East Bay prep football recap: More upsets this week

Wins by Deer Valley High and Campolindo continued the recent trend of upsets among the East Bay’s top 10 ranked teams.

However, we also had the customary victories by highly touted teams such as top-ranked De La Salle, James Logan and San Ramon Valley.

Here’s the link to our weekly prep football recap, where you’ll find links to stories on each game played on Friday night, plus a slideshow of photos from the games.

Jon Becker

  • CSD

    Agree with #42-

    Realignment needs to happens ASAP. Perhaps make a new league with just the private school so Public schools can have a fair chance in league play? Just a thought…

  • Mandown they win in 2008 hands down and probably 2009. I think Pinole beats them in 2010 they had 2 common opp. in Alameda and El Cerrito the margins of victory where pretty close but Pinole had the edg

  • Mandown I did not go back to 2007 because they where in the ACCAL and did not win it.

  • hoops

    How good is valley christian??How would they do if they were in the EBAL?Would they win a game?I know they are real serious about their fb program.Anybody know that is not biased??Thanks

  • ManDown

    BleacherCoach, I think ’08, ’09, and maybe this year but not in 2010 against PV. No way they can contain Lewis and score the points needed to win against that defense.

    How do you feel about Campo after watching that game? Miramonte? Do you think they have a good chance against the top three teams in D-3?

  • Prep Fan

    Valley Christian is a solid program, but it is still pretty hard to tell just how good they are. They got it handed to them by Berean this week and only beat Dougherty Valley 14-9 so it might be a stretch to think they could compete in the EBAL, but this week’s matchup with Salesian could show us something.

  • Mandown I wasn’t so high on MC in the beginning of the season mainly because of the coaching. I really feel the coaching cost MC the game last year vs the Jets by using the two QB system. Then they started the season that way and it wasn’t good.

    Sure it must of been hard to sit Tewhill as the starting QB but Goff is the real deal. Since game 3 Goff has taken all the snaps at QB and has put up huge numbers read this.


    With that said I think MC is the team to beat and not CN.

    I cannot see Campo containing MC in the air or CN on the ground. As far as the Jets it all depends what team shows up. if the the team that played Serra shows up there is no chance for Campo if the team that played Alameda shows up then there could be an upset.

    The one thing I noticed about Encinal after the Alameda game was the amount of JV call ups. I counted 30 suited up on the Jet side lines when they played Swett and St. Pats. NO one who follows the Jets will talk about it but I am wondering if the Jets are having an injury issue or my guess a grades problem.

  • Old former Meddling Coach

    Bleacher Coach, Just to let you know. We have the same kids playing that started the season. Yes their were a couple of JV call-ups but there is no injury or grades problem. Jet Pride!

  • djgaucho

    The top 3 teams in d3 are real tough and some of the other teams also but don’t be surprised by ec they do have a lot of athletes more this year than in the past strong defense but a bad scheme offensively for the amount of athletes they have but most of them are sophmores and juniors they are still young and they like to turn it on and off which you cant do in the playoffs.they came closest to beating campo than anybody as at one point were leading 13-0 and had several scoring oppotunities in the red zone throughout that game they seem to shoot themselves in the foot alot.They do have a huge game with bhigh in 2 weeks and right now seem a step or 2 below bhigh but should be a real good game.don’t sleep on ec they win at least 1st and 2nd game in playoffs and scare the heck out of a team in 3rd round before bowing out.Look out for them in next 2 years.

  • pirate football

    didnt think campo was go beat the brakes off of miramonte, thought it would b a close down to the last second game.

    i was more surprised that cv beat arroyo that bad, very hard working coach at cv

    mac should win the oal but who cares, league is horrible now. yeah wolfman really dont like coach mac, but mack isnt too bad got some talent again, did some good recruiting again maybe

    pitt is good but they do have some let downs, not sure whats up with that, they played so well vs freedom

    i think oal is the worse league in the eastbay, bfl top 4 teams are pretty good imo just cuz they are small school doesnt mean they arent good. outside of logan the mval isnt that good, very inconsistant. @csd dont worry i think the bfl will do good in the playoffs in fact i think csd has a chance to win d5

    mandown are u serious encinal win the accal in 08 and 09, u got to b kidding me, to me it seems like ur looking at it like only team that wouldve competed with them is pinole, and u said u didnt say anything bout 07 due to they didnt win league that last season they was n the accal, i think thats bcuz they lost to the same team that won the next 2 b high, trust and believe they got better and stronger the next 2 years under carter, c’mon man

    i know warriorjacket go give me some flack when i see him friday but i just dont think ec or pinole will beat b high, i been taking grief for it but i still think sims can coach and i will stand by that, if ec pulls that win off then i will drink the kool aid, just that think sims will lose any league games, he scheduled a good non league and took a big swing for the fences but now it looks like its paying off, truth b told sims team even at st liz never really started off fast many times with good teams somehow they would lose the 1st game or so then get on a roll, and looks like they are rolling good, last year i really wouldnt count the ohigh games as game 1 maybe a scrimmage but the lost to freedom but later beat pitt whom beat freedom, sims can coach they started slow and many things going on lots of youth on the team and still have things going on there that not even a football thing like no locker room due to construction not done on time, new home stands should look great when done. b high will win league, sims and those kids will not lose these last 3. warriorjacket i will see u friday and i know ur going to say something but hey we been back and forth for a while now lol go SL PIRATES should win out, at least i hope we do got to winnable games b4 the bod showdown, no disrespect jb

  • CSD

    CSD scored 42 on Valley Christian. They’re solid but not good.

    Their offense style fits the east coast thick muddy run games. Perhaps, that would help them during playoffs if they have to play Eureka or the northern teams?

  • Warrior Jacket

    First and foremost I am fan of the Berkeley and MACK programs. If Berkeley beats PV this Friday, which I hope they do especially because of the bad taste of last years lost, the EC vs. Berkeley game is going to be huge. After seeing both teams play I give the slight edge to EC. I believe they have more athletes atthe skill positions than Berkeley. Howevr if Berkeley is able to grind on EC and slow down the game they have a good chance of winning.

    Pirate Football you keep defending Sims with this slow start theory, which proves why I think he is janky. A coaching that is efficient and prepared doesn’t have slow starts with a talented team. They win from the start. So when you say Sims has always done this, this shows a pattern of jankiness, which unfortunately BHS fans have to accept. But first and foremost Berkeley has to beat PV. We will know after this Friday.

    @ Mandown
    There is no way in heck Encinal would have beaten those BHS teams in 2008 or 2009 and if Carter was still coaching Berkeley they couldn’t in 2010 either. PV shouldn’t have won in 2010 if it wasn’t for a cheating clock operator and poor reffing.

  • pirate football

    sims teams always finish strong, the non league they played is going help them in the long run. still think he can coach, b high wins homecoming tomorrow vs pv

  • Warrior Jacket

    Losing to a San Leandro team Berkeley clearly should have beaten is really going to help? Losing to MC two years in a row is really helping? Should have also beaten them the last two years. It was suggested to me that Sims was the perfect coach to suceed Carter , I am still not convinced. I am still not sold on his coordinators, RB and LB coaches. I understand the facility woes but I think coaching on the Div.1 NCS level is still over his head. Lets not forget the CAL game last year. No preparation, he didn’t even run plays before the game.
    Pirate Football your boy Sims still has to prove it to me.

  • djgaucho

    Honestly doesn’t really matter who’s where anyone is seeding does any impartial fan really think any other local team can beat De La (thers always a chance thats why you play the game)so i feel the battle is just for second place in my opinion. I think div 3 is the one thats most balanced where you dont know who will will win

  • Stuck in Spokane

    I think SRV could pull off the upset, but it’d have to be this week. DLS is historically known for playing an opponent tougher the second time around. Just ask Cal, last year, and MV the year before last. Not only that, but DLS should hopefully be getting healthier as the weeks progress. If anyone local will do it this year, tomorrow’s the night.

  • suckafree415

    Berkeley should not have beaten MC last 2 years……good games but the better came out on top in the end, especially the 2010 game