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Jon Becker

  • CSD

    CSD 63 – West Campus 8

    CSD played great game and scored 47 points in 1st quarter. West campus scored in the 4th quarter against 2nd stringers.

  • Bruce Wilson

    old native of Berkeley .. lover of football .. respected CSD immensivelly years ago .. moved but WOW a team i hope
    to see this year my 70th

  • MVAL Coach

    Kennedy(Fremont) at least you will beat Mission San Jose. LMAO, Maybe.

  • 617lemon

    What a game at encinal but n the end kemper geeks it like the geek he is the talk n the crowd tonight was how the slithery one kemper lied made up a story about encinal having a bounty on his players so the referees would be on his side what a chump how bout playing sumone straight up! punk move hoping the refs could help you out they sure tried. Cant wait for the game summary from papa moyer he’ll spin it make it sound real good shit what dont you control over there moyers? Someone tell me y they fired rochlin he could easily be 1-3 like kemper on his way to be 1-4!

  • Dudleydawson

    Wow lemon he really lied what a sucka! Sounds like a hornet move cant win on the field get the refs to help. we all know what they say about snitches!

  • scoop

    really? that happend?

  • scoop

    I am a Just a high school football fan? but come on lets be mature here, lets stop bashing Kemp moyer he is a good coach From what i hear. I am a football fan. Great win jets 45-41.

  • 617lemon

    Scoop i hear you but come on who does that though? Tell the refs a lie so they can get calls its a coward move no way around it! But i guess when youve never won anything youll stoop to anything to get a win!

  • ItsSV

    I dont see anything wrong with taking percaution when you here of things like that. Small island, word gets out. Gotta protect your players so you dont have more bs plays like that Bo Banks hit in the endzone. Good win Jets. See you next year. Lemon youre a joke.

  • Malik USMC

    Encinal has developed a well deserved reputation for late-hits and cheap-shots (talk about cowardly), just look at all the personal fouls in the first three games.

  • Reality check

    wow what happened to mighty encinal, giving up six touchdowns to alameda, a team that was shut out against piedmont hills? either alameda is greatly improved or encinal is highly over-rated. what is it?

  • teehee

    or a bad game? time will tell

  • scoop

    lets give alameda credit, ITs a rivalry game, Alameda played its Best possible game, and encinal played its worst. It was really a eleven point game encinal had the ball at the 2 yard line at the end of the game, But IF Alameda is serious they would play Hard like that against berkeley to see if they can do that on a weekly basis.

  • Duderino

    @ Scoop It’s hard to argue that Alameda played their best possible game when they had two punts blocked for TDs and also lost at least 3 fumbles. Give Encinal credit for being a gritty football team and winning the game on special teams. They played their hearts out and found a way to beat a team that passed for over 400 yards on them. But if they want to go anywhere this year they’re gonna have to learn to play with discipline and stop racking up so much penalty yardage. Great Island Bowl, looking forward to seeing what these teams do in league.

  • Reggie Hammond

    Alameda told refs that Encinal was putting bountys on alamedas players. Lol, that’s crazy. Encinal got a warning before the game started. All the refs gave Encinal a warning before the coin flip. That obviously is hella cowardly. Next thing you know Encinal had a penalty every 3 or 4 plays. Funny thing is that alameda rushed the Encinal huddle at the end of the game and in the middle of it yelled hornet pride

  • Old Former Meddling Coach.

    Man there were more flags flying then at the UN at the Big game last night. Gotta say Alameda came to play but in the end the better team won. I knew the haters would have something to say. We’ll be just fine going into league play the kids just took a little long getting past letting Serra getaway. Jet Pride!

  • Dudleydawson

    itssv so your saying its ok to lie to refs make shit up come on why not lineup & try n beat someone. Alameda played there best but encinal played bad not the same as they did vs. serra but they still won so whats that say? Hornets got bhigh & pv in the next 3weeks which smells like 2-5!

  • Mr. Han

    Malik, your a sailor…!

  • Hornets the bottom line is that you lost & you are 1-3. Kneel & kiss the ring.

  • M.A.J

    @mval coach wow how dumb can you be..well see once league start..

  • MVAL Coach

    @ M.A.J. – You and other JFK coaches & players were on here talking about how you are the 3rd best team in the mval. Here’s the real prognosis.

    Kennedy (0-4)

    2011 Schedule
    Pre-season, JFK-Fremont was ranked #1 in:
    Bad mouthing the old JFK staff,coaches,program & Washington staff.

    Balboa(S.F.) Lost, 13-12 (Losing to a weak SF team?)
    Monterey Lost, 34-13 (This worse than the score shows)
    Concord Lost, 52-3(Smart move to kick the FG down 42)
    Skyline 1-2 Lost, 33-13 (Jeez, I can feel the momentum)

    MVAL League Predictions
    Newark Memorial L 34-12
    Washington L 45-3
    American L 18-12
    Mission San Jose W 38-20
    Logan L 55-3
    Irvington L 20-13

    The crystal ball says 1-9 to me, whatchu think?

  • Don’t be too hard on JFK. They started out with one tough SOB opponent- Balboa. ” Everybody knows, Bal’s got soul.”
    Back in the day Bal handles the East Bay.
    I’m walkin’ my dog in Golden Gate Park this morn.

  • Can someone tell me where the coaching hatred comes from on the island? 617 lemon and others don’t like the Alameda coaching staff? Did they work at Encinal in the past?

  • Any scores for Mitty, Serra or St. Francis this weekend?

  • Killer D, STA had an all-american RB who had 22 yds. against DLS. The other RB had 57 yds. Why would the Livermore RB get 200? I think the De La linebackers might have something to say about that.

  • Livermore in the same talent level as Bellarmine, St. Mary’s(Stock) and closer to STA than De La? Enlighten me.

  • Alameda Coaches are gutless. Whiners & complainers.

  • Malik USMC

    Big Joe,

    Reggie, lemon and others fit the classic profile of disgruntled people who are pissed off at the world. They have an emptiness that they try to fill by degrading someone in order to give themselves a sense of worth. I hope they get the help they need.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach.

    Jarhead must be Alameda Alum. Jet Pride!

  • pirate football

    have to agree im wondering what makes killerd think livermore has a chance vs dls, like who have they beat that can compare to what dls has played in non league, not anywhere near a dls supporter but livermore WOW,

    why are all the encinal people so upset wit alameda yall won and have been for the last few years, dont b so hostile lol but the kiss the ring comment is kinda funny

    mval y u still talking bout kennedy they lost to skyline wth the are not relavent i think everybody knew that.

  • norcalfball

    No disrespect to livermore they are greatly improving under their new coach…but DLS will be up by 35 at halftime…

    EBAL will finish DLS, CAL, SRV, after this it is a crapshoot between the rest. I still believe livermore looking up at the rest of them. My prediction will be MV (best player of the rest in lockie), Foothill (best defense of the rest), AV (one of the best 2012 QB’s nobody is talking about), Granada, Livermore..

    Logan looks to have a great shot at a 10-0 season now and most likely a 2 or 3 seed. I believe if they go 10-0 then they get the 2 if cal falls to anyone other than DLS. but i think at 9-1 cal will probably get the nod, but could go either way. comparable games vs foothill and washington could sway the seeds.

    Tough loss by pitt threw the whole BVAL for a spin. Still think they are the favorites..I think Freedom and DV have a great shot now. Antioch is a sleeper team, but not to win league. Although i think a 4th place finish would be a huge step forward and would get them into the playoffs.

    here are my D1 playoff teams at this point..
    #1 – DLS
    #2 – Cal
    #3 – Logan
    #4 – SRV
    #5 – Pitt
    #6 – Freedom
    #7 – DV
    #8 – Foothill
    #9 – AV
    #10 – San Leandro
    #11 – MV
    #12 – Berkeley
    #13 – Granada
    #14 -Heritage
    #15 – Antioch
    #16 – Livermore (but must get 2 league wins)

  • norcalfball

    oops heritage and granada must be flip flopped…

  • Oh boy


    Isn’t D1 a little boring? I mean you ranked 16 teams but does anyone outside the Final 4 really have a title shot since State Championships began?

    I’ve been watching Bay Area football for 20 years and it is the same story over and over. D1 always runs thru DLS. Whoever is in the game always has a puncher’s chance. Any over the last 4 standing can stake a claim to deserve to be in that game. But #5-#16…..it just doesn’t matter who gets flip flopped. They are non factors.

    BTW I think Pitt is top 4 over logan but nobody else has a shot at a ring.

  • KillerD

    I have said Livermore might win vs. DLS Friday night but I have not said they will win, yet.

    Why though?

    DD is the best RB in the bay area, he is a physically dominating presence, at at the hs level one player can rule a game. Now that being said, in order for Livermore to actually win the game vs. DLS Friday night a few things need to happen:

    1. DLS will need to commit at least two turnovers

    2. Livermore no more than 1 turnover

    3. DD must rush for 200 yards or more or at least 200 total yards rushing and receiving

    4. Houston must lay his 2nd egg of the week overall

    5. DD will need to return at least one kickoff for TD

    6. Cowboys need to play their best game in 20 years

    7. DLS needs to be below average on the night

    8. I believe based on what I have read and the handful of people I have talked to and what I have seen on TV, that this year’s DLS is a very suspect team. I am happy for Houston getting a full ride to Wisconsin, but after I saw him last year, his style of play is not something that would cause me to offer him a D1 full ride at qb. But again, I am happy for him

    9. In their games vs. Bellarmine and STA, DLS did not look very physical at all.

    10. Livermore IS a physical team with a chance to win

    My prediction later in the week

  • 617lemon

    malik if you are really usmc than how can you condone what kemper pulled on friday the guy has no honor or integrity he already has priors stabbing rochlin in the back now this its fitting he coaches at alameda cause the man is yellow! A team football i thought kemper was gonna change things please 1-3 just like last year reminds me of his playing days he never won in those days either be careful berkeley kemper probably thinking of lies to tell the refs. Good luck to all who play this great game.

  • norcalfball

    nobody outside the top 1 has a chance…as down as DLS seems to be..until an east bay team beats them..ev1 considered 2nd fiddle.

    ill do my d2 and d3 later

  • A Team Football

    Shut Up lemon! youre a idiot! In case you dint know we almost beat you dummies and if it wernt for those blocked punts we had encinal by two scores! Da wack ass jets time is up and i told you cocky punks we were coming! I give it to yall cause you won but if it wernt for our mistakes on special team then we woulda smashed yall. our coach Kemp has us on the right track and we getting ready for berkeley now. ps ask your QB vee how did that hit our boy Tolbert put on him. lol Is he awake yet?

  • scoop

    #36 your an idiot. First off Kemp moyer is a good man, and your making the hornets look bad, by coming on here talking about how you almost one, ITs not about moral victories you idiot (shows how much standards you have) … second off all that was probably the worst game i have ever seen encinal play, 200 plus yards AT LEAST Worth of penalties, touchdowns getting called back,also getting scored on from busted plays.. and lets not forget it, encinal had the ball at the 2 yard line and if they wanted to score and the end of the game to it a 11 point game. Alameda blocked punts? come on? really? the lets just negate all the points you scored Encinal penalties? bottom line is pentalies and blocked punts are part of them game. Its a rivalry game it should always be played close.. But dam, Besides idiots Post #36, Alameda has a stud 10 Th. grader, couldn’t get his name, but couldn’t believe it when some one from alamedas side line told me he is Tenth. grader, I think he could possibly go D1,(#1), BTW Andrew VEE didnt get hit by nobody if anything Encinal did most of the hitting…. BUT Man that Zac alfers kid is pretty good player from alameda, kept hearing his name all night

  • Malik USMC

    If in fact he did speak to the refs prior to the game, his concerns were validated by the cowardly and undisciplined play of encinal. I counted multiple late hit/cheap shots way after the whistle, including a pile dive by #5 and a blindside by #4. Alameda probably wins this game had one of their best players who also happens to be the punter wasn’t out sick.

  • Dudleydawson

    Dls 49-7 over livermore come on killerd if if if. If my sister had balls she’d be my brother! D1 top5 dls logan cal srv pitt. Got logan 2 based on better non league over cal.

  • Alright guys, let’s knock of the personal stuff and calling each other idiots and what not. This is a forum to talk about high school sports, not constantly bad mouth other people. I don’t want to, but I’ll start blocking people if you can’t keep it clean and constructive.

  • scoop

    Livermore is a team to watch this year, i am telling you guys the RB is a stud!. but against de la salle, he is gonna have his hands full! de la salle wins 56-14

  • scoop

    excuse me i wasnt reffering to post #36 it was 37 to ( a football team)

  • junior

    DLS not physical? There are a lot of criticisms that can be discussed of the 2011 Spartans-but lack of physical play is nowhere in the discussion.

  • BVAL Expert

    De la salle kept on running that same dive play like 40 times the whole game.. The play calling was bad

  • Duderino

    Man you Nailhouse fans got a world of excuses. Top Encinal excuses of Island Bowl 2011:

    (1) “Took a while to get going after Serra disappointment.” Can’t get up for your rivalry game? And if that’s true, why was Encinal’s best series of the game their first when they drove down Alameda’s throat and scored right away?
    (2) “Alameda HC got the refs to call game in Alameda’s favor.” Come on! Plus the two worst calls of the game went Encinal’s way: the inadvertant whistle that brought back the kickoff that Alameda ran back to the 20 and the sack/forced fumble on Ve’e that the ref called incomplete.
    (3) “Alameda played their best possible game and Encinal played their worst.” Giving up two blocked punts for TD’s and losing 3 fumbles is a team’s best possible game? Come on now!

    Stop making excuses. You did win after all.

  • M.A.J

    haha nice predictions will just have to see how it all unfolds..