East Bay prep football poll – 10/25

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (7) 6-1 105 1
2. James Logan 7-0 98 2
3. San Ramon Valley 6-1 91 3
4. California 6-1 84 4
5. Encinal 6-1 77 5
6. Campolindo 8-0 66 9
7. Salesian 7-0 61 8
8. Pittsburg 5-3 48 6
9. Freedom 6-1 47 10
10. Deer Valley 4-3 46 NR
11. Concord 5-2 34 13
12. Miramonte 7-1 27 7
13. Las Lomas 6-1 23 t11
14. Berkeley 4-3 16 14
15. Monte Vista 3-4 11 t11

Also receiving votes: Bishop O’Dowd (5-2, 6 points). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • FNL680

    ESPN Cal-Hi Sports Rankings (Mark Tennis)
    Division I North
    1. (1) De La Salle (Concord) 6-1
    2. (2) Bellarmine (San Jose) 6-1
    3. (3) Pleasant Grove (Elk Grove) 7-1
    4. (4) Lincoln (Stockton) 7-1
    5. (5) San Ramon Valley (Danville) 6-1
    6. (6) California (San Ramon) 6-1
    7. (7) Palma (Salinas) 6-0-1
    8. (8) Granite Bay 6-2
    9. (9) Archbishop Mitty (San Jose) 4-2-1
    10. (10) Serra (San Mateo) 6-1
    11. (11) James Logan (Union City) 7-0
    12. (12) Oak Grove (San Jose) 6-1
    13. (13) Nevada Union (Grass Valley) 5-3
    14. (15) Palo Alto 5-2
    15. (NR) St. Francis (Mountain View) 3-4
    Drops: Previous No. 14 Pittsburg.

  • UC Rancher

    Wow. Kinda surprise where Logan considering they have such a low SOS . Where’s Folsom and Vacaville? I’m surprised they’re not even top 10.

  • Stuck in Spokane

    Maybe they’re both D2? I know Folsom was in the D2 bowl game last year.

  • UC Rancher

    That’s weird. That means Grant is d2 as well, and they should b D1. I take it they must divisions on school sizes ( enrollment ).

  • UC Rancher

    I meant base divisions on enrollment. Sorry about the last post.

  • Stuck in Spokane

    Ya, and it apparently depends on how many eligible playoff teams there are in the SJS per division. For example if Grant’s the 17th largest eligible playoff team, they’re D2, if they’re 16th they are D1. Or maybe I’m interpreting it wrong.

  • KillerD

    Casa Grande will trek into Sonoma and after the night’s end Sonoma will certainly join the ranks of the .500 teams around the usa with a 4 – 4 record.

    Casa is better, bigger and faster. Windsor dispatched of Sonoma easily, and although CG still has to battle Windsor and Healdsburg, there still is a caste system in Sonoma County League, and Sonoma is not in the top third.

    Casa Grande 32 vs. Sonoma 21

  • suckafree415


    Actually MC and CN could roll with most of the D1 schools, they both roll 60 deep on their rosters with plenty of size up front on the edges ( MC best WR is 6’4 and they have a 6’3 all league CB along with big lines on both sides), MC for their part played 3 large schools the first 3 weeks of the season and held their own……Windsor would do well D1 this year they also have size and deep roster with deep JV squads to pull players up from…..not saying they would give DLS a game or anything but i definitely think they could easily make quarters, semis even make final THIS year……….dont see any D1 team outside of DLS stopping MC’s Jerod Goff (best 2013 qb prospect in the Bay and leading passer in the bay this year)on offense, MC’s defense a bit depleted would have trouble stopping some EBAL teams i would see 8-2 to 7-3 range along with CN or Windsor (D2) putting similar records in D1 this year……………..those 3 teams have plenty of size, depth,50-60 player rosters, coaching to roll with D1 this year

  • BVAL Expert

    Freedom is now favored to win the BVAL.. Score should of been way more.. but refs need to go back to ref school. Some calls were ridiculous. Deer Valley refs were terrible.

  • Fresh from Winton Drive tonite- De La 40 SRV 3.
    Kline sacked 9 times, has a great arm but nada against the Spartans. Another Pac-12 recruit taken down by the Spartans.

  • DLS vs. SRV, running clock for almost the entire 4th quarter, it could have been worst. Houston wins the baTTLE OF QB ‘S.

  • Pitt Grunt

    @BVAL Expert,

    I am curious how you come to predict that Freedom is the favorite to win league?

    Freedom has Liberty and Heritage left

    DV has Antioch and Heritage left

    Pitt has Liberty and Antioch left.

    It is possible that Freedom, Pitt and DV win the their final two games.

  • jacketfan, or jack-o-latern, last time De La played a coach carter BHS team in the playoffs they won by 50 and pulled the starters at half. If you saw DLS tonite against SRV you would change your opinion. I remember when Monte Vista visited Berkely High at nite a couple of years back and took them apart- scoring over 50.

  • Kline and SRV were clocked tonite out at De La.

  • BVAL Expert

    Heritage will beat deer valley

  • Killer D, what happened to your San RAMON UPSET MINDED PREDICTION earlier?????? I’m walkin’ the dog as we speak!

  • S1lverngreen

    Nice game by my Spartans tonight. Very much like the Servite performance last year. Kline is the real dea! The Bears are getting a great QB next year. Huge upset by Granada tonight! Wow!

  • hsfootball

    antioch lost again tonight. that’s 3 losses in league. are they still qualified to get a playoff seed, since they went 5-0 in preseason? i think antioch goes 5-5 overall. i don’t see them beating dv or pitt.

  • pirate football

    bval expert
    if heritage somehow beats dv how will freedom win league, are u saying pitt will lose to either liberty or antioch, dont know what brand of drugs you smoking but C’MON MAN its now way n hell that will happen, u should at best hope for freedom pitt and dv to win out and get a 3way tie

  • pirate football

    ec only win 14-0 vs hercules are u serious, im really not drinking the kool aid, after that 1 broke play pv never really threatened to score again, b high just physically punked pinole, will see in 2 weeks, they beat the brakes off pinole

  • suckafree415

    i was surprised EC only beat hercules 14-0

  • Warrior Jacket

    If playing Pinole is your measure of success, lets not forget EC also beat PV 41-7 a couple of weeks ago. Hey look, I am a fan of the Berkeley program, I just don’t feel you know who. In two weeks we will see. Hopefully BHS wins it but EC is real you better believe that.

  • Pitt Grunt

    Whereas as I think DV, Freedom and Pitt should win their final two games, this is the BVAL and ANYTHING is possible. I actually think Liberty will be a tougher opponent than Heritage for Pitt. Regarding a three-way tie, I do believe the BVAL does have a tiebreaker system that was determined before the season began….I just don’t know what it is.

    On a side note, I was very critical of the missed last second field goal at the Pitt/DV game. Last night Galli used his back up kicker (#47) and he looked really strong. Kickoffs were deep (3 in the endzone) and all of the Xpoints were well hit. Cudos to Galli for plugging that special teams hole. As I arrive early to watch the JVs play, Pitt JVs has a kid (#48) who routinely kicks the ball 5 to 10 yards beyond the end zone (sounds like a sonic boom), and another kid (#33) who kicks the Xpoints who also hits the ball well and has not missed this year. I think next season’s Pitt team will be better than this year’s.

  • BVAL Expert

    Well anyone has the right to think about anything. Since every team has had its own loss. So you can make a valid argument that Pitt might lose or Freedom might lose.. or Dv might lose. So I dont really known how thats surprising to people.

    Any who,

    `I was surprised DV was way bigger then freedom on the o-line but they couldn’t run the ball as planned for them. Freedom should of been up by three touchdowns but all of them were called back because of questionable (blocking in the back, holding, etc)Freedom ran a hook and later play that was called back for a questionable “illegal forward pass” which went for a touchdown. Refs were terrible almost as terrible as the tracy west game. DV fumbled alot on receptions however not once not twice but THREE times.. The refs called them incomplete passes, when clearly Mr. Webster had possession of the ball and ran up field .. Everyone started getting outraged coaches were screaming players were discouraged because it was completely obvious that the refs did not want freedom to win. It also made me furious to see it wasn’t a fair game as a BVAL supporter.

    Also I HAVE HAVE NEVER EVER EVER SEEN A FUMBLED PUNT RETURN GET CALLED BACK FROM A SCOOP AND SCORE PLAY. This was another thing that got people angry and outraged. The DV player fumbled the Punt Return bounced over his head and was picked up and scored by Freedom. (Pardon my french) But for some stupid reason the refs called it back and gave the ball to Freedom on the 15 yard line! I have never seen that rule or whatever that was be put into play.

    I really question who hires these “officials” because clearly theres some sort bias in the NCS officiating. We could of killed some teams. but theres always those officials that have some sort of bias. When Freedom went to play a team from the SJ section they were getting hammered for very questionable penalties. Making it a closer game then it should be. Thats why you have to be careful who you schedule your opponents with because you might not even get a well called out game “because your in that league sections territory and you have to play by their rules” most of it was BS

  • pirate football

    i think ur beef shouldnt just b with the coach you dont care for, should direct that toward the admin and hiring panel, or maybe sims had a really good interview, at least thats what i heard he did, i still say hes a good coach, he has some good coaches on staff also, his db coach really had his guys playing really good vs pinole wr, pv has a couple of big’s ones too, the young oline is doin very good.

    bval expert, i just dont see dv freedom or pitt losing, but i cant wait to see those 2 teams next season,with pitts awesome jv and freedoms junior class that will b seniors, but u can never count out dv, some much talent, very big school, only smaller than b high and logan. i have to admit the bval is a very talented league

  • DFAL Guy

    BVAL Expert – The kicking team cannot advance a fumble by the punt return team; its called a muff and the ball is simply spotted where the kicking team recovers the ball. This has been the rule for some time in High School Football.

  • SuckaFree415

    Bval u can’t advance a muffed punt……so chill out bro and learn the rules

  • SalesianDad

    @dudleydawson – You were close on the points VC scored, but completely failed on the outcome. I will give props on your other picks though. You obviously haven’t seen this team play. This is truley the most talented team to come out of Salesian in years. I’ll admit, it’s unfortunate that we didn’t play up this year. I truly feel this team could win the DIII section if they were up. And that’s no disrespect to CN or MC. They are just that good. They have size, speed and can hit. Would you agree Jimmy? You’ve seen them play a couple of times now.

  • NorCalSportsFan

    Any score on salesian v Valley Christian?

  • NorCalSportsFan

    Salesian isn’t in the same league as Cardinal newman, Marin Catholic, Encinal or Campolindo this season. Salesian only has one quality win by 10 points. They should stay down and have a shot at winning section and state bowl bid.

  • Salesian over VC 54-21. It was 21-0 five minutes in to the game, VC never knew what hit it. NorCal, I can’t speak to those very good D3 schools you mentioned but I did see the Miramonte-Las Lomas game and those two teams are not in the same league as Salesian. The team is much more dominant up front and at the skill positions. If Encinal and Campo are better then props to them, they are very, very good.

  • Teehee

    Anybody got scores from the saturday games?


  • Phil Jensen

    Bishop O’Dowd beat San Lorenzo 50-12.

    San Leandro 28, Arroyo 0

  • Damn, Arroyo eating donuts again.

  • SalesianDad

    @Norcal…I get it when it comes to bashing Nightingale and Salesian, but I am telling you, this years team is special. Unfortunately, they probably won’t get the chance to prove it, but you ask any respectable person on this blog that has actually watched them play and they will tell you the same. They will be in Walnut Creek in 2 weeks to Berian Christian for what should be the league title game, come check them out.

  • Moreaufan2

    It’s hard for me to agree with guys wanting to bash Nightengale in my opinion, cause yeah they in the BFL, but he always schedules good teams in non league and beats them.

  • SalesianDad

    I’ll second that Moreau!


    I heard the Tennyson and Hayward game got ugly. Any news?

  • pirate football

    guess all those arroyo fans are going to b quiet for a while now, they really talked alot of trash since last season, my pirates are starting to get on a roll now, got mcbride back hr took the opening kick off back, what a way to come back from injury

  • brandonbeard

    Glad to see those kids at Emery get a win. Hopefully coach Greg Morris at St. Liz can stick it out and turn things around there.

  • NorCal, you mention Salesian has only one quality win and is not in the same league as Encinal and the others. What is Encinal’s quality win the makes it evident that they are better? I don’t think there is one, they lost their only tough game and the rest have been against patsies. I’m not saying they aren’t very good, I’m sure they are, but at this point there is nothing to indicate they are better than Salesian. A game with these two would be awesome and all of us Salesian backers are disappointed that the coach is satisfied with staying in D4.

  • SuckaFree415

    Salesian has no excuse not to petition up to D3 if they are so good…..MC and CN didn’t chicken out which is why they play up in D3 …….what is Nightengales excuse?

  • FB Guru

    Congrat’s to Emery, at least they had the courage to play Salesian.

  • SalesianDad,
    I think Salesian is very, very good and I fully expect them to run the table and win NCS Div. IV. They’ve got some good skill players and obviously a very beefy line. As for how they stack up with the top teams in Div. III, that’s hard to say. The one knock I would have on Salesian is their depth. That was evident even in the Valley Christian win. Travis Earby was hobbled, Cliff Betson didn’t return after his TD catch and a couple other WRs and secondary and skill type guys got nicked up throughout the game. The top D-3 teams would probably be able to exploit that. I think they’d be able to give those teams a game, but I’m not sure they’d be able to beat a Newman or Marin Catholic or Encinal. It’d be nice to see them in the mix so we could find out.

  • junior

    Jimmy: what are the chances Salesian could get the D4 Bowl bid over the SJS champ?

  • They can’t get D4. The only division under d3 are schools with under 400 students. Its why it doesn’t make any sense for Nightengale to compete at D4 & why Cardinal Newman & MC compete at D3. The NCS D4 winner has to compete with the NCS D3 winner for state & will lose that everytime.

  • Oh Boy

    Exactly right about Salesian’s lack of depth. Marin Catholic and Cardinal Newman probably would take advantage of any injuries and honestly there is a drop off behind the starters. But Encinal makes it work with ~25 guys and a healthy Salesian is a really good football team. Too bad the deadline passed to petition up.

  • # 144 Jimmy – you’re right about the depth but the VC game was a blowout from the start. Both Earby and Betson probably could have kept playing with what looked to be minor injuries, but why risk it with key players in a wipeout?

    # 142 Sucka – can’t tell you how the coach evaluates Salesian’s situation. He may figure that it has a 25% chance of winning D3 versus a 30% chance of getting a bowl bid by winning D4 and goes that route. Or, he may not evaluate it at all and just let’s it ride however it turns out. Probably somewhere in between but admittedly it is hard on hardcore Pride followers who’d like to see how they’d do against the stronger teams.

  • EBfootball

    @Jimmy: What’s the report for the new league? Wasn’t the decision meeting today?

  • scoop

    no way salesians is going to state.