East Bay prep football poll — 10/17

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (7) 5-1 105 1
2. James Logan 6-0 98 3
3. San Ramon Valley 5-1 91 4
4. California 5-1 84 2
5. Encinal 5-1 77 5
6. Pittsburg 4-2 70 7
7. Miramonte 7-0 61 9
8. Salesian 6-0 56 10
9. Campolindo 7-0 43 12
10. Freedom 5-1 39 6
t11. Las Lomas 5-1 37 8
t11. Monte Vista 3-3 37 11
13. Concord 4-2 21 13
14. Berkeley 4-2 9 NR
t15. Bishop O’Dowd 4-2 6 NR
t15. Valley Christian 6-0 6 NR

The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Prep Fan

    Junior, I did not not mean to say that Cal was predicted by anyone to be a 3rd or 4th place team last season, but I can see how it might read that way. I meant to say that many people in this year’s preseason on this blog were picking them for 3rd or 4th place in the EBAL.

    The bar has indeed been raised at Cal, but we are not yet at DLS’ level of expectations. 7-0 would have been great, but with all new lines on both sides of the ball, new LBs and a new QB, there was some growing to do. There aren’t many 7-0 D1 teams out there. We’ll take 6-1 at this point in time, and hope to improve as we complete EBAL play and get ready for the playoffs.

    Lockie’s mobility was also very impressive at the Cal High game, but Kline was much more accurate and had a stronger arm last week. Farley outplayed Lockie 2 weeks ago with a huge 4th quarter.

  • Prep Fan

    I think I read that Houston had a couple or 3 TD runs last night. How did he look throwing the ball? Or were they just running the ball?

  • S1lverngreen

    Houston pushed in 3 TDS from inside the 5. IMO, Houston still struggling a bit. Timing seems a bit off and seems to be trying to do too much on his own. I think if he lets the game come to him, he’ll be lights out like last year.

  • Silverback

    Clayton Valley needs to clean out staff and bring some inspired blood into program. Its old and worn out. Cant believe that they are unable pull a stronger program out of the school. Some good athletes and potential players abound at the school.

  • lonewolf

    De La Salle is still playing with a slight list to port-side. Saw 2nd qtr through end of Monte Vista game. Some outstanding play,mixed with some junk, Spartans just need to clean it up a bit. They still are dealing with injuries but that seems to be working itself out with time. Coaching along with some spartan like play is keeping things afloat. If San Ramon is real..Spartans will see a test next Friday. Still have faith that ship will correct list. DLS by 28 over SR.

  • Super

    SRVs offense is very dynamic and finally in sinc. The defense is suspect, especially against the run. They should score Friday night. Game turns on whether SRV can stop the Spartans. SRV is a top 3 team right now, even with a loss to DLS.

  • greenboy

    Define irony
    aksing for CV to clean out the staff afetr they get pummeled by the 2 guys they fired after 2003..

  • panther4

    FNL680 and Prepfan, be careful with the words you post on these blogs. You are starting to sound line Monte Vista fans.

  • Prep Fan

    How so Panther? Not sure where you are going with that. What words are you referring to? I have rarely rooted for a MV team. FNL and myself are posting what we are seeing or have seen with the Cal high team.

  • panther4

    I was joking, it has nothing to do with you being an MV fan. Every time that MV loses, their fans always seem to have a reason why they should have won. With the reference to the roughing the kicker being a game changer and last week Washington’s 88 yarder that got called back because of a phantom holding call. I like Cal high, they are a great program. I just don’t like when fans talk about shoulda woulda coulda, or blame the refs for things.

  • Prep Fan

    That’s good, ’cause them’s fightin’ words :). As for excuses, I thought I was pretty clear that Cal lost due to Kline’s incredible passing performace. The 88 yard run that was called back was worth mentioning for the folks that weren’t at the game, but I was actually defending the ref on that as I had seen the flag long before the play broke, and someone had said it didn’t come until he was in the endzone. While that was a big play that didn’t go Cal’s way, it was not the reason they lost.

    Cal beat Livermore, so there are no excuses needed. Livermore played a great game and made it close. There were a couple of head scratcher calls, and now that I have seen the replay of the game on channel 30, I still question those calls. Unfortunately the “roughing the kicker” penalty that enabled Livermore to coninue their initial drive of the second half was not captured by the channel 30 telecast. The pass interfence call that extended another drive was clearly wrong and was horrendous. Bad call but that doesn’t mean Livermore wouldn’t have gotten those yards eventually without that call. Cal only had the ball twice in the entire second half due to the extended drives by the Cowboys as well as that onside kick, and scored once. Bottom line I think Livermore played a heck of a game and those kids have come a long way and deserve an EBAL win one of these days. Drew and Texiera are both solid runners and caoch Haubner should be coach of the year as someone else had suggested.

  • panther4

    I hear ya Prep. Wish I could have seen the game against Livermore. Sounds like it was a good one. I’ll see you tomorrow on the next rankings blog!

  • FNL680

    @ 158-LOL, ” MV fan”! Sorry, no house in Tahoe or second mortgage.
    There’s no question Livermore’s offense outplayed Cal’s D in the second half. Cal had the ball about 5:00 in the second half, and Livermore outscored them 20-7 in that half, with Cal scoring on one of only two possessions. Running teams chew up quarters like ground chuck. Cal was fortunate their strong running game and Farley had efficient first halfs with two TD throws to put them up 21-7, or else the huge upset.

  • BVAL Expert

    BVAL Predictions

    Freedom beats Deer Valley by 7 points

    Liberty beats Antioch

    Pitt Beats Heritage

  • Wolfman

    Pitt will bounce back this week and beat Heritage & Freedom will beat Deer Valley in a close game! Also Berk High will beat Pinole Valley in a grudge match

  • football guy

    BVAL Expert and wolfman I do agree with you that Pitt will bounce back. They should beat Heritage hands down the pitt line is very Physical and there run and passing game is potent. Against DV the pass game was on but the run game was stopped. I was at that game and the DV line dominated the LOS also I have seen film on youtube on that last play many have said the kicker hit it low into the waist of the DV line but in reality when you look at the film it is a good kick but the one DV lineman just gets up and gets a hand on it.Pitt played a good game but DV played with them and all this without their number one RB who in four games had almost 1000 yds and 16 TD’s what would the game had been like with him in question for the ages.

    Ok so its established Pitt should beat Heritage, but lets look at DV freedom and I am a DV supporter Pitts line dominated Freedom and dv’s line is bigger stronger and faster than Pitts so who gets that edge DV does the passing game goes to freedom as they run spread but I consider the running game close. Pitt beat Freedom because of the physical play of its defense well what is going to happen to Freedom when they go up against the DV line of which half are only Jrs. All you same naysayers had DV losing to Pitt by big margins and even when Pitt was ahead it was closer than anybody’s prediction. This will be a hard fought game but DV should win this, teams after adversity and success develope a swagger DV has that right now and should be able to beat Freedom all you same people had DV losing by more than two Tds’. So after the game If Dv wins as nothing in life is assured will you same naysayers then be saying that Antioch will beat DV look back at the 06 and 09 teams for DV this team is very similar. Also who knows their number one RB might be back for this game as well. also I have heard that Mixon is hurt.

  • hsfootball

    I also believe DV beats Freedom. Freedom had a hard time running the ball on Antioch. If Freedom’s passing game is on point, they will come on top. Other than that, DV’s defense will shine, and DV run game should dominate.
    Pitt should beat Heritage, but Heritage will put up a fight. Also, depends on which Pitt shows up.
    Antioch beats Liberty, but could go either way.

    …but, anything can happen on any Friday night…