Live blog: East Bay prep football in-game updates tonight

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Jon Becker

  • matadorfan

    I am sad to say that Tyler Amick (WR from Granada) is also out for the remainder of the season with a broken fibula that he sustained in their last preseason game against Skyline. Tyler was 2nd team all EBAL last year and already had 15 receptions for 201 yards and 3 TDs in 6 quarters of play this year. The Monte Vista / Granada matchup won’t be the same without Amick and Ertz on opposite sides of the ball tonight.

  • I can’t beleive that I went to this B-High vs Alameda game to watch this kid Mannibusan’s career possibly take off after the best Big Game performance I’ve seen it 20 years & THE KID ATTEMPTED 3 PASSES?????? Can any Hornet fans elaborate on what the hell is going on over there. The kid throws 5 TDs 0 picks on 390 yards one game & the next game throws 3 passes while a kid who didn’t even show up to the Encinal game attempts 18? Those coaches have to be the worse & were rewarded with their genius with a big fat donut on O. Save me 2 Glaze & 1 sugar donut at films tomorrow. Terrible.

  • 617lemon

    Right track a team football? Duderino what happen buddy? Kemper been running this team since 07 for you fools to believe things were gonna change reality check my friends but your in luck ncs needs 16 teams to fill out the brackets and you still got de anza & richmond on the schedule. 1-4 rochlin could have done that!

  • Dudleydawson

    Alameda hornets eating donuts thats great there whole staff are cream puffs!

  • pirate football

    did all yall alameda fans really think yall had a chance with b high, what was yall drinkin mustve been some good vodka top shelf, or maybe some henny, i mean really the coaches knew they was getting a heavy dose of rb james, the whole 1st series was all him, the 1st play the jackets hit them n the mouth and alameda could never really recover, could stand up to the bully, alameda actually had some good size on the line, had bunch of dropped passes, they seemed scared

  • pirate football when the head coach is scary what do you expect from the team? the guy realize on lying to refs & backstabbing coaches who hire him. when he got hired he lied to the school said he was gonna change things please same offense playbook all he changed were the uni’s hired lil brother to run the defense & daddy to write the game summaries to make it sound good. how many times is the defense gonna give up a 40 burger before you do something about kemper last year all you did was blame the d how about now? like randy crawford once sang my friends same ol’ story! good luck to all this week in this great game we football.

  • Mr. Han

    Alameda Hornets got skinned. I think Manibusens ribs might hurt a little bit. Kahuanui almost split Manibusen in half during the Island Bowl. There’s no way Kemper plays J. Lewis after the game Manibusen had against Encinal unless he had to. But Manibusen “your trippin homie” entire family was Jets cuz. Must of been a reason. Use your brain. Bottom Line: Encinal’s presence is still being felt. And Kemp, without instruction then your headed for self destruction. Cash me out and I’ll teach you how to play football.

  • Outsider

    I believe Manibusen received a concussion.

  • scoop

    man i am kinda shocked, I stuck my head on on a limb for alameda to stay close… maybe against encinal its a rivalry so i am assuming its going to be close, also if you been raised with kids from the east and west side your entire life your going to know who to hit and who to chop.. But The botton line is that this is sports.. please lets not get personal.. Alameda I hope bounces back. and congrats on berkeley for bouncing back… against pitt.. and beating alameda… congrats to Tennyson! also finally some one else challenging the tromp in the haal! the show the against o dowd is going to be one to watch… great win to De la Salle also! 62-0

  • scoop

    also marin just dominated rivals novato!, Marin has a Great Case to get that number one seed… Cardinal Newman does too.. man this should shake up to be a scary division!. what did i say earlier in the year? that division 3 is one of the best divisions in NCS.. Also If salesians does go undefeated and win NCS division 4, could they over throw the winner of NCS Division 3 to take the STATE BOWL division 3 .. because only one winner can go to state and Div 3 and 4 are aligned with Division 3 in state bowl..

  • Dudleydawson

    D3 ncs is like the sec you win it you go to state unless you have 3 losses like cnewman had last year. Salesian dont want no part of the top teams from d3 or why not petition up like marin?

  • suckafree415

    salesian isnt going to get rewarded for pu$$ying out and playing d4 when they could petition up like CN and MC

  • ANy score for Arroyo vs SLZ? SLZ get in the EndZone?

  • scoop

    looks like salesians have no chance then

  • ManDown

    What a win for Tennyson! Like we have all been saying, SL is going down hill under Brad Bowers coaching. Losing to the Lancers has to be an all time low for them. Congrats to HC Terry Smith on the big win and you are doing a good job with your team this year. Keep it up Tennyson!

  • Strictly Facts

    I saw Tennyson at a summer contact camp and I was impressed, but I didn’t see this coming. A win over San Leandro is a shocker. I don’t think Bowers is a bad coach, but maybe his players overlooked Tennyson.