East Bay Football Poll – 9/26

Here’s our poll that will run in Wednesday’s paper.

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (7) 2-1 105 1
2. California 3-0 97 3
3. James Logan 4-0 92 4
4. Pittsburg 3-1 81 2
t5. Encinal 2-1 75 6
t5. San Ramon Valley 2-1 75 5
7. Freedom 4-0 63 7
8. Las Lomas 4-0 52 8
9. Miramonte 4-0 49 9
10. Monte Vista 1-2 43 10
11. Salesian 4-0 33 13
12. Granada 2-1 32 12
13. Deer Valley 2-2 17 t15
14. Campolindo 4-0 14 14
15. Livermore 3-0 5 t15

Also receiving votes: Heritage (2-2, 4 points), San Leandro (1-2, 3). The East Bay Prep Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • S1lverngreen

    Thanks for the update. Again, i hope your punter and the rest of your boys recover quickly and move forward to a successful season. I got to know MMC at DLS as my son played FB and ran track with him…great athlete and a sweet kid with a great heart, we could have used him at Sparta this year. Good luck Pitt, i’ll be pulling for you guys until we meet in the play offs! (-:

  • junior

    “uneven playing field”- goodness. will this this public school-feminine attitude ever end?

    Here we go again…. does Moreau have an “uneven playing field”???

  • Teehee

    well when you look at Mt. Eden it kinda makes the point. Perenon who made a name for himself at a private school pretty much has a bad team over there.

    Its not his fault, he doesnt have the athletes that he had at O’Dowd year after year. Lad doesnt win at these lowly public schools either.

  • Teehee

    #138 ya… 42 was out.

    San Leandro was just getting blown up at the LOS really.. the line lost the battle up front. And when San Leandro was doing their Wing-T stuff, Tennyson just had everything covered. You cant even really pick a number that stood out on Defense for Tennyson, they just did great as a unit.

  • pirate football

    i wasnt refering to you it was toward the people that pop up uot of the blue and the trasf talkers that disappear when they team lose wondering where are all the alameda fans at now, they are quiet, my team lost and hey it is what it is, i am wondering whats going at SL they do have alot of big guys, hope they back next game we got to run the table. like ur post #153

    @pitt grunt
    sorry to hear that kind of injury to a kid, injuries are part of the game just hate to hear bout 1’s that are that bad, ur coach will get the kids to bounce back and take care of league, hope watson have better days

    here we go again, lets b real here dls may not recruit like the used to in the 80’s and 90’s but they do just maybe not as much, if you look back at the big time players from the 80’s thru now majority of them played in the diablo valley youth football conference, in the 80’s and 90’s you would see an asst coach at many of the games, have had friends and opposing players tell me they was being recruited to dls, in fact when i attended a high school championship game when i was an 8th grade at the coliseum i ran n2 leon callen, the game that pitt beat dls the last time they lost an ncs championship, and yes he said they was, i was there for the same reason, for private school that was all boys at the time like dls, that school was a good football program when they was all boys and recruiting good youth football players hhmmm, u ask me i think its smart, and also its not illegal, now if you dont want to believe some of those kids dont recieve financial asst u got to b crazy, if your grades are pretty good they can label it as an academic scholarship. it happens if u want to believe it or not.now they dont have to go recruit like that anymore, kids now want to try to get in the school now themselves, u talk to kids they say they want to go to a school that always win, BUT they however dont get the multiple of star players as they used to, i think the coaching staff coach and stress the fundamentals, hard work and assignment football, if you want to take them down its not matching up with them with size speed power and atheles, they have so many time beaten team that are bigger stronger faster, u got to match the work ethic, fundamentals and discipline.

  • pirate football

    thanks for the info, im really not a big fan of our offense, got lotss of good ath. not the best offense for the talent they have, wonder who is the calls that o for them

  • Lancer Fan

    At the risk of being a new homer, yesterday’s game between San Leandro and Tennyson was a great football game. Lancer fan does not always have a lot to crow about, so yesterday was very satisfying. I was waiting for the Pirates to come back, and their quick score to start the second half was cause to worry of a collapse. The Lancers responded (Alson Paxson Jr. was a man yesterday!) and the defense, as already noted, played like a unit. I talked to a couple of the injured Pirate players and they were impressed with Tennyson’s play. First win against San Leandro since ’94. We were due.

  • BVAL Expert

    Pitt grunt- thats idiotic of the officials to throw a flag.. Sideline warnings are a joke in High School Football, I seen alot of Freedom and Pitt games and its redicolous (CP’s head coach was always out on the field but yet no warnings or flags were thrown the whole game)..I see offensive coaches that are always out on the field for CP.. but yet if any coach steps out on the field.. for Freedom or Pitt.. they get nailed for it.. I agree its a moron penalty

  • MVAL Stud

    how about them Vikings? they beat washington. looks like washington isn’t going to the playoffs this year.

  • MoreauFan

    Pawn Star,
    I have a good amount of faith in the mariners, my last post was mostly my projection of what KillerD would say, but I was pretty right in what I said. However, the DBs really impressed me, they covered pretty well and most of their passing yardage was from when we rushed 3. We started blitzing at the end and it took away most of the passing game.
    And when I said they would (and should) attempt to out-athlete us, I was right with all of their attempts to run outside and using their speed around the edges.

    Overall, I’m somewhat proud of us. We should have beaten them handily, but seemed to let up when we were up 23 with little time in the 2nd. We had been running some of the no-huddle Cotter and Mietz implemented this season and it was wearing their defense down. However, when we came out of the half, we seemed to have decided to burn as much time off the clock as we could. This gave their line’s time to catch their breath and able to mount their comeback. The offense re-figured themselves after the fumble went for a score for them to give JFK the lead.
    The No-Huddle should definitely be in place as much as possible when playing teams with low numbers of players to try and tire them out. Hopefully this game gave the coaching staff a little kick in the rear that we need to build a bigger lead before we seem to get complacent.

    On a side note, Walker looked like a play maker out there. Small kid, tons of talent. They did have some real big uglies on the line, just as Pawn Star said. However, their kicker seemed to just have a big leg, they didn’t really trust him much, seemed to have accuracy problems.

    Bring on St. Mary’s! Anyone want to give me a scouting report on them this year? I’ve only seen scores and they aren’t pretty.

    Ride the Wave!

  • suckafree415

    St Mary is easily one of the worst teams in the Bay Area nuff said

  • BVAL Expert

    What are some games in the NCS next week… everyone and their mother has a bye. I know.. Antioch vs Northgate, Monte Vista vs California.. what else?

  • Scl alum


    You were spot on three weeks ago boldly predicting a Fortuna victory over my ‘Hounds at Healdsburg, which they did…Next weekend, the Huskies stop just shy of Oregon to take on Del Norte. Your thoughts / assessment of this matchup next Friday night..

  • junior

    teehee- what was DLS’s record before he got there??? I will help you out- they NEVER had a winning season.

    Quit making the same old, tired, lame, unfounded, false arguments for the “uneven playing field”- it is ignorant.

  • Pawn Star

    Moreau Fan,

    Sorry, I thought you were fading on your enthusiasm on the Mariners. I re-read your post and see you were trying to figure out KillerD’s pick. I was just teasing you. I have been following Moreau Football since 2004. I am fan too, my son played for Moreau. I would say your analysis was very good. I would argue that I thought it was a good idea to come out in the 2nd half running the ball and running time off the clock, about 7:00 minutes. If that time was still on the clock when Kennedy had the ball at the end we might have had a different out come. I like the power I with lineman in the back field and I too like the no huddle. I don’t think Moreau loses again until Encinal. I will withhold that prediction until we get closer to end of the season.

  • Teehee

    “teehee- what was DLS’s record before he got there??? I will help you out- they NEVER had a winning season.

    Quit making the same old, tired, lame, unfounded, false arguments for the “uneven playing field”- it is ignorant.”

    When did he take over? 2 maybe 3 decades ago? Times were a lot different. Perenon did the same thing with O’Dowd, again, how is Mt. Eden workin out? They look worse than last year.

  • Teehee

    Also: Moreau should go back to the HAAL. Why the MVAL?

  • Prep Fan

    In order for Washington to qualify for the playoffs, they would just need to go .500 against Division 2 teams. Since they only play 2 Division 2 teams, Newark & American, they would just need to win 1 of those games. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’ll actually get in or get a decent seed, but they can still qualify pretty easily, despite their tough schedule.

  • MVAL Stud

    Prep fan,

    Even though they qualify, I feel like there are much better quality teams out there that will get in over them.

  • HAAL_c/O_2006

    I went to the Arroyo vs Slz game

    That man Michael Young Jr is a true runner.
    Arroyo has weapons on they team i think they can pull the win next week against Bishop O’Dowd Its gone be a battle

  • junior

    teehee- you are equating Pernon’s record at Odowd with Lad at DLS?? wow.

    You havent answered why Moreau hasnt taken advantage of the “uneven playing field” … or St Marys, Valley Christian, Athenian, Bentley, SPSV, etc,etc etc…

    give it up.

  • pirate football

    cant believe st mary’s beat spsv and it wasnt a close game

  • Teehee

    Junior your arguments are insanely bad. Schools like Moreau, Valley Christian, Athenian and Bentley could careless about athletics.

    However its all within the resources. If you want, go look at the weight rooms of your typical private school.. then go take a look at the weight room at Mt. Eden, Tennyson, Mt. Diablo, etc. and let me know the difference you see.

    Who’s sports program do you think will shut down first? O’Dowd’s or Mt. Diablos? DLS or San Lorenzo? St. Ignatius or Northgate? Serra or Encinal?

    I bet for each selection you chose a public school.

  • mval stud

    Newark defeated JFK Fremont 55-9. I think JFK will go 0-10 this season.

  • junior

    Have you seen DLS’s weight room and sports facilities? wrong again.

    The fact that the public schools are so poorly run they might have to close their sports programs has NOTHING to do with an uneven playing field.

    Leadership is needed at a school if they want success on the field- not money.

    As yourself this, why do the public schools dominate the SJS?

  • Mack was tough and will contend in the OAL but Salesian hammered them at the end. Now it’s snooze mode for a few weeks until Valley C comes to town in late October.

    Salesian was in the process of wearing Mack down but Mack’s coach really hurt their cause with two ill-advised unsportsmanlike penalties in the second half. He was upset about a potential late hit by Salesian on the Mack sideline but it was not called. He stayed in the ear of the official for way too long and got nailed twice, the second time basically taking them out of a makeable fourth down play. It helped the Pride’s cause but was disappointing to see, those kids worked hard to hang in there most of the game and coach just lost it, a real bad example for those kids.

    I’m looking for the Pride to bust the top 10 this week; Jimmy was at this game and could see firsthand the top notch talent and determination of this team.

  • panther4

    Junior, I don’t think that teehee is saying that the coaching at De La Salle is not fantastic, but for you to say that it is a level playing field seems pretty ignortant in its own right. Forget about the recruiting thing, they don’t need to recruit because kids from all over want to go there. In no way am I whining about this because it is what it is. I am a public school guy and we have to play De La so we deal with it. But for you to say that it is a level playing field is rediculous. I have this arguement every year with someone on here. Bart Houston for example is a Cal High guy, he lives in San Ramon. In fact I would say that at least 3 out of their last 5 qb’s are from the san ramon/danville area. Public schools play the hand they are dealt, where privates get to modify theirs a little. Coach Lad is a great coach and has done things that most coaches would never be able to. I don’t think that you would find anyone who knows football argue that fact. He is a special guy who has gotten the most out of every young man to play for him. However, it ain’t an equal talent pool. a lot of their guys are from the concord area, but a lot of them aren’t as well. I did a little research a few years back to see just how many kids would actually attend if it played by the public school rules and it was about 60% of their roster. So if your arguement holds water. Do you think that they would have had the same success if they had only played with 60% of the kids they have had over the years? And you can’t pick the 60% either.

  • junior

    Why do public schools dominate the SJS?

  • Teehee

    Support. People out there care.

    I have coached out here. Some parents take it as ‘extended daycare’ or simply ‘keeping a kid out of trouble’ which I actually agree with the latter. But kids in the SJS both public and private care out there.

    A lot of schools out here seem to hit the other extreme of academic involvement that athletics is almost BLACKLISTED. I would go as far to say that some low-performing schools would blame athletics

  • Teehee

    “Have you seen DLS’s weight room and sports facilities? wrong again.”

    ESPN did a feature on MJD.. their weight room is awesome. But as panther said I am not saying the coaching at DLS is subpar, but they are able to take advantage of A LOT of things that other coaches are not.

  • junior

    If you believe the DLS weightroom is “awesome”- more power to you.

    Finally we have come to an agreement on this debate- the parents count alot towards the teams success.

    Solution for public schools in Bay Area: get better parents/mimic the SJS public schools.

    Not a solution: whining, complaining and making excuses about “uneven playing fields”. You know what to do- go do it- change the culture at your public school.

  • shinguard

    If you want to see a super weight-room Arch Bishop Mitty…open Glass walls that look out onto field and top of the line equipment. DLS is simply a dank cave with two doors..air in & air out and lights that work with decent equipment..and a waiting line of various sports & players running through it non stop.

  • pirate football

    of course dls have a nice wieghtroom, they new wieghtroom was donated to them by former nfl player steve wiesneski, excuse the spelling, but they not the only school that has a nice 1, st marys has a good 1, mack does, coaches and AD’s sometimes got to go out and hustle and get alumni, or just very kind donors. yes private schools can recruit 8th graders and even help them with the financial burden, it is what it is, but what really sets dls from other private and public schools is the coaching staff plain and simple

  • Pawn Star

    The reason that 60% of the kids are from outside the “area” going to DLS is because it is the only Catholic School on that side of the hill (along the 680 corridor). Apparently your research didn’t take into account where the other Catholic High Schools are located (Albany, Richmond, Oakland, Alameda, Hayward). One of the advantages DLS has is that have built a winning program that naturally attracts athletes to the highly visble program.

  • chalktalk

    whats all this talk about weight rooms
    weights dont throw passes weight dont run footballs weights cant cover anyone weights dont hit people


    those Florida boys hit DLS and hit them hard and often ever play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pain stop the best players even the thought of pain can stop some players

  • panther4

    Pawn Star, are you saying that all these great football players go to De La because it is a Catholic school? That’s a good one. I’m not speaking about 60% of the student body I’m talking about 60% of the team. DJ Williams and MJD didn’t go to De La Salle because it is a catholic school.

  • BVAL Expert

    Pawn Star your wrong.. I can bet money that the reason why people go to their school is athletics

  • Panther4, obviously you aren’t a SMCHA alum- I thought so because of your handle.
    You and others still don’t get it. Catholic high schools have kids from all over, not all of them, but many of them.
    St. Mary’s gets kids from Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, Hercules, Richmond, Emeryville and Oakland.
    Bellarmine got kids from all over, including the EastBay back in the day. The reason why the WCAL now stays within city limits is because Serra, St. Francis, Mitty, Valley Christian are all in the south bay. Before DLS pre ’65, St. Mary’s got the kids on the other side of the tunnel. These kids consisted of Catholic grammer schools feeding Catholic high schools, the same as it is today. They also got non-Catholics from these schools and public grammer schools, private schools, etc. Parents chose to send their children to Catholic high schools, for what ever reason. We are talking about all the students, not just jocks.
    If you know anything about DeLaSalle today, their student body and CHS student body comes from all over Contra Costa County, Solano and Alameda counties. They all don’t play sports, however if the schools pull from all over then obviously student-atheletes are included. The Danville, San Ramon and Alamo area have Catholic grammer schools feeding DLS and CHS since they opened-both in 1965. Until another Catholic high school opens in the East County area, they will continue to draw. O’Dowd was the same way until Moreau opened, they drew from Oakland, Hayward, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley and beyond. Catholic schools have no boundaries for all students, but they do fill up fast. Their student population is way under most public schools, so that should even out the numbers game. It might have something to do with parents raising kids with more preparation in dedication, time management, etc.etc. Are parents sending them to DLS because of sports, yea and the kids have to want to go there. They have an extensive interview process and if they pick up it’s your parents and not you, you get declined. It’s what it is. Many SoCal and SJS publics are very successful and yes they are normally in better economic areas.
    A good example is the amount of college bound QB’s coming out of the South Bay, better standards, parents got them involved in the position early in life, send them to camps, some of the Dad’s played college football. And yes, ALL Catholic high schools have financial aid and it doesn’t all go to atheletes. DLS has over a million a year aid spread to to 1000 plus students who might be eligable. In return, the student has to work it off.

  • MoreauFan

    Moreau used to be in the MVAL.
    And perhaps it is to get their image down in Fremont to try and get more kids from down there. If we go north to the HAAL, there is BOD in the territory that will take good athletes from the area. Instead I think Moreau may be looking to try and get kids from further south instead.
    Or possibly they don’t like the multiple conference association they were involved in, and the MVAL offered better overall competition in all sports, not just football.
    Maybe we didn’t like all the talk of the mobile conferences so decided it was best to just get away from it.
    I’d like to be back in the HAAL, liked playing a lot of those teams and wasn’t too happy about the move to the BSAL. But maybe they’re trying to re-establish the rivalries down south.


  • pirate football

    i halfway agree, but the team needs to get bigger and stronger in the offseason, my point was many diff schools ptivate and public have new or pretty nice wieght rooms, and what sets dls from most of california mostly north, is the coaching staff, the fundementals and discipline and great work ethic as a team that they instill in the kids, dls have beaten many of teams they shouldnt have, i even have heard from some former players mouth that they knew some teams was so loaded and shouldve beat them but they are so prepared, are disciplined and relentless.

    lets not forget the walnut creek have a private school and dublin also berean christian and valley christian, much smaller schools but they are on the 680 corridor, when u talk to many of non concord kids as to why they want to go to dls, they will tell u, they want to play football and win, cant blame the kids.

    i understand y some of the bloggers feel people are whinning bout the uneven playing field, it is uneven to an extent, yes the can have kids attend the school that live where ever, yes some of those kids cant afford it and get financial asst. what some of you dont know is if u dont take care of ur grades the will not have you come back to the school, i feel if a kid can qualify to get in academically and keep the grades up, athelete or not if the school has the resources to assist financially then im not mad at them, any good parent wants a good education for they kid, not to say u cant get a good education in a public school

  • pirate football

    my main point if u want to beat dls u 1st have to match what the coaching staff is doing, i dont believe they are the most talented team in ncs year in and year out. i would like to see them go down, i respect the staff, my pirates had many chances [like 5] in the 2000’s and the last we blew it a 14-0 lost with like 4 times in the redzone.

  • Teehee

    Lol.. Dixon would turn into a turnover machine against DLS

  • panther4

    Big Joe, what was your point in that explanation. I understand that plenty of people attend Catholic schools due to the relegious aspect, but all I was saying was that De La Salle has an advantage over public schools athletically because they draw from all over. I guess you kind of proved my point. They have kids coming from all over the east bay, as you said. Must be nice.

  • shinguard

    Re DLS..You still have to take an academic entrance exam to get into DLS. Know plenty of good student athletes with exceptional grades who did not make it in. The big thing at DLS it’s a disciplined school environment and the kids that play sports are willing to work hard to succeed on and off the playing field.

  • panther4

    I know about the tests and high standards and all that. That is not the issue. I’ll never say another word about it as soon as the De La supporters admit that they have and advantage over public schools due to the fact that they pull kids from all over. I don’t care about Moreau or tests or the fact that kids want to go their because of their relegion. All of that means nothing to me. I’m not even saying they recruit or anything like that. All I am talking about is the advantages a private school can have because they don’t have to “play the hand they are dealt” as far as talent each year like the public schools do. This isn’t a complaint either, just a fact.

  • chalktalk

    dls is a talented unit
    u beat them by isolating the weak point
    which are the db

    as for the veer option take away the option
    blitz the cb take the rb out every time hit him everytime with or without the ball
    send ur best player at their best player

  • chalktalk

    do you take talent over technique

    b4 u answer note that ur technique comes from a talented player

  • Spark Baldman

    Chalktalk. You are a genious! So thats what every team in Nor Cal has been doing wrong all these years. Hopefully one of these public school coaches will hire you as a D coaching specialist! Hahahaahhahahaha. Look out Spartans. Secret is out!

  • chalktalk

    Spark Baldman
    Lol have u ever played this game
    or are u one of these coaches that got a job because ur a model citizen

    spark baldman its obvious that u have never been hit in the mouth

  • pirate football

    thanks for bringing that up that was so nice of u, i was at all 3, but at least dixon is n the league