East Bay prep football recap: De La Salle, Pittsburg both lose

Here’s our weekly recap from the Friday night football action from around the East Bay, including the loss suffered by De La Salle some 3,000 miles away.

Included in the recap is our slideshow from the football games we shot on Friday, as well as photos from high school events from earlier in the week.

Jon Becker

  • KillerD

    DLS got blown out by STA. The turnovers were caused by mistakes, yes, but DLS was not nearly in the same class as STA, and that is why KillerD picked STA to win.

    In KillerD’s picks, it was also noted that KillerD said that DLS would have trouble from three EBAL teams this season: Livermore, Cal and San Ramon.

    In detail, later this week, KillerD will do an in depth breakdown of the DLS at Livermore game.

    A contest to be much closer than people think

  • NCS Fan

    Killer glad you used the word “Blown Out” because way back in Feb. when this game was announced I used words like DLS will get destroyed/crushed not in the same league as STA and got some heat over it.

    GreeNsilver remember back in Feb what I said

    But look DLS is still the best in this area/nationally with the BEST coaching staff.

  • renegades10

    KillerD, yes I am a DLS homer but I’ve always been very honest in my assessment of the Spartans. And I completely disagree that they weren’t in the same class as STA. I think you and I watched two very different games last night. DLS shot themselves in the foot with the turnovers. Yes great teams don’t make those. But put those aside and DLS line was very good last night on both sides of the ball especially the O-line against a D-line that many think could be one of the best if not the best in the country. DLS moved the ball very well last night and until the end of the game had outgained Aquinas in yards.

    Bart has to step up, bottom line. He was very good at the beginning and then that fumble seemed to mess with him. He missed badly on several throws. If last night was probably one of the worst games DLS could have played in terms of execution, it’s very scary how well they could play when they are executing and I have full confidence they will.

    I do hope Tautalatasi returns soon, when he was playing last night he proved why I think the kid is going to be an absolute monster. And I do think him going down had an effect on the offense. In the 2nd half, Vitale was getting gassed with the fact that he was handling the majority of the carries rather than the usual split.

    After Bosco beat DLS in 09 30-6 there weren’t any positives to take from it. Last night, I saw a lot of positives to take from the game.

    This DLS team could be great by the end of the year. They have to figure it out as a team. And that will be the challenge.

  • AA

    Pittsburg @ Berkeley Video

  • The Pittsburg/Berkeley game exposed the Pirates defense weakness….they played foothill tough but some where alog the line Berkeley found how to take advantage and ran up 41 points…..Galli has some serious work to be done this week to prepare for Granite Bay…OR GB will walk all over Pittsburg…

  • Guys….One of the things that DLS does is go after tough games….But what is happening is how far ahead the east and the southeast is ahead of the west coast in generating quality football teams…..I wonder how the public schools in the east would match up with the western public schools….Would it be the same???..food for thought…And in California…DLS continues to draw the best to play football…but is it enough….

  • Come on you guys DLS is starting slow this season.

    There projected starting running back starts the season on the injured list and at least two sophmores are starting with one going both ways.

    STA gets blown up by the team that finished last season.

    DLS is the best we have to offer in Norcal and I am not even a DLS supporter.

    Until some team here beats them I believe they deserve the support of all of us as they travel around and play the elite teams in the USA

  • Warrior Jacket

    That was a big win by BHS. Congrats to Sir Devonte Stewart, Rudolpho James and Devon. Three seniors who have been in big game battles, who showed heart. Which is my point the kids hard work and heart won that game. Cause I know it wasn’t coaching.

  • Warrior Jacket

    I forgot to mention my boy Big Rellie, Jerrel Butler. Way to hold down the line of scrimmage!

  • Nfl

    warriorjacket can berkeley run the table in the accal?

  • scoop

    IF Berkeley Beats Alameda they might have the inside track.. But if alameda wins… there should be some concern.. look out for those kids there some talent there..

  • pirate football

    i know ur not a fan of sims and his staff but they did make some good adjustments, i think they out coached pitt n my opinnion, pitt has more size depth and talent, u could see that from the beginning of the game and sims and co made some good adjustments and added rb james also helped too, give them a break man they pulled off the win u never thought they would

  • pirate football

    not saying the staff a b high is great or anything but just trying to give them a break they have been gettin dogged on here

  • Warrior Jacket

    @ Pirate Football
    I aagree it was a big win. BHS has beaten PHS three straight years. BHS still has and will continue to have talent in the program, but I still believe Sims needs to improve his methods of operation. it is a good win, but if you beat the #2 team in the East Bay shouldn’t you be 3-0. He better beat Alameda or its back to the same ol Sims.

    BHS could win it, they have the talent, heck they dang sure should have won last year. (Great job D-coordinating that PV game coach.) I think the El Cerrito game is going to be tough even more so than the Pinole Valley game. I know the kids want it. We’ll see if coaching staff horrible don’t F- it off!

    BHS good Luck!

  • KillerD-
    Are you witnessing the Destruction of Livermore?
    De La has turned them and yo boy at HB into liverwurst.
    Lucky there’s a running clock. 49-00 so far, with Livermore having 3 first downs tonite.
    I’m walkin’ the dog tommorrow morn in the park and if you wanted to join me and get attached to the chain, you could eat some crow like a birddog. Hey Birdodg, are ya smellin’ my tail, Heybird dog , are ya yellin’ my name, Livermore, Livermore, will nevera be the same.