East Bay Football Poll – 9/26

Here’s our poll that will run in Wednesday’s paper.

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (7) 2-1 105 1
2. California 3-0 97 3
3. James Logan 4-0 92 4
4. Pittsburg 3-1 81 2
t5. Encinal 2-1 75 6
t5. San Ramon Valley 2-1 75 5
7. Freedom 4-0 63 7
8. Las Lomas 4-0 52 8
9. Miramonte 4-0 49 9
10. Monte Vista 1-2 43 10
11. Salesian 4-0 33 13
12. Granada 2-1 32 12
13. Deer Valley 2-2 17 t15
14. Campolindo 4-0 14 14
15. Livermore 3-0 5 t15

Also receiving votes: Heritage (2-2, 4 points), San Leandro (1-2, 3). The East Bay Prep Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • panther4

    Perkin, check out the stats of the gorman armwood game…Gorman outgained them on the ground, in the air, and had more first downs. Take away the empty backfield screen where gorman missed 2 tackles and they win that game. How can you say that the score doesn’t reflect the game and that armwood handled them. I would take Shaq Powell on my team any day as well.

  • I guess you didn’t watch the game stat guy. The score was 20-3 & Armwood lost their best player. They played prevent late in the 3rd & most of the 4th. Armwood was also getting homered on numerous holding calls. Take Shaq Powell off that team & the calls & it isn’t close. They barely scored that last TD as it was.

  • Grant & Poly have the athletes to play with those teams.

  • scoop

    Pitt has as much talent as any team in cali!.. but there coaching is terrible man… Come on i remember a year they had a kid named avery Paterson .. I think thats his name with eric daragan.. and these to other washington state commits… and that team.. got blown out by de la salle… that whole secondary was D1

  • Prep Fan

    The measure of a team or coach is not whether they got blown out by DLS. That was a very good Pitt team that went 11-2 with their only losses to a good Monte Vista team by 3 on a late FG and to DLS in the NCS championship game 34-10.

  • BVAL Expert

    Thank you scoop.. im glad someone else sees pitts coaches as over rated.. except the D cord..

  • panther4

    Wow, stat guy…That is very original. Actually Armwood didn’t lose their best player, he didn’t even suit up as he was recovering from off season knee surgery. Surprised you didn’t know that. Also, gorman took the ball to the 3 yard line on their first posession and went for the td and didn’t get it, then had to settle for 3 on their next posession as well inside armwoods 10. Could have easily been 14-0 in the other direction. Also, prevent for a quarter and a half?? Armwood’s coaches weren’t stupid which is what they would have had to have been to play prevent for that long against a run first team. Not sure if you’ve ever coached football before, but most of us know that the only thing a prevent D does is prevent you from winning. Sounds like you may not like Gorman for other reasons? I’ve been a fan since I watched them play De La Salle last year. Also your comment about taking Shaq Powell of the team is kind of silly. First you say how unimpressed you are with the kid, now he is the whole team which is it? You speak so knowledgeably about a kid whom you don’t even know his correct name.

  • Wasn’t trying to clown buddy. But Armwood did prevent that day & won. It just sounds to me that you’re really butt hurt that DLS can’t compete with those teams. They just proved it a week ago. Sorry Buddy I’m a DSL fan but they can’t beat those teams. Come to Reality. & re-read my post I was impressed with Armwood’s whole team.

    Yeah I’m not some computer nerd that knows everybodies name & stats. Just a casual fan Bro.

  • brandonbeard

    Should be some interesting games this weekend!!! Killer D I like ur picks!

  • norcalfball

    i am not hear to argue whether pitts coaches are good or not. but there is the ignorance in too many fans…they had a d1 secondary, great! how about the trenches. These teams not only have the secondary people but also the front 7 combination.

    and further more, a d1 secondary isn’t going to win you a game vs DLS. considering they play the game at the LOS. which in my opinion is why they struggled so much vs Don Bosco, because those LB’s and DL were ridiculous. play a fast athletic team, DLS usually ok against (ala Crenshaw and just about every other SOCAL team) SOCAL breeds skilled position players not lineman and it shows in the Pac-12. the reason they can’t beat the SEC schools on a consistent base. USC had a few years, but other than that match up every pac 12 team w an SEC team and they would be lucky to win 1 or 2…fact is they have the athletes but they also have the horses upfront. something very few of our teams have both of.

  • panther4

    Butt hurt about De La Salle? I thought we were talking about Gorman. Nothing about my but hurts. Of course armwood is good, they are ranked #2 in the country. They were huge and very athletic. I just feel that Gorman had just as good of chance to win that game. Maybe you are a bit confused since you are just a casual fan, and keep confusing names and teams. Shaquille Powell plays for Bishop Gorman, Shaq Thompson plays for Grant. De La Salle wears green and silver and played St. Thomas Aquinas. Bishop Gorman wears orange and blue and plays Armwood. Hope you enjoy your day. Today is Friday by the way.

  • s1lverngreen

    Hey fellas,
    Did I read somewhere that the HC at Livermore is a DLS alum?

  • CSD

    CSD won 54 to 0 against Emery. CSD scored 54 in first half. They showed great character by backing off for the rest of the game by taking knee near the goal line.

  • HAAL c/o2000

    78. EBayRef:
    i hope that your opinions dont influence what you see on the field today, tonight, or tomorrow. it would be a shame if a so called high school ref was to let his predictions cloud his judgement on what should be a pretty competetive opening weekend for the HAAL.

    San Leandro at Tennyson: should be a great game for as long as t-high can ride the momentum of 3-0 and the home crowd. just 2 years ago the game was very close in the 3rd qtr. i think san leandro will eventually wear down the lancers with there depth. SL 26-20

    Bishop O’Dowd at Castro Valley: Miroglio has good numbers. Castro Valley has faced better passing games against Cal and Monte Vista. O’Dowd hasnt been able to stop the run and Sellers is a touchdown on any carry type of talent. If O’dowd goes in to the game as with an were defending champs mind set they will be upset. I dont think they will. Nail biter. BOD 40-38

    Hayward vs Mt Eden(sunset): Hayward got blown out by Central Catholic, lost 27-0 to Encinal in a game that was close at the half, held on for a 20-12 win against a 1 win Mt. Diablo team that whose lone win was against a horrible SLZ team and Tennyson destroyed them. Mt Eden got blown out by Terra Linda, showed there not used to winning by letting Richmond get back in the game before holding on 34-29, and lost 27-0 to Capuchino in a game that was close at the half. Both teams are young and depth challanged. And the great thing is its a rivalry game so none of that stuff matters to those kids who will put on a great show for their fans. Mt Eden 19-12

    San Lorenzo at Arroyo: San Lorenzo isnt very good but Batiste is talented. Over hyped, very talented, under performing, Inconsistant. Look anyone of those up and you will see a Arroyo team photo. SLZ will play hard. Arroyo will win but the score depends on what Arroyo shows up. Arroyo 24-6

  • Dons/2011

    I agree with #114 which Arroyo team will show up !!

  • We all know you’re DLS guy Stat boy & it bothers you that you know you team isn’t getting the guys they need to play aginst these teams like they were in the late 90’s early 2000’s. Its also stupid of you to comment on a game that you didn’t watch. But quoted stats.

  • BVAL Expert

    Arroyo is terrible…

  • panther4

    PERKIN, you on drugs?? Where in the hedoublehockeysticks did you come up with me as a De La fan? This whole thing began because of you knocking Bishop gorman and Shaq Thompson…I mean Powell. I am a fan of Gorman due to certain connections with the school, but in no way am I a De La Salle guy. Also, how can you say I didn’t watch these games because of the fact that I know the statistics of the games. De La Got their balls blown off by Aquinas, largely due to the play of their QB. Three turnovers and a 5 yard punt. Gorman was 14 seconds and a missed field goal away from sending it to OT. In my attempt to dispute your comments about about Bishop Gorman, you somehow were led to believe that I am a De La guy?? Iinteresting. I am an EBAL guy who knows a little about football having been involved in one way or another For the past 30 years or so. I plan on watching Gorman play Servite on ESPNU tonight, and I will be rooting for Gorman. I’ll let you know on Monday how many snaps of prevent D they play. Have a nice Wednes…I mean Friday. Go Spartans! HA HA

  • Perkin, you say you root for De La- right? Very good.

    Panther4- you root for Gorman-right? Very good. Do you follow Servite? Very good. Do you follow De La? Very good. Panther4, are you affiliated with the St. Mary’s Panthers in Berkeley? That’s De La’s sister school from the mid ’60’s.

    Now both of you make up and we’ll see ya in Mass Sunday morn.
    Sat. I am going to attend the SMCHS-SPSV game, my 1971 championship hall of fame team is attending and being presented at halftime. Come and a REAL team from the past. Yea, we would have been spanked by DeLa, Gorman and Servite, but the rest, no way.

  • Silvergreen, if you run into Diller D in one of the Livermore watering holes, you better hold it forr him if he hits the restroom- he’s going to need it.

  • Killer D- Birddog, are you ready to walk?

  • Killer D, yo HB had 10 for 36, the 1st run was 28, that means the last 9 carries added to 8 yds. He needed you blockin’ up front at the FB position- FB- Full of Bull.

  • Come in Houston. One game don’t make it right yet. Space Station to Houston, DLS needs this kind of launch from you every game, including playoffs.

  • Scl alum

    Anyone know final score for Fortuna-McKinleyville?

  • EBAL5

    The DLS fans are back now that they beat an EBAL team. After getting the wood laid to them in Florida the Spartan Brotherhood/Family etc… BS went out the door as they turned on their quarterback (same bloggers who say not to mention a players name) and Coach Lad. I’ve mentioned many times about the hypocrisy of this program and it was certainly on display after the “lets be nice” loss last week. Paraphrasing the words of the Great College/NFL Coach Dennis Green “You are who we thought you are”!!! Funny how no one wants to mention the KNBR discussion last week about this school playing in a league with the Public’s.

  • Irish

    EBAL- What was the discussion on KNBR, missed it?

  • SalesianDad

    I hope Salesian gets a little respect after the beating they put on Mack tonight. Nightigale coached a brilliant game and the O/D line played like champions. You can say all you want about this program. Bottom line is they are a quality football team. Their RB Marcial Malic put up 286 yards on 20 carries and 3 TD’s. Big plays by the defense when needed. Great job tonight team!

  • EBfootball

    Salesian will get respect when they petition up to DIII and get out of the BFL.

  • Pawn Star

    Killer D – you called it…except the final score. Moreau scores with 1:00 remaining to go up by one. The Mariners hold on to win 35-34. Props to Kennedy, they have some great athletes.

    MoreauFan – you need a little more faith in the Mariners.

    Pride Baller – you were right Kennedy has some big lineman but they are not very active. Moreau kicked away from Walker all night.

  • S1lverngreen

    Sounds like an angry cowboy fan…nothing to see move along

  • pirate football

    damn cant believe my pirates lost to tennyson wow, this is bad, guess people are going to b all over coach boom, we never lose to them im so shocked, guess they still stuck on the b high win.

    where are all the alameda people that was say they was go beat b high wow that got smashed, both var and jv got a donut on the scoreboard, b high whole 1st drive was to rb james, and they knew that was coming, just terrible, they dropped so many passes i think they was scared.

  • scoop

    hahahah! told you guys tennyson was going to be good! in the off season! what i tell you?! i am not even a tennyson fan! but wow! i didnt even think they would be this good

  • Teehee

    I saw that game.. Tennyson played fast and matched SL.. I think SL mightve taken them a bit light with so many players on the sideline that looked like they coulda helped.. especially 42.

    Tennyson is not a joke this year. SL paid for it. Dont know why those guys werent suited up.

  • KillerD

    My posse needed several mugs of ice cold sasparilla tonight after the Cowboys were beaten badly.

    Props to:

    DLS for coming up Aces against a respectable Livermore team

    Moreau (my 2nd place BSAL pick in 2011) for getting a very good win vs. Kennedy

    Monte Vista for outlasting Granada in a thriller

    Valley Christian for beating two higher division teams so far, DV and now Sequoia. VC needs to be in Top 15 now

    KillerD had an OKKKKKay weekend of picks, but nothing to write home about

    And WHAT has happened to Ygnacio Valley????? Ouchie

  • KillerD

    Props also to Tennyson, how about those Lancers………

  • KillerD

    Mt. Eden is not going to be as improved as hoped by many. Terrible road to hoe, long, winding, uphill climb.

    As I have stated for two years, many teams in HAAL, MVAL and MDUSD are in bad, baaaaaaaad trouble regarding football. Some are at the threshold of the old do or die motto for real, and forever.

    Bummer for them and us and the kids

  • S1lverngreen

    Pitt Grunt,
    What’s going on at Pirate stadium?? I was expecting Pitt to show much better vs GB? What are you seeing or not?

  • pirate football

    teehee are u say #42 from SL didnt play at all, if not thats bad he is they leader, i know mcbride is still out they could really use his speed, im so disappointed they lost to tennyson wow, this season is crazy but great, any given friday night lol coach boom is going to take hell for this, o cordinator need to change that scheme though

  • HAAL_c/o_2006


  • Hoodboy

    Tennyson played real good today. Don’t know why #42 didn’t play. I hope they didn’t take tennyson lightly cuz it really cost them. SL probably killed their playoff chances losing to a low rated D3 school.

    Oh and alameda got Ran!!.. Not a shocker tho…

  • Hoodboy

    Tennyson played real good today. Don’t know why #42 didn’t play. I hope they didn’t take tennyson lightly cuz it really cost them. SL probably killed their playoff chances losing to a low rated D3 school.

    Oh and alameda got Ran!!.. Not a shocker tho…

  • pirate football

    funny how bloggers come out of nowhere and want to say something, also funny how most bloggers talk lots of trash they team lose and they go quiet for a while, well even though im not talkin a bunch of smack bout my pirates im go take all the talk oh well life goes on, hope this lose wakes them up.

  • Teehee

    Nobody is talkin trash about the Pirates. I just went to what was considered to be a big game in the HAAL this week and it did not disappoint, it was a great game. I just seen a lot of big kids on the sidelines and was wondering about them.

  • EBAL5

    KNBR discussion (30 minutes at least) was about the uneven playing field that DLS enjoys over the public’s. Nothing that has not been talked about on this blog but surprised it made it to the KNBR level.

    An angry Cowboy Fan? “No” a fan of whoever plays DLS, “yes”. DLS probably thinks beating an EBAL team 62 – 0, (who hasn’t had a league victory in years) brings respect to their program. Some people will say “nothing to see, time to move on” but there was a lot to see last night. Your probably thinking about about how much more respect you would have gotten if you scored “75”.

  • Pitt Grunt

    @ S1lverngreen,

    Pitt took the opening kick off into the red zone and the QB (Watson) threw a pick, one of 4 picks tonight. By far his worst night. #6 dropped at least 6 balls. Not his best night either. But the life of the team was taken out when the Pitt punter suffered one of worst broken leg injuries I have ever seen. Late hit on a punt, and from the stands you could clearly see his lower leg was bent like the letter “L”. Before the play ended, two Pitt coaches were sprinting onto the field trying to calm the screaming player. One official threw a flag. Moron. Game was stopped for 30 minutes. After the game, I learned that the punter is one of more popular players on the team. Great personality, great student…just a great kid. The players were pretty shaken up. At one point early in the 4th, the score was 20-7 and Pitt was in red zone but Watson throw a another pic. It was that type of night.

    Normally a game like tonight would have pissed me off, but after seeing that injury, I could care less about the outcome. Just thinking about that punter. We need to remember that this is only a game.

  • De La not into running up the score. The reserves scored 28 after the half with a running clock. Your right, it could of been over 75.
    DLS is getting it done with better coaching, conditioning and attitude. They are small and most are not going to play college. EBAL 5, your league wanted them, so live with it. If it were Gorman, Servite, Bellarmine, STA and all the other high powered privates, it would be the same way. Who cares what KNBR says, it’s news ro report.
    Where did you play or did you play? DLS fanbase consists of lots of people all over, however one thing is for sure, the ex-football fan base has lots of very successful high school and college stars, the guys who really understand what’s going on, NOT YOU.

  • EBAL fan, who said football was nice? It is a semi- violent game. If you can’t stand DLS then you better move to Alaska, better yet Russia, cuz the Spartans are going to be winning for a very long time.
    You are right on one thing, the DLS fans are also aggresive and aren’t going to take any sheeeeeeeeeeeet.

  • S1lverngreen

    Pitt Grunt,
    First, i am very sorry to hear about your punter, wish him a speedy recovery. Those type of incidents can certainly affect a team, particularly at the high school level. I know what you mean about turnovers, we’ve had our share in the last 4 weeks. How did MMC play?

  • S1lverngreen

    A running clock early in the 3rd Qrt, DLS starters out early in the 3rd, a 3rd string QB playing in the 4th QTR, oh yeah, that sounds like running up the score. Were you even at the game??

  • Pitt Grunt

    @ S1lverngreen,

    Agreed on the ugly injuries at the high school level. People in the stand were shaken up.

    Cotton ran the ball very well. He splits time at RB with Vunipola and plays defense. He is a big hitter on D and had many hits tonight. He had three jarring hits on GB Wrs that separated the players from the ball. He plays on a lot of special teams. Many on this board seems to think Pitt is loaded with talent and athletes. Nothing could farther from the truth.

    Turnovers are killing Pitt.

    The “DLS recruits” accusation by many on this blog is laughable, boarding on absurd. DLS is DLS because they have an incredible coaching staff. If you cannot see that, than you must be a cricket fan because you certainly don’t know football.