East Bay prep football recap: Top-rated EBAL teams survive

Three of the East Bay’s top four teams reside in the East Bay Athletic League, according to the rankings, and all three picked up victories on Friday night.

But, for one reason or another, those wins by No. 1 De La Salle High, No. 2 California and No. 4 San Ramon Valley weren’t easily attained.

Here’s the link to our weekly prep football recap, where you’ll find links to stories on each game played on Friday night, plus a slideshow of photos from the games and a video.

Jon Becker

  • ManDown

    What is going on with Pinole Valley? Why did James Lewis quit the team? HC Steve Alameda said in the paper that he removed himself from the team. Anyone know the inside story? Congratulations to EC on a good win. It looks like all the young players EC has are starting to step up and play some good football. Watch for the sophomore phenom Jalen Harvey. He a stud!

  • Billjohnson

    Besides de la i dont know good cal is. Cal barely beat a weak monte vista that has a soft d there non league proved nothing. Srv beat a good mitty team lost 2 rocklin there good but losing 2 rocklin shows besides de la ebal aint beatn da grants,palo alto,bellarmine,serra teams

  • Dudleydawson

    Mandown whats going on with pinole i thought they would run away with this league! Arroyo what happen captain? Hercules showed there true colors friday besides de anza do they win again?

  • pirate football

    after watching b high the last 3 weeks they are playing very well, dudley i dont think they will win besides beating deanza and maybe richmond, alameda has more talent and bigger than hercules, they came out poppin and very cocky and got it handed to them

  • Dudleydawson

    this weeks picks: encinal 35 st.pats 7 kennedy 25 st.marys 20 las lomas 17 miramonte 14 cal 28 srv 20 bod 34 tennyson 23 alameda 33 pinole 26 campo 27 dublin 13

  • pjohnson

    lewis quit. he was scared to play ec. from what ive heard, he doesnt like football and is scared of contact.

  • lol

    grades? fight with the coach? not enough touches?

    it depends which Alameda team shows up- the one with Tone throwing for 300 yards or the one that went to Berkeley and laid a goose egg.

  • Paydirt

    SRV at CAL is THE game of the week. It is CAL diversity (run then pass) vs. SRV diversity (pass then run). If the coaches are not overly conservative, 28 points will not win this one. CAL has the home field advantage, but SRV has a ‘score in a minute’ offense. Be there and enjoy the show.

    BTW, the EBAL is not having a down year, just a shifting year. If Granada makes it to the playoffs, their ground game will grind non-EBAL opponents into the ‘ground’ so to speak.

  • Dudleydawson

    Killer d whats going on with moreau your early favorites to win the bsal expectations to high or too much hype?

  • bayareaboy2

    Moreau does not play defense and thats their problem.The offense will move the ball but they must be able to hold teams down from scoring too much.Other than Encinal the BSAL is pretty even.If Encinal weren’t in the league there would be some real battles for the title.St Pats HAS REALLY DROPPED OFF as they will face the Jets Friday and I agree with Dudley about the outcome.What about CAL HI winning a close one vs Monte Vista ? Monte Vista was down 49-0 at halftime vs Serra with Serra using their reserves to finsih the game. Encinal went to OT vs Serra and what about Berkeley all of a sudden getting attention ? San Leandro rocked them with a healthy but soon injured Rudolpho James…Encinal scrimmaged Berkeley for 1 series with BHS on offense vs Encinal D…..I hear Encinal did a good job with them.Berkeley played Marin Catholic close,Marin has several players from last years team but so does Encinal.9 starters from last years “D” with 3 first team all BSAL players.Currently Encinal is playing sloppy, too many penalties and mental errors all of which can be fixed over the next 5 weeks. Along with the coaching staff and experience (4 kids from the 2008 team and 3 NCS final appearances) if they clean everything up they WILL BE ONE OF THE KEY TEAMS TO BEAT come playoff time but for now its 1 week at a time.

  • Nfl

    Bayareaboy did you see what serra did to st.ignatius pounded them real good. Erich wilson had another big game he has to be player of the year in the bay. Marin needed a late 4th qtr comeback to beat st.i. Only team to hold wilson under a 100 are the jets

  • s1lverngreen

    Wilson is legit, you are right. Pretty impressive that the Jets held him in check. I think the game of the year in the WCAL is going to be the Bells and Padres. That could be a game that has State Bowl implications for the north…

  • ManDown

    Berkeley looks good now but we all know come playoff time they are one and done. R. James is clearly the heart and soul of the team and without him they dont stand a chance against anybody. The ACCAL has shakin up a bit now thy Pinole seems to have dropped off. It looks like right now it can be a two or three way race if Alameda can somehow beat Pinole and EC which in my opinion is very possible. Also EC will play Berkeley tough for the crown but with James healthy they will be tough for EC to stop. Seems the ACCAL can go three different ways as of now.

  • ManDown

    What’s going on down at San Leandro? First thy lose to Tennyson and now they barley can get past Castro Valley? Looks like BOD will win this league for the second year in a row and Brad Bowers has taken this program down hill. Pretty sad to see SL get to this point. Arroyo has not lived up the to hype they put on themselfs and it’s there fault. Stop talking Arroyo and put up some wins before you start saying how you’re going to win the HAAL.



    WR r not suppose 2 cross the middle of the field without getting hit by a LB— how r u to play defense in this day and age

    u cant hit a defenseless player y the hell not
    it the best time 2 hit someone
    y would u step on the field if ur defenseless

  • Outsider

    You can still hit hard and be violent without leading with the head, or going for the head with the helmet.

  • Pawn Star

    I wouldn’t put the blame Moreau’s defense for losing to St. Mary’s. Moreau lost fumbles on 3 plays and one punt and was intercepted once. Also, their best cornerback was injured in the second quarter and taken to the hospital. After that St. Mary’s started to pile up the yardage in the air. I would agree with Bayareaboy, the BSAL is bunched up between Moreau, Kennedy, and St. Mary’s in the second tier behind Encinal. Moreau beat Kennedy by 1 and lost to St. Mary’s by 4. None of these teams have played Encinal. Moreau will be 4-0 over the next four week as they play Albany, St.Pat, Swett and Piedmont. Then they have to play Encinal on the road.

  • Billjohnson

    i guess jb is finally relizing dat dey run more than jus blast toss n fade on offense n man 2 man on d welcome 2 ncs coach barnes!

  • EBfootball

    @ Jimmy and Ben: Any thoughts on Al Davis’s passing and his perspective on prep football? I know he was a supporter through his Coach of the Week honors and donations.

  • EBfootball,
    There will actually be some perspective on Al Davis and his impact on high school football in our Wednesday football notebook, so keep an eye out for that.

  • pirate football

    you get a c’mon man for say that the accal can go 3 ways, its clearly going to b the last game of the year b high vs ec alameda are u for real a league champ doesnt get the brakes beat off them like they did vs b high and as the same for pv vs ec. pv and alameda will battle for 3rd

  • ManDown

    Pirate Football, Just throwing out something to think about. LOL.

  • Bayareascout510

    De anza has a hell of a football team this year,those kids have alot of heart, they are hands down the most consistent team in the ACCAL, i have payed alot of attention to this team,number #5 Brown is a very talented player,i look forward to seeing him run the ball friday night against Alameda,#1 Steve Evans is one of the best ACCAL quarterbacks i have seen in along time..keep it up coach,and lead this team to victory.

  • pirate football

    deanza really, hell of a team, u must got a kid on the team, maybe if they win a game then we can say that but when was the last time they even won a game. if they have richmond left on the schedule then maybe

  • Prep Fan

    DeAnza did beat Albany this year.