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East Bay Girls Volleyball Notes: Playoffs, Rankings, Standings

By Matt Smith
Sunday, October 23rd, 2011 at 5:40 pm in Girls Volleyball.

With just two weeks before the post-season, let’s take a look at the teams in the North Coast Section playoff hunt, by division. And remember, this doesn’t include the teams in the Redwood Empire area.

Division I

Locks: Berkeley, California, Foothill, Irvington, Logan, Monte Vista, San Ramon Valley

Likely In: Heritage, Liberty, San Leandro

On the Bubble: Amador Valley, Castro Valley, Deer Valley, Granada

Outlook: With only one non-East Bay team (Santa Rosa) to include in the mix, it looks like all eligible Division I teams will make the 16-team bracket. Castro Valley, Deer Valley and Granada are all around .500 overall or in league, but I expect all of them to be fine.
Amador Valley might be in trouble at 11-14, and 3-7 in the EBAL. Going 3-1 in their final four games puts them below .500 in all three categories. They will likely need to go 4-0, or if the Dons are at the Northgate Tournament, they would need to pick up some wins there.

Division II

Locks: Carondelet, Northgate,

Likely In: Alameda, Dougherty Valley, Las Lomas, Washington

On the Bubble: Arroyo, Clayton Valley, Concord, Newark Memorial, Pinole Valley

Outlook: Carondelet is a lock now as it will finish over .500, and of course that means the Cougars are a threat in the playoffs after spending the regular season playing in the EBAL.
The five teams listed on the bubble are truly floating right around .500 overall and/or in league.

Division III

Locks: Albany, Bishop O’Dowd, Campolindo, Miramonte

Likely In: N/A

On the Bubble: El Cerrito

Outlook: There don’t appear to be a lot of teams from the East Bay in the Division III playoff picture. Most of them that are, are going to the playoffs.
El Cerrito appears to be hovering around .500 in the ACCAL.

Division IV

Locks: Berean Christian, Moreau Catholic, Salesian, St. Patrick-St. Vincent

Likely In: N/A

On the Bubble: Piedmont, St. Mary’s

Outlook: Same thing for Division IV as in Division III. Most teams eligible are going. Moreau Catholic and Salesian appear to be serious threats, but don’t count out Berean Christian, ever.

Division V

Locks: College Prep, Head-Royce, St. Joseph Notre Dame

Likely In: Athenian, CSD, Valley Christian

On the Bubble: N/A

Outlook: This will be a tough division with Branson appearing to be the team to beat, but College Prep, Head-Royce and St. Joseph Notre Dame are all very good and are definitely three of the top four teams in Division V.


Clearly San Ramon Valley is not the 11th best team in the East Bay, but remember rankings aren’t an arbitrary list of who I think the best teams are. Wins, losses, recent play, schedule and other things of that nature are factored in.
After three losses in a row, the Wolves take a tumble, but don’t expect them to stay there for long. Talking to rival coaches, they expect San Ramon Valley to be the team to beat in the Division I playoffs.
After beating Carondelet a second time, Monte Vista deserved a jump after a 2-0 week in the EBAL, so the Mustangs had to move ahead of the Cougars. Carondelet doesn’t drop, however, after a win over SRV.
Heritage rejoins the rankings after starting 6-0 in BVAL play, and winning 10 matches in a row.
Logan will be the next team to come into the rankings, and it was hard not to rank the Colts this week.

1. Foothill (21-5)
2. Campolindo (13-7)
3. California (17-4)
4. Bishop O’Dowd (18-9)
5. Albany (21-5)
6. Northgate (18-6)
7. Miramonte (13-3)
8. Monte Vista (16-9)
9. Carondelet (16-11)
10. Moreau Catholic (17-6)
11. San Ramon Valley (22-7)
12. Salesian (18-6)
13. St. Joseph Notre Dame (26-4)
14. Head-Royce (13-5)
15. Heritage (16-11)


Team W-L GB

Berkeley (20-6, 9-0) -
Alameda (14-7, 7-1) 1.5
Pinole Valley (6-5, 5-4) 4
El Cerrito (5-4) 4
Hercules (2-5) 6
De Anza (2-7) 7
Richmond (0-9) 9

Team W-L GB

Contra Costa Chr. (9-6, 5-1) -
Chinese Chr. (13-10, 5-3) 1
Fremont Chr. (8-13, 5-3) 1
CSD (10-9, 4-3) 1.5
OMI (1-8, 1-4) 3.5
Emery (1-14, 1-6) 4.5

Team W-L GB

Head-Royce (16-5, 10-0) -
College Prep (16-6, 10-1) .5
Valley Chr. (16-7, 6-4) 4
Athenian (13-8, 5-5) 5
St. Elizabeth (6-12, 3-7) 7
Bentley (5-15, 1-9) 9
Redwood Chr. (4-20, 1-10) 9.5

Team W-L GB

Albany (22-5, 11-0) -
Salesian (17-6, 10-2) 1.5
St. Joseph (26-4, 9-2) 2
St. Pat’s (24-5, 7-4) 4
Piedmont (8-12, 5-4) 5
St. Mary’s (9-18, 6-7) 6
Swett (2-7) 8
Encinal (2-10) 9.5
Kennedy (2-10) 9.5
Holy Names (2-11) 9

Team W-L GB

Heritage (16-11, 6-0) -
Liberty (11-13, 5-1) 1
Deer Valley (9-18, 4-2) 2
Antioch (2-13, 2-4) 4
Freedom (4-16, 1-5) 5
Pittsburg (0-6) 6

Team W-L GB

Campolindo (13-7, 8-0) 8.5
Miramonte (13-3, 7-1) 1
Las Lomas (16-12, 7-2) 1.5
Dougherty Valley (15-8, 4-4) 4
Acalanes (9-13, 3-6) 5.5
Dublin (6-12, 1-8) 7.5
Alhambra (2-13, 0-9) 8.5

Team W-L GB

Northgate (18-6, 8-0) -
Berean Chr. (18-6, 8-1) .5
Clayton Valley (11-15, 5-4) 3.5
Concord (9-16, 5-4) 3.5
College Park (8-19, 2-6) 6
Ygnacio Valley (2-6) 6
Mt. Diablo (0-9) 8.5

Team W-L GB

California (17-4, 8-2) -
Foothill (21-5, 8-2) -
Carondelet (16-11, 6-4) 2
Monte Vista (16-9, 6-4) 2
San Ramon Valley (22-7, 6-4) 2
Amador Valley (11-14, 3-7) 5
Granada (13-12, 3-7) 5
Livermore (11-17, 0-10) 8

Team W-L GB

Moreau Catholic (17-6, 10-0) -
Bishop O’Dowd (18-9, 9-1) 1
San Leandro (8-8, 7-3) 3
Castro Valley (11-12, 6-4) 4
Arroyo (8-11, 5-5) 5
Mt. Eden (3-6) 6.5
San Lorenzo (2-13, 2-6) 7
Tennyson (1-9) 9
Hayward (0-9) 9.5

Team W-L GB

Logan (18-12, 8-0) -
Irvington (19-5, 8-1) .5
Washington (13-12, 6-2) 2
Mission San Jose (4-13, 4-5) 4.5
Newark (10-9, 3-5) 5
American (6-12, 1-8) 7.5
Kennedy (3-16, 0-9) 8.5

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  • Joe

    Logan should be ranked ahead of Heritage (at least) with 8-0 MVAL league record including 5-set victory over previously ranked Irvington and 5-1 record this weekend in Nike Tourney in AZ. But, they need to prove it this Tuesday with rematch with second place Irvington (7-1).

  • bod 06

    Does anyone know the last time a bod volleyball team lost a league game?

  • Frankie

    Las Lomas is a lock in Division 2. They will finish above .500 in the DFAL to qualify and have a solid record playing a pretty challenging schedule.

  • Matt Smith

    I didn’t put Las Lomas as a lock, because I am not sure of all the teams up north that are playoff eligible. But LL will qualify, and is essentially in.

    I heard the last time O’Dowd lost a league game was to Castro Valley in 2007.

  • Matt Smith

    I know Logan is hot right now, but they have a 3-0 loss to Amador Valley, who is not in the rankings (so maybe the Dons should stay ahead of them and come back in first), they have a loss to St. Mary’s who isn’t near the rankings as well as unranked Livermore and Washington.
    With that said, I think this team is much better now than it was and I am not going to hold those earlier losses against them. They have moved up my list and are now the very next team to get ranked as soon as someone else drops out.
    I think if Logan played Amador or St. Mary’s now, it would be a different story. They’ll be ranked soon enough as long as they handle business.

  • Matt Smith

    Scratch that… O’Dowd’s last league loss was in November of 2004 against Castro Valley.

  • Prep Fan

    I believe Castro Valley was the number 1 seed at NCS that year.

  • bod 06

    Wow 7 years that is incredible. Do they rematch with mc?

  • Matt Smith

    They play Moreau on Wednesday.

  • Joe

    You’re right Matt, Logan is a different team lately winning 13 of their last 14 including 13 in a row. But, tonight they have to defeat MVAL 2nd place, a talented Irvington team.

  • Dragon

    The O’Dowd-Moreau rematch wasn’t much of one. BOD easily in three.