East Bay Football Poll — 9/19

Here’s our poll that will run in Wednesday’s paper.

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (7) 2-0 105 1
2. Pittsburg 3-0 97 2
3. California 3-0 91 3
4. James Logan 3-0 83 4
5. San Ramon Valley 1-1 75 5
6. Encinal 1-1 74 6
7. Freedom 3-0 63 7
8. Las Lomas 3-0 51 9
9. Miramonte 3-0 48  10
10. Monte Vista 1-2 41 8
11. Heritage 2-1 36 11
12. Granada 2-1 28 14
13. Salesian 3-0 24 13
14. Campolindo 3-0 10 NR
t15. Deer Valley 1-2 4 15
t15. Livermore 3-0 4 NR

Also receiving votes: Amador Valley (2-1, 3 points), Foothill (1-2, 2), San Leandro (1-2, 1. The East Bay Prep Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • #43….BVAL Expert….Las lomas although playing good football is still struggling…they are about to get a wake up call when league action begins…..they are too high on the top 15 but that will change soon along with Miramonte…Deer Valley should be about #8 instead of #15 after scaring Folsom’s pants off…..just my thought

  • Prep Fan

    Heritage has a chance to move into the top 10 this week with a win over Logan. However, a loss would put them at 2-2 and they might slip down to about #15. This is an interesting matchup, as Heritage has given up over 30 points in 2 of their games, but Logan was held to just 13 points in their last 2 games. I think it will be a close game, but don’t know whether it will be 14-13 affair or one of those 45-44 games. This is really Logan’s last chance to show what they have against a good team, as they will not be challenged in MVAL play.

  • norcalfball

    logan scored 41 in week 2…not 13…foothill held them to 13…

    but foothills d looks solid as they did the same to pitt.

    i might be in the minority here..but i think logan wins this by 2 TD’s..heritage’s d has struggled way too much..

    and i agree on kennedy talk…they might end up being solid, but talking before stepping on the field a terrible idea..and can’t use the sophomore excuse now just because u lost a few games…so its 2012 when they are going to be really good?

  • KillerD

    KillerD’s last call of the week:

    A game that NObody is talking about but should be a doozy:

    DUBLIN at Moreau this Friday night-

    Both teams are still searching for their identity, the Gaels of Dublin led by coach Wade are a good team but they are not a great team or they would have defeated Livermore, but they did not. Livermore handled them quite well and Dublin needs a good 3-4 years of “Wadening” from top to bottom until they are a force in the DFAL.

    Moreau???????? Hmmm?????????

    Campo beat them opening night, which I called but then the Mariners with coach Cotter at the helm steering the ship routed Branham – a bad team.

    Moreau is tough at home but it will be a fast track on a warm night in Hayward, and every good coach in the east bay knows that Wade will have the Dublin team refocused after losing to the Cowboys.

    Livermore gave Moreau the recipe for holding Dublin in Check on Offense, and Moreau’s defense is better than their offense.

    Dublin’s legit win came against an average (at best) Benicia team in Dublin, so against both quality opponents Dublin averaged 18 points a game.

    Moreau is at least as good as Benicia – probably better and the Mariner’s are playing at home.


    MOREAU 21 vs. Dublin 17

  • KillerD

    To Tony from above: Do you really think Foothill goes only 1 – 9 and MV goes 3- 7 on the year? that is crazy, right?

  • pirate football

    hey fellas this poll is voted on by 7 people and some of the info they get is not by what the see and more by what they heard some teams may get a vote just off of tradition, it is what it is in which its the poll voters oppinion, plus its early, time will tell along with key injuries[hope very few] at some schools grades will b a factor for teams performance. just want to say give the pollsters a small break lol. not sure bout everyone else but im enjoying this season so far

    bval expert
    i think pitt will win the league again but freedom isnt going to b easy and if most of that freshamn group is still playing this season and next year for they senior year no serious injuries look out but i think they are still very talented now.

    prep fan
    actual i hate to say it but logan put up 41 on san leandro as well as arroyo, only foothill held them to 14, i say logan beat heritage

  • Pawn Star

    I would just add to KillerD’s point above – Moreau had a bye last week so they have two weeks to prepare for Dublin.

  • Pitt Grunt

    I think everyone is selling Foothill a bit short. They may not have a Jeff Lockie, a Zack Kline, or a “sexy” D-1 prospect but they are disciplined, fundamentally strong football team. Anyone that looks past Foothill is being foolish. Beating Foothill is no easy task and I would say they were a far tougher opponent that Monte Vista.

    Based on the Pitt scrimmage, Logan is a quick and physical team on defense that gets overshadowed by their two marquis RBs. Heritage will need to play better than the previous week to stay competitive.

    My pick is Logan by 17.

    @ BVAL Expert,

    Pitt/Freedom is going to be a war.

  • scoop

    great points! pitt grunt! post number 58!

  • tony

    #55 KillerD, Based on what I have seen so far in non-league games for EBAL teams (which may not mean anything when league starts),the strenth/ranking of each apponent they played and the outcomes of the games you kinda get a sense of where the teams are headed. Both foothill and MV had battles against teams ranked near 600 in the state (Castro Valley and Navato. They should have dominated those games.

    We know Foothill and MV lost some tallent/size and wont be the same as last year. We also know Granada and Livermore
    wont finish at the bottom. SRV is better than last year and CAL is about the same. Amador will be the tricky team to pick how they do. We of course dont even bring DSL into this conversation. The team records may not reflect what i stated above at the end of the season, however i think the standings will.

  • Prep Fan

    I stand corrected on the week #2 Logan score with San Leandro. I took that straight off of MaxPreps (which has Logan winning 13-8) without even giving it any second thought. Of course I now remember Logan running it up to 41 with a strong second half. I still think it might be a pretty close game with Heritage, but will go with Logan.

  • Prep Fan

    There might be some people that are selling Foothill short, but certainly not everyone. Cal is certainly aware of how good of a coach Sweeney is, and how they held both #2 Pitt and #4 Logan to 14 points or less in close losses. Coach B has the Grizz preparing for a well coached tough Falcon squad next week.

  • KillerD

    Tony and Prep Fan and others, those are some good points about possible EBAL standings after week Ten.

    Lots of folks picking Logan to win on the road at Heritage. Sometimes it is fun to be the Underdog when picking.

    Not a lot of people chiming in on my Dublin at Moreau game, I guess not much interest as I thought.

  • Killer D……Dublin wins 27-13….The gaels shake off the loose to Livermore and take care of business…

  • pirate football

    pitt grunt i agree with u. i also might have to check out that pitt freedom game.

  • tony

    I think Dublin will surprise a lot of people. Achziger is a good QB with a great arm. They run a spread offense with good receivers and they move the ball. It may seem that I am a little biased for Livermore, probably because my son is a 2-way starter on the team.

  • S1lverngreen

    Yo Prp,
    I respect your insight tremendously, besides the head coach, what do you like about f hill? I am with you, i believe, f hill could be the dark horse in the EBAL…i have not seen them this yr, however, i think coaching at the HS level makes a huge difference….

  • armstrongJets

    Go Hard tonight Jets!!!
    Jet Pride

  • A team football

    watch the swarm!

  • KillerD

    Tonight KillerD’s four picks so far:

    STA over DLS – a winner yes

    Ukiah over Willits very close in the 4th quarter now

    Heritage over Logan – no idea?

    Moreau over Dublin very close in 4th

    Any results back Final?

  • Jimmy Durkin

    Logan beat Heritage 42-28. Gotta like Logan’s chances at 10-0 now and a top 3 playoff seed.

  • Scl alum

    Game’s not over yet, but boy, KillerD, how ’bout those upstart Wolverines of Willits vs. Ukiah?!

  • KillerD

    Logan with a very nice win. Good job for them and now they are going to be tuff team all the way through 2011 and 2012.

    Gotta love those Willits Wolverines if they hold on

  • KillerD

    Dublin beats Moreau in OT.

    Congrats to Wade and his boys, and Moreau is tuff.

    Looks like KillerD’s best pick of the weekend was STA over DLS.

    If Ukiah wins, then KillerD goes 2-2 this weekend, after 7-0 last weekend.

    Watch out for CSD Fremont easy 7 win season, maybe 8 or 9 even.

  • KillerD

    Huge loss by Pitt against Berkeley, massive upset

  • Scl alum

    It’s 55-40 now Ukiah, late in the game. Wow, to have witnessed that game!

  • bval fan

    Logan and Heritage was a great game. Logan is the real deal but Heritage had a chance….came back and played well except for a couple of big plays.Play had to be stopped several times because of Logan injuries..3 concussions to Logan players! Heritage can hit!Heritage is still a year away from BVAL contention…real young… BVAL could be interesting with Pitt losing to a bad Berkeley team and Heritage, Deer Valley and Freedom all looking pretty good.

  • Pitt Grunt

    This loss by Pitt is going to hurt. It has the potential to implode a season. Pitt sleep-walked to a 20-6 halftime lead. Then Berkeley woke up. For some reason Pitt could not run against Berkeley but they continued to try and pound it out without success. They finally let Malik Watson throw and he was on fire. Great game by him. For some reason, Pitt’s defense decided to not show up tonight. They were absolutely horrible.

    But in spite of all of this, Pitt had a chance to win in regulation with a 22 yard field but they muffed the snap. They had another chance to win in over time with a PAT, and their kicker choked. Up until tonight, Pitt had not missed a PAT or a field goal.

    Pitt is going to have to get their act together or they are going to get blown out by Granite Bay.

    By the way, Berkeley was not that bad. They played that one good running back and he showed up to play.

    This was a tough one to swallow. Congrats to Berkeley, you guys simply wanted it more.

  • BVAL Expert

    The battle for the BVAL will be between Freedom and DV… Still pitt wont be a easy win for league.. but losing to berkley is a huge ouch.. considering alot of players transferred out of that school. Because they didnt like the coaching staff. This is one of berkleys down years.. their roster is alot smaller compared to other years.. so thats how i look at things.. Its going to be interesting how the rankings will end up next week. Heritage and pitt would probably drop 2 spots.. if pitt doesnt drop at least one spot I would be surprised.. heritage is understandable because Logan is good this year..

    It will come down to who can show up to play on that day.

  • KillerD

    KillerD goes 2 – 2 on the weekend with Ukiah winning.

    Moreau could have gone for the win but getting moved back on the tying TD prior to the PAT killedd them, and instead of getting a win maybe, they had to force OT at home vs. Dublin. They had momentum and it cost them, but that occurs.

    Dublin offense did not do much, seems like Campo is a top flight DFAL team this year in their common opponent Moreau, Campo dominated much more than Dublin did.

    DFAL will be tough with Campo and LL and Dublin. DV is ok but not as good as hoped.

    BSAL is way, way down. Albany, St. Mary’s and St. Patricks and John Swett are absolutely terrible. Encinal, Moreau, JFK and Piedmont are the best teams there.

    BVAL will be Freedom’s to lose. Freedom can beat Pitt, Pitt has serious issues after losing to Berkeley. Berkeley is awful with a couple of good players and they are easily diagnosed by a good opposing staff.

    BFL: Salesian, Valley Christian, CSD are all very good this year and Berean Christian is good too.

  • Pitt Grunt

    @KillerD & @ BVAL Expert,

    I don’t think the BVAL title is Freedom’s to lose. What this week has shown is that, with one or two exceptions (DLS & Cal), on any given night, anyone can beat anyone. Pitt had good wins against Foothill and Monte Vista but, I am guessing, was looking ahead to Granite Bay and got stung. Berkeley delivered a healthy does of reality. Knowing many of the kids on the team, I know Pitt will bounce back. I will admit my very Pitt bias in my analysis. Freedom has played what I humbly think is a less than impressive non-conference schedule compared to Pitt, Heritage, and Deer Valley. I thought Heritage would struggle but they have improved every week. Although they lost to Logan, they put up 28 points on a very good Logan defense. Deer Valley has found a stud RB and played Folsom tough, something no one thought would happen. Antioch is 4-0, soon to be 5-0 and playing with a great deal of confidence. Unfortunately, Liberty will be the whipping dog.

    With the exception of Liberty, the BVAL is wide open. Conference play will be exciting.

  • BVAL Expert

    AHAHAHA pitt grunt your kidding right? your joking? I know your pulling my leg.. I know your not meaning what your saying… Freedom played 2 good teams from the San Jauqin Section one of them being in the top ten and the other that makes it to the playoffs every year.. Im not going to waste my time and go into further details about their schedule. All I have to say is look up the history in each team and come back to me. Not going to waste my time explaining the toughness in their schedule. Just because they play teams out of the section doesn’t mean their schedule is “Less than impressive” or weak.. Alot of people say that on here and it doesnt look look good.. Already happened twice.

    If thats the case then winning against foothill is not a big win, and winning against Monte Vista wasnt a big win..What constitutes a big win then if Franklin wasnt a big win? ahahahaha If thats the case then Granite Bay is the only tough team pitt has on their schedule.

    Heritage improving? when they got their butts handed to by two good teams? I feel a little sarcasm in that statement. I never knew losing by more then 20 points was improving, or your defense giving up 30 plus points . I definitivley feel the sarcasm in that one

    The only thing that i do agree is anyone can beat anyone.

  • hsfootball

    pitt grunt, i completely agree with you on your analysis. bval this year will be exciting with the exception on liberty. antioch also has not had played a great non-conference schedule. deer valley will be tough with the rb they have who averages 200+ yds a game. heritage seems to get better each week with the young team they have. they gave logan a scare. the points does not justify the game. it was a lot of mistakes by heritage that cost them the game. again heritage put 28 pts on logan and was about to score until the fumble. pitt may have overlooked berkeley this week, but come next week, i’m sure they will be more than prepared. as for bval expert’s(freedom fan)opinion, tht is just it, an opinion. come league time, the bval is for grabs.

  • Scl alum

    KillerD, What are your thoughts, assessment of Windsor this season. Do you think they’re finally for real this season after the fast starts,then fizzling late in the season, the last few seasons? I know that Healdsburg will definitely look forward to hosting them in month or so (10/21).

  • BVAL Expert

    How is heritage improving? Respectively, thats just sugar coating their losses haha.. Please before you speak about freedom do some research before you speak of them. Your analysis are wrong about them. They have an explosive offense. They have a running back thats rushes more then 250 a game. But yet it seems people have something against them and dont even want to pay attention to that. Its whatever all I have to say is we will see what happens. I agree that things are unpredictable when it comes to league play.

  • hsfootball

    Bval expert (heritage hater) u should ask freedom who they are most worried about in bval and u will know. Unlike u, I know the main players and their parents from freedom. Stop speculating. Look at who heritage lost to. Look at their stats. Even freedom knows that franklin was overhyped. If u knew the inside from freedom u would know this. You’e a fanboy that’s it. I think freedom is a good team and they have lots of potential, but to say bval is for them to lose is being quite biased. We’ll see when league starts. Don’t come up with all kinds of excuses if it doesn’t pan out your way.

  • pirate football

    bval expert im wondering what kids have transfered out of b high, i have heard that they have kids with grade problems but havent heard bout transfers, i would like to know what kids ur talkin bout or are you going off hear say. i think pitt looked down on b high, but they have been playing hard all season, i seen them lose but played hard against san leandro, they have a very young team and young line at that, just got they best wr back and rb james coming back this game and sparked them with his hard running. think should have passed a lil more, they have a very strong arm qb in watson.it was a heck of a game and maybe they just have pitt number, maybe that young team is starting to jell. looks like everybody that wanted sims fired can back off a lil, it was a great win for b high and could get them rolling, they still have lots of talent there

    i still think the bval runs through pitt they have won that league time after time and somebody got to knock them off 1st b4 u dethrone them, however they better b ready for freedom and dv, should b some good games.

    warrior jacket
    i told i think b high will b ok and they can still win league lol

  • KillerD

    Responding to some questions from above and observations:

    1. Freedom will win the BVAL. They will route College Park this weekend and move to 5 – 0. Then they will Host Pitt, after Pitt loses their 2nd game in a row to a very tough Granite Bay team. I like Pitt but they are a year away.

    2. Under the Radar is Antioch 3 – 0. But KillerD has picked up the increasingly strong signal of the Panthers “blip, blip, BLIP!” and I hear them coming loud and clear. Antioch will go into their matchup
    6-0 againt Freedom and they get to Host Freedom, equaling the biggest game in years to be played at Antioch. Barring major injuries to Falcon players, Freedom will emerge victorious, but it will be a nail biter.

    3. DLS is in for the fight of their life against Livermore this week and Cowboy terror rb DD. Houston looked iffy Friday night, turnovers did not cost DLS the game. DLS was exposed somewhat by a much better team and slate of athletes. The Cowboys also run the Veer, Haubner is a great coach and knows how to screw up the reads for Houston this week. I will pick the winner of this game later in the week, and win or lose, DD will rush for over 200 yards vs. DLS.

    4. Windsor: This team is ransacking each opponent and they will cruise to 10-0 easily. They will crush Healdsburg no problem this year. Windsor is letting everybody know they are an up and coming powerhouse.

  • Pitt Grunt

    @Pirate Football,

    I agree with most of your assessment regarding the Bekeley/Pitt game except Pitt did not look down on Berkeley, they looked passed them, ahead to Granite Bay. Still remember what Berkeley did to us last year. We were not the only ones to do this. Vacaville lost to a Marin Catholic team that on paper they should have won. They too were looking ahead to Granite Bay. The game changed when James stared to get rolling. He is a legit D-1 running back. I don’t see Berkeley losing in league play. You are also right in that Pitt should have let Watson throw more. He does have a cannon of an arm and on Friday he was laser accurate.

    Man, you try to offer an opinion that is, I will admit, is bit Pitt-centric but is not filled invective and you get hate. Look, no one said Freedom is garbage or terrible or ever-rated, only that some of their non-league opponents are a bit suspect. Heritage has played a tough non-conference schedule that will prepare their young players for league play. Pitt is still Pitt and they have played a tough non-conference schedule. Entering league play with a 3-2 record, with wins over Foothill and Monte Vista does not mean they are are headed for the bottom of the BVAL. Foothill has played both Pitt and Logan tough. Monte Vista still has Lockie and there is a reason he is an Oregon commit. DV has a legit RB with a very good O-line. Confidence in high football is so important, and when you couple that with solid play, you become a team that can cause some damage. That s Antioch right now. And, KillerD, Antioch is not under the radar. All of the coaches in the BVAL are very aware of Antioch’s awakening.

  • naysayer

    You know its a trip to read comments by people who do not know the real. The bval is tough this year and probably has more parody this year than any. Freedom, heritage, deer valley, and Pitt are solid teams despite the Pitt loss. Whether Pitt overlooked bhigh or not something has to be said for bhigh coming from a 20-6 halftime deficit. They could’ve tanked it at the half. Bhigh #’s are low due to grades, injury, and 3-4 kids waiting on ncs clearance. Combine that with a brutal preseason schedule and its the recipe for an (0-3) start. Their coach’s motto is anybody anytime anywhere. Seems like that schedule will prepare them to win league and peak at the right time. Last time I checked its not how you start its how u finish. Good luck bhigh!

    The ebal has its usual suspects…de la and Cal but I think San Ramon is strong and foothill overlooked. Can’t overlook foothill holding 2 good teams to 14 points.

    Logan is playing great ball right now and only adds to the talk of top seeds. Again…its not how you start but how u finish. Good luck to ALL the teams and their staffs!

    So to all of you commenting negatively on kids (unacceptable) and coaches and their staffs…make sure you know the facts before you publicly berate people. 9 times out of 10 your a “gameday”coach who rode pine as a pplayer your damn self!

  • football guy

    I have been reading all of this and have a couple of observations regarding the BVAL. First Pitt is a very good team it was last year and is this year they have additions which make them better so are they the favorite to win the BVAL yes they were 0-5 last year and ran the table. Antioch is better but while they played good teams the teams from that section are not the same caliber as the teams from this section Antiochs first BVAL game will be the test. Heritage will not be as good as it was last year and just because they put up points you have to win and against Logan they didn’t. Liberty will be again the last of the league unless they pull an upset or two which in this league can happen.Last I want to touch on DV this team has gotten no respect from anybody they played Foothill of PC a perennial section power and lost but had a horrible game they came back and beat a washinton team which is better than their record SRV beat them in a close game. However how come nobody talks about DV and Folsom I was at that game and it was the if not one of the best HS games I ever saw there is nobody except maybe for DLS and yes i now that Grant beat them but look what they did to SRV yet vs. DV they win by only 3 in the last 2 minutes of the game and due to running out of time DV loses yet nobody talks about that at all. and they took college park 54-21??. yet no one says a word about DV their line on both sides is very good they have a sophmore QB and a RB who is averaging 220 yards and 3.5 TD’s a game behind that line. Think about it a state champ come to play a school and almost gets beat and there is almost not a word about it in the paper or on the HS sports show the times had more on Heritage beating independence than the DV folsom game. DV is and will be tough and yes I am biased with DV but these are facts and yes they have given up a lot of points but their a running team averaging 33 points a game so not very many people are stopping them and when their defense finally wakes up and their d-line is solid just rest of it has to wake up, they will be a force. Last I didnt touch on Freedom they are good this year they have up years and then down years Mixon is very good comes from a very athlete family father plaed pros and brother was a standout at a local school.
    In the BVAL the top teams at this moment are Pitt Freedom and DV even being a DV supporter I give Pitt the edge they are the defending league champs and as it has been for every year all roads to the BVAL lead through Pitt and NOBODY CAN BEAT THEIR BAND I enjoy regardless of score watching their band they are so good but as I said the top three teams are Pitt Freedom and DV but in this league no one can be taken for granted as even Liberty could beat Pitt remeber 07 I think as its HS football and on any given Friday just wish a local school would follow this thinking on Owen Owen field LOL not hating DLS is the best in the north state and maybe the state. Yet we can always root for the underdog.

  • BVAL Expert

    HSfootball i dont hate heritage but.. to keep it on the real side they did not do very good.. Hey man dont get mad and say Franklin was over hyped just because your team lost. I will admit that those teams are good. But seriously what do you think about freedoms strength of schedule then? and I can careless who you know, that doesn’t mean anything. I have connections too.. Every team should be worried, because teams have good film on each team struggling. Franklin was not over hyped they came back to almost beat freedom. If talked to any parents that is wrong. Franklin is ranked very high in their section.

    Pirate football- I heard alot of kids transferred because of their disliking of the coach. He didnt show up to the first team 2nd team award meetings.. when he had a linebacker that could easily would of made it last year on first team. If the coach doesnt show up to that meeting then no one from that team can be placed on those lists. So he didnt show up, which means he made alot of people angry. But it also can be other factors like you said. We notice a big drop in their roster to around 30 kids! we know something is going weird down their

  • Pitt Grunt

    @ Football Guy,

    I will admit that I was hoping that DV would be down this season. But DV’s performance against Folsom and their dismantling of College Park, puts to rest any hope of DV being down. At this point, I think DV is a stronger team than last year. The reason I think both Heritage and DV are much improved is due to their non-conference schedule. Not hating on Freedom just not drinking anyone’s kool aid, including Pitt’s.

    @ BVAL Expert,

    Regarding Berkeley and whether kids transferred out or not, the only one that matters is the RB James. He stayed. That in it self, makes Berkeley a legit team. Keep in mind James was hurt in the 1st quarter against San Leandro and did not play till Pitt. Might explain the 0-3 start, but that 0-3 start forced the other players to step up. With James back and the others playing hard, Berkeley will be a tough team the rest of the season.

    Speaking of transfers, Pittsburg has many kids who transfer out and end up at other schools in the area such as Freedom (Mayes, Shepard, Mixon, etc). Why do they transfer?? Pitt coaching staff is very hard and strict with the players. Those who are unwilling to commit get booted or leave. No one gets special treatment, not even the transfer from DLS.

  • BVAL Expert

    Pitt Grunt- Good thats how it should be with the treatment. We dont know why they transferred (Freedom players)? Maybe it was because of economic reasons.. or maybe its because they like the program… or maybe because they had family in Oakley.. We wont know until we ask. Unless you pitt grunt know why they did. Maybe they realized that they aren’t going to play or start at Pittsburg. Someone as brought up that most of heritage players are from antioch. Kruger Story JR was from Benicia

  • pirate football

    @ bval expert
    ok so you are speaking on hear say, everybody heard bout the coach missing the league meeting, lots of parents and players was upset about it, but u cant name any kids that transfered, they have many kids that had grade issues and a few that just stop playing football period but still go to the school, many kids dont like they coach lol. but b high look poised to win league has to beat pv though.

    @ killerd
    i disagree that pitt is 1 year away, the time is now for them, like pitt grunt said the game changed when rb james came in the game, vs SL the lost him and the starting qb who was on a roll b4 he got hurt, pitt will b ok after this hard loss.

    @ all the bval supports
    keep in mind my pirates are from SAN LEANDRO so im just giving an oppinion, liberty will b the door mat sorry nothing personal, the top 3 is pitt, freedom and dv in that order i think pitt wins the league but it will b very tough freedom is good and will b a good playoff team, dv always have talent, can never count them out, heritage dont think they as strong as last year but not bad, antioch hope they are good n league hope to them decent again. think this league is actually strong this year, just my oppinion.

    i hear lots of bloggers complain about transfers, everybody has kids that leave and come in, it is what it is, but not to many kids leave very often from a good program

  • BVAL Expert

    Pirate Football- I understand what you mean.. Its just people and fans get those what if questions thinking what if all the players stayed in that program and never transfered? We will never know

  • KillerD

    The BVAL is very tough this year, toughest I have seen in years, thanks to Antioch above average and the rest being solid for the most part or very good