Live chat today, East Bay prep football, noon

Jon Becker

  • panther4

    Can SRV really compete this week with the Spartans?


    yeah I think they can, but winning the game will be tough.

  • Super

    I agreee with BRANDONBEARD. SRV can beat DLS, but I give them about a 20% chance. SRV would have to play their best and force DLS mistakes. I think that SRV is physical enough to challenge.

  • lonewolf

    Tough job for SR because DLS just seems to beat teams down in the 4qtr. DLS special teams also seem to come up with the big play that changes momentum or simply puts the nail in the coffin to close the deal. SR will have to capitalize on any & all mistakes made by DLS to have a chance to hang in the game. Its also DLS game to give away if Huston is not throwing on target.

  • Prep Fan

    DLS did not have a great 4th quarter on Friday against MV while SRV & Kline had a great 4th quarter a week ago against Cal in a tight ballgame. SRV has been in a few very close gae sthis year and should be battle tested. DLS will still be heavily favored in this game but SRV might be their stiffest test this year in NCS play. It will be interesting to see how Houston does in this battle of D1 QBs as I’m sure SRV will want to try to make DLS pass if they can. I wish they would move this to Saturday night so I could see it live.

  • lonewolf

    At MV 2nd and 3rd rotation were seeing time. If game is at all close and the majority of starters are still in DLS will dominate physically in 4th qtr.

  • junior

    No offense but, playing DLS’s defense is a bit different than playing Cal’s.

    Kline gets to show off his skills Friday night-should be entertaining.

  • KillerD

    San Ramon Valley has the best quarterback in the bay area this year. Kline is not a stellar athlete but he throws a great ball. DLS has Houston of course who also throws a nice ball but his delivery is awkward.

    For San Ramon Valley to win they will have to take gambles on special teams, defense and offense.

    Kline will need to throw for 300 yards or more and 4 or 5 touchdowns.

    DLS will score at least 40 points.

    SRV will need to score at least 41 points to win

  • Super

    SRV is a good 4th quarter team also. They play no huddle in the 4th and wear down most teams. They will not wear down DLS. SRV is also a pretty good at special teams. Unless they are trailing big, SRV will hang in there in the 4th.

  • Prep Fan

    No offense taken Junior. No one is comparing the DLS defense to Cal’s defense. I was just pointing out that Kline and SRV recently came back in a 4th quarter drive just 10 days ago against a decent (#2 in the East Bay at the time) team. The DLS defense has much better athletes, I mean coaching and work ethic than does any other team in NorCal. My money is on DLS. DLS should win by 3 TDs or more, unless SRV and Kline somehow defy the odds and put more points on the board than the Spartans do. Could be agood game if SRV gets some breaks and DLS turns the ball over.

  • junior

    You are a moron preppy… green with envy, a whiner, and a pathetic excuse maker.

  • renegades10

    SRV should have a lot of confidence coming into the game because:

    1) They played DLS close last year for most of the game, and that DLS team at the same point in the season was better than this DLS team right now and SRV was not as good last year.

    2) DLS has yet to put together a complete game this year. Not one game has demonstrated that DLS is clearly head and shoulders above some of these other teams. They get the benefit of the doubt because they have dominated for so long. But if I’m SRV watching game film, I’m looking at a team that is making the mistakes good teams don’t.

    3) The passing game for DLS is out of sync and to be honest it’s been very simple. They need to key on Anthony Williams and make Bart go to the other options. There hasn’t been that second receiver step up yet for DLS. This also makes DLS much more one dimensional than usual and given that they are without their top three backs right now (and who knows when they will return) the running game is not as strong IMO.

    If DLS continues to make the mistakes they have been, SRV will likely win. I love my alma mater no matter whether they win or lose, but it is time for the boys to realize they need to play as a team, for the brother next to them, and for those who came before them.

  • Prep Fan

    Easy there pal. No need to get into name calling. Chill out. What did you not like about my post, that DLS has better athletes on defense than Cal? I don’t think anyone is going to disagree with that, but I added the remainder to it as I know DLS fans do not like to hear anything about just having better athletes. It has nothing to do with any envy or excuses. I think DLS will win by more than 3 TDs. SRV has some great athletes on offense, Kline & all those Lax studs, Worstell, Tagliaferri & Weiss. I think DLS rises to the challenge.

  • s1lverngreen

    post 14 is by the original SnG, went a little dyslexic on my handle as I got on a new machine.

  • junior

    The only chance SRV has to win is if DLS turns the ball over 4 times. I dont believe SRV can score more than 21 points. Is SRV capable of holding DLS under 21?… doubt it.

  • FNL680

    Prep- some posters are feeling the heat- others such as R10/SnG repeat the “respect all, fear none” mantra as we do. When you know the Army trophy is going elsewhere, and the close calls start to bunch up (MV 08, Cal 08,10, Serra, Bells ’11) things can get chippy. When the dogs are nippin’ at your heels, one can ill afford to not glance over your shoulder periodically. DLS will give SRV a good game, just like Cal did.

  • Prep Fan

    If the only chance SRV is for DLS to turn the ball over multiple times, that puts a lot of pressure on Houston to play not to lose rather than being aggresive. I still think De La will roll, but the SRV offense has looked pretty sharp this year against vastly inferior defenses. DLS has by far the best defensive team they will face this year, so we’ll just have to wait and see what gives.

    It’s all good FNL. I don’t harbor any ill will to anyone on these blogs. Just looking for some good football. This is as big a game for DLS as it is for SRV, at least until the playoffs start in a few weeks.

  • junior

    It’s about time the dogs started nippin at The Kings heel. It is refreshing to see the improvement in NorCal football programs, especially in how they attack the off season. This potential has always been there.

    The Kings have always sought better and better competition, they did not load up on softies. The recent close calls (you forgot AV in 2009)are a testament to the local teams growth and it is welcome because it keeps the Kings working hard and does not allow them to take anything for granted.

    20 years and still counting….