The Pigskin Geek: Durkin carries the rock

This week, Jimmy and the Geek head to Tennyson to talk to the unbeaten Lancers. Then, Jimmy takes the Geek franchise to a whole new interactive level.

Ben Enos

  • shinguard

    You could always trade in the horns…and go with a hammer..get that Thor image going.

  • Prep Fan

    Nice! Jimmy, you looked pretty good with jukes on that last run, making guys miss left and right like that. Do you have any college eligibility left?

    Good to see the horns back Ben.

  • lonewolf

    Jimmy looks like he has been hit’n the Pale Ale.
    Needs about 6weeks with Spartans.

  • scoop

    whats that adrian peterson wearing number 44 for tennyson?? lol jp jimmy

  • concrete17

    Nice job JD. Was that an ambulance stocked with oxygen bottles parked in the end zone for you?

    Looks like Vernon Glen of KRON 4 in SF better be looking over his shoulder. Jimmy the D might be the new sheriff in town for the “man on the sports-street” stories.

  • shinguard

    I still think Ben should receive a writers award for his coverage on DLS & STA trip & game. GOOD STUFF.
    Consider the Thor look.

  • epcthree

    Okay first I must say that in my late 20’s I doubt I could have fit into my college uniform let alone high school!

    But two questions lept to mind while watching the video… 1) They couldn’t find you a pair of pants that didn’t make you look like you took a dump in them? and 2) Where in the HELL did you find a brick style face mask in 2011???

    It looked like a great time Jimmy – next you need to turn the tables and get Ben to suit up!!!

  • The pants were a little too big. We just grabbed a pair. And the helmet is actually from Tennyson’s 1970 HAAL championship team. That’s old school.