East Bay Football Poll — 10/3

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (7) 3-1 105 1
2. California 4-0 97 2
3. James Logan 5-0 92 3
4. San Ramon Valley 3-1 80 t5
5. Encinal 3-1 79 t5
6. Freedom 5-0 67 7
7. Pittsburg 3-2 66 4
8. Las Lomas 5-0 52 8
9. Miramonte 5-0 49  9
10. Monte Vista 2-2 45 10
11. Salesian 5-0 38 11
t12. Campolindo 5-0 21 14
t12. Granada 2-2 21 12
14. Concord 3-2 9 NR
15. Tennyson 4-0 8 NR

Also receiving votes: Antioch (4-0, 5 points), Deer Valley (2-3, 3), Valley Christian (5-0, 3), Berkeley (2-3, 1). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • pirate football

    tyrone i agree with u and the mcfly come back kinda funny

  • pirate football

    its bout mid season and i think its been great so far im enjoying it, wish i could attend more games, or more on tv so i could record them on my dvr, d3 is very deep but i think d2 is going to b better than people think

  • Alameda beat a JV filled Richmond team last night 41-14. It was 28-14 at half, Richmond was very much in the game. Alameda could only muster 2 scores in the 2nd half ? Did I mention Richmond had to forfeit the JV game because they had to fill the varsity squad. It looks like a tough road for Alameda and their new HC…. Pinole next week then El Cerrito. I was at the game and Alameda should have put up 80, and blanked Richmond. The Island bowl , Alameda blew their wad , and are done for the season. Their defense is suspect and Pinole, El Cerrito, and, Hercules will run through them.

  • Campo Pride,

    As a Miramonte fan, I admit I had Campo to finish dead last in DFAL and now at 6-0 there’s no denying that Campo is the real deal! I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the Acalanes score. Beating Acalanes by more than 14 is a real challange. What are you guys putting in the water out there in Moraga??

    We’ll see you in a few weeks and hopefully both teams will be undefeated.

  • Reality check

    What’s your point Eagle? That encinal is not that good? Why should they have put up 80? Are you sure you were there? – calpreps has the score 49-14

  • Campo Pride I’m sure the coaches remember but there were no kids on the team now that even attended Encinal then.


    COACH Macy
    is one of the best coaches i ever had
    glad 2 C HIM undefeated

  • @ Reality, you’re right it was 49, although the last td was suspect , I think the ref’s were ready to leave…No I’m not saying Encinal is not good enough, they’re clearly not only the best team in Alameda ;but , one of the best in the Eastbay. Alameda played a team from Richmond comprised of at least 70% or more jv players , and at times Alameda struggled to move the ball and play defense. Richmond beat themselves with poor ball security. If Alameda put 41 on Encinal , playing a young inexperienced team of 16 players, Alameda should have played a better game. 80 ? figure of speech, that would be unsportsman like….LOL

  • Mr. Han

    Cronin teaches his squad to play dirty. Only problem is this season Encinal is ready to match them. He would of got it week 1-3 if Cronin wasn’t such a coward. Alhambra yeah right are you kidding me. I’m not saying Alhambra isn’t a good team but to beat Encinal is a guaranteed 1 seed and all the cardinal fans know that. Cronin be flooding too.


    Alameda high football is suspect at best. They need to beat Pinole Valley. The Nailhouse beat em up bad. Lewis, how does he even get to play the next week after missing the Island Bowl. They say he was at band camp. Cash rules everything around Alameda high.


    Cronin all I got to say is ENCINAL got the Mighty Ek Chuah with us this time around buddy. It has been foretold. You run because you are afraid… Hahahaha

  • MVAL Stud

    Last night, American destroyed Irvington which beat Washington last week. The title for second place in the MVAL is now between American and Newark.

  • Malik USMC

    Nice try roper. Lewis has several talents, but music is not one of them. He had strep throat and couldn’t play, unfortunately for alameda that had an impact on the Island Bowl. Why do you encinal guys all have such an inferiority complex?

  • pirate football

    malik did this lewis kid play vs b high, and what pos does he play

  • MVALFremont

    American and Newark play each other two weeks from now, should be a good game

  • Malik USMC

    #113 I think he’s a jr. about 6’2″ 185 and plays QB, tight end, safety and is the punter (they missed him at the Encinal game) At Berkeley he played QB after Manibussen got hurt. Not his best game but there were many dropped passes and Berkeley (very athletic team) was bringing the house most of the time. He did get off every punt.

  • pirate football

    yes alameda had some drops they seemed scared, but with this lewis kid they got smashed by b high, it wasnt even close, good luck vs pv and ec

  • Patrick

    They’ll be a number one seed anyways, they’ve already played two better teams than Encinal, and they beat Encinal significantly last year with a heavy junior team. You also have not seen Cardinal Newman play because I have never heard anyone see their games and claim they play dirty. They may be the best coached team in NCS after De La Salle. And they had the hardest preseason schedule in D3 without Encinal, so it’s laughable to call them in any way cowardly. But it’s a lost effort. I guess it will never make sense to a few of you. Newman beat Encinal last year 35-7 and are defending NCS champions going on championship 12 and emerged from D3’s toughest preseason 3-0-1. I think it’s safe to assume they’re doing just fine without having played Encinal.

  • Malik USMC

    No doubt Berkeley is playing very good ball right now. Alameda had about 5 starters out by the 2nd quarter and then the wheels came off as the depth isn’t there.

  • EBAL Fan

    I am surprised with the Cal and Mv game. I thought Cal would have handily beat MV.

  • Scl alum

    Anyone have final score on Del Norte-Fortuna?

  • brandonbeard

    I know I have talked high on Moreau but I just heard they loss to St. Mary’s. That’s big!,

  • pirate football

    wow i asked earlier whats up wit st mary’s beating st pats didnt see them beating moreau if thats true, wow congrats to coach minor, hey jimmy or ben can i get some updates

  • MVAL Stud

    I am shocked that Washington (Fremont) beat Kennedy (Fremont) 14-12. Last week Newark destroyed Kennedy 56-9. I can’t believe the MVAL is so down in talent this year, it’s shocking.

  • brandonbeard

    Yep shocked as well. But it looks like st. Marys played some tough teams in non league.and.have found out what they can do. Hey I still think they can get second in conference even with the loss.

  • Paydirt

    Posted to the blog from the SRV at Granada game. 11 scores later, and after ‘stand for the kickoff’ 14 times (1 rekick), I can report that this was a legitimate barn-burner. I am guessing that SRV had 300+ yards in the air, while Granada had 250+ yards on the ground. As blogged, in the end SRV’s no-huddle air attack survived the gutty ground attack of the Matador’s.

  • Joe Cool

    I think the poll is not too off, I think most of you would agree that football polls done prior or at about the halfway mark have to be fluid, in other words big changes in the coming weeks based not only on upsets wins, etc, but also by margins of victory. The bottom line with football in the bay area and northern california is this: over 85% of teams (my personal guess) do not have ‘realistic’ lineman. I define ‘realistic’ lineman as players who could ‘realistically’ play lineman on offense or defense in division I, II, III or juco. Most teams have some speed, some skill guys who can make plays in space, even if they are small. But teams like Salesian (Freddie Tagaloa, etc) have that front seven that are true, and worth actaully watching. Nothing is more painful to watch than, as an example, MVAL football. The varsity games are full of the smallest lineman EVER. And I feel bad for the skill guys in those games because when they try to transition to the next level they are in SHOCK because lineman are taller than 5-11 and weigh over 200 lbs. My son play is in 8th grade and stands 6-0 230 lbs. He plays on a youth ‘unlimited’ weight football team and his team lineman are bigger than the starters for many of the MVAL teams at THIRTEEN years old. All the teams with small lineman will LOSE in the playoffs to teams with big lineman. Did any of you watch De La Salle get their FACES smashed off by St. Thomas Aquanias from Florida. It was all line play, nothing more. De La Salles skill guys were a little weaker, but not much. If your high school team has a small line….its not even real football….its little man pretend ball. WHERE IS THE BEEF IN THE BAY AREA????? Get RID OF THE LITTLE LINEMAN PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • Joe Bay Area

    the poll is totally correct. Teams with realistic sized lineman are ranked higher then those teams that can only field teams with puny lineman. that is how football works my friends. its won in the trenches, that is how skill guys are allowed to get into space, lineman! Take de la salle on Espn getting SMACKED by the team from florida a couple of weeks ago. that was all line play, the spartans skill guys were weaker, but not that much. salesian has REAL lineman (freddie tagaloa) so any team that plays them is in for a tough game, not saying they will win every time, but its a tough game with real lineman. Take the MVAL (newark, washington, etc.) talk about BORING games, the teams are so small its actually sad. only logan has a couple of guys who ALMOST look like REAL lineman. Bay area and Northern Cali….WHERE IS THE BEEF…WHY ARE YOUR TEAMS SO DAMN SMALL????? My son is in the 8th grade and he plays on a youth team, he is 6-0, 230 lbs. His teammates are HUGE compared to most of the lineman in the bay area…..i reapeat…WHERE IS THE BEEF!!?!?!?!?!?!

  • suckafree415

    patrick i dont think CN schedule was tougher than Marin Catholic’s OOC. We all know now VC was a fraud (got curb stomped 41-8 by the Bells w/Marshall playing)and not as good as predicted. MC beat Vacaville who has beaten Granite Bay, Deer Valley, Napa, Valley Christian…so that win is pretty much on par with tie with Palma. Then MC beats St Ignatius who tied Mitty (who beat ST Francis last night) in a game they were winning till end of regulation, that win is better than a win against Concord, VC or Alhambra. MC also beat Berkeley who has won 3 in a row (beat Pitt) who is a better team right now than Concord or Alhambra……so i give a slight edge to MC and put CN a close second….Calpreps even has MC at 24.8 vs 20.2 for schedule strength…..Encinal is at 8.1 b/c CN is scared of them….LOL

  • FB Guru

    Rest in peace Al, maybe now my Raiders will play with passion.

  • KillerD

    Notes from the Saturday Morning quarterback chair:

    a. Granada is a good football team despite their record with nasty close losses. San Ramon is tough as expected and will battle for 2nd or 3rd place, only chance of beating DLS is a 44-43 shootout. Is Cal high the “Emperor without Clothes” this year? Belicci doing a fantastic job but a way too close call vs. a down Monte Vista team raises eyebrows. Livermore, Amador, Foothill still have destinies unknown the 2nd half of the year.

    b. Fortuna BIG win vs. Del Norte is terrible news for east bay schools in their division. When the Tuna is swimming strong up north, that is bad news for teams from this region. Fortuna will win 8 or 9 games at worst after still having to play Eureka and DN again.

    c. St. Mary’s large victory over Moreau at Moreau enabled Coach Minor to give the double-finger to his critics and has positioned the Panthers in the drivers seat for a wild card bid. Moreau took a major fall last night, a good team but not great.

    d. Pinole IS THE MOST disappointing team in the east bay so far this year. Terrible blowout loss to EC says they are DONE

    e. Valley Christain tackles fellow 5 and 0 CSD this week, with three teams in the BFL a combined 15 and 0 counting Salesian

    f. Antioch 5 and 0. Nuff said and that is good news for an area that has recently been considered “lost”. Hopefully they get to 8 wins which gets them into the dance

    g. Campo, Miramonte, LL and Dublin atop the DFAL. Four great coaches equals bad news for the rest of the League

    h. DVAL and HAAL and MVAL have become a shadow of their former selves. These league are in serious trouble, financially and with football demographics lending itself to anti-football sentiments from within the admininstrations. Good for Tennyson but major tremblors are brewing within most of the schools in these two leagues

    i. Marin County: MC is great, the rest are average at best.

    j. Sonoma County: Windsor is a dominator now and forever and Healdsburg continues to shine.

    Look for Freedom, SRV, Encinal to flex their muscles, with a few formerly great teams falling from grace in each League with 8 or 9 losses.

    Some teams that lose many games this year will shock people at their drop off the cliff

  • FNL680

    …just win baby.

  • So I am at the Encinal vs Swett game last night and the Jets roll out 30 players deep? Whats happening at the swamp?

    The Mini Jets (JV’s) lost to Swett so it looked like coach T raided the lower teams bench.

    I started asking around about what was going on and found that the Alameda game took a toll on the Jets via injury most notable John Trodder is banged up and wearing a pretty large brace on his left knee and he seems to have lost a little speed.In limited play he did bust a long run and was in the open field looking to score but the Swett players caught him from behind that does not happen last season.

    As through the whole season the Jets where flagged all night blocks in the back, unsportman like and face masks to name a few

    The highlight of the night had to be BO Banks going in for an easy touchdown and as he got close to the end Zone started showing off with a lame Deion Sanders imitation and got caught from behind and stripped with Swett recovering the ball.

    All that vs. a swett team that suited up 17 players

  • Trodder blew HIS ACL OT LAST SEASON. OBVIOUSLY he has to wear brace. He very well may not be as fast. Where is your Empathy for the kid at Brother. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Reggie Hammond I know he injured last season – I also understand the coaching staffs reluctance to let information like that out. Either a his knee still is not 100% or he has other injuries.

    I am not in anyway slandering the young man just reporting on the facts.

  • EBfootball

    I guess we all look alike to you Bleachercoach. Trodder didn’t get caught from behind. Two of the other underclassmen backs did though. Also 7 sophmores played for the Jets and that facemask call was a 5 yarder. No 15’s otherwise. Looks like our aim is getting better and we’re reloading at the same time.

  • scoop

    bleacher coach. 2 quick facts your a novato fan… Encinal is 2 out of 2 against them… your a “marin ” fan too. which is weird thats like being a die hard red sox and yankee fan????. you and “george mantley” which you are by the way lol.. sorry i exposed your mask…. but marin and encinal took 2 out of 3… smh.. you should be ashamed of your self .. if encinal is that bad why do they keep beating your “teams buddy”? .. btw i am sick and tired of talking about Encinal.. How about them dublin, I honestly think there a sleeper for Division 2 ncs

  • BVAL Expert

    Killer D,

    Dont even try to hype up Antioch. Anyone can go 5-0 with that out of league schedule. Come on lets get real now! Northgate isn’t as good this year. Neither is mt diablo and Clayton valley, and Gregori AHAHAHA. Yea congratulations on playing the weakest teams in the NCS. They haven’t proved anything so don’t even go their with Antioch. I know your trying to be nice but its really not that great of a schedule.

    The problem is when you schedule weak teams you are not helping yourself out..

    Antioch and liberty will have rude awakenings

  • Scl alum


    Boy, Fortuna is not doing too shabby at all, with nice wins vs. DIII Del Norte and fellow DIV power Healdsburg.

    Speaking of which, pleased with the ‘Hounds win over well coached Analy. Healdsburg is NOT overlooking the Sonoma Dragons, who are improved this year. Yes, Windsor still very clear fave in SCL.

  • BVAL Expert,

    I think you underestimate Antioch. First of all, I don’t blame a coach trying to rebuild a program for scheduling a soft schedule, especially the year after they go 1-9. But even with that, I think their wins over Clayton Valley and Napa are quality wins. Clayton Valley is a top five D2 team in NCS. Also, Miramonte played them in a late summer scrimmage and out of about 15 teams we scrimmaged, including a couple of D1 teams, they were the only team that moved the ball on us consistently. I don’t think they’ll beat the cream of BVAL or anything like that, hey BVAL is tough this year, but I think they will likely beat Liberty and maybe Heritage.

  • BleacherCoach I can’t even believe you would drive all the way out to Crocket to watch Encinal play Swett when you live in Novato. Then find a way to hate on them for winning 49-0 lol. Kind of like you did when they beat MC last year. So the paper says Trodder 3-82 with a 72 yard TD run. He didn’t get caught on a 72 yard run did he get caught on a run if 9 yards? WOW.

    I also see no point in talking about the Jets for a few weeks until they play St. Mary’s(the 2nd best team in the league) or their last game getting ready for the play-offs.

  • Scoop I don’t think Dublin is a sleeper in D-II but are realy showing the effects of what hiring a good coach can do. They’ll make the play-offs & lose in the 1st round maybbeee 2nd but be way ahead of any realistic plan that a new coach could have for that struggling program.

    What the hell happened at Arroyo vs BOD last night? Arroyo’s 2nd game this year they had to eat donuts on Saturday. I don’t want to hear about them being young this year. They wre suppose to be all 10th & 11th graders last year.


    Bleacher Coach, I hear you think everybody for EHS looks the same. Good, good. Our young pups must be pissing you off. The same way they pissed off AHS and PIEDMONT too huh? You don’t have a clue. Much to look forward to lil buddy. Keep riding MC’s lil strength and conditioning video and falling in love over a glass of wine. You probably tailor Cronins pants too huh? Tell me why Cronin be flooding.

  • BLACKSMITH you should be band from the blogg for hinting at racism very poor form.


    2 all coaches and coachettes if u r getting ur azz
    handed 2 u look in the mirror
    dont blame the kids

    how do u go 4 whole quarters without scoring on the 2nd and 3rd strings!!!
    come come now its week 6


    let him speak at least u know were he stands


    Bleacher, Where you get racism from? I’m talking about our plethora of team speed and ball carriers. Well at least we know what you are thinking. Hmmm…

  • Truth Dispenser

    OK, I’m not here to defend anybody, but this board has taken a turn for the worst with discussion of racism. Personally, I do not think this is the forum, but I cannot stand by while politically correct (aka “partisanly tolerant” aka “non-repressively tolerant”) and untrue comments are thrown around. Emphatic comment in question: THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON RACISM (translated to intended meaning: “everybody knows that rich white guys built this country on the backs of slaves”). Remember, I am in no way defending the evil practices of racism and/or slavery. I’m just pointing out that they are not unique to this country, and they were actually viewed as evil by many of our founders.

    Shall we delve into the past? Just a few points:

    1. Racism and slavery have been facts of life for all people in all cultures and societies since man appeared on the scene – long before the USA was even an idea. Example: White Europeans were captured by Arab pirates off the Barbary Coast and sold into slavery to black North Africans centuries ago.

    2. Many Africans (some estimate close to 2/3) brought over to the colonies to be indentured servants or slaves were delivered to the slave ships by other Africans; rival tribes that traded their prisoners of war for goods. But actually, the very first Africans brought to America were stolen and sold by Muslim slave-catchers in Africa to Dutch traders journeying to America in 1619. That ship sailed up the James River, thus introducing slavery into America. However, when the first slave ship to arrive in the Massachusetts Colony, set up by Christian pilgrims and puritans, landed the ship’s officers were arrested and imprisoned and the kidnapped Africans were returned to Africa at the Colony’s expense.

    3. Originally, Africans brought over to the colonies were not slaves, properly defined. They were indentured servants and were often released after a set period of time. Many fortunate indentured servants even received land and equipment after their work contracts expired. This was such the case with Anthony Johnson, a black indentured servant in Virginia who was freed and went on to become the owner of this country’s first official slave – another black man – John Casor.

    I’m going to shorten these facts from here on out – I don’t have time to explain everything. All that I have said, and will say, can be researched. I encourage you all to do so. In fact, there’s a fantastic book on the subject entitled “Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White”. Look it up. And please remember, I’m not here to defend racism or slavery. I’m just trying to show that it’s not such a black and white (literally) issue, and it is simply not the case that the United States was founded 100% by “white devils”, despite the opinions being peddled in the classroom these days. Let’s continue:

    4. Blacks fought along-side whites in the War of Independence and were able to earn their freedom for doing so. Some examples of black patriots include James Armistead, Peter Salem, Prince Whipple and Oliver Cromwell (research them! these men heroes!)

    5. Most signers of the Declaration of Independence were not actually slave owners. There were 56 of them, and only a few were. Anti-slavery signers included Samuel Adams, Stephen Hopkins, Benjamin Rush (who helped establish this country’s first Abolitionist Society in 1775 along with…), Benjamin Franklin. Others include Elbridge Gerry, James Wilson, John Adams, Roger Sherman, and John Witherspoon. Just to name a few…

    6. Speaking of founding documents, remember that old Three-Fifths Clause in the US Constitution that’s cited so often as an example of early institutionalized racism? Well Frederick Douglas concluded, after reading it, that it was not a pro-slavery, but an anti-slavery document: “I became convinced that the Constitution of the United States non only contained no guarantees in favor of slavery but, on the contrary, it is in its letter and spirit an anti-slavery instrument, demanding the abolition of slavery as a condition of its own existence as the supreme law of the land.” Did he miss the 3/5ths Clause?! No, he saw its true intention, as drafted by Northern anti-slavery advocates, as it dealt with the representation and not the worth of any individual. The Southern states wanted to count their slave populations to increase vote representation in Congress, and thus strengthen pro-slavery influence in the forming country. The anti-slavery founders saw right through this, not allowing the slave-owners to treat slaves as property but count them as citizens (having their cake and eating it to). They understood that the fewer pro-slavery representatives allowed in Congress, the sooner slavery could be eradicated from the nation. Gouverneur Morris, a signer of the Constitution and strong opponent of slavery argued: “The admission of slaves into the representation comes to this – that the inhabitant of Georgia and South Carolina who goes to the coast of Africa and – in defiance of the most sacred laws of humanity – tears away his fellow creatures from their dearest connections and damns them to the most cruel bondage, shall have more votes in a government instituted for protection of the rights of mankind than the citizen of Pennsylvania or New Jersey who views with a laudable horror so nefarious a practice.” I could go on and on about this, but the point is that the 3/5ths Clause was an anti-slavery provision designed to limit the number of pro-slavery representatives in Congress.

    7. Do you know the first country to eliminate the practice of slavery amongst its people? Drum-roll please…. England. The second? The United States! And do you know what these crazy cats did? They went sailing around the Atlantic bilaterally ending the slave trade by force.

    8. As I’ve said, every culture/society has had slavery. But do you know the quickest country to eliminate it? The USA! From our official founding in 1776 to the end of the Civil War in 1865 (less than 100 years) it was defeated. The institution of slavery was under attack from the very inception of this country.

    Well, I guess I didn’t shorten my explanations too much there. Have to get the point across you see. Again, I could go on and on with examples, but there’s no time and I’d rather those of the same mindset as Chalktalk do the historical research and discover for themselves. And keep in mind, a practice like slavery, even if it takes a war, is still easier to eliminate than a prejudicial mindset like racism. This is why the former is no more, and the latter persists. Let’s keep working to make sure men are judged not “by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” And let’s lay off the racism charges. This is only high school football, after all…

  • ManDown

    EBfootball, why did Encinal play 7 sophomores? Do they really have that many on the varsity squad? Why do people keep saying Encinal hasn’t been playing very good when they are blowing teams out and aost beat Serra? I haven’t seen them play since Serra but they looked darn good against the big boys except there running game looked a little weak but other than that they looked good. With 7 sophomores playing I’d say that’s good

  • EBfootball

    Probably because it was John Swett week. If there was ever a team that needed to be in the BFL it’s them. New coach every year there it seems like. But i guess thats why nobody’s fighting for them to do that.