East Bay prep football recap: More upsets this week

Wins by Deer Valley High and Campolindo continued the recent trend of upsets among the East Bay’s top 10 ranked teams.

However, we also had the customary victories by highly touted teams such as top-ranked De La Salle, James Logan and San Ramon Valley.

Here’s the link to our weekly prep football recap, where you’ll find links to stories on each game played on Friday night, plus a slideshow of photos from the games.

Jon Becker

  • EBAL

    how about drew for Livermore almost leading the upset against cal? he is the real deal.

  • hoops

    O’Dowd 56 Mt.Eden 0.Could have been 90 to 0.I wonder if Perenon thought with his brillant x and o’s that it was going to be close.Probably.Then again it just goes to show any coach with an inflated opinion of himself what happens when you no longer have the haves and you now have the nots.Just sayin.:]


    @ Hoops:

    Would you have been more satisfied if the score was 90-0? Probably.

    Knowing Coach P, he is a realist and was well aware that his Mt Eden team would have to catch BOD flat and that Mt Eden would have to be near perfect, playing their best football, to be in the game. Unfortunately, ME did not play as well as I saw them play vs Tennyson and BOD was the better team.

    If Coach P has, as you say, an inflated opinion of himself, I would suggest that his body of work while at BOD would give speak to confidence and success. Let’s not lose sight of what he did accomplish there, taking a program that had not really done a thing prior to him being the head coach. He assembled a great staff that remained loyal with him for 20+ years. He won and while doing so he attracted some great kids to come to O’Dowd to get an education AND play football there. He had the guts to stand up for kids to be able to play more than one sport (most specifically football and basketball). He continually advocated for multiple sport athletes and openly questioned the administration about the correctness of placing restraints on kids who wanted to be involved in multiple sports.

    I know he is happy with the challenge of rebuilding the mt Eden program. He knows it will be a challenging process with setbacks along the way. But if it was easy anybody could do it.

    Maybe that is why you blog instead of appreciating what a man like Coach P did for BOD and now is trying to do at Mt Eden.

    (Just asking: Hoops, does your blog name in any way link you to the anti football-basketball athletes at BOD? If so, I fully comprehend the context of your post and your dig at Coach P.)


    The campo gmae was no surprise to me, so i am not sure why it is being considered an upset? On the other hand the most surpriseing game to me friday night was Castro Valley beating Arroyo 41-14. I did not expect that at all!

    And why are we talking about BOD and Mt. eden, everyone including coach P knows they are no where close to competing with that BOD squad or any other winning team in that league, they are starting from scratch so U cant expect that much from them. no matter who is coaching them.

  • BOD ’04

    If Perenon and Nickerson were given teams of equal talent, then Nickerson would lose both on and off the field. Nickerson is a phony. He was the wrong choice to take over for Coach P. O’Dowd needs to bring Coach P back and do things the right way. I bleed black & gold, but it’s not for the current coach. It’s for Coach Perenon, who gave my team everything we needed and then some. Until they get rid of Nickerson, I will be checking the prep scores on Friday nights to pull for Coach P. Go Monarchs!

  • Haal21

    I agree the upset with Arroyo was surprise. They look very unorganized and skeptical. There are not consistent. No doubt they have talent and potential but they have no discipline. Also I went to their game against San Lorenzo and they almost have more players on the field then the sidelines. Their finish will be interesting.

  • Teehee

    CV is better than people think. They came closer to beating BOD than Arroyo did. I am not sure why people consider it an upset.


    @ Teehee

    Very good post. I agree that CV is better than some think. Solid schemes. Very good young coach who works very hard and stands for what is right in high school sports. Not an upset at all vs Arroyo!

  • brandonbeard

    Well it is an upset, not too many people wud consider Arroyo beating CV as an upset based on paper so that’s what I meant. And how they played BOD doesn’t matter. Scrutiny game is different

  • brandonbeard

    Every game is different, my bad

  • Teehee

    Ya but Arroyo is not a good team.. CV is decent

  • 617lemon

    Well if peronon comes back i want the rock back coach rochlin part of the ambush on him was he didnt prepare kids and thats why they got injured well from what i saw friday guys are still getting beat up now who’s to blame kemper? 2-6 thank god for de anza and hercules! Bring back the rock he coulda went 4-6! Another 40pt game put on alameda d wonder if there will be changes? Shoulda keep #13 on var dont know why he got sent down he’s by far there best underclassmen reciever

  • Wolfman

    I have two upsets The McClymonds Warriors beat Skyline High 41-13 I didn’t see that coming since Mack is coached by that phony Coach Mac and my Pittsburg Pirates lost to Deer Valley 21-20. There is know way that should have happen Pitt blew that cause I was there. And I do agree Castro Valley beating Arroyo was an upset as well. Also Coach Mac I see in the paper your offense bailed you out again! What about those 500 yards you gave up vs Salesian?? Go Pirates

  • Warrior Jacket

    @ Wolfman
    You really don’t like Coach Mac, do you? Well to each his own I have my fair share of dislikes also, but MACK has a good core of athletes. Eddie Heard and Lovell Samuels have been in many big game battles in the past. Salesian won the game through the battle of attrition. Mack simply ran out of gas. MACK should win the OAL.

  • Dudleydawson

    Miraman what happened? No team getting blown out by 42pts with a running clock in 4th qtr will beat the jets. You got your hands full with dublin next week on paper you should win but wade is a better coach than schram so who knows. I guess i was wrong about the hornets i guess lemon is right moyer has been in charge since ’07 cause nothing has changed over there.


    peronon looked real classy out there. maybe he needs to take a coaching class coaching has passed COACH P and coaches like him by by HOMIE

    he cant reach the kids the crap about scaring the kids doesnt work these kids arent scared

    SOMEBODY CALL 911 peronon IS DONE



    can tim tebeo win
    cuz he classy and has good leadership

  • Todd


  • scoop

    well he did chalk talk, Again your wrong and i cant wait till o Dowd gets another first/second round elimination

  • bod 06


    It is tebow and Perenon. I do not believe you graduated from bod because when you write it makes no sense.

  • ManDown

    What a surprise Campo has been. Miramonte is not a elite team after getting whooped like that against them. Like I said you slow down Anderson then you have a great chance on winning the game.

    Pitt always seems to let you down. I know Deer Valley is a solid team but Pitt is supposed be to a step higher than them. Why can’t Galil dominate with the numbers and athletes they have? Thank you Antioch for letting us know that your non-league is why you guys were racking up those wins. Playing against quality opponents and all the sudden I see loses.

    Livermore? Cal almost loses to Limvermore? Las Lomas slides by against Dublin? Wow!

    What’s the deal with San Leandro? They lose to Tennyson then beat Hayward?

  • Teehee

    Hayward is not that good.. Tennyson might even beat Hayward

  • Matt Rempel

    Having been on the Castro Valley sideline a lot this year, I can tell you that the Trojans are getting more confident. I think they could win out. What really hurts them is that game against Newark that they were leading and had wiped out. CV also has some really talented juniors like Patrick Cheek and Nick Lima. Nic and the coaches are doing good things at Castro Valley. I thought the CV defensive backs did a great job as all Arroyo could do was throw short passes.

  • ManDown

    I guess the HAAL is as bad as we think it is. BOD is much better than all the rest of the teams and personally I don’t think they are all that great. I think they’re solid and HC Nickerson is doing a okay job but I’m not very impressed.
    Worst Leagues IMO:
    1. BFL
    2. OAL
    3. BSAL
    4. ACCAL
    5. HAAL

  • ManDown & Dudleydawson,

    Miramonte got beat and got beat good! I’m not about to talk smack about that. Like any team that loses, we have to get it together. Dublin will be a tough game and we also have a tough Alhambra game after that. How the kids will respond after a loss like that is anyone’s guess. If we are able to regroup, we should go into NCS with alot of momentum. A couple of quick notes:

    Campo is an excellent team. They have the best QB I have seen in DFAL. They have the best DBs in DFAL. They are well coached so everyone else is pretty good as well. I think a team with a pounding running game and strong pass rush (Marin Catholic, BOD, Novato?) can beat them. I’d say Campo is a semi-final quality team.

    Wade vs Schram. I’ll take Schram. I don’t have anything particular bad to say about Wade, but I just don’t think he is as good of a coach as Scram. I’d put it this way, if Dublin goes 6-4, as I think they will, most will say he’s leading some sort of surge in the program. I would say given the talent he took over, they should have won DFAL. In any case, if Wade can continue to build at Dublin then his reputation is well deserved, but I think this year he hasn’t proven anything.

    I would still welcome a game with Encinal. Still not impressed with what they’ve accomplished this year. Still don’t think they’re as good as last year. They are certainly taking care of business, and it not their fault the league is weak, but we just won’t know until NCS tourney.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach.

    Mira-man, After What happened to your team this week I’d think you’d stay off the Encinal Subject.. And Don’t you think Joe T. Would love to play against his Old Coach? My Money (So to Speak is always on the Jets! Jet Pride!

  • Dudleydawson

    miraman losing to campo pretty much makes you guys a 5 seed at best in ncs so that means youll be playing a pretty solid team n second rnd not analy or san marin those cupcakes you got last year. I thought you’d beat campo but i know you guys cant beat encinal cardinal newman or marin catholic. Miramonte no longer on that level this aint ncs 2a east bay when they were dfal rematches.

  • ManDown

    EC could be a surprise team this year in D-3 playoffs. They seem like a solid team this year. They could get a high seed if the win out but the tie against Newark is going to hurt them. They have a bunch of athletes down there that are scary athletic. Not saying they wil get to far because I don’t know how good there scheme is in order to beat the top teams but they can possibly upset a team.

  • Coach K

    ManDown – i think the mval has to be on ur list somewhere. So far Logan has beat American 69-7, Mission 63-0 ( which they scored 63 in the first half), and Irvington 63-0. And I don’t see Newark, Kennedy, or Washington giving them any kind of challenge. Unless Logan is just that much dominant I would have to put the MVAL on ur list. I know logan is loaded with talent but that other teams just do not show up to play at all.

  • Coach K

    to be exact I would probably replace it with the HAAL for the #5 spot.

  • Dudleydawson

    Mandown el cerrito has athletes everyear there having a good year but tying newark raises red flags for me & losing at home to campo who are good but dont have the athletes to keep up with e.c but they did has to be a concern. They win out i see a 5 or 6 seed. If all teams win out ncs d3 1-marin 2-cnewman 3-campo 4-encinal 5-el cerrito 6-bod 7-miramonte but if campo loses to las lomas flip them with encinal also if e.c loses to bhigh they could drop to 7

  • ManDown

    Dudleydawson, You are correct about EC. I am not a firm beliver but they have seem to hit stride the past few weeks and with B-High as the last game of the season they will be ready for playoffs after playing a “Quality” opponent. Not saying EC will do much but I think they could possibly sneak a game or two in the playoffs.

    Is it true that CN lost the starting QB for the year with a broken leg? If so that would be a crushing blow but they still have a few weeks untill the tourney to figure it out at QB.

  • ManDown

    Coach K, You’re right about the MVAL. I totally forgot about them.

  • CSD

    How is BFL the worst league when we have 2010 div. 4 champion in Salesian???
    The top 4 teams in the league have beaten teams in various leagues. Currently, the top 4 teams have a 24-4 record! Jeez, do your homework first before making random guesses!
    Yes, BFL’s credibility has been hurt by St. Eliz and Emery but BFL is not the number 1 worst league on the list.

  • FB Guru

    CN lost their QB for the season, broken fibula. They still have Rancho Cotati for the league championship. They lost last year to RC and had to travel to BOD and Miramonte. Might have to do the same this to either Encinal, BOD, or Campo. If EC can beat Berkeley they would become another DIV III league champion. Same goes for Eureka if they can beat Fortuna. Encinal is getting a bad rap in calpreps because of their weak schedule (no team in the top ten thousand except Serra), but don’t count them out. Lots of FB left to play, the playoffs are going to be great.

    From Calpreps:

    1 Marin Catholic (Kentfield, CA) 8-0 5-0 (1st) 4-0 42.3 13.4 29-28-1
    WINS: #459 Vacaville (CA) (33-29), #1946 St. Ignatius (San Francisco, CA) (28-26), #2650 Novato (CA) (41-6), #3186 Berkeley (CA) (35-27), #5201 Tamalpais (Mill Valley, CA) (41-0), #5814 San Marin (Novato, CA) (45-23), #7893 Terra Linda (San Rafael, CA) (41-21), #13055 San Rafael (CA) (52-0), LOSSES: none

    2 Cardinal Newman (Santa Rosa, CA) 6-0-1 3-0 (t 1st) 1-0 40.6 16.2 25-24-1
    WINS: #1572 Valley Christian (San Jose, CA) (35-28), #2243 Concord (CA) (35-6), #5695 Montgomery (Santa Rosa, CA) (41-34), #6206 Ukiah (CA) (31-3), #7367 Carrillo [Maria] (Santa Rosa, CA) (50-7), #7501 Alhambra (Martinez, CA) (34-7), LOSSES: none, TIES: #856 Palma (Salinas, CA) (10-10)

    3 Campolindo (Moraga, CA) 8-0 4-0 (1st) 4-0 35.5 5.3 29-28-1
    WINS: #2655 Miramonte (Orinda, CA) (42-6), #4343 El Cerrito (CA) (16-13), #5055 Dublin (CA) (42-13), #5347 Acalanes (Lafayette, CA) (42-7), #5724 Dougherty Valley (San Ramon, CA) (38-21), #7631 Moreau Catholic (Hayward, CA) (37-14), #11201 Ygnacio Valley (Concord, CA) (49-7), #11345 St. Patrick/St. Vincent (Vallejo, CA) (55-20), LOSSES: none

    4 Novato (CA) 5-2 3-1 (2nd) 4-1 23 11.3 25-26
    WINS: #3538 Eureka (CA) (28-7), #7451 Drake [Sir Francis] (San Anselmo, CA) (52-21), #7893 Terra Linda (San Rafael, CA) (41-0), #8331 Redwood (Larkspur, CA) (48-0), #10708 Petaluma (CA) (21-7), LOSSES: #443 Marin Catholic (Kentfield, CA) (41-6), #1950 Foothill (Pleasanton, CA) (26-16)

    5 Miramonte (Orinda, CA) 7-1 3-1 (2nd) 3-1 23 9.7 31-27
    WINS: #2886 Las Lomas (Walnut Creek, CA) (33-28), #5017 Analy (Sebastopol, CA) (36-35), #5347 Acalanes (Lafayette, CA) (24-14), #5724 Dougherty Valley (San Ramon, CA) (29-14), #6131 Liberty (Brentwood, CA) (26-17), #9392 Kennedy [John F.] (Richmond, CA) (42-22), #11035 Fremont (Oakland, CA) (30-0), LOSSES: #944 Campolindo (Moraga, CA) (42-6)

    6 Bishop O’Dowd (Oakland, CA) 5-2 4-0 (1st) 1-0 22.5 8.8 23-25-1
    WINS: #5664 Castro Valley (CA) (36-17), #5866 Enochs [James C.] (Modesto, CA) (41-40), #5980 Tennyson (Hayward, CA) (42-19), #7954 Arroyo (San Lorenzo, CA) (40-0), #12935 Mt. Eden (Hayward, CA) (56-0), LOSSES: #1182 Franklin (Elk Grove, CA) (42-26), #1946 St. Ignatius (San Francisco, CA) (35-20)

    7 Eureka (CA) 5-2 2-0 (2nd) 2-1 18.5 2.7 26-26
    WINS: #3719 Shasta (Redding, CA) (18-13), #4741 Del Norte (Crescent City, CA) (35-12), #11242 McKinleyville (CA) (69-20), #11448 Piner (Santa Rosa, CA) (48-7), #13515 Oakland (CA) (62-20), LOSSES: #2360 Sutter (CA) (14-7), #2650 Novato (CA) (28-7)

    8 Encinal (Alameda, CA) 6-1 4-0 (t 1st) 1-0 16.5 -9.1 16-34
    WINS: #10016 Piedmont (CA) (40-6), #10198 Hayward (CA) (27-0), #10630 Alameda (CA) (45-41), #11345 St. Patrick/St. Vincent (Vallejo, CA) (43-0), #13473 Albany (CA) (72-14), #13864 Swett [John] (Crockett, CA) (49-0), LOSSES: #482 Serra [Junipero] (San Mateo, CA) (34-28)

    9 El Cerrito (CA) 5-1-1 3-0 (t 1st) 1-1 14.9 -6.5 18-33-1
    WINS: #8300 Pinole Valley (Pinole, CA) (42-7), #10630 Alameda (CA) (42-14), #10708 Petaluma (CA) (21-0), #13493 San Lorenzo (CA) (55-6), #14022 Richmond (CA) (58-6), LOSSES: #944 Campolindo (Moraga, CA) (16-13), TIES: #6220 Newark Memorial (Newark, CA) (14-14)

    10 Del Norte (Crescent City, CA) 5-2 2-2 (3rd) 0-1 13.1 3 28-24
    WINS: #3239 Ferndale (CA) (20-16), #8706 Arcata (CA) (33-12), #9070 Brookings-Harbor (Brookings, OR) (52-8), #11242 McKinleyville (CA) (42-0), #12399 Hidden Valley (Grants Pass, OR) (60-7), LOSSES: #2574 Fortuna (CA) (55-28), #3538 Eureka (CA) (35-12)

    11 Analy (Sebastopol, CA) 4-4 1-3 (6th) 1-1 11.9 9.3 37-22
    WINS: #5814 San Marin (Novato, CA) (22-3), #8608 El Molino (Forestville, CA) (38-0), #10234 Santa Rosa (CA) (55-13), #12344 Balboa (San Francisco, CA) (63-14), LOSSES: #651 Windsor (CA) (36-13), #2655 Miramonte (Orinda, CA) (36-35), #2938 Healdsburg (CA) (47-20), #4565 Casa Grande (Petaluma, CA) (10-9)

    12 Tamalpais (Mill Valley, CA) 5-3 3-2 (3rd) 3-1 11.1 4.2 33-25
    WINS: #5814 San Marin (Novato, CA) (13-6), #6298 Sonoma Valley (Sonoma, CA) (14-10), #7451 Drake [Sir Francis] (San Anselmo, CA) (42-7), #8331 Redwood (Larkspur, CA) (17-14), #11450 Lincoln [Abraham] (San Francisco, CA) (34-8), LOSSES: #443 Marin Catholic (Kentfield, CA) (41-0), #6962 Justin-Siena (Napa, CA) (34-31), #11345 St. Patrick/St. Vincent (Vallejo, CA) (21-7)

    13 Acalanes (Lafayette, CA) 4-4 2-2 (4th) 2-3 10.5 10.7 34-24
    WINS: #5724 Dougherty Valley (San Ramon, CA) (28-14), #7501 Alhambra (Martinez, CA) (28-27), #8143 Skyline (Oakland, CA) (28-21), #11201 Ygnacio Valley (Concord, CA) (49-0), LOSSES: #944 Campolindo (Moraga, CA) (42-7), #2655 Miramonte (Orinda, CA) (24-14), #2938 Healdsburg (CA) (8-7), #5814 San Marin (Novato, CA) (13-10)

    14 San Marin (Novato, CA) 4-3 2-2 (t 4th) 2-3 8.6 5 26-27
    WINS: #5347 Acalanes (Lafayette, CA) (13-10), #7893 Terra Linda (San Rafael, CA) (28-24), #11450 Lincoln [Abraham] (San Francisco, CA) (41-0), #13055 San Rafael (CA) (42-7), LOSSES: #443 Marin Catholic (Kentfield, CA) (45-23), #5017 Analy (Sebastopol, CA) (22-3), #5201 Tamalpais (Mill Valley, CA) (13-6)

    15 Tennyson (Hayward, CA) 6-1 3-1 (t 2nd) 1-1 7.9 -11.7 15-32-1
    WINS: #4322 San Leandro (CA) (31-21), #11549 King City (CA) (45-13), #12640 Mt. Diablo (Concord, CA) (46-7), #12935 Mt. Eden (Hayward, CA) (45-26), #13154 De Anza (Richmond, CA) (55-7), #13493 San Lorenzo (CA) (31-7), LOSSES: #2738 Bishop O’Dowd (Oakland, CA) (42-19)

    16 Sonoma Valley (Sonoma, CA) 4-3 1-2 (5th) 2-1 6.7 6.2 29-23
    WINS: #7893 Terra Linda (San Rafael, CA) (21-17), #8151 American Canyon (CA) (42-28), #8608 El Molino (Forestville, CA) (28-21), #13166 Allen [Elsie] (Santa Rosa, CA) (37-22), LOSSES: #651 Windsor (CA) (53-7), #2938 Healdsburg (CA) (17-13), #5201 Tamalpais (Mill Valley, CA) (14-10)

  • ManDown

    CSD, You can’t be serious right now? So what about 2010 D-4 champs…. The BSAL had Runner up Encinal, the OAL had silver bowl champs Mack who beat Salesian last year, ACCAL had semi finals PV and it all means nothing. The teams in the BFL besides Salesian have only gotten wins against terrible teams. The record of the teams besides Salesian are a lie and don’t reflect how weak you guys really are. Come on now do you guys even play teams in the East Bay? Like I said the BFL is the worst league in the area.

  • CSD


    You want to call BFL the weakest while we have the smallest number of enrollment compared to the rest of the leagues. But, the top 4 teams has beaten a wide variety of leagues including Mack in OAL this year.

    Our league has beaten
    Bay Shore League-4 times
    NC 1- 4 times
    NC 2
    Tri-county (sac)
    Sierra Delta (Sac)
    Golden Empire (sac)
    Arrow head (Southern Calif)
    Penisula Lake
    Diablo Foothill
    Penisula Ocean

    Here’s my ranks
    1- MVAL (Logan is saving their face)
    2- BSAL (Encinal is respected)
    3- OAK (Salesian 48- Mack 21 Enough Said)
    4- BFL (am a realist, Emery and St.Eliz doesn’t help)
    5- ACCL (huge talent gap in top and lower teams)
    6- HAAL (Surprising Tennyson helps)
    7- Whatever league ManDown is rooting for.

  • ManDown,

    I agree with CSD. BSL has the defending D4 champion, undefeated this year, Valley Christion with wins over D2 Doughety Valley and Sequoia, a respectable Berean Christian team. CSD is pretty good…I mean they are D5! One of their weak teams is Emery, an expansion team. They are also all D4 and D5 teams!!

    On the othe hand, ACCAL while weaker this year, has Berkeley (OK, not great), El Cerrito (I agree with your comments that they are pretty good), Pinole Valley (much weaker, but still not a bad team), and Hercules (bottom feader, but still much improved and dangerous to anyone that overlooks them).

    I would say its more like:

    1. OAL (worst)
    2. BSAL (Encinal can’t make up for the weak team average)
    3. HAAL (BOD is the only truly good team and they are barely top 5 in D3)
    4. MVAL (Logan is good, everyone else is pretty weak)
    5. ACCAL (pretty much a tie with MVAL, but think their average team is better than the four leagues above).

    BFAL would be next, but I think their pretty respectable given the size of team in their league.

  • Well, I guess I should chime in to defend the BFL. However, we might just be the crummiest one. Salesian has basically been on a month long sabbatical. Last real game was in late Sept vs. Mack. Since then a bye, a 68-0 slaughter by the backups against Emeryville, then the St. Liz forfeit. Now VC goes out and blows the upcoming matchup of unbeatens by getting killed at BC (by the way VC Fan, we’re probably as bummed about that game as you are).

    The Pride has an awesome team but is dropping like a rock in the power ratings now that the league season has kicked in. Went from high thirties down to 29 basically without playing a game. Now ranked lower than last year despite basically having the same team, only now the kids are all seniors.

    Yes, the coach apparently passed on putting the team in the DIII tourney, very disappointing, but it’s really the horrible league that holds the team back. Which remindes me – this week Emery hosts St. Liz. This game should be the inspiration to form one of those 8 man leagues like they have out in the boonies.

  • EastBay Ray

    The NCS division 3 playoffs should be awesome! The other D3 teams shouldn’t get too giddy over Cardinal Newman losing their QB – the back-up (also a senior) is bigger, faster, stronger, and has a better arm than the starter. Really unfortunate injury for the young man, who was a true “gamer”, but Coach Cronin will now have 4 games to get the backup playoff ready before they face any team of consequence. They are still the prohibitive 1 seed, with the deepest, most talented D3 roster in Northern California.

    By the way, the CalPreps ratings seem to have Encinal severely under rated and Novato overrated. Time will tell – expect at least two upsets in the first round of the D3 Playoffs!

  • Easstbay Ray why do you say Novato is overrated? Have you watched even a quarter of one of their games.?Probably not.

    I am not saying they are the power house of the 06-08 teams but they are a solid team and could very well make it to the semis depending on the seedings.

    The one thing that drives me crazy on this blogg is the amount of people who comment on teams they have never seen. I catch 2-3 full games every weekend and try to report the facts of the game on the field not some made up opion about a team I haven’t seen some of you guys should try that

  • Oh Boy

    Let’s be real about ranking the leagues. No league except EBAL can boast top to bottom depth. Even the WCAL has Riordan and St. Ignatius…

    There is ZERO difference between Salesian vs. Emery, Mack vs. Oakland High, Logan vs. Mission San Jose, Berkeley vs. De Anza, or Encinal vs. John Swett. Seriously the competitive balance in leagues suck and I’m bored with them. Pre-season matches between leagues are the only great part of the year until playoffs and if you think otherwise you’re lying to yourself. Sometimes it looks like DLS can’t even get excited to play between preseason and playoffs and EBAL’s last place squad would threaten in every other league. Realignment? “Can’t wait!”

  • scoop

    POST#41 Smh Bleacher coach I am a big novato and I can tell you there not over rated, But have you ever heard that phrase it takes one to know one? Well thats you , you do the same exact thing that you stated, \ on East bay teams always hating on them without ever seeing more than 2-3 games, but you are sitting here and backing up MARIN, but your a Big novato fan. I would have 10x more respect for you if you just stick with either MC or novato you can’t be BOTH these biggest fans. And not ALways back CN marin and Novato on every argument ,You only Back up MARIN COUNTY Teams, Though I DO give you props at the same time staying loyal to your soil.,But still you can’t be the biggest fan or one of the MOST HEATED RIVALS in the BAY area.

  • scoop

    Also I agree with CSD ONE HUNDRED PERCENT POST #37

  • scoop

    *DISAGREE MVAL WORST LEAUGE YOU SERIOUS? BUt good Points on some other things cant really hate that much

  • FB Guru

    Just go to Calpreps and click on ‘Compare Leagues’ for NCS. Here is how calpreps sees it:

    1 East Bay North Coast 16-8 3-5 13-8 31.6 22.9
    2 Bay Valley North Coast 20-11 0-5 14-11 23.2 14.7
    3 Diablo Foothill North Coast 22-6 0-1 7-6 16.5 2.2
    4 Sonoma County North Coast 18-10 0-0 5-8 11.3 3.3
    5 North Bay North Coast 11-14-1 0-4-1 3-13-1 8.1 11.7
    6 Marin County North Coast 18-10 1-0 6-5 7.8 0.7
    7 Humboldt-Del Norte – Big 5 North Coast 12-5 0-0 3-4 6.9 -4.2
    8 Diablo Valley North Coast 10-20 0-4 2-16 1 10.6
    9 Mission Valley North Coast 10-15-1 0-2 3-10-1 -1 4.7
    10 Hayward Area North Coast 8-14 0-4 2-10 -1.2 7.1
    11 Humboldt-Del Norte – Little 4 North Coast 12-4 0-0 2-1 -2.8 -16.9
    12 Alameda Contra Costa North Coast 11-15-1 0-3 1-9-1 -6.5 -5.4
    13 Bay Shore North Coast 6-18 0-3 1-12 -8.7 4.9
    14 Bay Football North Coast 18-12 0-0 3-2 -10.2 -16.6
    15 North Central I North Coast 8-16 0-0 0-6 -16.8 -8.8
    16 North Central II North Coast 7-9 0-0 0-2 -18.1 -12.7

  • FB Guru

    With a calpreps average rating of -12.4 OAL would be 14.5 if added into NCS:

    1 Oakland Oakland 7-20 0-0 0-15 -12.4 2.5

    As a league OAL is 0-15 against teams ranked in the top 7000.

  • EastBay Ray

    Hey BleacherCoach – don’t get your panties in a bunch now! It was just an opinion. NorCalPreps, who watches these games for a living, doesn’t have Novato in their top 17 in Norcal D3, so I am not the only “fool” out there. And, you are absolutely right – Novato could very well surprise some people (which was the point of my post by the way, if you reread it again without your Marin-colored glasses!). I still think the big 3 (CN,MC, Encinal) are a notch above the rest, but there are a number of teams below them that could knock them off (like maybe Novato!). That’s the beauty of the playoff system -should be fun!

  • Hey pooper scooper when I say 2-3 games that is per weekend and I catch the eastbay games on Friday nights. For your FYI I have watched all but 2 of Encinals games this season. I missed the Alameda game and chose to go watch Mira vs. Campo instead of a seeing bad Albany team get crushed.

    This is the last season of the Jets playing in a D IV league it should be interesting going forward for the BSAL, BFL and HAAL the super league as they are calling it with be a little tougher to win 4 years straight

  • ManDown

    BleacherCoach, If Encinal was still in the ACCAL do you think they still would have won league the past 4 seasons?