East Bay Girls Volleyball Notes: POY Candidate Sarah Vaccaro, Changaris, Rankings, Standings

Our player of the Year candidate previews continue as we move into the Diablo Foothill Athletic League and spotlight setter Sarah Vaccaro.

The worth of a player of the year candidate can be measured in a lot of ways.
Statistics and leadership are definitely two big ones. But something that people often turned to when trying to decide on a player of the year is how the team would be without that player.
For Miramonte, the question of how they would be without Sarah Vaccaro is an easy one.
“We wouldn’t win nearly as much without her,” Miramonte head coach Shannon Ross said. “She consistently has 30+ assist games, with 20+ digs, but when looking at player of the year candidate, you look to intangibles and she is the biggest reason why we win.”
Vaccaro has 337 assists and 176 digs this season to go with 28 aces, 26 kills and 19 blocks.
She is a four-year varsity starter, and is coming into her own in her final year, and because of that, Miramonte is a top ten team in the East Bay, and a contender in the DFAL.
“Right now, she is playing better than she has in her entire high school career,” Ross said. “She has just put the work in, and she has improved on everything she wanted to improve on.”
Vaccaro has worked very hard to become a better blocker, for example, and in a league match with Las Lomas, one that went five, she had a big block in the fifth game that turned the tide and helped to secure a win.
One thing that has not needed improvement, but instead comes naturally, is her leadership on the court. She controls the game, her teammates look to her and she knows what to say and do.
“She is a leader in every sense of the word,” Ross said. “She’s very excited for this year, and I’m so happy she’s playing well. She deserves every accolade she gets.”

Changaris wins 700th

Jim Changaris is certainly a fixture of North Coast Section Volleyball, and now he has eclipsed 700 wins, doing so in just 29 seasons.
That is an average of around 25 wins a season, meaning Changaris is a winner as evidenced by his first year at Las Lomas.
Changaris has taken over a Knights program that struggled a season ago, and has them third in the Diablo Foothill Athletic League as they are 14-12 overall and 5-2 in league play.


The rankings needed a change, so now allow me to explain.
Foothill has lost to San Ramon Valley twice this year, but rankings have more of a what have you done for me lately approach, so because Foothill was the only team in the top four not to lose, the Falcons move up.
Campolindo also didn’t lose and deserves a jump, and the Cougars are getting better, so watch out.
Cal lost once in league and in tournament play, but a very recent head-to-head win over San Ramon Valley means they have to be ahead of the Wolves, at least for now.
Salesian jumps as that team continues to impress, beating Albany in tournament recently. The teams have played seven games this year, splitting two matches with Salesian holding a 4-3 advantage in games played. They play on Oct. 25 to sort out the BSAL.
Moreau Catholic jumps in from unranked and shoots all the way to No. 11 after a huge win over Bishop O’Dowd. The Mariners appear to be another team improving very much as the season goes on.

1. Foothill (19-5)
2. Campolindo (12-7)
3. California (13-4)
4. San Ramon Valley (22-5)
5. Bishop O’Dowd (16-9)
6. Northgate (15-4)
7. Salesian (15-5)
8. Albany (20-5)
9. Carondelet (15-10)
10. Miramonte (11-3)
11. Moreau Catholic (15-6)
12. Amador Valley (11-12)
13. St. Joseph Notre Dame (24-4)
14. Head-Royce (14-5)
15. Monte Vista (14-9)


Team W-L GB

Berkeley (18-6, 7-0)
Alameda (13-7, 6-1) –
El Cerrito (5-2) 2
Pinole Valley (4-5, 3-4) 4
De Anza (2-5) 5
Hercules (2-5) 5
Richmond (0-8) 7.5

Team W-L GB

Contra Costa Chr. (7-6, 3-1) –
CSD (10-8, 4-2) –
Fremont Chr. (7-12, 4-2) –
Chinese Chr. (9-9, 2-2) 1
Emery (1-10, 0-3) 2.5
OMI (0-7, 0-3) 2.5

Team W-L GB

Head-Royce (14-5, 8-0) –
College Prep (14-6, 8-1) .5
Athenian (13-6, 5-3) 3
Valley Chr. (13-7, 5-4) 3.5
St. Elizabeth (5-12, 2-7) 6.5
Bentley (5-12, 1-7) 7
Redwood Chr. (4-18, 1-8) 7.5

Team W-L GB

Albany (21-5, 10-0) –
Salesian (15-5, 8-1) 1.5
St. Joseph (24-4, 7-2) 2.5
St. Pat’s (23-5, 6-4) 4
St. Mary’s (8-15, 5-5) 5
Piedmont (7-12, 4-4) 5
Swett (1-6) 7.5
Kennedy (2-8) 8
Encinal (2-9) 8.5
Holy Names (2-9) 8.5

Team W-L GB

Heritage (10-11, 4-0) –
Liberty (9-13, 3-1) 1
Antioch (2-11, 2-2) 2
Deer Valley (5-16, 2-2) 2
Freedom (4-12, 1-3) 3
Pittsburg (0-4) 4

Team W-L GB

Campolindo (12-7, 7-0) –
Miramonte (11-3, 5-1) 1.5
Las Lomas (14-12, 5-2) 2
Acalanes (9-11, 3-4) 4
Dougherty Valley (11-8, 3-4) 4
Dublin (6-10, 1-6) 6
Alhambra (2-10, 0-7) 7

Team W-L GB

Northgate (15-4, 7-0) –
Berean Chr. (16-6, 6-1) 1
Clayton Valley (10-14, 4-3) 3
Concord (7-15, 3-3) 3.5
College Park (7-18, 1-5) 5.5
Ygnacio Valley (1-5) 5.5
Mt. Diablo (0-5) 6

Team W-L GB

California (13-4, 6-2) –
Foothill (19-5, 6-2) –
San Ramon Valley (22-5, 6-2) –
Carondelet (15-10, 5-3) 1
Monte Vista (14-9, 4-4) 2
Amador Valley (11-12, 3-5) 3
Granada (12-11, 2-6) 4
Livermore (11-15, 0-8) 6

Team W-L GB

Moreau Catholic (15-6, 8-0) –
Bishop O’Dowd (16-9, 7-1) 1
San Leandro (7-6, 6-2) 2
Castro Valley (10-11, 5-3) 3
Arroyo (7-10, 3-4) 4.5
Mt. Eden (2-5) 5.5
San Lorenzo (2-5) 5.5
Tennyson (1-7) 7
Hayward (0-8) 8

Team W-L GB

Logan (12-11, 7-0) –
Irvington (17-4, 6-1) 1
Washington (10-11, 4-2) 2.5
Mission San Jose (3-11, 3-4) 4
Newark (10-8, 3-4) 4
American (6-9, 1-6) 6
Kennedy (3-14, 0-7) 7

Matt Smith

  • Mike Ridenhour

    Matt,. your paragraph about Las Lomas is inaccurate. Changaris did not take over a team that struggled a year ago.

    Last year’s Knights beat Analy, Marin Catholic, and Northgate outside of league play, lost in the semi-finals at the Piner Tournament, and finished 3rd in the DFAL.

    If you want to compliment Changaris as a coach, great. But don’t do it by making up a phony story about the past.


    I don’t know MR, Las Lomas finished 3-7 in their last 10 matches last year; perhaps that is what Matt is referring to.

  • Matt Smith

    I’ve decided to ignore that guys nasty comment. I’m sure most people would say last year was not a success for Las Lomas last year, but maybe his interpretation may be different, which is totally fine.
    But my interpretation needs to be okay with him as well.

  • Chris Markle

    Matt – Per chance will you be at the SRV @ Foothill game tomorrow night?

  • Matt Smith

    I am planning on attending that one as of right now.

  • Prep Fan

    Matt, you said that a recent head to head win means that Cal has to be ahead of SRV, but Cal also just recently beat Foothill head to head in 3 games just a week and a half ago. The 3 teams are all tied in the standings right now at 6-2 and are all pretty darn good, but Cal has the head to head over both of them. League play with 5 games should mean more than tournaments that are just a quick best 2 of 3 when teams are missing players and things such as homecomings are entering into the mix. It will all play out on the court in the next few weeks, but I was suiprised to see Cal at #3 with their big league wins over both SRV and Foothill. Should be another great match tomorrow night at Foothill.

  • Matt Smith

    With so many recent losses last week, I pretty much had to go on that week only for this week’s rankings.
    Foothill playing SRV tomorrow and then Cal playing FH next week should sort the rankings out nicely for me heading into the final week.