t see how you can take a shot at pinole and Washington’s coaches. they get into the playoffs and win playoff games. if you are from the mval you have seen washington run fremont for years how is that bad coaching when they have the smallest mval school other than JFK. not only that how can anybody that isn’t a coach, down a high school coach. most coaches put in 35+ hours a week for almost no pay. i wish i had that time to do something for almost nothing. but i don’t so i won’t trash a staff that puts in the time.

    as for talent, unless you work directly with the kids you don’t know where all the talent is at. i.e. if Irvington’s coaching staff(nothing against them and their team) was at logan no one would know who miles long is, but because logan has a very good staff that knows how to use the talent they have we all know miles long is a very talented player. so just the fact that we see the talent at pinole, washington, BOD, and any other school that you guys say has talent but no coaching proves that they know how to use what they have.

    im sure every staff would like to have 10+ good coaches working with them but outside of the EBAL and DVAL and a few other schools no one has that. so they cant get that level of coaching. the 4 or 5 guys on a small staff could be just as good as any 4 on a bigger staff. they have to spend their time on a lot of different things, instead of being able to focus on a few kids at on position and really develop their potential. like the bigger coaching staffs. That just the way I see it I guess

  • Humble

    Both teams did great but huge props to Encinal.

    Serra was a tough team, we all saw it last year in the beginning of the Jets season 42-13 @Serra of ’10-’11. But THIS year, 34-28. HUGE difference. That shows Encinal put in hard work towards Serra and I am 100% positive they will continue with their work ethics to improve their mistakes they made last week and put it into play the rest of practice and gameday. Coach Tenario, Ford and Guerrero, keep instilling in the boys hearts and minds to always put school first and to come to practice and gameday prepared for battle. God Bless

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Humble, I couldn’t agree more!! Jet Pride!

  • Scl Alum

    Gutsy effort by the Jets vs. Serra, Old Former Meddling Coach. Perhaps Encinal will get a close win in the post season against Marin Catholic again, and/ or Newman..

  • Nfl

    Scl alum i could see a rematch n d3 championship this year. Marin catholic not what theyve been the last 3 seasons but still a good team they barely got by st.ignatius will see what happens when serra plays st.i dont think marin could handle serra too much speed. Id rank them 1cnewman 2jets 3marin catholic

  • Scl Alum

    Yeah, NFL, I’d rank them the same. I know most people would rank these three as the cream of the D3 crop this year..

  • Nfl

    whats going on with berkeley n pinole valley? Looks like those teams are ready for accal play to start so they play some trash cause its obvious they cant beat good teams! Put el cerrito n the same boat they let a very unathletic campo team beat them at home. Alameda looks the same as last year did you guys see what northgate did to them at home 56pts after being shutout the week before then theres hercules with coach montgomery absolutely has no class no one is impressed with your non league schedule hoping to pill up meaningless victories so you can qualify for ncs i hope ncs see’s right thru that even if you get in get ready for cnewman or encinal and i hope they run it up on you montgomery you ducebag!