East Bay prep football recap: Little suspense in most league openers

Here’s our weekly recap from the Friday night football action from around the East Bay, which included some lopsided league openers.

Included in the recap is our slideshow from the football games we shot on Friday, as well as photos from high school events from earlier in the week.

Jon Becker

  • Lancer Lou

    kTennyson High Lancers 31 San Leandro 21! How is that for suspense?

  • in the DFAL…..i thought sure that Acalanes would stop Miramonte…but the Mats proved me wrong….when Acalanes rolled over Ygancio Valley…it appeared that the Don’s were on the move…But the offense became silent….I watched Las Lomas dismantle Alhambra in game time…..The bulldogs continue to make the same mistakes over and over again….Unless Las Lomas relaxes against one of the DFAL teams..they should go undefeated….

  • I agree. I thought Mriamonte would struggle a lil more to beat Acalanes or lose. Good job to Miramonte.

  • Oh boy

    Acalanes looked good against Ygnacio Valley b/c YV is 0-4. That’s not a good predictor for Miramonte. And Las Lomas rolled a struggling Alhambra squad. Dublin and Campo will bring a bigger challenge.

    Has anyone seen Cardinal Newman? Do they deserve their buzz and ranking? I really like the W against Valley Christian and Palma tie. But the Concord, Alhambra and M. Carrillo wins are expected and nothing to brag about…

  • Watched them play VC. I think they’re legit.

  • Patrick

    If you’re talking in reference to Miramonte, Newman beat Miramonte by a healthy margin last year, and the margin looks to be even greater this year if they were to meet tomorrow. Newman is undoubtedly the best D3 team in the NCS right now with Marin Catholic close behind and Encinal following as well. Both Valley Christian in Palma will be very successful this season (though Valley isn’t what they were last year, but they were #20 in the nation for a time last year), so the win and the tie were definitely good games. If we went into playoffs now, I would expect a similar run to last year, beating each team by at least twenty for the first three rounds, and grinding it out to a victory against MC or Encinal in the final.

  • Oh boy


    No reference to Miramonte. CN is favored for State by multiple sources and I wanted to know if anyone had taken their measure in person. The only blemish on the record is a tie to a tough Palma but they’ve caught some breaks. VC’s Byron Marshall sprained his shoulder in the 1st quarter when they played, Concord and Alhambra have dropped off some, etc.

  • mediocre

    Concord starting qb hurt his hand in the first qtr and their very solid nose tackle willy thompson was hurt on the second snap of the game. Concord is down from last year but still one of the top teams in a very weak Div 2.

  • The Bulldogs have dropped off a lot…they lost their top QB for the season and both the D and O lines are having serious issues…Any game they win in the DFAL will be a struggle….

  • DVAL Watcher

    Concord down from their magical season granted. They will walk thru league thou.
    RB is already sitting with over 1,000 yards rushing and the back up QB ‘s doing a nice job moving the ball and his feet if needed. The defense will shine in league and the playoffs.

    Clayton Valley and College Park will knock it around for 2nd & 3rd. Definitely will see CV in the playoffs. College Parks dug themselves a hole But, Keplers a good old school coach not counting them out yet.

    Northgate, Mt. Diablo, and Ygnacio Valley painful to watch. For various reasons and to many to list and really doesn’t matter anyways.

  • Patrick

    I’ve seen Newman multiple times being a fan of the team. They are the real deal. I understand that the injuries to players on Concord, Valley, and Palma can lead to questioning their legitimacy, but one must recognize that clearly Newman plays hard enough to injure (not intentionally) talented and aggressive players. Lawson more than made up for Marshall in the Valley Christian game anyways. I think if we wait a couple more weeks, we might see Concord and Valley Christian (maybe even Alhambra) start having strong wins and seasons, making Newman’s wins seem a bit better. For now though, I say with experience that Cardinal Newman is a team to beat this year, and a challenge for the East Bay teams that have gotten pounded by their Sonoma County neighbors a little more than usual this year.

  • IDK I saw the injury to Marshall & Trodder (from EHS) last year & Cardinal Newman’s style of tackling is a lil dirty.

  • pirate football

    perkin im hoping ur wrong and it was just a fluke that some kids got inj vs cn really hope coaches are not out there coaching dirty like that

    i got to tip my hat to tennetson, hurts but got to. anybody know what coach boom is doing over there, i thought he was doing good, wonder if he calls the offense

  • scoop

    cardinal newman EASILY the best coached team in NCS, that coached wins with skinny kids at the line..

  • EBfootball

    Was Cronin that good of a coach at a public school? Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great coach but you have to grade him on the private school curve.

  • ManDown

    Come on guys. Cardinal Neman tackles dirty now huh? Sounds like excuses why teams can’t beat them. They are very well coached and win games by being better tacklers and winning in the trenches. Cronin is a good coach and private school or not he’s one of the best.
    Early D3 seeds
    1. CN
    2. Marin
    3. Miramonte
    4. Encinal
    5. BOD

  • FB Guru

    CN breezed to the championship last year beating:

    Campo by 28
    BOD by 21
    Mira by 25
    Encinal by 28

    Definitely the team to beat this year. If MC runs the table and either Mira/Campo out of the DFAL (meaning they would have to beat LL as well), then there are your top three. What has happen to Encinal? After playing Serra tough, a four point win over hapless Alameda and needing a Defensive TD to break a 6-6 tie with Piedmont in the 3rd qtr. With their weak, weak, weak, schedule remaining it will be interesting how the computer ranking treats them. We know Ben, Jimmy, and the boys will keep them high in the CCT poll, but they might lose a place every week here on out in the computer poll.

  • Cardinal Newman is tough on defense….solid tackling and gang tackling….The CN coach puts a lot of time into tackling which all the schools should be doing..You can tell a weak defense by the way they arm tackle or do H/A tackling…..or grabbing….Cronin knows what he is doing and all the victories prove it…

  • Patrick

    Cronin is one of the best coaches in the Bay Area as proven by his record at Newman. He did actually win at a public school, too. He coached Piner for several seasons to a degree of respectability despite it being a perennial doormat for the NBL on both sides of his coaching tenure there. Newman’s lines both this year and last year are almost entirely 200 or sub-200 pound players. I would say the aggressiveness of those lines with a clear lack of size is evidence of the quality coaching. Newman is often called mini-De La Salle for a good reason: excellent coaching.

  • Hey just stating my opinion. Watch them tackle. They wrap up then it seems like they stick their legs out almost like a Judo throw but from the front. Against the knee joint. I’ve seen a few of their games now & its common. I don’t even know if its illegal but it should be. I know tripping is illegal. Definitely more dangerous then the horse collar.

  • Cronin didn’t do very good when he was at Santa Rosa I think? Newman is really good & has been for 30 years. They’ve been winning there for a long time. This isn’t a Lad situation where they never won. Not saying he’s not a good coach but he walked into a HELL of a sitation. If he wasn’t as successul at a public school then I think that right there proves all the public school private school arguement.

  • If MC goes undefeated they will get the #1 seed hands down. Vacaville beat VC which cancels out CN’s win against them. Scores don’t come into play.

  • Patrick

    I doubt that Newman will be anything but the top seed if they win the rest of their games. They have last year’s championship to help them, plus a slightly stronger league (not that either league is impressive) and the tie against a very good Palma team. Not that it matters. I actually think the NCS does an exceptional job most of the time at picking the slots for playoffs. Go back to the archives on here and you see tons of people complaining about a 7-3 Cardinal team getting the 2 seed. Yet they breezed through the whole thing. Regardless of where they end up, expect to see Newman playing hard to defend their championship. They have a very good chance of doing so.

  • ManDown

    The only team that has a chance to beat CN in the playoffs is Marin Catholic. I don’t think Encinal can handle them this year with only 22 players on the roster. Miramonte, BOD, Eureka dont stand a chance but I see Marin as the team that could give CN trouble and possibly win it all.

  • I don’t think that MC will give CN that good of a game they can not run the ball or stop the run. MC is doing an outstanding job this year no doubt. They lost a lot & they had better players last year. They struggled with speed especially Berkeley without Rudolpho James(haven’t seen any of their other games). Its a one man show over there with no running game. A lot like Miramonte last year(& this year). If he doesn’t play great football games they will lose.

    Encinal needs to kick it in gear & start rolling pretty quick or they won’t do much. Not playing championship football right now.

    Eureka jus got rolled by a very average Novato team. Huge in terms of seeding. I wouldn’t even mention them in terms of not having a chance.

    Miramonte’s real tests will come the last 4 weeks of the season & we’ll really see how good they are. Campo, LL, & Dublin(yeah former coach he knows them inside out. He may know all their plays litereally) will be tough games. If they’re any good they should rol Alahambra but it is a league rivalry.

    If BOD’s at all in the conversation they should win out, 3-4 in convincing fashion. Its not saying much in the HAAL.

  • ManDown

    Perkin, do you like MC over Encinal?

  • Right now Encinal is playing terrible. Play-offs win usually happen with teams that can run & stop the run. Encinal’s inablility to defend the pass makes MC the favorite.
    BUt I stick by that play-off formula. Encinal is stopping the run. Jets have shown they can throw if they want & can get into a shoot out with MC. MC had better players last year & struggled with stopping Jets running game when Ve’e was having a terrible day. Play-offs is during WInter rain, cold. I’d take Encinal. But they have to start playing more efficient football throughout the nezxt 5 weeks & really be peaking by Moreau.

  • What do you guy’s think about Tennyson? They are Div III with a huge win over San Leandro.

    Tennyson could end the season 10-0 if they can get Past BOD 9-1 at the worst.

    If they go 10-0 with wins over SL and BOD you have got to put them above Encinal who’s best win would be a .07 rated Moreau team

  • Teehee

    Castro Valley and Arroyo are not teams Tennyson can not afford to sleep on.

    Plus, their biggest opponent this year is really going to be report cards so we’ll see.

  • scoop

    seems to me like bleacher coach doesnt want no part of Encinal in the Semis lol

  • scoop

    excuse me i said it wrong.. now that i reread my statement.. encinal doesnt want MC in the play off semis.. They would get Blasted… they way the been playing lately

  • suckafree415

    who keeps saying MC has no running game?? akili terry wasnt eligible first game against SI and barely played against Vacaville…..hes just starting to warm up now, he had 131 against san marin last week…….MC still adjusting to running the Run and Shoot, the running game is improving every game, i expect their running to be nsync just in time for playoff time…….their run defense is what worries me about this MC team……Goff isnt a one man show either, his recievers have been on fire this year making some great plays after the catch, and devere is a great punt/kick returner

  • suckafree415

    still like CN in D3 though

  • WHo would wnat to be a 3 seed if Cardinal Newman is a 2 seed? Encinal is way better off as a 4 seed. They’ve done alright against Marin Catholic.

  • Dudleydawson

    scoop marin/encinal would be a great game i dont see any team blasting anyone. Tennyson got a good win last week but we saw how ncs saw thru the bs of haal and ranked odowd a 7 seed last year so unless there undefeated no better than a 6 seed. Bleachercoach speak on your team i havent heard much about your beloved novato can you explain why you have marin catholic in your mouth when there your rivals or you just jump on the bandwagon? Miramonte please that team is soft they get beat by 2td’s vs marin cnewman & encinal. Akila terry didnt he go to drake before chris adams recruited him to go to marin? Didnt chris adams go to redwood before marin also recruited him? Must be nice to be a private school and get whoever no matter were the live.

  • suckafree415

    Perki,n Encinal at the #4 seed would be playing CN in the semis….i think they rather be the #3 seed and play MC in the semis…..D3 is going to be exciting, hopefully the winner D3 can bring state title home this year

  • scoop


  • Billjohnson

    Tennyson? For real jus cuz dey beat an average at best team n san leandro now there contenders i dont c it

  • CN’s best win is probably Valley Christian. MC beat Vacaville who beat Valley Christian so that cancels out. Traditionally the boards love undefeated teams. Best win is equal no losses one blemish is a tie. MC will probably get the 1 seed. Its why Cronin was so pissed that he didn’t OT against Palma.

  • pirate football

    i didnt even know cn was a private school

  • DFAL Guy

    Pirate, you must not go to church on Sundays. What did you think “Cardinal” stood for, a bird? A color?

  • Patrick

    Like I said. It really doesn’t matter what seed Newman gets. I think they deserve the top seed, but last year would suggest that they can do just fine with #2. Haha. And Cardinal Newman is named after Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, and Anglican convert to Catholicism who is one of the most influential minds with regards to religious education. Catholic centers on public college campuses are called Newman Centers after him.

  • pirate football

    @dfal guy
    actually smart guy i been in church all life, went to catholic schools all but 4 years from k-12, im not a catholic, and really dont care what schools are.


    where is that guy that told me SAN LEANDRO WAS gonna beat arroyo and odowd

  • DFAL Guy

    Agreed. I don’t care what a school’s affiliation is either. But I certainly know whether a school is public or private. FYI, De La Salle is a private school.

  • pirate football

    i know that genius like i said i went to catholic schools most of k-12, your so smart, i didnt even know bout all the schools n that area until after i started coaching, so who really cares, thanks for all ur enlightment.

  • TheOld97

    Any predictions on the Moreau vs. St. Mary’s game? Should be a good match-up!

  • pirate football

    still shocked that st mary’s beat st pats, guess st pats is having a down year or maybe sm is hittin they stride we shall c after tonite

  • djgaucho

    don’t sleep on el cerrito division 3 they are physical with a lot of speed